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Neanderthal Bo has resurfaced again. You remember him, don't you? The guy who doesn't listen to reason and rushes around threatening people and jumping to conclusions?

My column is going to be fairly short this week; I haven't been able to pay much attention to Days because I've been glued to the news channels, watching for information about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it has left in its wake. My heart goes out to the people who are stranded and desperate for help on the Gulf Coast and especially in New Orleans. What a tragic situation for such a historic city. I have visited N.O. many times and am saddened beyond words over what is happening there.

Please say a prayer for the all the people who have lost their homes, their belongings, their loved ones and their lives. It is times like these that we are reminded what is truly important in life -- not the new Mercedes, 50-inch Flat Screen TV, or the newest electronic gadget -- each other. Cherish yourself and your loved ones; you never know when it will all be taken from you. We could all be just one natural disaster away (or even a man-made one) from being in the same position as the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

He's baaaaaack! Neanderthal Bo has resurfaced again. You remember him, don't you? The guy who doesn't listen to reason and rushes around threatening people and jumping to conclusions? Yeah...him! He proved that when he jumped Patrick and punched him a few times in the mistaken belief that Patrick was threatening Chelsea. He honestly looked like a wild animal, and I expected to see him snorting and pawing the ground. He then reinforced his prehistoric tendencies by jumping Max and manhandling him to the ground, in the mistaken belief that Max had slept with Chelsea. Yikes.

Love it or hate it -- the Bo/Billie/Hope/Patrick quadrangle is in full swing this week. Billie and Bo spent a lot of time together this week as they chased ChelGia all over town. Billie sobbed on his shoulder a few times (did I call that one or did I call it?), and Bo dutifully comforted her. Out of the blue, Patrick had a fantasy about Hope where he imagined her stripping for him. What was that about? I thought he liked Billie? I guess the writers are conveniently changing Patrick's character again to suit their story.

I had to laugh at Chelsea's reaction toward Billie -- it went exactly as expected. Upon being told that she is Bo and Billie's daughter, ChelGia slapped Billie across the face and called her a bitch. Nice! Sorry, even though I thought Julie Pinson did a fabulous job this week, I still think Billie got off lightly for what she did to Bo in the pit. All the better if it's her daughter that makes her suffer as she's made others suffer. I loved that Chelsea accused Billie of using her to get back together with Bo. She nailed that one square on the head. Billie denied it of course -- and I really hoped that she was being honest this time. But who knows what secret desire is really in her heart.

I can't say that I have as much animosity toward the character of ChelGia as some of the people who have written to me but it certainly gets my back up when she starts disparaging Hope. I have a sinking feeling that as this story progresses, Hope is going to find herself the target of ChelGia's manipulations. I can totally see her deciding to cause some major trouble for the four of them (Hope/Bo/Billie/Patrick) to get back at them for "ruining" her life (as I'm sure she will classify the revelation that Bo and Billie are her parents). I had to agree with Hope when she told Jennifer that Bo is blind to ChelGia's faults. She was totally right when she said that ChelGia is going to change their lives -- and probably not for the better.

Speaking of Hope and Jen's chat this week, how nice was it to see Alice again? It's always so great to see her, especially when it involves warm, fuzzy family moments. We need to see more of these types of scenes.

Doesn't Kate realize how futile it is to harass Nicole about Sami's secret? Even if Nicole told Kate about Sami, Lucas would never believe anything that either Kate or Nicole had to say about Sami. But besides that, Nicole has no proof! What can she offer Kate by way of proof? And without proof, how will Kate make Lucas believe her? Even though I say that...I really hope the secret never comes out. I'm almost sick over the thought that Sami will lose Lucas and Will again; they are such a cute family.

If the powers that be truly want to create some drama and suspense around this story, they'd let Sami and Lucas get married and be happy for a while before they blew them out of the water. Better yet, they should let Sami get pregnant again by Lucas and then have the secret come out (if it has to come out at all). It would be much more interesting to see how Lucas handled finding out that his pregnant wife was Stan The Traitor.

Kate and Victor working together again? I'm not sure why Victor would bother to help Kate; he hates her. At least he warned her about coming between Bo and Hope again. And Kate, true to form, crossed her fingers behind her back as she denied having that type of plan in her devious little head. Though I hate Kate and don't want to see her win, I'm all for anything that keeps Victor on the front-burner -- he's such a great character. I don't know why Vic hasn't decided to take down the whole DiMera organization to get revenge on Tony for daring to kidnap him, his son, and grandson. Hello DAYS...are you listening? The old Victor Kiriakis would never rest knowing that someone had screwed with his life the way Tony did.

As predicted, Sami used her dad to help Tony plot his escape from jail. She gave Roman some excuse about needing his computer for wedding planning purposes but instead, she searched out the details on Tony's transfer to a maximum-security jail -- which she then passed on to Bart. Unfortunately for her, Roman has set a trap and planted fake details on his computer (who knew he was so smart?). I really hope that this isn't the way that Sami gets caught. But if Roman does figure out that Sami helped Tony, hopefully she will find the courage to confess the whole story to him, and he will understand and keep her secret. I might be grasping at straws, but don't you think that would be more interesting than watching a rehash of the same old story?

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column, so keep them coming!

From Laney:"I've been watching Days since the first show. Those were the DAYS. I love the fact that Wayne Northrop has been brougt back. He is one fine actor and he and Deidre Hall have such chemistry together. I hope it turns out he is the real Roman. Does anyone out there besides me despise the Chelsea/Georgia character. First of all let's put some meat on her bones. And get rid of that stupid pout!! I am so tired of Belle's constant whining. No one drugged her and made her marry Philip. I too love Bonnie and would love to see Bart turn into a good guy and pair up with Bonnie. Imagine the comedy. I also would love to see Kate and John ride off into the sunset. Question: how does everyone always seem to have new clothes on, eat out go dancing and live in such nice homes, but no one ever works? Maybe the public should do the writing and fire the so called writers!!

From Amy:"I love your column and I totally agree with you about Sami. This week's episodes have made me so angry that I am ready to turn off my TV for good. It's time for Sami to have some real happiness in her life. I truly believe that Lucas, Roman and Will would forgive her if she did the right thing and came forward now. Never mind that the whole Stan storyline was sick and disgusting and mostly existed as yet another way for the writers to trash Sami and keep her from joining their list of sainted heroines. Unfortunately it did happen, though, and the writers do not seem willing at all to ignore it. So at least why not make the best of it? This could be the perfect opportunity for Sami to show some growth by coming forward, and Lucas to show some growth too by forgiving her. But, no, why have something most of the audience really wants to see happen? The writers have a twisted, inexplicable desire to see Sami humilated as often as possible. I do not understand why. Patrick has worked for the DiMeras but he's still running around drying Chelsea's tears. Kate has plotted to kill Sami and was responsible for the coronation massacre, but she's running a major corporation. Nicole "killed" (I don't care if they weren't really dead) not one, not two, but three people and got away with it! But Sami MUST go down. Why????? The writers seem to half realize what people want because they sure promoted the heck out of Kate's lame "downfall", but it was back to business as usual after a couple of days. Sami was back to having a shadow hanging over her, and what's worse only a couple of people are mad at Kate, a marriage that she so obviously didn't want has ended, she still has her job and the love and respect of most of her children. You just know Sami isn't going to end up in such good shape. Anyway I'm beyond fed up and ready to bail for good. I love Sami but I just can't sit through her destruction this time. Thanks for letting me rant!"

From Bea Johnson:"Hi Pamela, I am really getting fed up with DOOL. They are not finishing the storylines, and repeating them ever other day. Why is Bo and Shawn going to have to live the same lie, FIND MY CHILD. That is so lame, as is Bo Brady currently. Chelgia has not known for ten minutes that Billie was her mother and she saw right through the Billie wants Bo gig. Come on give the viewers a break. Let's not forget the amnesia storyline. Shawn, and Marlena again stop it please. I am in boycott mode this week, I am finding out what happen through the internet, I refuse to watch and I may do the same next week. They really need to tie up some loose ends. What is all the talk about Stefano, Tony is running the show now and it is crazy. He has managed to infiltrate the marines, and speaking of marines, I hated the entire storyline but Philly Creme Puff is suffering from Post War Stress as he is obsessing over the Shimi thing. Everyone can see Belle is still in love with Shawn and he is with her. Philip has a dark side and I think that we are about to see it, and look it there is no Jan to share in it with him. Actors and Actress are smart to leave the show because of the storylines, I firmly believe that is why Jan and Rex and most of all Cassie, they had her trying to sleep with Lucas her brother, and Shawn her cousin. Why is there a storyline of Mimi and Belle being pregnant, they are college students and babies should be the farthest thing from their minds. DOOL has destroyed characters with the crappy writing and is continuing to run it in the ground. DOOL is in a very bad way right now and I would not be surprised if it was cancelled. This is signed: About to be an ex-DOOL fan. Thanks for the platform."

From Melissa:" Kate is really nuts. I mean, REALLY nuts. If someone did to any one of her five hundred kids what she did to Sami, she would crucify them. No judge, no jury, just straight to execution. So why exactly does she expect Roman to understand? Oh right, because if SHE does it, it's different. And why does Bo's IQ automatically drop 50 points whenever Billie is around? Is it really necessary for him to punch every guy that is around Chelsea, I mean she is 18 so she is technically allowed to do whatever she wants. Bo, you stop being nuts too. It doesn't become you. Poor Sami is going to walk right into her father's trap. I wish they would just let her get married and be basically happy and make someone else the bad girl, like Chelsea, or even Abby (wouldn't that be a kick?. But just so this whole thing is not me complaining, I loved, loved, loved Bart this week. I hope they give him more of a life. He does provide good comic relief, even when he's threatening to expose someone.

From Dil:"Great column for Aug. 28th! It was an AWESOME week for this Hope and Patrick fan! It is so cool that Patrick is starting to develope *deep feelings* for our Fancy Face! And who could blame him? I wanna see MORE Hope and Patrick bonding!! And I would like to see them grow all the more closer! Billie who? LMAO!! ;)

From Jamison Rountree:"Hey, Pamela! I've got to pitch in my two cents about something right now, having read your column. I've gotten so that I am fed up by Bo and Jack bashing Patrick any chance they get. I'm sick to death of it. I mean, both of them are very hypocritical where he's concerned. Wasn't Bo a regular bad boy when he first showed up in Salem? Was he not the Riverfront Raider back in the early '80s? And didn't Jack do his share of evil deeds, such as raping Kayla Brady, breaking Harper Deveraux, his evil adoptive father, out of prison just for a big shot at money, blackmailing Diana Colville into selling him her half of The Spectator to keep them from running a story about him, and marrying Melissa Anderson simply for her money, to name a few? So as far as I'm concerned, I'm seeing two pots calling the kettle black. Oh, wait! There's more! Both Bo and Jack were mellowed out by the love of two great women -- Hope and Jennifer, respectively. Don't they at least think the same could happen to Patrick? Oh, no, no, no. Of course not. They're being too small-minded and too hypocritical to listen to reason there. Just like they've been for months. You do agree with me on some of this, don't you? Thank you so much for your time. Keep up the good work!

From Gwen Mettlen:"I don't know where to go with this question, but while reading "The Wall Street Journal" about all NBC's woes with their failing viewership, they quoted a "Mr Reilly of NBC." Could he possibly be related to the Mr Reilly who has poisoned "Days" for some of us fans? I have quit watching "Days"(after some real withdrawal symptons), but I still check in with the "Two Scoops" in the hopes that someday it will be safe to come back. Thanks.

From Mary:"I love reading two scoops, I only catch the soap 1-2 times a week but even then you don't always miss much. I must admit Days has been getting a little better lately, however, when will the writers STOP using the same stories over and over again? How many times has poor Jack been near death? I agree, he's wasting precious time playing matchmaker when HE should be enjoying his family, not Frankie. Why are Sami and Kate wasting so much time hating eachother? Kate is forever scheming on how to "bring Sami down for good this time." Get a life and start to enjoy it already! She needs to find a man too, but she needs to leave Salem because she's already been with just about all the ones in that town. The Sami/Kate hate story is older than dirt. When will Billie finally admit to herself that Bo loves Hope and she needs to find another man? After over 18 years (Chelgia's age) she should have moved on by now. Instead she's running all over the world trying to forget Bo, and now that Chelgia's in the picture, she sees this as a way to get him back into her life. And how many times will Marlena have amnesia or a similiar type illness? Days writers-please, make this soap more realistic. Why do I keep watching? Because I've been watching for over 20 years and love the old characters like Bo, Hope, Jennifer, Jack, Marlena, Victor, and the other ones, they are what keeps this show on the air. I agree, Chelgia is a big ol' brat and I see her (more than her mom) causing problems for poor Bo and Hope (another re-used storyline). I'll forever be a Days fan, because I have followed it for so long, but please, give us more substance, and make the storylines more REALISTIC. People do have to work to eat and keep those fancy houses and clothes. Seems like the only ones working are the ones who work in restaurants. hehe Oh yeah, are we really supposed to believe that Roman would be dumb enough to let Sami of all people use his computer down at POLICE headquarters? Give me a break. No one else in Salem owns a computer? And again, another re-used storyline, how many times has Sami tapped into someone else's computer and changed or retrieved sensitive data?? Roman can't figure that one out, and he's a policeman? No wonder poor Salem is amuck. :) Looking forward to next weeks scoops! "

From Rob:"I remember the days of Stefano DiMera when he was the perfect villain with that certain likability. Now a days, we have Tony DiMera who keeps on getting caught blackmailing someone to let him go. We need Stefano back on the show. Days should try to get Massimo to reprise his role as the Phoenix because that is the only villain that could truly anchor Days. I occasionally view General Hospital and notice how they have a great child actor who plays the role of Michael Corinthos. Christopher Gerse should be used that way on Days as Will. Sami is like Carly in many ways as most people either dont like her or trust her. If I were tio choose the storylines the way they could turn out, I would list them like this:
1-Shawn/Belle/Philip/Mimi: I would have the child to be born and then a sickness that requires a blood transfer and Shawn would have same blood type. Therefore, Shawn would be the father and Shawn and Belle could finally live their lives. Philip would turn into the rouge his father once was and start using his money and power to manipulate people's lives. Mimi should move on with another Brady. It doesn't have to be Shawn or Rex. it could be Eric. Seeing as Sami and Mimi hate each other already, this would be an interesting storyline.
2-Bo/Hope/Billie=Chelgia: Chelsea should turn into the new bad girl. She will be. She will turn on her mother and also hate Kate and get into feuds with her. Bo and Hope should stay together forever because they are the supercouple.
3-Lucas and Sami: If I were to have it my way, Lucas and Sami would remain together. They deserve to be with each other. They both need happiness. I hope the Stan secret doesn't come out but I know it will;. The bad guys always win.
4-Tony's Fate: I hope tony escapes but not with Sami's help. They should have him battle with Stefano. That's why I want the Phoenix to return.
Random Thoughts: I used to like John and based a character from my book on him but that was the old John. I freakin hate the new John. Who would side with a person that drugged a girl that they raised in order to get something that she wanted. I'm interested in the Dr. North storyline, I hope they can take it far. I hate Chloe. I want Brady and Nicole but that won happen. I hope Austin picks up the pieces and Brady and whiny Chloe leave the show very, very soon.

Until next time! Take care Scoopers!


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