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Will Sami and Lucas finally make it to the altar this time? Will they finally be allowed to have a tiny bit of happiness together?

Here we go again folks; will they or won't they? Will Sami and Lucas finally make it to the altar this time? Will they finally be allowed to have a tiny bit of happiness together? I for one reeeaaaaaally hope so. I know that most of you feel the same - it's time for Samantha Gene Brady to catch a break. Even more so than Sami, I think Lucas definitely deserves some happiness. The poor guy has been through hell himself, in the last few years. As I watched how happy they were this week, I couldn't help but get a bit upset as I thought about how awful it would be if Lucas found out the 'Stami' secret. He would be totally crushed. Poor guy! I just hope that this wedding doesn't become another train wreck. It find the writing very annoying some times, Why do they have to have Sami running around crowing about her perfect life, her perfect marriage - how perfect everything is - that nothing will come between them or stop the wedding...yada yada. It may sound dumb, but I found it painful to sit there and watch her act like that, and meanwhile we know that it could all come crashing down on her head again. I hope that Days will do the unexpected and not let the cat out of the bag but now that Tony has been caught, it's anyone's guess what will happen next. I really hope that she will not be forced to help Tony escape - On Her Wedding Day! - to prevent him from blabbing. That would awful. There are so many reasons why I want to see Lucas and Sami get married and have a bit of joy but mainly I want Kate lose once again. In my opinion, she got off very lightly for the drugging incident and she deserves a lot harsher treatment. Billie, John, Shawn, Bo, Hope....the list goes on - these are just a few of the people who should want nothing to do with her. Why was she even invited to Brady and Chloe's wedding??

Speaking of the wedding...Thank gawd Chloe FINALLY walked down the darn aisle! I was waiting with baited breath; NOT. I am so glad that I'll never have to hear "I won't marry Brady if my scars haven't healed" ever again. What a complete insult to all the people out there with scars or other disfiguring injuries. I just can't stand how shallow and superficial Chloe has become. She used to be such a great character, but sadly, JER reduced her to nothing but a whimpering idiot who couldn't stop obsessing about a tiny insignificant scar on her face. It's so obvious that the writers couldn't come up with anything creative for her to do in the past month. Why couldn't they have had Chloe interact with her friends and family in Salem and heal her psyche as well as her face? What a waste! I have to give it to Nadia Bjorlin though, it could not have been easy to repeat those same stupid lines over and over again. The complete bright side of all this was seeing the fabulous Nancy and Craig Wesley again. Boy do I miss those characters! It's a shame that JER can't figure out a storyline for them and keep them around. We also got a chance to see Joy for the first time since she was born. She looked like she was 3 maybe and as cute as a little button. I thought she looked like a mini Chloe actually.

Even though I have a few complaints, it was nice to have a wedding in Salem again. It's always wonderful to see everyone dressed up in their finest. Hope, of course, looked absolutely stunning! I had to agree with Bo's comment that she easily outshined everyone else. Billie showed up with Patrick and delighted in the fact that it drove Bo crazy. Hope called him on his jealous behavior and even though he denied it - it was SO obvious as he glared at Patrick from across the room. I hate when Bo acts like that, like people are his property and they should behave how he thinks they should. I can see now that since Billie is "the mother of his child" he's going to act like he has the right to tell Billie how to live. Billie, of course, is totally basking in it - UGH. I have to tell you scoopers; I'm not sure how long I can sit through this quadrangle. I just find Bo's behavior so disrespectful of Hope and I can't stand it. Something tells me that Chelsea's "innocent little girl" act is going to drive them even further apart.

Bo and Billie are definitely headed for a LOT of trouble with Chelsea. She proved that this week by pretending to happily accept her new family but meanwhile, she told Abby that she plans to use the situation to her advantage. Somehow, she has come to the conclusion that she will be able to "get" Patrick now that she has money and connections. I don't understand this obsession she has with Patrick but she proved that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Billie has been obsessed with Bo for 20 years and now it looks like Chelsea can't get the idea of Patrick out of her head. Something tells me that Chelsea is going to give Billie an "it's me or Patrick" type of ultimatum soon. And Bo - who all ready hates Patrick - will be totally supportive of Chelsea. It's really too bad that Bo wouldn't listen to Hope when she tried to talk to him about Chelsea (Monday's episode I think). Hope expressed her thoughts and concerns on the matter. And based on Bo's response to his wife's concerns, I kept thinking; was he just watching her lips move or what? He didn't seem to hear a single word she said. He thought she just bashing Billie and Chelsea the whole time and he completely ignored what Hope was saying. I hate Bo when he acts like that. As she stated, she was being objective in her comments but Bo dismissed what she was saying and told her that the only reason she doesn't like Chelsea is because she's Billie's daughter. He then added the comment that she just can't get past it. How can he blame her? Not only does Hope have EVERY RIGHT not to like Chelsea because of Billie, Hope has all ready said that she doesn't hold that against ChelGia. And anyway - Bo should know his wife better than that. Hope was just trying to make Bo see that he was wearing blinders when it came to his daughter. If Bo doesn't smarten up and start treating his wife with some respect, he's going to find himself spending time on the couch again.

It's so hard to watch Marlena sometimes. I don't like that she can't remember her children. If there was one thing that I loved most about Marlena, it was the warm and wonderful mother that she was. Even though she can't remember her kids, surely she must feel some kind of maternal bond? It freaks me out to think that you could lose your memory and along with it, any feelings you have for your kids. I hope she gets her memory back soon, if only for the sake of her children. I do like Marlena with Alex North though; they have great chemistry and a comfortable rapport together. BUT I'm not a big fan of the character of Dr. North. I hate to think that he's manipulating a vulnerable Marlena. He acts like he has her best interests at heart, but he also acts like a man in love that will do whatever he must to get the object of his affection. I don't know what is going on, but I have to admit that I like the fact that she's no longer with John. I cheered a bit when she suggested to John that they maybe they should separate. It kind of makes sense when you think about it - the woman that loved John and married him; no longer exists. And I for one could care less if Marlena never remembered him. Somewhere along the line, I started disliking John for some reason and now I just want to see him move on with Kate. I think these two deserve each other. I feel bad for him in the sense of a man who has lost his wife but at the same time, he should never have allowed some strange doctor to take his amnesiac wife off to the woods alone. That was just stupid and Sami was totally right when she laid the responsibility on John's head.

Once again - Kate has proven that she is a complete snake in the grass. I know that she has her fans, but I for one can't stand the woman. The smug little face, the venomous words; she's just evil! Alex North sure has her number though and he neatly played her by subtly suggesting that she could be with John if Marlena never regained her memory. You could see that twisted little mind of hers actually contemplating the suggestion. She's awful. Justify it any way you want - and if you are a fan of hers, you will - but she deserves a lot worse than she has received for all the schemes she's pulled. She has never faced any jail time for her actions (as opposed to Sami!). Why didn't Roman charge Kate for drugging Sami? That has to be against the law! It's ridiculous sometimes. While we're on the topic of Kate; I've received some email recently from people telling me that the hypocrisy has to stop - if I can forgive Sami's actions, then I have to do the same for Kate. My answer is; no I don't! First of all, I don't see their actions as being comparable. Kate will often do extremely evil and depraved things - she tried to have Victor killed, set Sami up to take the fall for Franco's murder, paid Nicole to marry Lucas, etc etc. Sami has done some bad things but nothing at quite the level of Kate. Sami has blackmailed people and told lies, and then had to do some underhanded things to cover her ass for the lies. Sami was young when she did many of her "bad" things and is a very insecure person - what is Kate's excuse? She's a grown woman and still she insists on manipulating everyone's life. Sami doesn't act like that. And anyway...that's not the point. I all ready admitted long ago that I have a bias toward Sami. There's really not much else I can say. If some people don't agree with my opinions, that's fine. That's the great thing about people; we can choose to agree or disagree. And all because of a little thing called perspective. I see things one way, some other people see it another way. There's not much point in arguing about it because at the end of the day, people will believe what they want to believe. End of story.

What the heck happened to Belle? She was two minutes pregnant last week and all of a sudden, she looks like she's going to give birth any moment! Craaazy! But, I guess it makes some kind of stupid sense considering that she's been pregnant since last winter! What's with all the fainting and pains and stuff? That doesn't sound good when you think that she's in her last trimester. Who wants to bet that she gives birth before Philip makes it home from Germany? [speaking of which...WHY the heck did he have to go all the way to Germany for his prosthesis?] AND, who wants to bet that Shawn will be the guy in the delivery room? Anyway...what do you guys think about the dream sequences that both Belle and Shawn are having of making love? Are they remembering their time in the barn or are they simply dreaming about being together?

SO - even though Tony is THE master manipulator and even though he managed to fake a dozen or more people's deaths so well that no one even doubted and even though he has escaped the authorities time and time again: THIS time, he gets caught. Figures! For a second I thought it was only a decoy Tony that was caught by the police because we know that Bart would never abandon his beloved count, but that was just wishful thinking. By the way, did you guys laugh out loud when Roman and the rest of the keystone cops let loose with a hail of bullets when Tony tried to escape? I was like "Is this Miami Vice or Days"? Ha ha!

Welcome back Abe - it's great to see him acting like his old self again! Finally! Now if only he could get back on track with Lexie. I just cannot stand seeing her with Tek. The things he says to Lexie are bordering on brainwashing; it's sickening to see him taking advantage of her. She's obviously in an emotionally fragile state and he's being relentless in his pursuit of her. I cannot stand TEK at all.


  • Where did Alex get his tux from? Does he carry one around just in case?
  • Poor Nicole! I actually felt bad for her on Friday as she desperately tried to come up with a plan to stop Brady and Chloe's wedding. Austin - come save your former almost-flame!!!
  • The scenes with Bart stripping and Bonnie dancing with him were absolutely hilarious! Give us more of the comic relief! These two characters would be fantastic together!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Joann Bothmann:"Dear Pam, Thank you so much for your kind thoughts for those of us affected by hurricane Katrina. Although our area has been damaged and we are enduring hardships, we are most fortunate to have escaped the destruction our brothers and sisters to the west are dealing with. I am writing you from Southwest Alabama and, as you can see, we have our power back! Little things, such as a soap opera, become very important when you have lived through something like Katrina. For a while one can sit back and escape what is outside the door. Thank you for helping bring a bit of what was my "normal" life to me. By the the column!! Thanks again....Joann." Thanks for writing Joann - I'm glad that your power is back on! It's nice to hear that some places are slowly getting back to normal. Good luck to you! ~P

From Le Nita:"I love Days but like many viewers cannot stand the recycling of the same tired storylines. TPTB need to leave Sami and Lucas alone,have Sami tell Lucas the secret she can even twist the truth a little and say she was hypnotised into doing the "STAN" thing and started having dreams about her actions. I know this a far fethced idea, but hey these are the soaps. Nicole should wind up with Brady "PERIOD." let Chloe run into on coming traffic because her surgery to remove the "HORRIBLE" itty-bitty scar did not work. She cries so badly her vision is blurred, therefore she doesn't see the car barrelling down the road, it accidentally hits and kills her... Boo Hoo, cry me a river Brady, then move on to Nicole... I would like for Chelsea to befriend Hope just to get back at Billie for some distorted reason of her ruining Chelsea's life... In the end I would like for Chelsea to genuinly like and respect Hope. Let Mimi sleep with Shawn and get pregnant, that would fix Belle. Of course allow Mimi to give birth and not suffer a miscarriage. Mimi would be very protective of her baby and Shawn because with the abortion she was told she could never have children. But we all know to "Never say Never." DOOL writers need to quit giving Marlena these illnesses, how about bring her twin sister back to town to stir up some trouble, that would be interesting...."

From Melissa:"Chloe, shut up, shut up, SHUT UP! Oh my God, I just keep skipping through her and Brady's scenes because I can recite their lines along with them. We've heard it all before a billion times. Marry him, don't marry him, I don't care. The writers have officially beat this storyline to death. And poor Sami, why do the writers just give her unending misery? First she was bulimic, then she was raped, then she was framed for murder. Geez, give the girl a break, or at least don't spill the beans before she marries Lucas. This probably won't be a popular opinion, but I think Chelsea is smart to get everything she can out of Kate. Kate uses everyone to her own advantage, so I think it's time someone gives her a good taste of her own medicine. I really liked Mimi giving it to Belle. I think Belle is spoiled and used to having her own way, and someone needs to tell her about herself. Shawn is a sucker. Shawn, you are not her husband, you are not her boyfriend, quit running to her rescue. She has made her own messes, let her fend for herself. Bart was funny this week, but the threats are getting tired. Do we really have to hear the same exact thing everyday? From everybody? And where's Austin? We need Austin back."

From Bea Johson:I tried to resist but I could not. Why is Austin coming back to the show? He really has no purpose. Just as John has no storyline unless he is with Marlena. If he wants Kate let him have her and run off into the sunset with her. ...Back to Austin, he is Kate's son too JER, and then Kate would have a sibling rivalry going on. How dare Kate speak to Shawn that way, when are they going to find out that She locked the doors at the wedding, hung up on Shawn when he called Belle when she got married.When, and poor Mimi, she really can't be falling for Shawn, if no one else knows that Shawn loves Belle and Belle loves Shawn it is Mimi. Where is the girl's self-esteem. She has proven that she is a better person than her mother give her a break. If Chole saids one more thing about that stupid scar I am going to barf seriously, she is killing me with the what if lines...Sorry to see Brady leave the show, but he really does not have a role anymore,maybe Victor will start to realize that little Philip is more like his mother than he thought. How can Victor help Kate, when she has cause so much chaos in Bo, Shawn and Hopes life. Will someone in Salem please wake up and smell the coffee besides Hope. There is no family connection on this show anymore, everyone is man for himself and God for them all. Bo hasn't even told Shawn that the skank Chelsea is his sister, but he told Vitor and Philip. Speaking of Philip where is he when Belle needs help, he is the reason she is stressing with all of this Shimi talk. Philip is the hornest person I have every seen, and what is with Lexie and Tek. Have they no shame, doesn't Tek live somewhere, Always doing it in the hospital, what is up with that. Why is it that Kate knows more about Marelena's condition than Belle or Sami? What was the purpose of bring Max back to Salem? They could have at least bought them back for Caroline and Roman funeral before just allowing them to show up and not visit Grandpa/Dad Shawn. ! Lastly could you/anybody let JER know that Sami was brainwashed into b eing Stan, hey there is a storyline he can use and make Sami and her mother be brainwashed at the same time, he would even have to be creative. TPTB are losing me as a viewer slowly but surely. This is my last S.O.S"

From Babs:"Hi pam, I laughed so much this week at Bart "stripping" and putting the move on Bonnie. I think they would be a great team kind of like Vivian and what's his name, "MADAAM." He was a riot. I still believe this sicknesses and "dying" of Jack's is all made up by tony and that Lexi has something to do with it. SHe is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I hope that Sami does get married and she gets preg. and then Lucas finds out, but I wish also that she would tell everyone before it comes out so that Tony would be out in the cold. Kate makes me so angry. She sticks her nose in everyones business, like telling Billie"You will get closer to Bo because you have a daughter together" Helloo Kate, Bo and Hope have two children and one is a little kid, I guess, but we havent seen him so long, they will probably have him in junior high when they show him. I hate age progressions. Thanks and have a nice day, Prayers to the Hurricane victims. babs."

From Stacey:"Boo! to those who don't like the Tek and Lexie hook up. Finally, Lexie can get some action. The black storylines have always been dull on Days of Our Lives. Finally Days is making it more spicy!"

From Rachel:"Was it just me or was last week really boring? Also, I think they need to recast the character of Chelsea. I think this character has a lot of possibility but I am having trouble liking her. She reminds me of the 1st Jan ... I could never like her until they recast the role and then I loved Jan #2.

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