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For the Week of February 19, 2007
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This past week, Bo and Roman were both in the running for the crappiest father in Salem award.

In trying to come up with a name for the column this week, nothing else was quite sufficient. I never thought I would say this (and if you told me a year ago that I would, I would have called you a dirty liar), but poor Chelsea! Between embarrassing herself to the nth degree by running up and latching onto Dr. Rebert like a two-legged octopus, finding out that Nick lied to her and then having Bo lose his ever-loving mind all over her that poor girl has entirely too much going on.

But the thing that really burns my butt about all of the situations that were going on with Chelsea is how Bo treated her. So apparently, while Bo never believed a word that Patty-cakes said before, his word is now gospel. Chelsea actually didn't go out of her way to help Patrick, although she did let him into her schemes when she thought that he might benefit and therefore be able to work an angle with Hope, but she NEVER gave him the goods on Bo. Now Beauregard has decided that this is the straw that is breaking his stubborn, mule-headed camel's back and that she is no longer his daughter or welcome in his house. Then he expected Hope to be happy about it! Say what you will about Hope (lord knows I've never held back) but she stopped with all that "Me or Chelsea" garbage months ago when she realized how unfair she was being. I'm pretty sure we haven't seen the last of this story though, not if Hope has anything to say about it. She and Chelsea are just starting to bond and I don't think she is just going to let Chelsea twist out there in the wind while Bo continues having his temper tantrum.

Also in the running for the crappiest father in Salem award would be that other Brady brother that we love so much, Roman. Why in the world would he take the word or "suggestion" of a woman that he divorced for intentionally destroying his daughter's life and not bothering to be sorry about it over his own daughter? I know that Sami has a history of not being truthful, like ever, but Kate has as bad a reputation or worse! But once again, everything that she says must be gospel, right? Kate was mad that she was the one humiliated instead of sticking it to Sami for the five hundredth time, so she went screaming and whining to Roman about how she was going to sue the department (which probably really wouldn't be in her best interests) so of course he has to go to Sami and have a fit. And then he has the nerve to tell her that it doesn't matter if Kate leaves her alone or not, she is going to stop retaliating. You have got to love that Brady brand of unconditional love.

But you know whose unconditional love I was totally digging? Lucas! Not only was he not mad at Sami for letting Kate and EJ have it with that tape, he was laughing! He thought it was great! And then he told that evil, meddling, dried up shrew to stay out of their business! Yes! Thank God! Can't-quite-cut-the-cord Lucas actually stood up to that evil witch that birthed him!! I had to rewind it to make sure I was watching the right show. Good for you, Lucas, I think that Kate got exactly what she deserved too.

EJ is still truly evil, but that's no big surprise. Between controlling Steve with that Tarot card (who else laughed when he told Steve he was a good dog?), and making himself at home in Sami's place, he has been a busy little beaver this week I hate to keep harping on it, but James Scott is such a joy to watch. He can be completely charming when it serves his purpose and then switch to completely evil at a moments notice. It is actually breathtaking. You never know who he is going to be five minutes from now, and he is definitely not one of those cookie cutter "look at me I'm so evil" one-note soap bad guys.

Max seems to have finally found his brain and realize that he likes Abby. Not in a cute little sister kinda way, but in a "why didn't I get with you before" kinda way. Unfortunately his big epiphany comes right on the heels of Mimi finding out with no question that her dad is the skeleton that they found in the church and that her mom and brothers most likely have everything to do with it. Poor Mimi. But I do have to say that I liked Abby for the first time in a long time when she popped out from under that car and let Max know all the work that she had done to help him out. I was watching them at dinner together and was thinking how much Abby reminds me of Jennifer, on the days that I like Jennifer anyway. I may be in the minority here, but I think I would like Abby and Max together, IF, and only if, they don't try to make it Jack&Jen: The Sequel. We have already done it and it is probably all of the reason that I don't like Jack, so don't make Max an out there, irresponsible, flighty guy. Keep the characters in the same vein that they are going in right now and they just may have the new and improved Shelle on their hands.

Speaking of Shelle, Shawn really can be an idiot sometimes, can't he? People are looking for them high and low and all Shawn wants to do is take Claire swimming and have a little fun. Um, great logic, but maybe you could do that AFTER you get where you are going? And I just love how Philip used his newly found cojones to track them down and magically get on the boat so he could scream and threaten some more. I really thought Belle was out of her mind when she let Philip hold Claire, but I guess that's part of her personality. She feels bad for Philip and she feels responsible for everything turning out to be such a mess (no argument from me), so she is trying to be as fair as she can. I knew all along that this whole production with Phil wasn't so much about Claire, but more about how he wants Belle back and wants to be a family. He is just going about it in the worst, most hurtful possible way.

You know who I really felt for this week? Nick. He did a really stupid thing for the right reason and now he has completely embarrassed himself. The scene where Chelsea was waiting in his room and he was trying to explain everything to her was right up there with my favorite scenes ever. Rachel Melvin and Blake Berris acted the holy hell out of that scene and you could feel both sides of the story. Then we have Nick running all over town trying to find Chelsea and apologize, only to find her after her showdown with Bo. Let's just say she wasn't too sympathetic or understanding. But now the twist is Dr. Rebert apparently getting ready to try to take advantage of the situation by hiring Chelsea for the lab assistant job. I cannot wait to see how this plays out.

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