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Congratulations to Days of our Lives and Happy 40th Anniversary!

Congratulations to Days of Our Lives and Happy 40th Anniversary! Unfortunately, I don't have much else to say because I missed the episode on Friday where they showed all the vintages clips. I know, I know...after complaining about it - you'd think I would have made an effort to watch it but...unfortunately; I had to work all weekend. No turkey-turkey for me this weekend! Here in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October so there was not even a reason for me to beg out of work. Oh well, judging by what I've read online, I didn't miss much. Apparently it was a regular episode, with a few flashback clips thrown in here and there. Send me your feedback on the Anniversary show and I'll post some in the next column. As a result of my crazy weekend, the rest of my column will consist of random thoughts....

  • TOPS on my list is the fact that Shawn and Mimi had sex! YAY! I am thrilled!!. I do have a question for all of you out there...did you find their sex scene too raunchy or revealing? Like I mentioned above, I missed that episode so I can't comment on the content but from what I've read on the boards, many people found it offensive - even going so far as to call it soft porn and/or S&M. I was shocked by the comments and I don't understand how their sex scene could be likened to either porn or S&M. Did they show nudity? Whips and Chains? Can someone enlighten me? Let's conduct an informal survey; what do you guys think? Offensive or Not?
  • As predicted...little Claire is in the hospital with some dreaded infection (you know...one of those unnamed Salem things that are, at times, life threatening). I'm sure you all caught Belle's comment to Phil that "if anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over." Dum-dum-dummmmmm! She apologized right after that but we all know that she's lying through her pearly whites. You know...the one thing I didn't consider in all this is that Claire might actually die from the mysterious illness. I have no clue what will happen, but I definitely wouldn't put it past TPTB.
  • DAMN that Kate Roberts! Good thing I hate her so much and good thing I DO NOT want Belle and Shawn to get back together because I would be mighty pissed right now if not for those things. It just FIGURES that Kate would be the one to find out the Claire-paternity-secret first. Of course! What was I thinking? How could I not have predicted it right from the very beginning? Oh wait a minute....I DID! Ignoring for a minute how utterly ridiculous it is that she could have come across that information so easily...I guess we're in for another round of Kate figuring out a way to hide the truth (most likely by following in Sami's footsteps and breaking in to the lab to change the blood test results) and once again, she will interfere in people's lives and manipulate events to suit herself. Oh sorry, she will do it to "protect her children." Right; like that one sentence forgives every awful thing she does. Anyhow - something tells me that she might not get away with it this time however. Or at least...that's what I'm hoping. Please let this be the one time that she gets caught red-handed.
  • Marlena had a memory of someone choking her with the pearls! What was that about? Could it have been Alex? What if his story is only partially correct? What if they were married once upon a time but he turned violent and tried to kill her? What if that is the trauma that caused her to have the first episode of hysterical amnesia? Hmmm....all of a sudden, I'm interested in this story again.
  • WHAT the heck was that scene about with Kate giving John a massage? It's ridiculous how TPTB will manufacture some inane scene just because it suits the storyline.
  • Apparently...the mysterious company that Austin is trying to acquire will be the vehicle that brings Carrie back to Salem. Apparently she is connected to the company somehow and will show up in a meeting with Austin Inc very soon. I'm VERY much looking forward to her return.
  • It's about friggin time that Austin stood up for Sami in front of Nicole, he lets her get away with the nasty comments about Sami way too often. I really like Nicole most times but I can't stand her whenever she bashes Sami. She is really no better - at all - and should learn to stop working against Sami and start working with her. When are we going to see these two misfit women forging a real friendship? I MUCH preferred their interaction when they were working together to get the tapes from Eugenia.
  • Jack has driven off an icy bridge and plunged in to a river. Well..., I'm not surprised - I had heard this rumor for a while. And I'm not at all sad. For one, it was so utterly dumb-ass that he would take off in the middle of the night to buy flowers (this IS the same night that they were in bed before Billie barged in looking for Chelsea). For two, I know that he'll only be presumed dead and will return to Salem as soon as Jennifer has moved on with Frankie. YAWN.
  • Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

    From Raya:"I love reading your column, but since you seem to have gotten a lot of Pro Shelle letters this past week, I didn't want to disappoint and not send one to support my couple of choice--SHIMI. I'll try to keep this positive on Shimi. Why do I prefer Shimi to Shelle? Personal preference of course, but I like the idea of close friends becoming lovers and finding something in each other after a lifetime of friendship. I like the idea of two people who have made mistakes in the past coming together, accepting their mistakes and learning from them. I like that Shawn and Mimi are natural and comfortable with each other and have a genuine trust and respect for each other. I like that they accept each other for who they are. I like that they have both seen each other at their worst, but don't care. I could go on and on, but I won't. I think part of why this new Shimi coupling has received such a positive fan reaction is because it just seems so real and true to life. To a lot of us Shimi fans, they are a bright spot on an otherwise depressing show right now. That's not to say that if Shimi remain a couple they won't be messed with in the future too, but for now it works. The only thing I will be severely disappointed with is if the writers don't give this coupling a chance but merely use it as another prop in the Shelle relationship. I will be disappointed if the writers feel they need to trash Mimi's character (again!) to achieve an end result of Shelle. However, for now I am just enjoying the Shimi ride and plan to as long as it goes!"

    From Theresa Zakrzewski:"Regarding Marlena, I agree wouldn't it make sense to contact her parents. They would know of her "first" marriage to Alex and the possible death of their first grandchild. Also, if Mickey and Bonnie were considered to be married after Maggie returned from the dead and had to get a divorce, how can Alex still be married to Marlena after three other marriages? Bond together Belle & Shawn fans. How many times can Jack "die" - enough is enough. Bring back the old days - no nutsy fantasy."

    From Kerstin:"Once again Pamela, you did an excellent job!! You hit the nail on the head with all the storylines, especially with the Dr. Alex nonsense. As for your insight on the Belle/Shawn/Baby stuff...I TOTALLY agree with you now as I agreed with you before. I think you're right about Philip thinking that she had an affair with Shawn. However if this is true, I hope that Shawn doesn't go running to her. Hopefully he will be a father to Claire, but not leave Mimi...they do have a lot of chemistry together, and they know each other so well. Maybe Mimi will become pregnant before all this comes out! I know, they say she can't be pregnant again, but it happened on other soaps (ie-General Hospital). I'm all for Shimi!!"

    From Meg:" Just wanted to say have a great Thanksgiving!! Haven't had a chance to catch up on the viewing but judging from the column I haven't missed much. I do have one comment though - for someone who supposedly is there to support Sami (Austin), he treats her like crap!!! And they are starting to dumb Austin up again. How can he not HEAR how Nicole talks to Sami, they are only like 2 feet apart for Pete's sake!!! I'm sure I'll have more to rant about after the holidays!! Again, have a great one!!!"

    From Wendy:" May I just say that I love Shawn and Mimi. As a long-time fan of Shawn and Belle my loyalty was finally shot after watching Belle constantly tease Shawn with her kisses while Shawn would have to painfully watch from the sidelines as she would plant kisses on Phil. After seeing her devastate Shawn in Germany after she called him to tell him she was dedicated to her relationship with him and then ripping his heart out finally nailed it for me along with her running off to comfort Jan after she tortured Shawn for months and months and she had no comfort for him. Am I supposed to buy into the BS that she is having sex with Phil because it is her wifely duty? GMAB! I say bring on Shawn and Mimi. Shawn is being loved by Mimi with unconditional love, total acceptance and no emotional blackmail as Belle has been doing now to Shawn since the serial killings started. Shawn and Mimi are fresh, believable and their chemistry is incredible. I was not sure of this pairing at first but they have completely won me over. It is wonderful to see Shawn not pining over a married woman and moving on with his life. I cannot wait to see them consummate their relationship. I love that there is discussion about labeling their relationship as "boyfriend or girlfriend" after all they are in their 20s and have moved passed that. As Farah stated in the article, there is no need for labeling, they just know that they care about each other and are exclusive. Come on TPBT stick with Shawn and Mimi and have Mr. and Mrs. Boring move far away. Give me this exciting new couple of Shimi any day."

    From Donna Pirolozzi:" First off I love DOOLs. John and Marlena are my favorites and I think they are making a fool out of Marlena. She is a well-educated, well rounded lady and to have her so completely "out of it" is ridiculous. John is the love of her life and let's keep it that way, please."

    From Antoine:" Remember when you said to comment on what you like most about Days? Well, I know what I like, and what had been a major improvement. The flashbacks!! Remember they would show 10 flashbacks in a show? Now, the most they would have is 2. And they don't show flashback scenes every single day like they use too. Passions also improved with that as well, I guess JER heard our complaints. I finally figured out why I do not like John Black. He is WAAAYY to egotistic, and arrogant. I KNOW many people hate what I said, but he is way too high on his horse. And he treats Marlena like she is his property. "Let me see those papers she is my wife" Yes Marlena is your wife, but like she said earlier before, she is not incompetent, she is not a child. Yes, she has amnesia, but she is not brain dead! Now, my last thing I would like to discuss is I think it might be time for Shawn to move on. At first I HATED them breaking up. Now, Belle completely is pushing Mimi with Shawn. Mimi even said; tell me if you want to be with Shawn. Tell me if you love him. Belle said she loves her husband and her baby. So that is it!! Belle is choosing Philip because she is married to him, and she is fully aware that she can divorce him, to be with Shawn but she chooses not to."

    From Jeannie:"When I saw the Days promo that said "A days baby shocker" (or something to that effect) I could not help but say aloud, "Not really!" because we all know what the so called shocker will be. Belle will find out when Shawn and Mimi are good and in love, and then expect Shawn to take her back. And the sad thing is that I think ultimately, he will. Here is a question. How come on soaps marriage vows only matter when it is convenient for the writers? People are having affairs left and right, keeping secrets from spouses, getting dumped at the altar with no problem, and many have multiple ex-spouses, and children by everyone and their brother. But when someone regrets marrying someone, and is in love with another, they can't get divorced because they have to stay true to their marriage vows. It is insane! They have way too many parallels to Passions on this soap. On Passions Ethan cannot break his marriage vows to Gwen, even though he loves Theresa, because he made those vows under God (not that God matters in anything else that happens on that soap or any other). Hmm...sound like a SL we all know? On Passions Grace left Sam because her supposed first husband, David, came back to town, but she did not remember him because she had amnesia! So she left Sam and ran off into the sunset with David, because technically they were still married (even though they weren't, but Grace did not know). Does this sound like a famaliar SL to anyone? JER does not only recycle SL's from Days past, but he recycles them from the other soap he writes for! You don't need to watch both shows, because they are the same thing with different actors! So that's my take on the NBC soaps. I have not been able to watch as often as I had in the past, and frankly, I don't miss it. Sad, but true."

    What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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