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Victor and Caroline have been rescued, and Tony has finally been captured. The maniac DiMera Jr. is behind bars...for now, at least.

I have to admit, y'all...I am shocked that the island mess didn't drag on. I guess The Powers That Be are listening to our complaints! I'm very happy that this story was wrapped up in the space of a week, but a part of me is disappointed by how fast it was accomplished. The story seemed hastily slapped together or something. I know, I know...I'm always complaining, but it's weird that the writers can't seem to find a happy medium with the pacing of the stories.

Is it my imagination or is it only the times that Patrick is involved in one of these "missions" that they are actually successful? Good thing that he invited himself along with Billie, or else the rest of them could have been stuck on the island for good. The upside is that the mission was successful. Victor and Caroline have been rescued, and Tony has been captured. Finally! The maniac DiMera Jr. is behind bars. For now, that is. Will he escape again? ...I really hope not, I'm tired of this character. Who else agrees that Days needs a new villain?

Of course the best scene of the week award goes to Victor's homecoming! It was totally great to see Victor Kiriakis back and in full form again. Luckily, Vic got right to the point and told Brady of Nicole's plot to kill him. I loved it when he started strangling her! I thought it was hilarious; it definitely felt great to see Victor finally get his revenge against Nicole. The only thing I found strange was that Brady stood there and drank a martini while Victor berated and threatened Nicole. I say it was strange because; I've never seen Brady just casually standing around drinking anything -- let alone a martini. See the weird things I notice? :)

Anyway, I thought Arianne Zucker (Nicole) did an amazing job as she tearfully begged Brady to believe her and give her another chance. I always wonder how hard it is for this real-life couple to behave so meanly toward each other. It might have been my imagination, but it seemed as though Kyle Lowder (Brady) was uncomfortable during some of his scenes. Especially when Brady and Nicole were outside the house and -- in the face of her (very real-looking) tears -- he told her that he never wanted to see her again.

Regardless, Nicole has been turfed on her rear with nothing but the clothes on her back. She's angry and looking for revenge. I hope that she doesn't go running to Kate and decide to trade her knowledge of "Stami" for money. We know that Kate would be only too willing to pay for anything that would destroy Lucas and Sami's relationship again. I can only pray that Austin returns pronto to help Nicole pick up the pieces of her life and move on.

I really enjoy the character of Nicole and I don't necessarily want to see her waste her time plotting revenge on Victor and Sami while drinking herself silly every day. Arianne is very funny as a drunk and all, but it's sad to see Nicole sliding down this slope. Hey -- a thought just occurred to me: even better than Austin returning is Eric returning! I think The Powers That Be could come up with a great storyline about Nicole and him reconnecting and at the same time, build a nice friendship between her and Sami. If ever there were two people who needed a girlfriend -- it's Sami and Nicole!

I am totally revelling in Lucas and Sami's reunion! It's almost like I'm personally involved in this relationship because I actually find myself smiling and getting sentimental when I see them together. I know that I am not in the minority on this one -- as your feedback letters have told me -- Lumi is the fan favorite couple right now. They are everyone's darling and the reason that a lot more people have been tuning in to Days in the last few weeks. I, along with the rest of you, hope that neither Kate nor Tony reveals Sami's secret -- ever. Even though it seems like both of them will at any second (Tony is taunting and hinting about it, and Kate's sights are set on discovering that secret).

I don't want Sami to lose Lucas again. This character really deserves to find some happiness; she has been through the ringer too many times! One of the readers, Cindy, said it best: (see below for her full post) ...I wish they would write her part better at times. She has been raped, tricked, lied to and about, almost killed by Kate, set up by Kate several times, lost both of her parents more than once, watched her mother commit adultery with John, think one man was her father when he wasn't, and on and on.
Besides, I find that watching a happy Sami is a lot more interesting than watching an evil Sami.

Meanwhile, once again, Patrick proved that he had a firm grip on the Salem brain. He is the only one to have even suggested that Chelsea and Georgia could be one and the same. Let me just pause to say -- Hallelujah -- the secret is finally going to be revealed. Spoiler Alert: (if you don't want to know...stop reading Now!) I've read the spoilers, and Tony will finally tell Billie that Chelsea is really Georgia. And, if I'm not mistaken, he will reveal this fact on Monday. I wonder how the discovery will affect Bo and Hope and their family?

Something tells me that Hope isn't going to tolerate Chelgia's attitude for very long. And even though I find Chelgia's perma-pout to be annoying, I do think it will be interesting to watch Billie attempt to build a relationship with her. I find Julie Pinson to be an excellent Billie, and I quite enjoy the character when she's away from Bo. And since Chelgia already seems to be fully versed on her soon-to-be family's shortcomings, it should make for good story as everyone attempts to rein in the little brat. (If you missed it, she mentioned Kate and Roman's breakup, Bo and Hope's strained marriage, and Billie's druggie and promiscuous past).

I didn't think I'd find myself saying this but -- Max has grown on me. For one, he's awwwwfully purdy! :) Plus, the fact that he is obviously falling for Chelsea and wants to make things special for her is really kind of sweet. I know that shouldn't forgive his earlier behavior but, I was thinking about it and -- say we go with the story that he's a famous race car driver (though we never see him racing) and he has had tons of women throw themselves at him; I'd buy the idea that he didn't respect women very much. But along comes this girl who uses him like he uses all other women, and it makes him stop and see her as more than instant gratification. Or...maybe I'm just justifying his behavior 'cuz he's so darn cute! ;)

Anyway, it bothers me that Chelsea is so na´vely focused on Patrick. She actually told Max that she was "saving her love for Patrick." Okay, whatever. To those readers who have written to me that Chelsea is about to sleep with her uncle...don't forget that Max and Frankie are adopted. So -- no blood relation -- it's all good. Actually, I find them to be a good couple and can see a lot of future potential for these two. Hopefully Max can help Chelsea adjust to her new parents. He sure seemed to try to get it through her head that Billie was only looking out for her well-being. For now I'm simply looking forward to the moment that Billie tells Chelsea that she is really Georgia. I think I can say for certain that ChelGia is going to freak out!

Oh, Lord, Jack made Frankie promise to marry Jennifer after his death. What will they think of next? When I say made -- I mean that Jack badgered and guilt-tripped Frankie until he tearfully promised to do as Jack asked. Poor Frankie. What an awful position to put him in, especially given that he now knows that Jack is going to die -- and he can't tell Jennifer. Jack gave a good speech about not wanting his family to spend his last days worried and sad, but how long does he think he can keep them in the dark?

Presumably he's going to deteriorate physically to the point where Jennifer and Abby will know without doubt that he is seriously ill. Or is this the kind of terminal illness where you live normally until you suddenly drop dead one day? If that's the case, then maybe he can pull this off. Or it could all be a moot point because hopefully Jack will not die. I like Frankie and all, but Jack and Jennifer belong together.

I was thinking...(oh me, always thinkin') Frankie and Billie would make a good couple. I've changed my mind about the Billie/Patrick pairing. I think I'm off the character of Patrick; he's kind of a big dolt. Lately I keep thinking that Frankie would be good for Billie. But then again, that would be yet another guy who was hung up on Jennifer but settled for Billie.

Sorry, all you Shelle fans out there, but Shimi are hot together! I was cheering Shawn and Mimi on as they started making out in their apartment. In my opinion, the electricity between them is crackling. I know that some people were heartbroken watching the scene, and I'm sorry for that, but I was not one of them. I really like these two together and I hope the writers explore a pairing between them.

Who knows...if they have to be subjected to listening to Philip and Belle's heavy panting during sex for much longer -- they might turn to each other sooner rather than later. Plus, I admit that I enjoy watching Belle squirm whenever she sees Shawn and Mimi together. I should be sympathetic because she's really not a bad person, she's just young and has made some stupid decisions. But a part of me thinks that it serves her right.

Did Philip lose his sight or his leg? Sometimes I forget. He'd have to be blind to miss the daggers that were flying out of Belle's eyes when she was watching Shawn and Mimi dance at Alice's. Bonnie could see right through Belle, but Philip was like "la-de-da." Maybe you guys are right (those of you who have sent feedback saying that you believe he is just like his mother)...maybe he is purposely manipulating her. Maybe deep down, Philip knows that Belle is still in love with Shawn. And maybe he purposely suggested to Belle that they go to Alice's; knowing that Shawn and Mimi were there and having a good time, because it would hurt her and make her vulnerable.

He sure seemed to twist the knife by constantly talking about Shawn and Belle getting together. And maybe he hoped that by making her vulnerable, she would be more apt to sleep with him. You guys could be right; it is definitely plausible. Personally I think he's just an idiot, but then again, his parents are two of the most manipulative people in Salem, so he definitely has the potential.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Cindy:"I have to comment on a few things. I have watched Days since I was a teenager and it first came on. I remember some things vividly and some things vaguely over the years. Twice I quit watching it because they killed off someone I loved or did something so immoral I couldn't believe it. I can't figure out why I am watching now. I remember Marie's struggle with being a Nun and the Mickey/Bill/Laura triangle. I remember Julie and Doug falling in love. I have always loved certain couple. I have always love Jack and Jen, Mickey and Maggie, Hope and Bo. I loved Shane and Kim. I loved Carrie and Austin. But I most of all love Sami and Lucas. In my opinion they belong together. As for hating Sami, I don't for a second. I wish they would write her part better at times. She has been raped, tricked, lied to and about, almost killed by Kate, set up by Kate several times, lost both of her parents more than once, watched her mother commit adultry with John, think one man was her father when he wasn't, and on and on. I hate it when a writer has a favorite scape goat like Days writers have always made Sami and they just won't give them much happiness without snapping it away. I for one hope no one EVER finds out about Stan. I don't think Kate has begun to pay for how evil she is. She should get the bad side of the writers pen for awhile. Let her be a waitress with no money again. She deserves lots and lots of rotten things for all she has done. Oh and by the way, I love Bart too. He is treasure and I want to see him in a new storyline with a romantic interest.

From Stephanie:"I agree that with you that Billie and Patrick make a really good couple. Patrick finally has a viable love interest and Billie has someone to distract her from Bo. Still, this whole Bille/Patrick/Chelsea/Max plotline is so ridiculous. A far more interesting storyline would be Billie/Patrick/Cassie. Not only would we finally get to see Cassie on screen and find out where she's been living in Salem, we would also get to see a really good sibling rivalry. Plus Kate could especially benefit from this. Two of her kids in one triangle would be such a time saver.

From Bea Johnson:"Pamela, I have written to you before I hope this one makes the cut. I am not a fan of the Shawn and Mimi storyline for a number of reasons: Mimi should have told Rex so that Belle would not have too, Mimi's character is taking a turn for the worst, going after Shawn seriouly is too much. She chould have her vengeful thing but not actually fall for him. Remember she is a woman and we don't have to settle for sloppy seconds, she knows that Shawn LOVES and is in love with Belle, why sugject yourself to that. Philip is a fricking joke, and I honestly can't stand him. He does not portray friendship in any way. He is just like his mother. He has to know the trueth about Belle and Shawn being madily in love. Belle is so confusing that she is beginning to confuse me. She supported her mother being pregnant with Roman or (whoever's) child, come on, she used Marlena's example to stay married to Philip and the faithful thing, give me a break. Everything about Belle currently makes me sick, I agree that she is playing a dangerous game. DOOL really has it's characters playing some really weak, weak-minded roles. I don't know if it is the writers that are just that weak or what but trust me the rating won't go anywhere if this keeps up. Bo calling Billie instead of the police and or the ISA is a whole nother email, she did the same thing, thank god for Patrick, because Billie could not find T*!s in a strip club."

From Jamie:"I agree with everything you've said except about Lexie and Abe. I'm sorry, but Abe has been a complete jerk. I understand that losing your sight must be a horrible experience, but shouldn't he be happy that he's been reunited with his wife and baby after thinking he'd never see them again? I would think he'd be on cloud nine despite losing his eye-site. I can't imagine reacting to blindness with as much anger and hostility as Abe (which just demonstrates how shallow the residents of Salem are when facial scarring and blindness make life not worth living). I don't blame Lexi for being totally turned off. He's emotionally abusive and not to mention orthopedic in comparison to Tek. I'd fall for his slime ball moves any day. I hope Lexi shows Abe that "for better or worse" does not mean "for emotional abuse or worse" and dumps him. Then he'll really have something to sulk about."

From Melissa:"Geez, Billie, it is certainly taking you forever to figure out that the dark haired, dark eyed girl in the right age bracket WITH THE SAME RARE BLOOD TYPE just might be Georgia. Billie is so dense I wonder who in the world made her an ISA agent. She should have been killed 40 times by now the way she just runs into situations without thinking. I personally think that Patrick just might be full of crap. I'd bet that he does work for Tony. Abby is starting to get on my nerves with all the wide-eyed I can't believe you're doing this looks. I think what Chelsea is doing is incredibly stupid, but you can't really talk people out of something they are determined to do, so stop wasting your breath and just be her friend when it all goes bad (which it will, it's DAYS). I do like Mimi and Shawn together, although I miss Rex (he was a lot less crazy than Shawn), and I think it would serve Belle right. Dr. North is really creepy, but I like it. Jack is really creepy and I keep fast forwarding through his scenes. And one last thing, I am really sad that Tony is probably going to lay Sami to waste before she gets to marry Lucas. I just wish that they would let the girl be happy for once in her miserable life."

From Connie J. Foley:"I cannot believe the writers at Days! The teen storyline is so boring, I fast forward through it. Chelsea is nothing more than a spoiled, self centered brat who needs a good spanking and sent off to a convent. She is so un-sexy! The scenes of her dancing with Max were terrible. Again fast forward time. The storyline with Jack is going nowhere and is boring. I am so tired of watching Marlena I could vomit. How long are we going to have to suffer through this storyline when we all know she belongs with John. I believe the writers dropped the ball when they did not explore the Jan holding Shawn captive storyline more. After making the viewers suffer through the whole ordeal, (because it drug on for sooooo long) when the truth came out it was like "Oh, gosh you were held captive." and that was it. As far as Philip and Belle together, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. BORINGGGGGG. Philip is so clueless about Shawn and Belle. He needs to be smarter than that and know you don't love someone all of your life and it just go away. Again I think the writers dropped the ball when they did not take Philip through the I am not a whole man and don't deserve you role with Belle. He could have been mean and hateful and felt sorry for himself with war dreams and been mean to Belle, which would have driven her to Shawn for comfort. I am not a writer and I could do better than they have been doing. No wonder the show has dropped so low in the ratings. I thought it would have been a good time to Have Marlena pregnant with another man's (whom she still loves) child along with Belle who has to be pregnant with Shawn's baby or that whold storyline is down the tubes. A novel thought here, could the writers from Y & R help the writers for Days? They really need it."

From Stacy:"Pamela you are absolutely right about shawn and belle being too far back to be his kid, although I wish it true. However, what everyone also seems to forget is that there was a mention that Philip was gone for 6 months, so even if she got preg on her wedding night, then she still would be 6 months pregnant and not 3. Fact of the matter is even though a day lasts a week in Salem, the timeline is screwed up, besides why did the writers have Belle and Shawn sleep together if it were going to go nowhere and no one was going to remember it?"

From A Fan: " I really enjoy reading everybodys thoughts on the two scoops commentary and thought i should try. Alot of you seem to act as if the show is all bad! Dont get me wrong it definitly has its ups and downs! Dealing with Belle....i think she is being a real brat right now...i am a huge SHELLE fan and hope somehow Shawn and Belle will be together again!!!!!...i think it was pathetic how Philip used his injury to get Belle with her. I am going to miss Rex and i although i really like Mimi shes not my fav person right now!!! Wow! I am glad to see Sami and Lucas happy for once even if it isnt going to last...and Kate deserves everything that shes getting. I dont really know about this Dr. North but i personally hope this isnt the real Roman...I think Josh is excellent! I do like Frankie but obviously Jack cannot die! Well i guess thats all for now...im not really sure if this is where im supposed to post this!? Thanks so Much!"

From Debbie Cerruti: "I really enjoy your Two Scoops, and look forward to reading it every week! I have a question that has been bugging me for a long time. I don't know if I missed something along the way, because I'm really confused about Tek's character. Back when John was in the hospital, it turned out that Tek was the stranger injecting something into his tubes. At one point, John even woke up and saw him do it. So whatever became of this storyline? Was Tek supposed to be bad, but TPTB changed their minds? I don't recall it ever being discussed. Any enlightenment you can give me on this storyline would be greatly appreciated! Debbie" I'm putting this question out to the readers, Debbie, because I can't remember. As far as I know, nothing ever came of that story. Either it is another dropped story thread or we'll find out later that he was really working for DiMera all along. Can anyone out there enlighten us? ~P

From Le Nita:"I LOVE DOOL! I used to watch this soap when I was a young girl with my grandmother during my summer break from school. I started watching again after about 10 years of not watching, when I caught an episode when Sami was Stan... I've been addicted "again" ever since. The only two, make that three characters I can't stand are CHLOE... (Keeps repeating the dialogue about her miniscule scar...-SHUT UP, or give Brady to Nicole)!, Belle, (Same diaglogue different day, "I love you Shawn but I'm married and carrying Philips child, blah blah blah, yada, yada, yada)... and last but not least SHAWN, ( There isn't that much love in the world, (at least I've never experienced it yet) to where you are repeatedly gutt punched and kicked in the teeth repeatedly by someone that supposedly loves you, but constantly rejects you and your pleas for her to be with you- Move on buddy, obviously she's just not that into YOU!)"

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