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The storyline between Sami, Lucas, Austin, and Nicole is in full swing, and things are looking up!

Things are looking up! The Sami/Lucas/Austin/Nicole storyline is in full swing and they have now become my reason for tuning in. Don't get me wrong, I love the show and even though it drives me crazy at times, I would probably never abandon it. However, I find myself looking forward to watching Days once again, and this storyline is the reason. All the scenes that Sami, Lucas, Austin and Nicole were in - separately and together - were awesome this week. Whenever any of the four are on screen, they have so much chemistry it's hard to take your eyes off them. Four great characters and four great actors. Let's just hope the writers don't end up destroying them with bad dialogue and stupid story direction. I loved the scene between Sami and Nicole as they fought to go to dinner with Austin and also outside of Alice's when Nicole pushed Sami in to the bushes. They are truly hilarious together. Now if only they would realize that neither of them is any better than the other, maybe we could see them develop a real friendship. Maybe a combined defensive against Kate would bring them together? I'm sure she's bound to hit the warpath as soon as she sees Nicole and Sami hanging around Austin and Lucas.

I was happy to hear Sami reiterate that she does not want Austin back. She insisted to Nicole that she and Lucas will get back together. But I definitely don't want to see her attempt to keep Nicole away from Austin. For one, it's incredibly hypocritical of her but also because Nicole and Austin are hot together! Whew! The chemistry they have between them simply sizzles. Besides, I think it's time for Nicole to find some happiness. A drying out period of you will. But more importantly; I don't want to see Sami resorting to new lows or dirty tricks to keep Austin and Nicole apart; especially if it will turn Austin against her or provide Lucas with another nail for her coffin. Speaking of which, I think his anger toward her stems more from his jealousy of Austin than anything else. It's disappointing to see him regressing to the behavior of treating Austin like his enemy once again. They work so much better as friends than foes.

It's official; Carrie is coming back to Salem. I want to believe that she'll be returning with Mike in an effort to find a cure for Jack's mysterious illness. I'm thinking that could be the case since Jennifer has mentioned her father and Mike and their work in Africa a few times now. Whatever happens, I'm happy to hear that's she's coming back. Carrie Brady has always been one of my favorite characters. It's funny; I distinctly remember hating the character of Sami back in the day because she was always messing with Carrie's life; specifically when Sami was trying to steal Austin from Carrie. All I ever wanted to see was a genuine sister relationship develop between these two but it just never happened. Even during Carrie's good-bye scene when she left Salem; Roman had to force them to make nice. Even though I was a huge Carrie/Austin fan and now that so much time has passed, I definitely do not want to see Carrie toss her hat back in the ring for Austin. A Carrie/Austin/Nicole triangle could be interesting I suppose...I wonder how Sami would handle that? Nawww, scratch that - I'm holding out hope that Mike will come back with Carrie to help Jack. But, since I haven't heard anything about Roark Crichtlow returning...it's anyone's guess. Any ideas? Send me some and I'll post them next week.

John decided to move in with Kate? I don't care what his reasoning is...what a dumb decision. That's bound to send the wrong message to Marlena. Much like his decision to show up at the restaurant with Kate like they were on a date. It's only going to add fuel to Alex's fire. The only salvation is that John has finally put it together that Alex is actually making Marlena worse. The question now is, what he is going to do about it. Spying on them from Kate's can't be his only plan! This story would be so much better if John had just a smidge of an upper hand here. What's the advantage of being a trained assassin, ISA agent and multimillionaire if you can't get your amnesiac wife away from the crazy doctor? I never thought of myself as much of a John/Marlena fan but I do admit that I'm rooting for John. Of course it definitely helps that Alex North is so creepy. Although I'm curious about Alex's agenda, my interest wanes with every week that this drags on. Message to TPTB: Let's get on with it all ready!!

Jennifer knows that Jack is dying - thank god for small miracles. I'm so glad that Jennifer and Abby FINALLY know the truth about Jack's illness. Missy Reeves and Matt Ashford had some great scenes this week. Love or hate this storyline, the two actors have done a fabulous job of displaying the range of emotions that you would expect from a couple who have experienced as much hardship as they have. So where does this leave Frankie? I hope he doesn't just slip off the canvas like the mysteriously vanished Cassie. (Her own parents haven't so much as uttered her name!)

Shimi is heating up! I can't get enough of these two, even when they're just goofing off in their apartment - they're so cute together. I give it up to the actors once again; Jason Cook and Farah Fath have great chemistry. Judging by the volume of email that I've received, most viewers agree that they are a great couple.

I am cautiously optimistic about Belle's postpartum depression story. If written well, this could really be an opportunity to add some oomph to Belle's character. I hate to say it - given the character's history - but MM's version of Belle would make an awesome bad girl. And someone needs to step in to the spot that I hope to see Sami vacate. Given the PPD and the fact that she just witnessed Shawn and Mimi kissing on the roof, I think it's safe to say that we're about to see some major personality changes in the formerly sweet Belle Black-Kiriakis.

Congratulations to Days for hauling out some history - and NOT altering it to suit the storyline. I'm referring to Max's little trip down memory lane. I was wondering when they were going to mention the fact that Max and Frankie are not biological brothers. And since Max was waxing nostalgic on his "Brady family" - why don't we see him interact with the Bradys more? Another wasted opportunity to put more focus on the Days' families.

Reason #147 why I hate Kate: She never takes responsibility. She blamed Sami for Lucas's problems all the while completely ignoring her own, very weighty, part in his current pain and suffering. At least Sami is accountable AND apologetic for her actions. Which is a FAR cry from Kate's behavior.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Bea Johnson: "And for those of you who emailed me and claimed that Kate could not be prosecuted because of the tapes...only one person has to be aware that the conversation is being taped to make it admissible in court. Wrong! Every state has different laws concerning this issue. Some states, it has to be 2-party knowledge and other's it is only 1-party knowledge for it to be admissible in a court of law. I don't know, but i have been loving DAYS for the past 2 months...ETC ETC." "This is clearly not from me, and I really don't like the fact that my name is attached. Not only do I write to this column, I actually read them. I am not nor will I ever be a Phelle fan. SHELLE 4-EVER, I am disappointed in whoever made this error. From Bea Johnson." My extreme apologies Bea because it was definitely my fault. I can only attribute it to my injury and subsequent loopy painkiller-induced fog. It was certainly not done on purpose and won't happen again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I also apologize to the person who DID send in the email. ~P

From Meg:"Well, I never thought I would actually be commenting on "2 scoops" but here goes. I agree with EVERYONE who says Sami got screwed AGAIN. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in her bleeping family took up for her. YES she went to the extreme, but my goodness - she TRULY was pushed to edge this time by Kate. I HATE KATE, I am so sick & tired of her. This is the only time I have been behind Sami - I know what it feels like to feel totally alone and abandoned by supposed family. Roman is a total moron, all of them are. I hope that Lucas will go back to Sami once he has had time to process the info and realize that she only did it because of her fear of losing him UNLIKE Lucas is always ready to drop her at a moment's notice. Also, this is kinda ana but why couldn't they have had Lucas get a haircut for the wedding scenes??? And get over this day already (more analness) I hate that they torture us by dragging these scenes out but the can't be consistent in the small details of what people were wearing or times of day. And Caroline was one to talk about "honoring your vows", hello did she forget that Bo is Victor's son and she was married to Gpa Shawn -which btw whatever happened to him? And enough of killing Jack already. WHY CAN'T YOU GUYS LEAVE JACK&JENN ALONE????? Can at least ONE couple have a true relationship??? I can't STAND Belle or Philip. Let them ride off into the sunset PLEASE and I'm cool w/Mimi & Shawn getting together. They have always been close friends & it wouldn't be the first time a friendship has blossomed into more. I don't get watch the show consistently because I get so frustrated w/it but I try to keep up online and catch reruns on SoapNet. Whew, I could go on & on but I better not. Oh, p.s. I really enjoy your 2 scoops section. Have a great day :) SAMI & LUCAS 4EVER (I know that's cheesy!!!)."

From Melissa:"I just have one question: Why is Kate even allowed in the police station, let alone sit in on Sami's interrogation? I know it is a soap opera, but does Mr. Reilly have any idea about how police questionings actually work? Thank God for Austin, I guess he and Hope are sharing the Salem brain this week. He was absoultely right, Lucas, Rex, Brady and Shawn didn't have any business being over there in the first place, and they weren't there in any official capacity and Sami didn't do anything to Philip so she isn't guilty of treason. Good, now maybe, just maybe, the writers will cut her a break for God's sake. And how about Lucas's sanctimonious speech about "trusting in our love?" Give me a break, you called her everything but a child of God, said you never wanted to see her again, let her son come live with you and she was supposed to trust and believe that you would wake up one day and magically not be mad at her anymore? Have you met Sami?? This whole Jack dying thing is just getting on my nerves. Actually, I have never been a big fan of Jack or Jen, but they are usually at least tolerable. Even since sub-Salem island and the whole castle thing, these two characters are just becoming unbearable to me personally. I just find Matthew Ashford's portrayal of Jack to be super manic, especially now that he's desperate. I really wish that they would let Marlena get back to normal soon and stop this mind control thing that Dr. North is doing to her. It reminds me of when Stefano kept activiating the computer chip in John's brain, and I didn't enjoy it that time either. I think that Shawn and Mimi would make a great couple, if they can be truthful about their feelings and stop covering up (that's kinda how they ended up here in the first place if you think about it)because they think the other person doesn't feel the same way. And one more thing on the Sami note, since she will not be able to help to get revenge on Kate, I hope it is something prolonged and fantastic, but not illegal. Sami doesn't need any more trouble."

From Jared:"Hi Pam, This week I am a little unsure on how seriously I can ever take Days. Mickey Horton is a supposed "lawyer" and he could not figure out what Sami did which was help rex, brady and the others escape from military danger (because none of them were in the military) and Sami saved them! I'm not really sure who said it, but Mickey or Roman said that she may not even go to prison but the death penalty! What is wrong with the Salem PD, and Mickey!! The death penalty is not something that is thrown around lightly it's for people who commit malicious, heinous acts. The huge part that bother me was they did not even consider the death penalty for Tony DiMera. I really do not like this Shawn/Mimi/Belle/Philip/Rex/Jan storyline the reason being is because its just a lame, pathetic attempt to create drama for the young adults. JER said "Lets have the age group from 18-25 all get involved with each other" I mean think about it who in that age froup besides Chloe and Cassie that ARE NOT in this "storyline." It would have been way better if Kevin comes back to town, or pair Mimi with somone new. But not with someone she knew since high school and did not even look at twice until after Rex left her. Same thing applies to Shawn as well. Austins character is a very good improvement to Days. He has this liberal, easy going, nice thing about him. He definetly should be with Nicole. Maybe he can help her, and hopefully Sami can be with Lucas and Kate can get a killed off the show."

From Chavonn:"Man, I am in total agreement with you about Days. I think I tune in just out of habit nowadays. It's just the same old tired storylines and triangles that are so hard to endure or even want to keep up with. Even though, I don't like Chelsea, or how Bo is so blind and oblivious (as always) to his daughter's behavior and evilness, I have to admit, that she does add some spice to the show. Like how she gives Billie a hard time. At least it pushed Billie and Hope to agree with one another instead of Billie trying to come between her and Bo. And how she told off Sami at her own wedding, that was hilarious. I just wish she'd have a new storyline like actually start working at her new job and climb her way to the top instead of chasing after a man who doesn't want her. That's been done a million times, writers!!! Of course, we all knew Sami's wedding wasn't going to happen, but can't Kate at least be punished for her crimes? everyone knows she drugged Brandon and Sami, is that not against the law? And I laughed in total agreement about Austin not being able to tie his shoes before leaving Salem, he's so dumb. Just looking into that boy's eyes, you KNOW he couldn't have come up with Sami's defense on his own. I thought it hilarious! Can we PLEASE get Philip written off the show, for Pete's sake!!! All he does is rub Shaun and Mimi in Belle's face, and try to be all sappy. And take Belle with him. I don't like this new Belle, she's too dramatic, shallow, hysterical. The old Belle was tough and would never have gotten herself into this situation. Get rid of her or re-writer her!!! The Jack storyline is so ridiculous! Please stop it! We all know, he's going to push his wife into the arms of another man, she'll fall for it, then Jack will find out he's not dying. Then, he'll have a mess on his hands. It's the same storylines, just different characters. Either close up the storylines or come up with new ones!!

From Mandie:"Don't worry you're not the only one loving Shimi. Im so happy they are together and its so nice to see Belle squirm becuase she wants what she now can't have:D"

From Cassie:"Just one comment- i dont like how they are saying Mimi has loved Shawn but couldnt be with him because of Belle. I love Mimi and Belle but right now im sick of them! I agree with some of the comments already...shawn and belle should be together and mimi should get a new love interest...philip i dont care...i cant stand him anymore, especially when hes saying oh i love you princess, or sweetheart. Thanks, awesome column by the way!!!!

From Macarena:"I just read your column. Poor grandpa! I hope he is on the mend. I forgot about the Kate Tapes. I'm sure it varies among the states, but according to Law and Order, it's illegal for a layperson to tape-record someone without his/her knowledge. Some poor journalist (w/ The New York Times, I think) was recently fired for recording a suicide. The Kate tapes are not only inadmissible, but Eugenia could be prosecuted for whatever the crime is and Kate could bring a civil suit. The key there is "layperson," because here's how Roman could help, were he more Bonnielike. Roman could forge a warrant (I guess he'd need to bribe a judge) and other documentation claiming that Eugenia was an informant and therefore legally taped Kate. But with Roman as despicable dad... Didn't Kate ruin the evidence by wearing the Stan costume? Surely the fact it fit her is reasonable doubt. Lucas can't swear his mom wouldn't have said that stuff about having a son "he" couldn't introduce to Will. The FBI has only domestic jurisdiction. It's the CIA or DHS (or the ISA!) who should look into Stan's activities. But kidnapping people and holding them captive isn't treason, so if Tony hasn't committed treason, I fail to see how Stan has. And Stan would only be an accessory. Did I mention Chelsea would have to pay taxes for winning the car? And they mentioned insurance, but she also needs to get her license back. In VA, the uninsured motorist fee is $500. Plus, there's registration, tags, and perhaps state/emissions inspection(s). I also have to pay personal property tax on my car, and they charge for the county decal that proves I've paid that tax. Sigh. ~?~ Macarena ~?~

From Heather:"Your column is so great and always a joy to read every week. I just wish though that we could bring back te island and put a few people on it to never return, Kate, Chelsea, Billie, Belle and Philip. Since that won't happen here is my hopes for a few better days. I must be one of the few people in Daysdom that finds the relationship of Mimi and Shawn as breath of fresh to a show that has been stinking for a while. Its great to see Bo taking an interest in his son life again and remembering his other children. I just love Caroline acting like a grandmother giving advice to Shawn and Mimi snd ecouraging them to see where their feelings take them. Though no one gives advice like Bonnie,,,someone get her a man, maybe Bart or Roman. It would be great to someday down the road see a wedding between Mimi and Shawn that showcases the two great families that make up Days. I would love to see Sami and Lucas reunite and for Nicole and Austin to hook up wouldn't that get give Kate a heart attack. She also needs a man...someone to take her focus off her kids and onto her own ruined life. As for the Chelsea/patrick/billie relationship...let billie and patrick hook up, max and abby to fall in love as he comforts her about her dad and she about his feeelings for chelsea send her to live with Cassie. And in closing lets get a smoking relationship for Frankie!

From Debbie:"Hi Pamela, I'm with you 100%. I LOVE Mimi and Shawn together! Shawn annoyed me SO much with his obsessing over Belle. Now that he is focussing on Mimi more, he is so much more likable! I really do hope they keep Mimi and Shawn together. They are so much fun to watch. As for Alex North, the guy is CREEPY! At first I thought I liked seeing the old Roman back, but now the guy just creeps me out. And I don't get why John just doesn't flat out kick the guy out. Yeah Marlena will be mad, at first...but once she gets REAL help it won't matter because she'll remember that she loves John! And why is it that John didn't IMMEDIATELY kick Dr. North out when he saw him kissing Marlena at the cabin? Dr. North says Marlena was remembering something from the past, and kissed him thinking he was someone else, and John was OKAY with this explanation? OH PLEASE! I'm not a huge John fan, but give the guy a little more credit!

From Sally:"Hi Pam, I know alot of people are glad that Austin is back, however, I am not so happy if he is going to come between any reunions for Sammy and Lucas. I rememeber watching Sammy and Lucas since they were forst on the show, and back then when I was even younger than both of them, I was able to see the chemistry between the two. I feel that the fans have been waiting so long for these two to get together, andthe way things have turned out is horrible. Also, even though I am not a huge fan of the new Belle, I still feel strongly for the Belle and Shawn union. I hope that they get back together soon, becuase I can not take Philip much longer.

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