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Why doesn't John sue Alex for malpractice? Alex has declared his love for his patient, which is against the rules, so surely that must make Marlena wonder what Alex's true motivations are?

It would seem that the battle cry of "Unite Belle-Shawn fans" issued by one of the readers last week has indeed done exactly that. I have received a flood of emails this week from the die-hard Belle/Shawn fans (as you'll notice in the Reader Feedback section) most of whom are eager to illustrate their reasons for loving the couple and wanting them back together. It's funny because each week - the tone of the emails switch from the Shelle side to the Shimi side as each side's supporters are galvanized to write in based on what they've read in the previous week's column. I am more than happy to post each side's opinions and comments, regardless of my personal beliefs. The only caution I throw out there is - please try to be polite and respectful of each other's opinions. I will not post comments from people attacking other readers. It always irritates me to read an email from someone who belittles the people who disagree with their opinion. I think it's important that we maintain a level of respect for each other in this forum. That's the great thing about people, we are free to choose our own beliefs and opinions; and we should all respect that freedom. It constantly amazes me how people can be so passionate about their beliefs and so intolerant of others beliefs. That's called being a hypocrite. Thankfully...those people are few and far between and most of you guys out there are fantastic and respectful! But, as it is the rotten apples that ruin the bunch, I just had to issue that caveat. Personally, although I don't see any chemistry between Shelle and I happen to find MM's acting overdramatic, that doesn't take away from my enjoyment in reading other people's opinions. There are times when someone will make an excellent point and I can appreciate that because maybe it's something that I haven't considered. Anyway - I guess the important thing to highlight in all this is that; TPTB at Days have found a storyline that not only generates a lot of viewer interest; it generates A LOT of viewer discussion. I've taken a tour of the boards and this topic - as well as the Austin/Sami/Nicole topic - is generating a heck of a lot of posts. You know what that means rights? This situation doesn't have a hope in H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks of being resolved any time soon. Even if the baby DOES turn out to be Shawn's - the repercussions will prevent Shelle from reuniting immediately. That's just my opinion of course!

To finish the discussion about Shawn and Belle; I HAVE to say how much I disliked the scenes of Belle crying to Shawn that she doesn't want him to be happy with Mimi because it would be too hard for her (Belle) to deal with. Get over yourself honey - you can't have your cake and eat it too. When did Belle become such a spoiled brat that she would begrudge her best friend some happiness? On the good side, at least Belle and Mimi have made up. Something tells me that it's not going to last very long though as Belle was greedily watching Shawn kiss Mimi. I think the era of the new Belle is about to be ushered in. Something tells me that she is going to work behind the scenes to prevent Shimi from getting any closer.

What was with the Cheese-O-Rama scenes of Mimi in Church? I'm not sure what to say here because I don't want to offend anyone but I REALLY believe that a daytime soap opera is no place for religious stuff. If Mimi is such a devout catholic, why didn't she speak with a priest before she had the abortion? Thank goodness she resolved her issues, forgave herself and decided to give her burgeoning romance with Shawn another chance!

I can't believe that they dragged out the scenes of John and Marlena on the terrace and Alex and Kate in the apt for 3 days! Sheesh! Just long enough to have them all repeat the same things 3 times! So much of it was plain ole ridiculous - why does Marlena sit there and let Alex cross-examine John's love? I guess we can chalk up her attitude to the partial brainwashing, but it's all so friggin strange. Why doesn't John sue Alex for malpractice? Alex has declared his love for his patient - something that's against the rules mind you - surely that must make Marlena wonder what Alex's true motivations are? And exactly when did this story go from being about a woman trying to recover her memory to a woman that HAS to choose which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Would anyone out there even consider making such a choice when they could not even remember the men that they are supposedly in love with? I'm really starting to dislike this story now. Not to mention the sheer inanity of having John, Kate and Alex all sharing one apartment. Sheesh! So Friday's cliffhanger left us poised to hear who Marlena has chosen to be with. I have my fingers crossed tightly that she'll declare that she needs to be on her own until her memory is back. Please, please, please!!!

I've had a couple of people email me about the Sami/Austin/Nicole storyline and how they think it's ridiculous that Nicole is Sami's boss/superior. Personally; I don't think it's that crazy. Sami has NO executive experience what so ever! I think she holds an appropriate position in the fledgling company given her job experience. Now I do agree that in a company of three people - Nicole really doesn't have to order Sami around the way she does, and Austin should say so. But, at the same time, Sami isn't exactly one for doing what she's told. Nor is she one to think before she speaks. As was proven once again by the fact that she leaked their "secret" meeting to Lucas and Eugenia. YES - I said Eugenia. Oh I know what you're thinking, and I was thinking it as well "what da hell?" I cannot stand the character and it makes NO sense AT ALL why Victor would hire her. Whatever...anyhow...Sami let it slip to Lucas that they were setting up a meeting with some Swedish scientist (not sure what Austin's company does but somehow involves wanting the distribution rights to a wrinkle cream). Lucas (and Nicole for that matter) took much joy in rubbing Sami's nose in her mistake; which really irritated me because he was once again acting like he hated her, and was being really being nasty to her. This, as we all know is just going to set up a situation where Sami will turn to Austin and decide to make a play for him. I really hope that doesn't happen because I have never, and will never, like Austin and Sami together as a couple.

You know...for a Sweeps Month - the past week was quite boring. Not much happened, especially in the Jack/Jennifer storyline. Yeah sure that was some cute scenes of them watching the picture slideshow that Jack made but...all in all, it was once again quite boring. I hate that these two talented actors and much loved characters just seem to languish lately. And where's Abby? Shouldn't she be spending some time with the father that is soon to die?

Just need to take a moment and wish Days of our Lives a very Happy 40th Anniversary! Even though they didn't do anything to mark the occasion - I still think it's worth a mention. The show has been running since November 8th, 1965! Imagine how great it would have been to see a retrospective episode celebrating their 40-year run. It seems like TPTB always miss an opportunity to promote the much loved show and garner some extra ratings. Think of how many people would have tuned in to watch a Days of our Lives episode showing 40 years of memorable moments!

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Amy:"I may be in the minority here, but I am not enjoying the Sami-Austin-Nicole scenes. As a long-time Sami fan I do not find it funny to see her demeaned at every turn. Austin constantly takes Nicole's side, and Nicole is treating Sami like a maid. It's ridiculous that Sami has to report to Nicole when there are only 3 employees to begin with - a typical lame plot device. Once again the writers have taken an interesting plot twist (ala Stan) and ruined it with poor execution, all at the expense of Sami. I've hoped for many years to see her redeemed into an edgy, Julie style heroine but I can see that's never going to happen. The writers have made her more sympathetic lately, but only because now she is the butt of everyone's jokes. With Carrie returning soon and Mimi in a major, front burner love story, it seems like Sami will continue to devolve into the show's object of ridicule. I'm a big Lumi fan too, but how can they be a real, serious couple with Sami being treated like this? I know she would never leave, but there are times when I wish Ali would just leave when her contract is up and go to a show that would truly make the best use of her talents. Like you, I am tired of complaining and want to have some cheers instead of jeers for once, but as long as I'm watching Sami on Days I doubt that's going to happen."

From Kelly:"First I want to say that this is my first time to this site. I have been so smitten with the Mimi and Shawn storyline that I just had to know if anyone else felt the same way. Thanks for making a site where I could find out that I'm one of many Mimi and Shawn fans. I wonder if the writers know that we are all so pleased? They will probably stick Shawn with Belle again because they've been grooming that couple to be the next Bo and Hope but Shawn and Mimi are so much more real and hot. Belle was always spoiled and a little annoying but at least she always had this happy and loyal quality to her. Since Martha took over they've been writing her much more anxious and sad . . .not to mention that she doesn't have that loyalty anymore. . .not to Mimi or Shawn. . .not even to Philip. She doesn't even seem to care as much for Marlena and John and she was always all about family before. I just hope that is what they want us to think about her so that they will be able to pair Shawn and Mimi permanently."

From Sharon:"People-in no way should Wayne Northrup's evil Dr North be Roman Brady. Roman has always been a very moral character. This guy is committing mind-rape on Marlena and if he ends up sleeping with her it would be actual rape. John-I definitely think a judge would see grounds to have Marlena committed and removed from Dr North's care especially with North spouting about how he is in love with Marlena. Immoral, unethical and antithetical to the upright, generous character of Roman. John and Marlena forever! Alex North-never. Also loving Austin/Sami/Nichole. Billy/Patrick and Jen/Jack/Frankie although Frankie's best scenes are with Jack!"

From Vicky B:"Thanks for the great column! I would just like to say has anyone noticed all the necklaces that Kate is always wearing? What is with that? It is almost annoying to look at her playing with them all the time on screen. That girl should have a sore neck at the end of the day! It really is too much! She is truly wicked. I have full faith the she is going to plot with Dr North to keep Marlena and John apart; did you see the look of temptation in her eyes? She has done worse that's for sure! Is it me or do any of you feel Days is to caught up in manipulating scenes that we rarely ever see any real raw emotion with the characters? The best they have produced lately was the big kiss Sami Planted on Lucas! I am still totally hooked although lets hope the show gets a little more passion!"

From S. Steiner:"Enough all ready of the Shawn and Mimi paring! I really think both actors are doing a great job with this storyline but I don't think they have the "magic" of Shawn and Belle. They are each other's first and true love. This is a perfect soap type relationship. Bo and Hope, Jack And Jennifer, etc. all started off this way! I think Martha Madison is doing a BETTER job in the role of Belle than Kirsten Storms did. At least she's not always acting like she's 13! Thank you for letting me get that off my chest! I know I'm probably the only Shelle fan left but wanted to sound off! "

From Donna:"Okay I have never done this before but what the heck!!! First off, Martha Madison (Belle) is probably one of the few REALLY good actors on DOOL and the chemistry between her and Jason Cook (Shawn) is electrifying!!! Hey, this is not to say that I do not like Farah Fath (Mimi) because I do; however, Mimi is still way too childlike, in fact she reminds me very much of the old Belle - HIGHSCHOOL is over for these characters!!! Shawn and Belle belong together! Why does it seem that everyone has forgotten how this all came to be, why SHELLE is no longer together, well need I remind you: Jan Spears!!! Shawn and Belle were young and foolish, yet in the past year and a bit that Martha has been playing the role I have enjoyed immensely watching both Belle and Shawn mature. He is extremely manly with her, unlike his scenes with Mimi I feel like his character begins to loose depth. Mimi needs to comfort Philip when it is revealed that the baby is Shawn's. I don't know this for sure but with wishful thinking this would make for a great storyline. Shawn and Belle need to find their way back to one another and Mimi and Philip need to find a love that is all theirs for the taking - not seconds from their former best friends. Once again Martha is doing a great job and given that the acting on the show is average at best, it is a pleasure to watch both her and Jason Cook. For all of you out there who have a hard time letting go of the former Belle, just remember Austin is not the original nor is Billie and you seem to accept that - Give the gal a break and try to enjoy the dimensions of her acting ability. By the way Sarah, obviously you're not the only SHELLE fan left!"

From Jackie:"I just want to say that I love Days. But, I was highly insulted by the comments made by Hope. My father and my brother are both mechanics and do quite well for themselves. I was so happy that Bonnie told her off. I never really thought of Hope as a stuck up snob, but now I have lost respect for the character. GET BELLE AND SHAWN BACK TOGETHER WITH THEIR BABY!!!"

From Stacy DeCarlo:"I am a Shelle fan!! In order for belle and Shawn to become a super couple they have to go through the trials and tribulations that will help them grow strong together. I cant wait for the viewers to find out that Shawn is the father of Claire!! That night in the barn was not a dream. If it is true love it will come back no matter how long or who or what comes in between true love always triumphs. Maybe Philip and Mimi could have a hot storyline! Philip can be the father to Mimi's surprise baby and they can both get back some of what they lost. Philip will be devastated when he realizes belle still loves Shawn but they were torn apart by Jan and did not make the decision to break up. They both thought the other had abandoned him/her. I am truly upset that Jan got a way with locking Shawn up and brainwashing him against Belle and the truth never came out!!! Mimi knows better than anyone and how upset is Shawn and Belle going to be when they find out Mimi kept secrets to protect her lie about Rex's baby? So why does she deserve Shawn?? He tried everything to get Belle back and Mimi never came clean with what she knew that Jan did and she will be lucky if Belle doesn't throttle her when she finds out Mimi knew Shawn didn't abandon her. Mimi has the nerve to be upset with Belle. Mimi was the worst friend first. What goes around comes around and i am cheering for a Shelle reunion!!!!! Philip deserves someone who will love him to pieces and give him a biological child because he is a great dad!

From Judi:"Name for the couple: Naustin because it sounds like nausea and that's what I think about the couple. Nicole murdered Victor. The fact that he isn't dead doesn't change the fact that she had him killed. Sami and Nicole are both evil and they deserve each other but neither deserves to be happy and no man deserves to be stuck with one of them."

From Lacey:"I am getting excited about the Shelle storyline. I was a devout Days watcher when Shawn, Belle, Brady and Philip were aged and the new characters were added. I know that you aren't really a Shelle fan since Kirsten Storms left DOOL, but I really hate how fans are forgetting all the background on the story. MM has really gotten bashed for being a "selfish" Belle and people keep saying that she has no chemistry with Jason Cook, but she hasn't really ever had the chance to be with him in a comfortable situation since being cast into the role. Shawn and Belle are supposed to be uncomfortable around each other because of Philip. I also just want to note that Mimi helped Jan hold Shawn hostage, because Jan was holding the abortion over her head as blackmail. So, technically Mimi's abortion has ruined both Belle and Mimi's lives. Also Philip and Kate rushed Belle into marrying him when Shawn came back into town. Then Philip kept putting her on such a guilt trip while he was on active-duty and then when he was injured. "You are the only thing that is keeping me alive, Belle." How could she break his heart? Also, she's had so many problems. I think TPTB are just poisioning us against Shelle right now so that it will cause a stir later. Hopefully won't keep replaying over and over like on Passions. I think everyone needs to tell the truth now. And what's the deal with if you love me you will never tell a lie. And I can't be with anyone who ever told a lie, even if it was to protect you or because I love you. The BLACK & WHITE idealism of NBC's soaps is too much. It is never this way in real life...thus it is hokey on a tv show."

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