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It would be nice to see Sami grow up and let go of this obsession of hers to see her parents reunited. When is she going to get it through her head that Marlena loves John?

Oh the things I wish for while watching Days... I wish Sami would grow up and let go of this obsession of hers to see her parents reunited. When is she going to get it through her head that Marlena loves John? When are the writers going to give us a break and make her grow up a bit? I wish Austin would have closed the door behind him so Kate couldn't have waltzed right in to Sami's apartment. I grudgingly give Kate some points for trying to get through to Sami about Alex's ulterior motives. She did seem sincere in her concern for Marlena's well-being and Sami was way out of line for calling Kate a whore. Kate returned the compliment with a slap across the face (is that the fourth or fifth time now?). Austin continued in his role as mediator and physically pried the two apart. The dialogue writers did a great job with Austin's lines as he told both of them where they were wrong. I'm really enjoying the fact that Austin's back and I think he's right; he can help Sami become a different person. IF she listens that is. He seems to be the only guy talking common sense to her and the only person to gives a rat's bee-hind about her frame of mind. Which makes me wonder...what are Austin's true intentions? He continuously tells people that he will not get "sucked" back in to a relationship with Sami and that he does not have romantic interests in her, but those of us not living in Salem know that those are famous last words. I don't want Austin to go back to Sami because realistically; there is no reason on earth why Austin should want to do something so self-destructive. But we also know that Austin is a sucker at heart and for whatever reason, he has a soft spot for Sami. Besides, TPTB at Days rely on their love triangles too much to abandon one as juicy as Austin/Sami/Lucas. I'm sure they feel that it would generate a lot of chatter and buzz for Days; which they seem to think is better than actual ratings.

I wish Lucas could have waited more than a couple of days before going out on a date. I know that Sami really hurt him (as he kept telling her and everyone else who would listen); so why isn't he acting a little more heartbroken? Shouldn't he be home, moping around, all sad and stuff? Instead of dating hot girls, kissing them and letting them stay in his apartment? Even though he didn't sleep with Sophie, he let Sami think that he did. What a terrible thing to do. I know that Lucas is very angry with Sami, but it was cruel of him to let her think that the love of her life was sleeping with someone just a few days after their aborted wedding. I wonder if Lucas would reconsider his treatment of Sami if he knew that Austin was right there to step in and pick up the pieces?? Lucas is doing as much to push her in to Austin's arms as anything else. Sami loves and wants Lucas, there is no doubt about that - but she is also an insecure person and tends to latch on to whoever is treating her nicely and paying attention to her. If Lucas keeps pushing her away and dating other girls, it'll only be a matter of time before she falls for Austin again. At least Austin had the good sense to turn Sami down when she suggested that she could work for him (he plans to open his own business in Salem). The last thing she needs is to spend every minute of the day with him; living together is enough. Which reminds me - why can't Austin have his own apartment and also be a friend to Sami? There's no reason for him to live with her. I guess it's just yet another contrivance to keep Sami and Lucas apart.

I wish we could be sure that Days isn't just stringing us along by making us think that Marlena might be breaking free of Alex's hypnosis. From her scenes of seeing John while looking at Alex and having a memory of John giving her a clock; it definitely seemed that his latest attempt to wipe her memories of John did not work. I really think it would be a great twist if Marlena regained her memory despite Alex. I kind of expect it really; John and Marlena's love is supposed to be strong enough to withstand something like brainwashing. I just hope that it's not a false lead and Marlena falls more strongly under Alex's spell. The story has dragged on long enough; it's time to get on with some action now! I wonder what that photo album was all about - Alex showed Marlena pictures of "when they were lovers" (in his words). That's the part I can't figure out though; when the heck were they supposed to have been together? And what kind of crazy freak carries a torch for someone after more than 25 years? (being generous here because we know that Sami and Eric have to be older than 25) Answering my own question...I guess the same kind of crazy freak that brainwashes someone in to loving them. Many viewers out of there are convinced that he is either Stefano in disguise or the "real" Roman. I cannot buy the latter theory because I doubt the writers could come up with a plausible explanation for how that could be possible. The idea that Alex is really Stefano in disguise is an interesting one and certainly more believable, but I'm kind of hoping that TPTB come up with something more original. They always fall back on the DiMera's for everything. The best theory that I've heard, comes from a viewer. This person (and I apologize because I received the email a while ago so I don't remember who it was) suggested that Alex could have had a relationship with Samantha (Marlena's identical twin) and, since Sam is dead - he might be transferring his feelings to Marlena and trying to recapture his love with the next best thing. Now THAT is an original story idea.

I wish that Kirsten Storms could be playing the role of Belle. I always think that when I watch an especially emotional scene between Shawn and Belle. Their scene on the roof would have been so much more poignant with KS in the role. But that is not to be so... all I can say is; I was happy to hear Shawn say that he has finally realized that he and Belle will never have a life together. Personally, I hope he's right. I know that many, many, many of you out there want little Claire to be Shawn's baby and want he and Belle to get back together. I'm one of the few in the minority since the change in actresses and I no longer see any of the spark that made Shelle such an exciting and promising couple. That being said, Martha Madison did a fabulous job portraying a young mother coping with postpartum depression. So far, I think Days is doing a good job with the story. The dialogue writers are obviously doing their research as a lot of what Belle said hit right to the heart of some of the anxiety suffered by new mothers. Belle's feelings of inadequacy coupled with not having any support from family and friends (other than Philip) are bound to make it tougher for her. And then there's the big whopper of the fact that she so obviously doesn't want to be married to Philip or be the mother of his baby (if indeed it is Phil's baby). She wants Shawn to be her husband and the father of her child; that's as plain as the nose on her face and it's bound to add to her feelings of depression and despair. I feel bad for her, but that doesn't stop me from hoping that Claire is Philip's baby. There's something about seeing the guy totally bond with his daughter that makes me hope he won't have his heart broken by finding out that she is Shawn's child.

I wish I could find myself a cozy sweater like the one Jennifer was wearing when Bo and Hope came over. She always wears such great sweaters! I'm guessing that it must be really cold in her house since Hope didn't even take her jacket off - even while hugging and consoling Jennifer (Bo and Hope had just found about Jack's illness). Hope kept her jacket on but Bo wasn't even wearing one. All he had on was an unbuttoned dress shirt over another shirt. Weird weather they have in Salem. Other than commenting on their clothes - it was good to see Bo and Hope again. I love how they can always be counted on to take time out for a little afternoon lovin' :)) And along with Bo and Hope, we got to see Zach again! It's been a long time since we've seen his cute little face; I wish TPTB could find a way to write him in to the story more often.

Abby and Chelsea had a few nice scenes this week as well. Chelsea proved that she is a real friend to Abby as she did her best to comfort her after Abby learned that Jack is dying. It was nice to see a softer, kinder Chelsea and I for one prefer this side of the character than the hell-cat she is when interacting with Billie. Based on what she said about her parent's death, it's a given that most of her bad behavior is stemming from her grief over their deaths. Thankfully we won't have to endure watching Abby walk the same path that Chelsea has chosen. Thanks to what Chelsea said, she decided to spend as much time with Jack as possible and be there for her mother and baby brother. Phew! One rebellious teenager is enough!

Also returning this week was Billie and Patrick. Given the fact that they have had a break for the last two weeks, I wasn't as annoyed to see them as I thought I would be. In I watched them dance and laugh together at Patrick's house, I caught myself thinking that they have definite "Super-Couple" potential. They really have great chemistry together, so much so that I was wondering if there could be something between them in real life. Anyhow, I wish we could see more of this couple without having Chelsea in the mix. Every time Chelsea gets in the same room with them, she can't seem to stop herself from being hateful toward Billie and at the same time, she never misses an opportunity to throw herself at Patrick. Not only is the constant bickering between Billie and Chelsea wearing thin, so is her obsession with Patrick. I hope that we can get on with their story now that they are back on the canvas. I do give full marks to Billie for standing up to her mother and telling Kate to keep her nose out of the situation and let her raise her daughter as she sees fit. Seeing how well Chelsea manipulates Kate and the whole "Grandma" relationship, I highly doubt that Kate will be able to do as Billie has requested. Somehow I think Kate sees a little "mini me" in Chelsea and is bound and determined to mold her in her own image. Sigh...just what we need...another Kate on the scene.

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Christine Morabito: "Hi Pamela, I have been reading your scoop for a while now and have been a Days viewer for almost 20 years. I just am amazed at how people have suddenly turned on the soulmate story of Shawn and Belle. I love Mimi and would love to Shawn and Mimi decide that they are better off as friends, but I just don't see the chemistry between them like I do with Shawn and Belle. I have waited forever to see Shawn and Belle finally come together permanently and now it seems as if people are just done with that story and ready to move on. I do think a big part of the lack of support for the Shawn and Belle story stems from the length of which this story has gone on. I also think people are just thrilled to see love and romance again. I can't help but hope that in the end this story is really a Shawn and Belle story. Thanks for reading.

From Bea Johnson:"Thank you Pam for acknowledging the error. Now down to business...The writing clearly is the worst ever. Now after Jan has kidnap Shawn, John is going to kidnap Marlena? Unbelievable. Then you have the paternity of baby Claire please. We saw Georgia die and be buried, now she is Chelsea, 18 years old. I can hardly take it anymore. Just a glutton I guess. Read something interesting about James Reilly, he was forced to re-hire the Salem Stalker victims and he did not want to and in retaliation of having to do this he has ruin the very character that we love and have watched for years. Marlena would never allow Kate to get away with all that she has done to her daughters. Oh I almost forgot they are talking about bring Isabella Toscany back (not as a ghost either, 4 real) If this happens, I am sorry but I will have to stop watching days. I don't understand why they are bring all of these old characters back, they have no substance. Steve(Patch) and Kayla would be great but Carrie and Mike for what, to cure Jack. Jack should not have this illness to start with. As far as the Shimi thing goes, I would not want Mimi involved with my son if I were Hope. So what you caught Jan auditing for another soap, re-cast and finish her storyline. Get a new Rex, while I believe that if you had written better for Eric (Rex) he would still be there. (IMO). James Reilly has a plan and it is to defy the people that write his check. I am sure he said they love it that is why they comment on it...WRONG. We comment because we know that if we stop watching long enough, you won't have a job. You can not just ruin someone show and not expect to be critized for it. Finish something in your life James, and you could really start with your career as head writer of DOOL. Go away gracefully, if you can. I don't know how you sleep at night. The show has had it, it will take nothing short of a miracle to save this show. It is sad, but re-cycled storyline get to be annoying, allowing the bad guy to always win is pathetic. Last but certainly not leas t, the storylines of war, kidnapping, hostages, abortion,teen pregnancy,postpartum depression are all serious issues and you James Rielly have made them seem like trivial things. When some teen tries to imulate your storylines then you will not know what is going on. Your audience does not always separate real and fantasy. You are a well know show and the example and or storylines are sick and twisted. I can stop watching and I will if things don't change.

From Grace Patti:" Yuk! I do not like Shimi.Give me a break! can't Mimi find some other guy? she looks desperate, she supposed of been madly in love with Rex and bang you fall out of love and in love with your best friend ex? and that goes for Shawn also. Yes I am happy that he stopped harrassing belle but i do not like him with Mimi. yes Sami and Lucas belong together.....hope that they will make them find each other again and FAST..Yup Jack and Jennifer storyline should change Mike and Carrie should come back with a cure and let Frankie fall in love with some other your two scoops keep it up.....

From Amy B:"Hey-This is my first time reading, and writing about the show. I have been watching DAYS for a long time. I am sorry for all the people who want Shimi together. I just want them to have a relationship like Bo and Hope. I thought I would see them follow the same steps. It would be nice to see one relationship be from scratch, and not have death worries (Jenn and Jack). Kate is annoying. John is so stupid, and I have never heard of a psychiatrist always being with their patients. I think this is the stupid part of the soap. I want Sami and Lucas together. Nicole needs to stop drinking, and get together with Austin. I guess that is all I have to say. We all watch it for one reason or another- o-ya, Abbey needs to get together with a really nice guy. amyb."

From Mary:"Since when do new mothers climb ladders, spy on their ex-boyfriend, and want to have sex the day after they come home from the hospital? Also, Why the big rush on the Godparent thing? The baby wasn't dying or anything. Although I guess they both could have died had Marlena not been there. It didnt'seem to be a life-or-death situation after Marlena turned the baby though, there was no big drama as to whether anyone was going to live or die? So why would they have to choose godparents the day she was born? Would you really choose your ex-lover and your ex-bestfriend, especially if they were hooking-up! I don"t think my husband would agree to all that. They have ruined Belle! She was so sweet when played by Kirsten Storms! I think that Martha Madison is a great actress, but the writers have ruined the charactor. Philip is an idiot! With all the Kiriakis $$$$'s why do they live in an apartment across the hall from her ex? I hope they don't rush the storyline along too much, I like Mimi & Shawn together, they should ave a strong past before they bring Belle between them. Mary"

From Melissa:"Well the cat is finally out of the bag with Jack isn't it? Thank the lord, I didn't know how long they were going to drag that out. I think Ashley Benson played her scenes perfectly this week and for once I really enjoyed watching Abby and Chelsea. I love Wayne Northrup but could we please give the Dr. North thing a rest? It is just too much. They need to give us Marlena fans a break. I have a suggestion for the Carrie return. As much as I love Sami, Carrie should try to hook up with Lucas. Not only did Lucas once I have a huge thing for her, it would be giving Sami a taste of her own medicine as far as Sami trying to steal Austin from Carrie all those years ago, and it would be a great plot device for conflict between the sisters (like they need a reason). I think that Belle's current storyline is important because so many women suffer from postpartum depression, but honestly I just like Belle less and less with how she acts concerning Shawn and Mimi. It is the classic case of "I don't want you but no one else can either," mental illness notwithstanding. After Belle is feeling better, I think that she should just cut her losses and tell Philip the truth. But of course it is daytime, so we all know that isn't going to happen. Shawn and Mimi will get together, Claire will have some rare disorder where she needs and blood transfusion and voila, the baby will be revealed to be Shawn's from the night no one wants to remember. I love Days so much and have been watching for more than half of my life, but sometimes they are so obvious it makes me want to slap the writers awake and ask them to surprise me. Please.

From Britaney:"Hello, First of all I really wish the show would PLEASE give Sammy a break for once, I mean hasn't she been through enough. She does belong with Lucas. I am very glad they dropped the criminal charges, way too much drama for one women in so little time. I agree with alot of you, I cannot stand Kate either, I wish she would get locked in a castle on some foreign island never to return. Jack and Jennifer are a great example of love, keep the storyline coming. Thanks to the show for pushing Billie and Patrick together. As long as Patrick stays away from Jennifer and Billie leaves Bo and Hope alone, I'm a happy gal! Now my major concern Shawn and Belle, I have been watching them grow together since they first started showing them as young teens in Junior High, and I am the same age as they are on the show. THEY BELONG TOGETHER!!!! I cant say it enough. They are the next Bo and Hope, If they don't get back together soon, I might have to stop watching DAYS. Philip is annoying and why Belle would choose him over Shawn is beyond me. I know it has to eventually come out that Baby Claire Karyakis is actually Baby Claire Brady, and that Belle and Shawn conceived her when they made love in the barn after they crashed Belle's Car. When that happens the show will back on track the way I like it. As for Mimi yes, I love her character, she is fun-loving and gorgeous, but I thought her and Rex were a great couple. Can't the show make him forgive and forget. Waiting patiently, Britaney, MO.

From Lalitha Thyagarajan:"Enjoyed reading your column. Where the hell is Cassie? Everyone except the poor lass from the pod has come back from that stupid place. Now that both Rex and Cassie have been written out, they are trying to get people from the past like Austin and Carrie. But I would really like to know what happened to them, Rex just ups and leaves one night and Cassie just vanished into thin air. While they have all those slimy sleazy characters like Kate still hanging around. Not fair.

From Keisha:"In regards to Kate.... She so badly wants Sami to go to jail...HELLO! Did she not commit a felony by drugging Sami and Brandon? Why doesn't Sami, Brandon,Roman or even Lucas suggest that option. Put MISS I WANT TO CONTROL EVERYONE AROUND ME in the hot seat...and her intercepting Shawn's call before got married!

From Denise Hairston:"This is a question for all of the Sammy sympathizers. Did you all see her try to convince her amnesiac mother that divorcing John was the right thing to do, and then try to convince her daddy that this would be a great opportunity for him to try to get Marlena back? I do not defend anything Kate has done, but at least it's for the love of her children, as overbearing as it may be. But, Sammy's actions are totally self-centered.

From Sharon:"Finally John was back this last week! Sure he moved in with Kate, but he totally ignored her as she draped herself all over him. It was Marlena, Marlena, Marlena as it should be. Glad he told her he'd never have Sami prosecuted either. This is the John we know and love. I too, don't understand why no one mentions Cassie, especially Kate when she was giving the long litany of how she loves her children-she mentioned Rex! Bring Alexis Thorpe back-lots of strange uncomfortable JRR matchups are possible. Or at least say that Cassie was so devastated by Kate and Roman's split that she A. Went with Rex B. Moved to Europe with Aunt Kim C. Joined a convent. Enjoying Austin's return-please don't match him with Carrie, Sami and Nicole are hysterical as comedy relief. Maybe Carrie could help John with restoring Marlena's memory-she's alway been more theirs than any of their biological kids."

From Chantal:"Another good column - and kate does seem to get away with everything but murder or has she gotten away with that?? can't remember. former shelle fan here who does not want to see this belle in any way, shape or form get back together with shawn - they just don't jive. many of those who want shelle back together remember them during the good old days - pre-recast - not happening. shimi is happenin' and that's what the fans want - yes, this belle would be a good snarky character and could team up with phil who will turn bad eventually - it runs in his blood. also hope you are feeling better and on the mend."

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