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It's official: Georgia Brady is Chelsea Benson. Nothing shocking there.

It's official: Georgia Brady is Chelsea Benson. Nothing shocking's not like the viewers haven't clued in to that fact before now. It has been overly obvious since the first day Chelsea Benson showed up on-screen. So the truth is revealed and initially, both Billie and Bo were less than pleased about the news. But once the DNA test results confirmed the fact, they perked up as realized that they can relate to ChelGia about what she's going through. Both Billie and Bo have had similar life experiences. For Bo it was when he learned that Sean Sr. was not his father but instead it was Victor Kiriakis - a man he hated at the time of the reveal. For Billie it was when she found out that Kate was her mother - who she hated with a passion for abandoning her and Austin with their druggie criminal of a father. They are convinced that because of their past, they will be able to help her deal with the revelation of her true parentage. But....I don't think it's going to be that easy. We know that nothing is ever that easy on Days. The writing is so heavy-handed. For instance; do you think that ChelGia could have said how much she hated Billie a few more times? Or that she could never replace her dead mother? We get it! Chelsea will resist the idea of Billie being her mother and will act fairly hateful toward her.

It looks like Bo and Billie's discovery of Georgia is likely to cause some major problems for Bo and Hope. I'd like to think that their marriage is strong enough to weather the storm but I can see Bo being pulled in to the Billie/ChelGia saga more and more from her on in. We know that Billie will be crying on his shoulder every five minutes; blubbering that her daughter hates her; ya-da ya-da ya-da. And you know that Bo will continually feel compelled to smooth things over between mother and daughter. Considering his actions this week, I think Bo proved where his priorities lie. On Monday, he went running to meet Billie without even telling Hope. What was that about? It was so ridiculous! He went to the Lockhart house WITH Hope - why would he leave without saying anything to her? That's not the worst part though; he didn't even CALL Hope and tell her about the potential of Chelsea being Georgia! He just acted plain ole stupid all week long. On Friday, after ragging on Hope for telling Patrick about ChelGia (which might have been sort of deserved since Hope was asked not to tell anyone) - Bo took off with Billie without a backward glance to Hope. Nice guy! I can totally see Hope leaving Bo because she gets plain old fed up with the guy

If one thing was proven to me this week it was the fact that Hope is one classy chick. She has taken every knock thrown at her this week with grace and understanding. She swallowed her irritation about Bo taking off to meet Billie and managed to retain her composure upon hearing that Chelsea is Bo's daughter from screaming-banshee Billie. To Bo's credit, he didn't get much of a chance to tell Hope before Billie attacked her like the crazy person she is when she is around Bo. If you missed it, the scene went something like this: Hope was expressing her concern for Chelsea's behavior (after seeing her kissing Patrick) and mentioned that if she didn't get some help, she'd wind up a very troubled woman. Hope said something about Chelsea being the type to use sex to manipulate when Billie screamed "Are you calling my daughter a slut?" Hope was like: "your what?" Poor Hope. Even after all that, she graciously stepped aside and told Bo and Billie that she would leave them alone to discuss the situation and figure out their next steps with their daughter. It's amazing how mature she's reacting to everything, but not surprising though. Hope is acting true to her character and is trusting in her love for Bo. However if Bo doesn't watch his step; he's going to leave the door wide open for Patrick to step through. I wonder what Billie would think if she knew that Patrick was thinking of the time he had to cuddle with a naked Hope on DiMera Island?

It's too bad that Sami didn't take one of the numerous opportunities she had, to spill her guts about Stan! I know she's scared and hoping she can keep the secret under wraps, but I wish that she would at least tell Roman. She could really user her father's support right now and I think that Roman would understand how 'da' hell she got mixed up with Tony. I think she almost did tell him that time he was asking why she was acting so strangely when Tony was mentioned. Unfortunately, she only told him that Tony was trying to blackmail her by using her parents as the proverbial carrot and she compounded her problem by lying and saying that she turned Tony down. Oh-oh...I hope that doesn't come back to bite her in the butt. Now she's put herself in the situation of having to help Tony escape from jail or face the consequences of everyone finding out her secret life as Stan. The plan for the 'Great Escape' hasn't been revealed yet but we can bet it will involve Sami backstabbing her Dad in some way. She'll probably have to steal his keys or something along those lines. Whatever she does, she had better keep an eye over her shoulder because Kate is bound and determined to figure out what Sami is up to. Kate saw through Sami's disguise when she was leaving the police station after seeing Tony and frantically called for Lucas (who had been in the police station as well) but he had all ready left - luckily for Sami. This only made Kate more determined that ever to burn Sami (doesn't the woman work or have anything better to do with her time?). So Kate badgered Nicole (who wasn't drunk for once) until she finally revealed that the secret involved Sami dressing up as a man. The walls are closing in our gal Sami and I for one have my fingers crossed that she can manage to wriggle her way out of this one without Lucas or Will finding out.

I cannot believe that Kate would even THINK of helping Tony escape - just so she could get the "goods" on Sami! This is the man who kidnapped her sons, held them hostage and almost killed them - kidnapped her husband on the night of their wedding and faked his death - kidnapped her daughter (whom we never see) and faked death too...the list goes on and on. I mean COME ON - I know she wants to destroy Sami and all but the idea that she would agree to help Tony is ludicrous. This of course just makes me dislike the character more and pray harder that she will be written off the canvas soon. And she can take John with her. John sucks. It's official; I can't stand him anymore either. The fact that he is in agreement with Kate is also ludicrous. His behavior is not that of the John we all know and love. I hate to berate this point but he is acting incredibly out of character. His comments about Sami screwing things up again were nasty and uncalled for. John has done nothing but support Sami and try to love her in the past - reminding her over and over again that he raised her and considers her to be like his daughter. He has said that time and again over the years and always in the face of her ugliness toward him. But, now all of a sudden, because he slept with Kate, he decides to turn on Sami? It's so irritating. I hope that Marlena never remembers John and that he decides to leave town with Kate.

Speaking of which...Marlena and Dr. North. I like them together! I'm finding myself very interested in this storyline, mainly because I have no idea what the heck is going on. For the first time in a while, I feel like we have a genuine mystery on our hands. And one that has more than a few possible endings. Who is he? What does he want with Marlena? Why is he so fixated on her? Is he responsible for her amnesia? Is he injecting her with something to make her remember him and only him? Will she ever remember John, Roman or her children? Is she going to end up finding a few more children that she never knew she had? (You never know with this soap!) It IS an interesting story; but I DO want her to remember who she is eventually. It is more than odd to watch Deirdre Hall play someone other than Marlena, which is basically the case because Marlena is definitely acting very un-Marlena like. She claimed that she didn't want to go back to Salem and that she didn't care about her family back home. It's so weird to see Marlena acting like that. Especially where her children are concerned. I can't believe that she's never going to remember them. I like the chemistry that she has with Ex-Roman/Dr. North; so I'm not saying that I want to see her go back to either Roman or John but I would like to see her remember herself, her children, her friends etc.

So, if Bonnie has anything to say about it - Shawn and Mimi will be married in a month's time! She is determined to stack the cards in their favor and has now set them up to work together at Alice's. [As an have these two been making money up until now?] Now that Bonnie is finally out of the Mickey/Maggie storyline, I'm starting to like her again! She definitely provides some welcome comic relief. Her scenes with both Max the dog and Max the race car driver were cute. And now she is doing her best to convince Mimi to pursue Shawn; and Bonnie being Bonnie...if Mimi won't do it, Bonnie will help her along. I have nothing bad to say about this story, I like that Mimi and Shawn are slowly moving toward each other and I am hopeful that their friendship will turn in to romance. Philip is another person who is bound and determined to help these two in to a relationship. I don't know if I quite agree with the theory that he is purposely manipulating the situation but he sure does take every opportunity he gets to constantly push the idea that Shawn should move on with Mimi. Good advice in my opinion. I wish I could say that I felt bad for Belle when she found out that Mimi was after Shawn, but I didn't. She made her stupid choice, now she has to live with it.

Apparently there is a "Name Belle's Baby" contest going on at the NBC web site. The name that receives the highest number of votes will be the baby's official name and will be announced when Belle gives birth. The choices for boys are: Conner, Tyler and Luke and the choices for girls are: Claire, Margaret and Hillary. I'm not really a big fan of any of the girl names, but I voted for Margaret. The reason I mention this is because, I guess this means that the baby WILL be born after all. But it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't contract some serious illness after birth. Something has to happen to this baby, it just wouldn't be a soap if there wasn't some drama attached. I wonder how will Shawn will discover that he is really the father and how long he will be separated from his child and his "true love" (I say that sarcastically because I don't buy the true-love story between Shelle anymore; I often say...that's just my opinion)

The Jack/Jennifer/Frankie story is getting ridiculous now. I just cannot believe that Jack would act this way. He isn't EVEN sick yet! Why would he waste the precious time he has left playing matchmaker to the supposed love of his life and her former teenage boyfriend? It doesn't even make sense! Locking Frankie and Jennifer in the closet; playing special music for them. What is Jack hoping? That they will start making out or something? Sheesh! There were only two interesting parts in this storyline this week and that was a) seeing the lovely reunion between Caroline and Frankie and b) seeing Abby go out on a date and do something that doesn't involve chasing ChelGia around.

Austin Peck (Austin Reed) is due back in Salem at the end of September. At this point, I'm not sure where he will figure in to the current storyline but I can only hope that it's with Nicole somehow. I always liked the two characters together and I think Nicole could use someone in her life that cares about her.


  • What da hell was Billie wearing when she went to see Tony? Was she hoping that by dressing sexy and wearing a ton of makeup; he'd be willing to reveal the truth about her daughter? That scene was SO strange!
  • I have to say it again; Billie is stupid. I'm fine with the character when she isn't involved with Bo or Hope, but as soon as she is around them, she loses her mind and starts saying and doing the most idiotic things.
  • Where is Bonnie living? Patrick mentioned that Billie and Chelsea were staying with him because the house was empty. Where did Bonnie go after getting turfed-out of Mickey and Maggie's house?
  • I can't believe that Caroline went back to work the day after she returned from being kidnapped for a year or more. Give the woman a break! Send her for some much needed R 'n R with her husband!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Amber:"I have to agree with everyone. I think Sami and Lucas need to stay together. Sami deserves to be happy for once!! Kate has enough children to worry about, so why doesn't she give up on trying to run Lucas's life and start worry about her self for once! I can not stand the fact that the storylines have made Marlena out to be someone who sleeps around.. but truth be told.. Kate has more children then Marlena does. And equally as many husbands, ex-husbands, and affairs. Kate has no right to put Sami and Lucas through her wrongs that she has gone through. I have been watching days since Bo was with Carli and frankly that was a good time. Personaly I think they need to bring back Vivian and her little tag along. That would be fun watching!!! What has been keeping my watching all of these years is simply to see Sami happy!"

From Te:"I definitely agree with everyone who thinks that for once Sami should be happy. I love Sami and Lucas together- it's adorable and she's genuinely happy. I'm not 100% satisfied with the Kate story because I don't personally feel like she's got what's coming to her. I think John should find out something that makes him turn against her to- since she keeps using him as her "back up husband" when things go bad. I think the whole Belle, Philip, Shawn, Mimi thing is wearing thin. Belle insist on not being with Shawn- fine- then let's make Shawn happy with Mimi and let's watch Belle suffer majorly. I thought the whole sleeping together in the barn and then acting like it didn't happen was stupid. With the back and forth that's been going on this storyline is the one I choose to take bathroom breaks during now a days. I love Bo and Hope together and I think they've been through enough for right now. I really think TPTB need to hit the refresh button and start looking at stories from different angles."

From Nicole:"I love your comments! The show, the way I see it, could be so much better if the storylines would follow through. Maybe I missed something, but I remember seeing Tek being shown injecting John's IV's. Nothing more has been said about that. What was that about? As far as Jack & Jen, they need to stay together. Jack can't die. They have such a powerful love that nothing else could compare. Shawn & Belle need to be together as well. I love Mimi, but she screwed things up with Rex. That needs to be sorted out, but not with hooking her up with Shawn. Maybe she could comfort Philip. I don't like Chelsea/Georgia. She is such a snotty little thing. Abby is cute and seemingly wholesome, but she seems absolutely clueless many times. I cannot stand Tony DiMeara. I would love for him to never be mentioned again. Sami & Lucas need to be together HAPPILY. Kate needs to stay out of it. I am sick of her constant meddling. It's tiresome. I'm not really enjoying this new Marlena angle either. Get on with it. She just gets home, then ends up with amnesia AGAIN, and is gone AGAIN. Enough. I agree with the person who said that Eric should be brought back and paired up with Nicole. She may be a little devious, but she deserves a break too."

From Heather:" I have watched Days off and on for about ten years..tuning in when a certain story catches my attention. I personally love the characters of Sami and Nicole and hope that they find happiness finally...though we must have a little scheming from these two...against Kate would be nice. As for Shawn and Belle...I have always loved them together and like many hoped that they would find eternal happiness...but enough, let the twit stay with Philip and get on with the great sparks that are flying between Mimi and Sean. Mimi Brady has a nice ring to it and wouldn't Bonnie be over the moon. Will we see Bonnie paired with someone new, shes great."

From Babs:"Hi Pam, Why does soap central still put Stefano's picture at the top of Days page? Could it be he may come back? Also, I was looking at an old tape of when Billie and Bo were looking for Georgia in Europe and who did I see but the girl playing CHelsea as the actress! So, surely they could see the same girl has turned up as chelsea. This is so stupid for TPTB at Days. Also, how does this Dr. "treating" marlena to have these memories of him and Marlena-early years if he is not the real Roman. Why does she have amnesia? could Stefano have done something to Abe, Jack and Marlena on the island to make them think they are dying, blind and have amnesia? Or maybe Lexie is working for her dear father and brother. Jack is dying and Lexie, is the doctor, abe is blind and Lexie is there, marlena has amnesia and lexie is the dr. I am sorry, but she was the dr. that pronounced all these people "DEAD"! She has to be in on this. Also, she is the one who calls in this Dr. North. I think something is definitely fishy and it isn't the fish chowder at the pub! thanks, babs." Hi Babs - I believe that the pictures on Soap Central change every time the page is refreshed and I'm assuming that it cycles through different pictures., I don't think that his picture necessarily means that he will be returning. Sorry to disappoint. Thanks for writing! ~P

From Jen:"Days has always been good, but it has been getting real good lately! Although I am not a Dr. North fan, I am interested in this story. I am convinced that he is drugging Marlena with something. I am not sick of Tony as the villain, but I believe that Dr. North will be the next villain in Salem! Well, I think he's either Stefano, Dr. Rolf, or the real Tony. I think that something is going to happen and Roman and John are going to have to rush to the cabin to save Marlena! I have so glad that Sami and Lucas are back together. I am hoping that no one finds out that Sami was Stan. If Patrick can have all charges dropped for ultimately turning on Tony, not once but twice, then why can't Sami get the same because without her, the guys would be dead! Speaking of Patrick, I did like him with Billie, but now I'm not so sure. After watching the flashback from the island, I remember how much I liked Patrick and Hope as a couple! And then there's Shimi, who I just love! In my opinion, Belle deserves to be jealous of Shawn and Mimi. She finally understands what Shawn has gone through this whole time. She has no right to tell Shawn not to move on with Mimi, when she has been telling Shawn to stop pressuring her to end things with Philip! As for Philip, I don't think he's evil. I don't think he knows that Belle is hung up on Shawn, but Philip's not stupid. He is completely in love with Belle. Just like the name of the show Philip picked Belle on almost three years ago, "Love is Blind!"

From Tammy Bodzenski:"I agree with your two scoops commentary completely. I've talked to all the people who either watch or used to watch Days and they hate the way it is going. They need to try to keep to a slightly realistic timeline. I'm sorry, but it's Christmas for two months and then next day they are wearing bathing suits? Give me a break. Stop replaying the same dialog and flashbacks and you could cut the time it takes to tell the stories in half. I honestly believe the writer has no idea what to write and fills in the blanks with stock lines he has made up for each character just to kill time! The Chelsea/Georgia storyline is one catches on to ANYTHING (hello, same rare blood type!). Jack CAN NOT die. How many times can they hurt that couple? Didn't they learn their lesson when they killed him off the first time? The fans were outraged! What can I say about Sami and Lucas except "let them be happy!" Kate should have lost her job at Basic Black. She should have lost all her children for what she did to Lucas. Billie and Philip should have stood by their brother and dumped her like Lucas did! Days is really good at starting storylines that never get resolved (TEK and the drugs in John's iv for example) but yet they will find a way to ruin Sami and Lucas' relationship over Stan. Just let it drop! That is actually a storyline that could be resolved... Tony won't tell or no one believes him and what leads would they have to go on? Let Sami and Lucas have the very interesting love story we all miss from days gone by. Let Chelsea, the brat, pick up Sami's role as the villian. As for Nicole, I LOVE her character when she interacts with Sami and I think she should fall for Austin for 2 reasons. One, she could then be "friends" with Sami and two, Sami and Nicole could gang up on Kate and make her life miserable! It would be perfect! Enough of Chloe. I don't even like the actress anymore. She choses to jump from Days to every other opportunity that comes along and when it doesn't work out, she comes back. I don't agree with this because TPTB leave her storyline hanging or disrupt whatever storyline they've given to the character of Brady. It's not fair to the other actors/actresses. Either you're on Days or not. I like Shawn with Mimi, I sincerely hope they do not make Belle's baby his. Enough of that storyline already. Been there and done that too many times and it is not even remotely realistic OR interesting. Just let her be married to him. If down the road they decide to put her with someone other than Philip, they can show how two wealthy people try to share custody and the issues surrounding divorce. It would be much more interesting than another who's the daddy storyline. Lastly, Marlena and John, I've had enough. I don't know how they win favorite couple and favorite actor/actress every week. They win when they aren't even on! It's unrealistic, I'm tired of it. I don't even care about them as a couple any longer. I would absolutely love to see her with Alex whoever he turns out to be. Anything is better at this point than listening to the same dialog every day."

From Gina:'You know why people perfer Sami over Kate. Sami has the likability factor. It's like you just hate to love her. In my opinion what Sami has done (misdeeds) it does not compare to Kate. Kate is truly the most evil, selfish, manipulative, self absorbed person on Days of our lives. She is No. 2 on my most hate list while Tony DiMera is No. 1. With Kate you love to hate her, I know I do. Another thing is why is Lucas so obsessed with finding Stan. I know why the writers are doing this, because he is the most closest to Stan, but seriously the only thing stan done to him was lead him to a DiMera trap! he should put all this rage on Tony, Tony is the big dog, Stan was like the goon. Nobody getsmad at the goon, they get mad at the person who organized the whole thing who was Tony!"

From Antoine:"I'm replying to Debbie Cerruti. She said what happened to Tek when he was injecting john with those needles, and was it him and etc. Days has not proved Tek to be working for the DiMeras. And john could have been dreaming and saw Tek, just as we saw halograms of people who were "dead" in Salem. Tek's character is still a little shady like Patrick, only we know he's only out to break up Lexie and Abe and then quit her. Well, I think they are going to just go back to this story when Abe and Lexie reach their breaking point/or almost then it would be revealed he was working with DiMeras."

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