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Chloe and Brady's wedding day is finally over! Hopefully the next wedding will go off without a hitch, too.

Chloe and Brady's wedding day is finally over! I know that I said I was happy to have a wedding in Salem again; and I was - but it frustrated me that it dragged on forever. Not only that but, in my opinion, Days totally shafted those of us who have been waiting forever for Brady and Chloe to get married. We barely got to see Chloe and Brady during the wedding, not to mention any of the traditional family moments. It especially irritated me that Nancy and Craig completely disappeared off the canvas. They are the bride's parents but we didn't even get to see them ONCE after the ceremony! It was ridiculous. If Days haaad to drag the wedding out for 7 whole days, couldn't we have seen more family moments? Like... Craig and Chloe having the traditional father/daughter dance...Craig/Nancy/John running around taking pictures like the proud parents they are... speeches from friends and family to the new couple...etc. John was more concerned about arguing with Alex over Marlena than participating in his only son's wedding. The wedding was definitely not the focus of the story this week but simply the backdrop for the other character's drama. While I'm criticizing; I couldn't figure out why half the guests were even invited. Why were Kate, Billie and Chelsea there? Neither of them are friends or family of either Chloe or Brady. Well...I guess Chelsea is Brady's cousin since they both share a Grandfather now - but it's not like they really know each other. Anyhow; the stories on Days are like old sweaters sometimes...they have lots of holes and loose threads and if you start to pick at a loose thread, the whole thing will unravel. I guess I'll just have to be happy that Chloe and Brady are finally married - and I totally am. Now that the deed is done, Chloe and Brady are leaving for their honeymoon and will probably not be seen again for a very long time. wedding down...and I have my fingers crossed that the next one will go off without a hitch too. I just hope that we don't have to wait another week to find out.

It sucks to be a cop in Salem. You never get a day off. You go to a wedding and you still have to work. I'm not even sure why Roman was there - he's not a member of the family, nor is he the closest of friends with John lately - but ignoring that fact; why would he go when he is clearly busy with police work? I would think that investigating and interrogating an internationally wanted criminal mastermind would take precedence over attending a wedding for two people that you're not even close with. It's not like Roman actually had a minute to enjoy the wedding anyway; he spent the whole time either arguing with John or getting updates from Tek about the Tony. sure didn't take Chelsea long to get comfortable with her new wealth did it? She's only known her "real" family for a day or so and all ready she's throwing Kate's money around like it's hers. I'd like to know where Kate got all this money from. She was flat broke, not a penny to her name when Victor kicked her out on her skinny butt. She had to work in a diner (heaven forbid) to make money and then John took pity on her and hired her for an executive position at Basic Black. I don't know if she's the President of the company or what but the way they keep referring to how wealthy she is; she must be pulling in a seven figure salary. Anyway - I can't wait to see what job Chelsea will get at BB. Sami worked as a clerk/receptionist or something AND it she was relegated to the basement. Something tells me that even though "Grandma Kate" is giving Chelsea Sami's old job, she won't be sending her new granddaughter to the basement.

The John/Marlena/Dr. North story was the most interesting for me this week. I just can't figure out who Dr. North really is and what he's up to. But, I think it's fairly obvious now that whatever he's up to, it's not good. John unwisely informed Alex that he had security on Marlena's door and therefore would know if he tried to sneak in to her room. So instead, the Dr. crawled out his window and inched along a ledge and then crawled in to Marlenas room. And they live in the Penthouse apartment!! The cloak and dagger routine makes me think that he is much more than just a doctor. By the look of things, I think that, not only is he purposely preventing Marlena from regaining her memory, he is brainwashing her to stay dependent on him. But why? That's the million-dollar question. I really hope this is not another DiMera plot. But if Dr. North isn't working for the DiMeras; who the heck is he working for? Send me your ideas and I'll post a few in my next column. The other great part to this story was seeing a bit of the old John again as he gently and lovingly attempted to reconnect with Marlena. Their scenes this week reminded me how much I love this couple together and why they remain so popular. I had really thought that I was done with the character of John but watching him this week, I flip-flopped and decided that IF he can stay strong in his fight for Marlena and help her get out of the brainwashing clutches of the nefarious Dr. North and IF he can stop turning to Kate and open his eyes to who she really is; I would be more than happy to see John and Marlena back together again. Especially if that means that Kate would be out in the cold once again.

I don't have much to say on the Shawn/Belle/Mimi front except for the fact that the more I hear Belle tell Shawn that she loves him but can never be with him; the more I want to see him end up with Mimi. I can't blame my non-interest completely on MM's acting because the writing for the story is pretty bad but I just don't buy in to the whole tortured love story of Shawn and Belle anymore and I always find myself imagining how much more interesting the story could be with another actress in the part of Belle (Kirsten Storms for example). Thank god Philip is home, at least that will put a stop to the mooning looks that Belle is constantly giving Shawn.

I guess there's not much else to say; it was a slow week. The other storylines suffered from a case of 'Repetitive-Dialogue' disease. I spent most of the week hitting the FF button whenever the following storylines showed up on screen;
Frankie urging Jack to come clean with Jennifer about his illness and Jack insisting that he cannot...
Bo glaring at Patrick and threatening him if he doesn't stay away from Chelsea...
Shawn telling Belle he loves her/Belle telling Shawn she loves him - but can't be with him because she's carrying Philip's child...
Kate vowing to ruin Sami...again...
Lucas obsessively promising to nail Stan...
The list could go on and on, least we won't have listen to the most dreaded of repetitive dialogue: Chloe whining that she can't marry Brady with a stupid little scar on her face. To me - TPTB were sending the message that what really matters is how you look in the mirror, rather than what you feel in your heart. I find that to not only be completely ignorant but insulting as well. All I can say is thank goodness that story is finally over.


  • Bonnie's wedding fantasies were hilarious! Those scenes must have been a hoot for the actors to film. I found it interesting that Bonnie had a fantasy about Craig...could it be that the Wesleys might stay in town where Bonnie could give Nancy a run for her money? I'm all for anything that keeps the talented Patrika Darbo and Kevin Spirtas around.
  • What is with Day's recent obsession with using the word 'slut'? With the number of times it's been said lately, you'd think the writers were being paid to use it. I am not a prude but, it annoys me to hear the word being thrown around so casually. Especially when the person is anything but. Belle might be many things, but she is not and has never been a slut. Mimi crossed the line there.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Tracy:"I don't think Belle and Shawn's dreams are anything other than pure fantasy. I know many fans are hoping and praying that those infamous barn scenes will be remembered, but I hope they don't. Either way, the dream sequences on my screen are fantasies, they are not recollections of something they don't remember. Btw, I hope that child is NOT Shawn's since neither one remembers conceiving it. What a thing to tell the kid when it's SORAS'd. Sorry we don't remember how we had you. I just want Belle written off this show. I no longer recognize my favorite character and really don't care what happens to her anymore.

From Antoine:"Hi I really like your column, and you know what I don't think you have a bias towards Sami, it's just the fact that if you make a list of all the things Sami has done and the things Kate has done Sami does not compare to Kate. Kate is truly SELFISH, AND EVIL. She will do whatever she has to do to make self feel better, even if it is destroying a life. Kate is also a grown woman, she is lets say about 50 years old and she wants to break up Bo and Hope a couple who has been married for 20 something years i might add, because her daughter is obsessed with Bo. Thats one of the things that makes her evil. She puts a wreck in Homewrecker. She will destroy love, marrages, and what not to make sure her or her children benefit. I still have not even said how she put Francos murder on Sami's plate. But you get the idea. With Sami she does want what she wants as well. But the question is how far will she actually go to get what she wants. Lets take her parents wanting to be together. This is justifiable in itself, because they did love each other very much, but anyway when Roman got married to Kate she said her opinion, and even cut herself off from her father, BUT she did not go as far as to destroy the wedding. I was not a viewer when John and Marlena got married but Its seems to me she did not stop their wedding either because they are married today. If it were Kate, and she wanted her parents together she would have drugged her soon to be step mom, and set her up with a man and brought her dad to see her project that she did. OR any number of things, but she would have made SURE that her parents were together, regardless of how the parents feel for one another. a quick example for this can be Belle and Philip. So, to wrap up things you can not compare Kate to Sami. Not only if we list both of their crimes Kates list will be a mile longer than Samis, but Kate is a grown adult. She is 50 something and should be more mature to be fighting with a 20 year old."

From KJ Shear:" I don't get all this support for Sami. What she has done as Stan and in fact is doing, helping Tony to escape is unforgivable. Instead of facing the music and telling Lucas and Roman herself, she is willing to unleash Tony to hurt people she claims to love just so her secret is safe. She can never be happy until she owns up to who she is and what she has done. The same is true for Kate. These are two of a kind. Sami can be fun to watch I grant you, but why would you want Lucas to marry Sami after what she has done? If Sami finally told the truth on her own, instead of it coming out from another source, I would be all for the wedding. But she is not worthy of Lucas or Will or anyone else as long as the character does any immoral act she has to, to protect herself. I hope her wedding to Lucas is stopped, so that Will not have to go through a divorce. I think it is likely it will be stopped, otherwise why bring Austin back? I can't wait for John and Marlena to getback together. I am not fond of amnesia Marlena and her coldness. I agree that you would think some of Marlena's compassion would still have some warmth about the way she deals with her family, even if she does not remember who she is. Perhaps it is part of the brain washing Dr. North is doing. I like seeing Wayne back, but the real rooting interest is for Marlena to get back to herself, to John and her family."

From Kay Smith:"Just had to say I agree with you completely about Sami and Kate. The difference is that Sami is just trying to be happy and have the perfect fairy-tale life, while Kate is a power-hungry manipulator trying to control innocent people's lives (usually her children's). Even when Sami has meddled with the romances of John, Kate, Roman and Marlena, it's always been to reunite her parents so she can have the happy family she longs for. And though her tactics are usually immature and reckless (after all, Sami's not especially smart), she's also somewhat sappy and sympathetic. Kate, on the other hand, has an agenda that's purely about running everyone's life and gaining the upper hand in every relationship she has. Kate doesn't even want her children to be happy and in love - she'd rather they be stuck in miserable loveless marriages with the person of Kate's choosing! To be fair, I'm disappointed that Sami has failed to accept that it's John, not Roman, who is her "real" father. John is the one who raised her and loved her, since for all those years, he believed he was her father. It's just a shame that John has turned on her in the last year or so - and at this point it's too late to hope for any reconciliation between Sami and John."

From Shel:"You know what I think would be really cool if Kate tried to expose Sami at her wedding for being Stan, but then at the last minute an identical Stan appeared. Perhaps Tony based the Stan character on a person he knew. Couldn't you just see the look on Kate's face when "Stan" appeared and was standing right next to Sami. All her family would disown her for her ranting and raving for good. I love the character of Sami and Alison Sweeny does such a great job but I would also like to see Dan Wells back asw Stan. Perhaps he could be one of Tony's minnons who was brainwashed and later it could be reavealed that he is someone from Salem. Remember t he John Black incident. It could be someone it town who had plastic surgery. Perhaps Eric! Wouldn't Sami be freaked to look at her brother every day who looks exactly like Stan. Also the reaction of other people in town including John would create some great scenes. Maybe he could be brainwashed and with Austin and Stan as Eric in town, maybe there would be a decent storyine for Nicole for a change.

From Sharon:"Okay-tired of Marlena's amnesia already although I think Deidre is doing a wonderful job. Loved the flinch when Brady kissed her. Yeah wonderful wedding, except for everyone leaving in the middle especially john and Marlena!! I know catholic weddings are long people but jeez. Love Craig and Nancy always. Agree that I hate possessive Bo-but he has always been that way. He treats Hope like his wife and Billie like his concubine. Billie needs to tell him to back off. I like strong Billie, would still like to see her with Roman-imagine the conflict. Sorry-but john and Marlena forever!! Also Sami's truth could come out, but John could suggest that it was brainwashing by Tony, thus saving Sami and proving he loves her and making Kate hate him. Bonnie and Bart hysterical-but don't make Bart a good guy, too funny as the bumbling baddie.

From Missy:"I love this site. I have something to make us all ponder on....How much do you want to bet that shaun is the father of Belle's baby and mimi find out first and tries to hide it. She is getting more like Sami every day. I hope Sami and lucas do tie the knot. She deserves to be happy for all the things she has been through. I miss Carry and Austin also.

From Jared:"After watching Kate on monday,(sept. 6th) I honestly dont understand how can she have ANY fans."

From Melissa:"Chloe and Brady, your wedding was beautiful. Now go away. I'm sorry but the writers have made these two characters so impossibly annoying over the last two or three months that I am happy to see them go. I do have to say that I love the selective memory that our fabulous Salemites have. I have to make one old point. Brady reamed Nicole and said some really mean things to her when his precious Chloe came back because she didn't tell him that Chloe was alive. Um, yeah she did, about three times (like when she was hiding in the closet and at the memorial service), but you wouldn't believe her Captain Fantastic and now suddenly it was all her fault and she was keeping Chloe prisoner. Once again, goodbye, I'm sick of you. Please, please, please let Sami actually get married this time. In my perfect world Sami would marry Lucas without Tony blabbing about Stan, go on her honeymoon and then actually be a grown woman and admit the truth to Lucas herself. Just explain that she didn't know that she was working for Tony in the beginning and then spin it and say that when she found out that's when she turned on him and rescued them all. If she would just say it the right way and not let Lucas hear it from somewhere else, she might be able to save the relationship, not to mention her own butt. But we all know that is not what is going to happen. It is going to come out in the most spectacular embarrassing fashion. as usual. Geez. Chelsea, quit going after Patrick. HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU THAT WAY! She should really start dating Max seriously instead of chasing a guy twice her age who is dating her MOTHER. And you know what, (for those of you who watch Passions too) NBC should just join the shows together and have Ethan and Belle get together. Those two wishy-washy whiners are perfect for each other. They keep telling someone that they are not married to that they are the ones they truly love but they won't leave their spouse. Okay, fine, then SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT IT. Belle needs to live by the saying don't talk about it, be about it. If you are committed to your husband, then quit telling his nephew that you love him, you selfish, spoiled little ninny. I think Mimi was absolutely right to tell her all about herself. And I hope Philip finds out and drops her on her butt.

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