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Shawn finally knows that Mimi knew that Claire was his before they were married, and that she has been keeping it a secret since the beginning of the year. Needless to say, Shawn was upset.

I'm Back Kiddies!!! Thank you very much to Pam for switching with me so I could move into my new place and get situated. All right, let get into what happened this week.

So Shawn finally knows that Mimi knew Claire was his before they were married and has been keeping it a secret since the beginning of the year. Needless to say Shawn was a little bit upset. Like full-tilt boogie, nuclear upset. I know that this couples days were numbered when they got together, but it still made me a little sad that they will be breaking up. Shawn reacted exactly they way I expected him to . . . just like Hope would (BTW Brandon Beemer looks so much like Kristian Alfonso it's scary). While watching Shawn ream Mimi out about the baby was very entertaining I have a couple of problems with this whole storyline. First of all, Bonnie is Mimi's most toxic friend. After your mother has stolen money from you, convinced you to have an abortion without even telling your boyfriend that you're pregnant and then convinces you to lie to your fiancÚ and later husband about his goddaughter being his actual daughter . . . STOP LISTENING TO HER. If necessary stop talking to her altogether. Bonnie has never given anyone a constructive piece of advice that didn't have something in it for her. She doesn't really care if her kids are happy as long as they land a Horton and can afford to take care of her in her old age. Mimi is supposedly a grown woman who makes her own choices, albeit really bad ones, but she is waaaaaaaaaaaayyy too easy to manipulate and steer in the wrong direction. She needs to watch more Oprah and Dr. Phil.

What bugs me about Shawn in this storyline is that he is so rigid. What I mean by that is that when Shawn does something that needs to be forgiven, like, I don't know driving his motorcycle through a large stained glass window in the middle of Belle's wedding, he seemed to be expecting forgiveness and miracle of miracles he was eventually forgiven by pretty much everyone. Now when someone needs Shawn to forgive them they might as well move to another planet, because it's like they immediately become worthless to him. Mimi was wrong and I wish she would have told him herself because finding out over the baby monitor was just kind of lame, but while I completely understand Shawn's anger he could have a little compassion for Mimi's insecurity. I didn't say stay married to her, but having compassion and forgiveness goes along way when it comes time to for YOU to be forgiven.

But whatever, it's finally over and we don't have to listen to Mimi for the second year in a row freak out about this secret she's keeping. But what in the holy hopping hell is with Shawn and the prostitute? And, really, the poor girl looks like she is about 17. I just don't get it.

Okay, I am done with the Shawn and Mimi rant, but I have another one. Belle isn't too bright is she? I say that because most logical people realize that if you are at 21 weeks pregnant and your body is going toxic with your blood pressure going into the atmosphere, it's not going to be a choice between you and the baby. A baby at 21 weeks just isn't viable. And if Belle were to have a stroke because she refused to take the blood pressure medication, she could have permanent brain damage. I do understand intellectually that a mother loves all her children equally, even one that is still baking in the over, but what about Claire? When Belle told Philip not to let them give her the medication if she fell into a coma I thought "Wow, you really are an idiot." Actually I really said something else out loud, but this is a PG-rated column so I can't really tell you what it was. Okay, here's the deal: Belle has a one-year old at home that needs her. If she didn't take the medication she ran the risk of her blood pressure going up so high she could have died. Which means the baby would have died too, unless they kept her on life support until the baby could make it, but there would be no guarantee the baby would even live. Then there's the fact that the doctor's said that while the medication posed some risk to the baby, it was the best chance the baby had. So Belle, felt it best to refuse the medication and lapse into a coma instead of thinking about what would happen to her daughter if she died, like Philip and Shawn fighting for custody like wildebeests fighting over a carcass. Just when I think Belle is going to stop getting on my nerves. Oh well.

DAYS has given us a lot of new couples to sink our teeth into this week. Too bad I only like one of them. Max really needs to stop dating the children of his brothers and sisters. It is really just gross. I like Max. I like Stephanie. I don't not like them kissing. I do not like it in a sauna. I do not like it in a garage. I do not like it at all, Sam I Am. Same with Billie and Steve. And it's not so much that I don't like their characters together, I hate the hurt look on Kayla's face when she sees them together. It just breaks my heart. EJ and Sami though, that is a couple I could get behind, if Lucas doesn't try to ruin it for her (which of course he will, he's Lucas Roberts). I loved when Lucas was trying to talk Sami into sharing her bed with him. She looked at him like he had lost his mind and then informed him he would in fact be sleeping on the couch. Go Sami!

So now Marlena is missing. Again. Okay, I have been watching this show since the summer of '92 and Marlena must have been kidnapped at least 10 to 15 times since then. It's surprising that it even scares or upsets her anymore. She should be used to being locked in rooms and things by now. Powers that Be, here's a tip: Stop Kidnapping Marlena Every Five Minutes. It is anti-climatic. It's old. Kidnap Kate or Bonnie instead. That would be good TV.

Of course, Patrick beat the murder charges by making Bo look as bad and biased as possible, which isn't exactly a stretch, because HE IS, but thanks to Mysterio - The Gloved Hand sabotaging Max's car, Patrick is in the clear. Now he can go away. He is very pretty and I like to look at him, but the whole Lockhart clan is getting on my nerves.

And lastly, Max and Stephanie's car racing mishap. Sports gimmicks on soaps get on my nerves, like the boxing story on OLTL. But I digress. Anyway, Max's car exploded but he got away with minor injuries, but Stephanie ran into his car and got jacked up. When the show picked up with Steve on Thursday losing his mind about Stephanie being hurt, I was like, "Damn, can Stephen Nichols act." I was about to cry with him, even though we know Steph will make it through. When he remembered holding her as a baby at the end of Friday's show, that was fabulous. I've said it a thousand times and will probably say it a thousand more, but that's what keeps viewers hooked. Not convoluted storylines about demons, sub-Salem island, and Gemini Twins, but real, simple stories about families that people can relate to. If Friday was any indication of how things are going to be with this show in the future, I see a lot of people who used to watch but got discouraged with some of the garbage that was going on tuning back into Salem.

Well, scoopers, do you think Steve remembers Kayla or just Stephanie? Will Chelsea continue to grow a conscience, or is this very temporary? Will Philip challenge Shawn to a duel? Will Lucas see the light and realize that Sami is the real deal? We'll find out!

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