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This past week, Abe took the bait of the mysterious gloved hand and caught Lexie and Officer Sex-U-Up in the act. Abe turned on the lights and it was full-tilt-boogie madness.

I've got to start by saying that I completely, unequivocally (except for one thing, but we'll get to that later) LOVED Days this week, like I haven't loved Days in a long time. It was so good! Most things didn't drag on for seventy years, it was interesting, and in most cases people didn't repeat themselves forty times. I loved it.

So Abe took the bait of the mysterious gloved hand and caught Lexie and Officer Sex-U-Up in the act. It was FABULOUS. Abe turned on the lights and it was full-tilt-boogie madness. He's choking the crap out of Tek and Lexie jumps on his back, so he tossed Lexie ever so nonchalantly onto the bed so that he could verbally let her and her lover have it. He made a great point in that Lexie keeps cheating on him with various family members and friends and this would make it strike number three. Then she had the nerve to beg and say "I was ending it, let's talk." Abe looked at her like the backstabbing cockroach that she is and told her to get a lawyer and told Lexie and Tek good luck because they would need it. If you listened very carefully at about 7pm on Monday, no matter where you are, you would have heard a faint shrieking and laughing for about five minutes. That was me. I had to pause my TV to hear what was being said next, because I was too busy jumping up and down and laughing. Then Lexie decides that Sami (who a. couldn't have been the one to do it because she was dancing with EJ and b. wasn't the one getting down with Tek in the middle of the park to get caught) must pay because this whole thing is Sami's fault. That's mature.

I still love Sami and EJ together and I am really looking forward to her getting blasted out of the water (again) and Austin having a hissy fit (again) so we can check out this whole Sami and EJ thing. No offense to the actors but I kind of wish that Austin and Carrie would just get together and fly off into the sunset together, because they both get on my nerves. Lucas reminds me of a yipping little dog most of the time now. Most of his lines are either badgering Sami or sucking up to Carrie. And I'm sorry, no matter what Sami has done to Carrie in the past, Carrie needs to put a muzzle on Lucas bashing her sister CONSTANTLY. I'm glad Austin finally told him to shut up, but someone just needs to put some duct tape on his mouth until he has something else to say.

Then we have Jack "Nine Thousand Lives" Deveraux" not only coming back from the dead again, but this time he brought his long dead brother Steve with him. If they had to bring Jack back again at least they put a good twist with it this time. I didn't watch Days yet when Patch and Kayla were on the first time, but I am really enjoying them. And how could you not love another wedding being ruined by a grand entrance, this time by the bride's presumed dead husband two seconds after the "I do's " are said. And sorry to say, but Abby is really more like 8 than 18. She's just so whiny. But whatever, the whole thing came off pretty great. Poor Frankie. He's been waiting for this day for twenty years and then his marriage becomes null and void in a matter of moments. Jack in his infinite Jack-ness came home to die so they only have a couple of Days with them and hopes that Jen and Frankie will do it all over again. Jeez, that a mess. I can't wait to see what happens.

You know what else I loved? That we barely saw the Fantastic Four this week. Philip is throwing his money around to make everyone a baby, Shawn is still in love with Belle and keeps telling himself and everyone else how happy he is that things have worked out this way. Mimi needs to shut up with her stupid slips if she would like to keep her husband. I'm so happy that they were on the back burner a little bit this week, because they've been in like every show for the past year nearly. And I have to say, all of them flaking on Jen's wedding to go have tandem fertility treatments (um, yuck) was the crowning stupid spot in an otherwise spectacular week.

It looks like Bo and Hope are on their way back together. Of course since passing out on a soap can only mean that a woman is pregnant and Bo and Hope haven't been together in a long time and she did the do with Patrick on Temptation Island it looks as if this is going to get unquestionably ugly. I hope not, but it looks as though the old writing guard has one more good na-na-na for us. Can I just let everyone's mind ponder how gross it would be for Hope to be pregnant with her son's brother-in-law's baby? Yeah, that's gross.

Well folks, that's it for me, but after this week I am definitely encouraged that Days will have great stories again. Have a great week!

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