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Now that Roman, Belle and Mimi know about Marlena's pregnancy, can it be much longer before John and Kate find out?

Loosely translated, the title means "Hello Every One." So I am back from the land of beautiful rolling hills, fresh wonderful food, fascinating ruins and blasting hot heat! While I wouldn't trade my vacation in beautiful Italy for anything...June/July is the wroooong time to go! Stick to Spring or Fall - Summer is waaayy to hot! But other than that - a stunning trip all around. Thanks to all of you who sent emails wishing me a good trip, you guys are too sweet. HUGE thanks to Fiona for filling in for me while I was gone, I had a chance to read your commentary for both weeks and I really enjoyed it. Okay formalities out of the we go.

I have to confess that I did not tape the shows that I missed while I was away and only read a few of the recaps from this site to catch myself up. So...if I get something wrong; forgive me in advance.
Now that Roman, Belle and Mimi know about Marlena's pregnancy - can it be much longer before John and Kate find out?? I sure hope not because I'm getting bored all ready. It's hard enough to believe that Marlena is actually pregnant in the first place; let alone that she wouldn't have told John ASAP. Something tells me that once John and Kate find out, they will be pushed back together in commiseration of the "betrayal" of their spouses. Why do I think that, you may ask? Well it's probably because Roman recently declared to Kate that "nothing would ever come between us again." Which of course we all know means that they will be broken up by the end of next week. I've read all sorts of rumors about these four recently - from John being the 'real' Roman and Roman being a Stefano pawn to John really being Stefano in disguise and so on. I've also read that Wayne Northrop is returning to the show and that he'll either be a new cast member (how weird will that be?) or Stefano in disguise. I've also read that Kate will push Marlena, who will end up losing the baby. I would never want to see that happen in REAL LIFE but here in soap-land, watching the resultant fall-out for Kate as being responsible for Marlena losing the baby, would be hand-rubbing fun. I've also read that Kate will be killed off later on this year. That was my favorite rumor so far and one that I tend to believe will happen. She really has been ruined - where else can they go with her character? If/when her children discover all the manipulations she's done on their behalf; she will be disowned faster than she'll be able to think up a lie to cover her butt (or that's my hope at least). So with all these rumors floating around out there; one can only hope that the storylines will start to pick up soon.

I am jumping up and down with glee over the notion that Kate might be very close to being caught for her role in breaking up Sami and Lucas. I actually think it would be a MUCH more interesting story if Lucas figured it out all on his own. Sure, it would be nice vindication for Sami to get the proof of Kate and Eugenia's plot, but I think it would be a much better story if Lucas figured it out and nailed Kate to the wall (he does seem pretty suspicious after seeing the logs of Eugenia's calls and seeing the judge come out of Kate's office). But really, it should be a walk in the park for Lucas to put 2+2 together - he has known for years what his mother is capable of. He knows that Kate paid Nicole to marry him for gosh sakes! And that is only one of the many crazy things, in a laundry list of crazy things, which she has done in the past. He should be able to figure it out without needing "proof." But, for some reason, he keeps defending her. No matter what past deeds she's done. Oh the inconsistencies...anyway, hopefully this won't drag out too long. Although, I think that's like saying "hopefully it won't be cold this winter." There was a scene between Sami and Lucas on Friday that made me think that this could go on for a while. It's the most annoying stall tactic used by Days and I call it - "only telling half the story." It's when one character is trying to prove something to the other (something that isn't believed) and in trying to convince the other person; they fail to lay out the whole story as they know it. After Sami showed Lucas that Eugenia has been calling for the past few months - sometimes two and three times a day - she was doing a good job of convincing Lucas that this was highly unusual behavior. She even told Lucas that she overheard Eugenia admit to plotting with Kate. Ok, so far, so good. BUT she then fails to mention to Lucas that it was the pseudo-psychic that Eugenia was talking to! Why didn't she go the next step and tell Lucas that Kate must have paid Eugenia to set up the psychic readings? With that next piece of the puzzle, Lucas might have been able to see how it all fit together. Maybe he would have been willing to go speak with Eugenia himself and get to the bottom of things. But no...of course not! That would make too much sense! :)

Let's talk about Shawn. Some of you have sent in email reminding me that he is a victim ('was' is the operative word - he is no longer being held in captivity) and he deserves some sympathy. Yet others of you, like me, feel that he is acting immature and over-the-top. We all have our opinions; I am entitled to mine, as you guys are to yours. I know Shawn's story and not withstanding his capture by Jan and subsequent mental torture, there are plenty of things that he's done lately that bother me. And really, if we're going to excuse his behavior because of what Jan did to him - then we should agree that he should have his butt in intensive counseling and not flying around the world trying to secure a commitment from Belle. I think Shawn is acting like a spoiled brat and is only concerning himself with what he wants. Even though he loves Belle, that doesn't give him license to run roughshod over anything and anyone that stands in his way. I realize that much of the reason that he and Belle aren't together is because of Jan but he needs to respect Belle's choice and the reason why she made it and back off. I know it's not fair...but life is like that. I do admit that Belle isn't any better. She is being plenty annoying too. She was just downright rude when she told Mimi that she didn't want to go see Shawn in jail. The difference however is that she DID make a decision about who she wants to be with and she IS trying to stick to that choice. Shawn on the other hand is doing his best to convince her otherwise. What good is her love if he has to beg borrow and steal to get it?

I'm really not enjoying the teen storyline with Max/Chelsea and Abby. Surprisingly, the subject of going "half-way" has stirred up a lot of buzz amongst viewers. It seems that most people are okay with having sex in their soaps, but not the acts that are construed as going "half-way." What is bothering me is not that TPTB have written this in to the story - because in my opinion, it is relevant and reflective of the teen scene today - but the way in which the story is being written. In a different show with a different writer, this could be a serious topic handled with sensitivity. A lot of young girls do stupid things to be popular, for love, etc. But JER has proven that he does not have the sensitivity and since we know that Days does not specialize in realism; it's totally out of place here. (At least Chelsea has been aged to 18!). Something tells me that JER opted for this storyline simply as a way to push the envelope and draw young viewers in over the summer. The fact that Max is acting like an ego-inflated jerk also bothers me. He is supposed to be some famous race driver who has legions of female fans but yet here is he hanging around Salem during the Racing Season and chasing an 18-year old girl who won't sleep with him? None of this rings true for me. On top of that, it bothers me that they are writing Chelsea as so delusional that she thinks her behavior will make Patrick jealous of all things! Yikes! Not only is it obvious that he doesn't look at her like that - he HAS to be in his 30's! I don't know about you all but when I was 18, a man in his 30's was like a Dad! Way too old and icky. I guess this is all so they can set-up ChelGia's (I'm going to mix the names as we ALL know that she is really Georgia) dislike for Billie and her attempts to step in and act like her mom (I can all ready hear "You're not my mother" being shrieked at Billie!!)

Thank god the situation with Mimi being in jail was resolved while I was on vacation; I'm really not sure how much more of that stupidity I could have taken. Now it's back to the "I can't tell Rex what I've done" mantra and surprisingly, Shawn of all people has counseled to her remain mum about the abortion. A little hypocritical for Mr. "Philip deserves the truth." Guess the truth only matters when it benefits him?

I know it seems as though I'm being excessively hard on Shawn and maybe I am; I'm willing to concede it but...blame JER, that's the way he's writing good ole Shawn D. Maybe it's the recent over-the-top-intensity of Jason Cook's acting that's bugging me? I don't know. Anyway, for the first time in a really long time, I am enjoying the Belle/Philip coupling and I am able to stand watching Phil have some screen time. I am very happy that the writers didn't play the "angry at life" card for very long and I am actually enjoying watching Phil recover. I think Belle made the right choice and I hope she discovers real feelings of love for Philip. I realize that there are a lot of Belle/Shawn fans out there and trust me; I used to be one of them. But when Kirsten Storms departed, so did my desire to see Shawn with Belle. For me, this Belle belongs with Philip. I guess because of that, I want to see Shawn with someone else. Someone who can help him heal and find love again. But hey - if nothing else, at least it's keeping me interested in the story.

FINALLY! The situation with Mickey/Maggie and Bonnie has been resolved! The old coot has made his decision and he has realized that Maggie is his one true love after all. If I were Maggie, I would have left a long time ago - but then again, I've never been married for 25 years and then presumed dead. Maybe I would be a little more understanding than I am now. I think it's hilarious that Bonnie thinks that she is the one that Mickey chose. I am looking forward to next week when she realizes that she is not the "bride."

Hmmm...what else? Oh yes, Brady and Chloe. Thank all the lords that this situation was also resolved in my absence! I was about ready to throw in the towel on them. Their reunion scenes have been very sweet and worth the wait....I guess ;) It's too bad that Days will soon be losing both of these talented actors - watching their scenes this week made me remember why they are such a popular couple in the first place.

God forbid that Alison Sweeny ever decide to leave the show! I loved her scenes with drunken Nicole and the whole episode where she breaks into Eugenia's apartment and hides under the bed. She makes me laugh so much!


  • I simply could not believe my ears when Kate told Belle that she had to be intimate with Philip! What the hey? I was shocked that Belle didn't tell her to F-off. Sorry to half-swear but, Kate crossed the line. I'm open to discussing sex, even with my mother-in-law - but Nobody, I mean NOBODY will tell me that I HAVE to be intimate with my husband Sheesh!
  • Have you ever noticed how hypocritical Kate's dialogue is? She told Lucas that Shawn needed a "reality check." I wonder if she understands the meaning of that word?
  • All hail Saint Marlena!! I just about choked when John commented that Marlena's Hippocratic Oath is as sacred to her as her marriage vows. (Sacred??? Gimme a break!)

Reader Feedback: The reader feedback featured this week are emails that I received for the column I wrote just prior to leaving for Italy (two weeks ago) so it might be a bit dated. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Antoine:" Hi I have a question, why does John hate Shawn so much, and does not support them being together. Shawn and Belle have been together for a lifetime, and was John not there to see how happy Shawn made his daughter? I am really confused why he hates Shawn, even though Shawn left because Belle lied to him, he tried to come back but Jan forbid it! Im sure John knows that and why is he still supporting her marriage to Philip?." I'm not sure why John hates Shawn, he certainly has no reason to but as to why he's supporting Belle's marriage, well I would guess it's because she has chosen to be with Philip and as her father, he should be supportive of that choice. Other than that, I'm sure it's a case of it being convenient to JER's plot. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Judi:"The problem with the show is that there are NO stories - there are only triangles. There are unlimited possibilities out there for stories. Rex and Cassie are super geniuses - they could be working on all kinds of evil plans or plans to save the world. NOBODY works - ever. The Salem police dept. could work on cases other than Tony or family. And what about relationships. Shouldn't Billie and Cassie, Lucas and Cassie or anyone and Cassie be spending time together? We don't see any friendships except for two teenage girls. We seldom see families getting together. I would LOVE to see Kate and Roman get just their kids all together in one room. That could be interesting. But all the writers can do is triangles with the same people over and over, the same scripts over and over and constant replays of scenes over and over. They aren't working so fire them all." Great observations, especially about poor Cassie. I too am sick of all the triangles and recycled plots, it's about time that the writers came up with some other stories that did not involve the DiMeras or Kate messing with other people's lives. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Natalie:" Hi Pam I just wanted to comment on that wicked witch Kate she really has nerve to talk about belle when correct me if Im wrong but didnt she have an affair when she was with Victor, If I remember right she was sleeping with his nephew, the alamain kid!! if so she is a total hypocrite well thanks I just wanted to get that off my chest. P.S. I love your comments." Yep, Kate had an affair, more than one if I remember correctly. Kate gives new meaning to the word hypocrite. In fact, I'd go as far as calling her totally delusional. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Bill:" Finally, a flashback worth not fast forwarding through...Jennifer and Frankie!!!." Here, here! I totally agree! Those were a wonderful treat! Thanks for writing. ~P

From ACR:" I completely agree with you about Billie being a complete hypocrite in regards to Shawn/Belle/Philip. She will stop at nothing to break up Bo/Hope but poo poo's the idea that Shawn would come between Belle and Philip. But, let me just add that Hope is no saint in this departmant either. She whines about Billie wanting to break up her marriage and then slips Shawn her credit card so that he can go break up someone elses. In my opinion she is the bigger hypocrite. Seems the only marriage she wants to be considered sacred is her own." Yeah, I definitely agree with you on Hope's position. Although she just wants to help her son regain his one true love, she really shouldn't have interfered; especially since Belle has made her choice. She should instead be helping Shawn come to terms with Belle's decision. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Emily:" I have been watching Days off and on since was about 8 years old. What happened to all the characters?!? They all used to be so forceful in their thinking and actions. I emphathize with Philip's situation a little bit. Being physically challenged isn't easy-I am-have been since before I before I was born. He now must learn a new a way to do things. Adjust his whole life-it will be hard. I've never known anything different. It's just someone who goes blind from an accident. Just my thoughts. Emily PS I'm so glad the orginal Roman-Wayne Northrup is coming back. All be it, in a different role." Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts Emily! ~P

From Lily:" Okay, that's a bit harsh but I am really fed up with Shawn's behaviour. How insecure is he? Belle told him repeatedly that she needs to concentrate on Philip right now but he insisted that he would not leave until she reassured him about their future. Sheesh - hello dude! Can we think about the guy who's lost half his leg for a sec?
Boy - do I disagree with this statement! What about what Shawn has lost? Maybe it's not a physical limb, but he has lost his LIFE! And let's not forget - Phil lost his leg because he disobeyed a direct order! If he had listened to his C.O. - NONE Of this would have happened! It's as if EVERYONE has forgotten or simply doesn't CARE what happened to Shawn! I don't blame him for being insecure! The 'love' of his life finds out he was caged and held against his will and goes to visit the woman who kidnapped him? Without showing him an OUNCE of sympathy? Belle continually tells Shawn she loves him and wants to be with him, and then two seconds later tells Phil the same thing! Belle is playing both sides against the middle. She wants to have her cake and eat it to! Shawn was kidnapped, drugged, and forced to watch Belle have fun, dance, and make love to his best friend while he was abused and held in a cage for MONTHS! And when Belle realized she still loved Shawn - she chickened out time and again on telling Philip. And she had PLENTY of opportunities BEFORE he shipped out and before he was injured. I don't blame Shawn ONE iota for trying to get a straight answer from her - because she is NOT giving him one! She wants Phil, but she wants Shawn too and that is UNACCCEPTABLE! If you ask me - BELLE is the one at fault here! 100% Shawn deserves SO MUCH BETTER than this after everything he has been through. When his family was being murdered one by one - he supported BELLE and eased HER fears! He respected her wishes about remaining a virgin until married - then he finds out she lied to him and needs some space to deal with all that has happened. What does he get for it? Kidnapped, abused, druggged and loses the woman he loved due to her lack of faith in him. Belle is a pathetic creature that deserves the equally pathetic Philip Kiriakis! I'm sorry, but I'm TIRED of seeing Shawn constantly get the short end of the stick. He's 100 times the man Phil is - and Belle will learn her lesson the hard way when she choses to stay with Phil the manipulative, controlling man who doesn't respect her." Although I don't agree that Shawn has lost his life (that's a bit too dramatic for me...we're talking about a relationship - not a life) you do make some good points. Personally I don't agree that Philip lost his leg because he disobeyed an order, he lost his leg because he stepped on a land mine. Thanks for writing! ~P

From LizB: " Love reading other feedback on the show. The only amazing thing to me is ... we're still WATCHING this miserable thing! I was actually home a couple of days last week and decided to check out the other soaps. I was FLOORED! REAL dialogue ... and dialogue that made sense! A storyline that even I, a TOTALLY new viewer) could grab onto. Multi-dimensional characters who seemed SMART and SAVVY and not all weapy and whiney! And ACTORS that didn't seem to be embarrassed or ashamed to be speaking their lines! WOW! No wonder they grab all the awards and are at the top of the daily ratings charts! Now, back to Salem .... one of the readers commented about everybody being related to everyone else. I've been thinking about that too. If somebody really dug back in time, we'd probably already find some nasty incest going on! Scary! Let's see ... leave Bart, Bonnie and her dog (I LOVE that dog), and ..... hmmm, those are the only characters that are any good anymore. DOUBLE scary! I've also been dwelling on storylines that never went anywhere. Remember all the 'spookiness' surrouding the Lockhart home that Habitat built for them? Whatever happened with that? And then there was the dead/not dead Colin Murphy? And Fay Walker ... and oooh what WAS her name the Marlena look-alike watress storline? I mean HELLO writers? It's like building a freeway and having all sorts of exit ramps that just dead end into the desert! GRRRR." I totally forgot about the mystery surrounding the Lockhart home! I think that might have been around the time that TPTB changed head writers again. The biggest hanging thread story that bothers me was when Stefano died and left everyone those mysterious gifts. That story went nowhere and no explanation was ever given. We are still waiting to find out why Poppa Shawn got a boat with a little red-haired boy on it and the origins of the DiMeras and Brady blood feud. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Beaj: "I am really shocked at the amount of people that are bashing Shawn D. He is the victim here and is being villified for it. Philip is Belle's husband and if he has to ask Belle who she wants to be with is a bit much for me. He should know beyond a shadow of a doubt who his wife is in love with and wants to be with. Could it be that Philip knows he obtain a wife by ill means? He pressured her in evry way he could. I have a 19-yr. old son and I would surely hope that he doesn't have friends like Philip in his life. There was never any concern for his friend (Shawn, it was let me protect Belle. I personnally think that it sends a mixed message to our young viewing adults.I can trust you with my life but I can't trust you with the girl (woman) I love.Philip's agenda was clear from the beginning, his mother aided and abetted his obsession. I believe that Shawn has acted a tad irrational in some instances but look at the forces he is up aganist. Kate is powerful bribry works well too. She should have allowed Belle to talk to Shawn the day of the wedding, and make the decision as to whether she wanted Shawn or Philip. What happens after Belle makes her pity, guilt ritten decision to stay with Philip and they find out what Kate has done. That will leave more people miserable than neccessary. The whole situation is scary and I stopped watching at the scheduled time, I catch up via the internet. I realize it is a soap opera and it certainly isn't real but that is an escape for people. We are real and some of us do belive in LOVE. Belle is no more that a contract wife of a United States Marine Corps. It does happen I have witnessed it, they do it for the money, not because they are in love." You make some great points and I do agree that Kate should stay out of the whole mess and let these three sort it out amongst themselves. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Edith: "I agree with every negative comment that Pamela has made and also the feed back from viewers. Only a few of the residents of Salem actually work, are the rest independently wealthy or just leeches living off the charity of their families. Yes Chelsie is Georgia, most of us figuered that out way back but these rocket scientists these writers have created are so pathetically stupid it will be next year before they figure it out. Can you imagine having such duds in hospitals, police forces etc? I wish the writers would answer their wake up calls and turn this ship around. Roman/Chris should have been debriefed at least before he was reinstated as police commander. I guess TPTB in salem are Kinda like TPTB in the scripting. How many years since this show received a serious award? Hey I have an idea how about a shower scene where one of these characters realizes that the past ten years have been a dream, kinda like that lost year on Dallas? But believe me someone should tell TPTB that in reality this poor show is nothing short of a nightmare." I would almost agree with you about the 'dream/nightmare' thing but I think it might drive me over the edge to realize that all the crap that we've been putting up with over the last 2 years was nothing but a big waste of time. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Kelly: "Just wanted to say I am a fan of DOOL. I am 31 and have been watching for over 20 years. I have been waiting for years for Billy Warlock to come back. I am patiently waiting for June 27. I just dont know how I feel about him trying to break up Jack and Jenn. It seems like every time Riley starts writing again he gets rid of Matthew Ashford. Why is that. I am sad to hear that Chole and Brady are leaving but am happy to see how Frankie and Austin fit into the picture." Well I think it has something to do with Matt Ashford not liking to be on a show where the writing is stupid and doesn't make sense (he said as much in a interview I read) So...there is the possibility that he is opting to be written out. I hope this is not the case but...let's keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for writing! ~P

From Darla: "I am like several other viewers, I have stopped watching Days because of the stupid repetitive storylines. I have been a Days watcher for over 20 years and have never been so dissappointed. Why can't anybody hear someone talking to themselves outloud, why can't Sami just get a life and quit trying to destroy everyone in her family and herself. I was actually looking forward to Billie coming back but that was a joke. Shawn turning bad was a bad move, can't a couple like Shawn and Belle stay happy, real people do it all of the time. Days can't even keep old couples together and happy, except for Tom & Alice Horton and Doug and Julie. Come on now, Mickey and Maggie and what's her name? People really are not that stupid as to not see what others are doing to manipulate them. A little reality is needed. What the soap needs is more happiness mixed in with the miserable lives. My daughter told me that Marlena is pregnant, isn't she a bit old? How come they didn't have Belle come up pregnant after spending the night in the barn making love to Shawn, now that would have been great! But Marlena? Don't get me wrong, I love Marlena, but she needs to be a mom to her other kids, not start again.What happened to the strong John, that I drooled over? He's a weiner now. Brady & Chloe I understand are leaving the show, which is sad because that was another couple that actually had staying power. Their chemistry was totally awsome. I loved when they sang together, thats something that you don't see on soaps everyday, of course it wasn't something that real people do, but it was fun, & happy and made us smile. Come on writers, a little help please, bring me back to Days.As long as I'm here let me say that Passions has the worst acting on any soap I have ever watched, and at different times over the years I have watched them all. Well, I guess thats enough soap bashing for today, thanks for listening." I too loved watching Brady and Chloe sing together - both actors are very talented singers. Thanks for writing! ~P

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