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by Tony
For the Week of May 12, 2008
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John might be the smartest guy in Salem these days, as he realized this past week that what both Sami and E.J. were trying to fake was getting pretty close to becoming the real deal.

I think Days might have broken its "Sweeps Curse!" Usually it seems like one good week then one slow one, but last week was pretty eventful. It was like a two for one sale! We had two breakups - Nick and Chelsea as well as Kate telling "Marty" to stop strolling down memory lane and take a cold shower. Then there were two odd combos bonding - Sami and John plus E.J. and Nicole. Two sad stories were shared (Dan's past and Pookie's poisoning). There was, thankfully, only one gaudy picture shown - a HUGE portrait of "Blondie" to replace Stefano's, BUT there were two sets of kisses that sure had Days' fans buzzing - SAMI kissed Elvis J and also Dan and Chelsea played several rounds of "Kiss Me ... No I Can't!" Add a little Vitali "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" warnings, Shady Max pulling a grant fast one and Morgan and Philip loving to hate each other and it was a great "Part Two" to May Sweeps! Let's talk about it!

Life According to Sami (Sami, John and Marlena)

I have to hand it to the writers as well as Drake Hogestyn because together they're making John one heck of an interesting character again. Sometimes he annoys me, but last week he was a rock star! Add Alison Sweeney's brilliant comedic timing and these two stole the show. Err, well, the show they stole basically focused on them and the flashbacks time forgot anyway, but it was good nevertheless. Marlena wasn't too happy about it though as Sami filled John in on all their, shall we say, indiscretions. I say way to go Sami! It's good that John learns about his past - his entire past! Marlena is far from objective and has done everything but ask the Pope to canonize John. He's not precisely a saint as he's made some mistakes too and, good or bad, that's who he is/was and should know the entire truth.

John being RoboJohn got a kick out of things however! Just the words "conference room table" had Marlena blushing which was pretty priceless as was the look on E.J.'s face when John started to explain things. Hys-terical! Also great was Doc's reaction to seeing THE painting. Wow, just a tad extreme John Boy. I felt totally embarrassed for her, yet it did give me a great idea ... I don't want to spoil any surprises, but lets just say I know what all my family and friends are getting this year for the holidays.

Back to John and Sami ... I also think their talk helped her realize how far she's grown. This won't come as a shock, but I'm not big into the flashback filler movement, but I didn't mind these ones. Mostly because they haven't been seen in a long time and told a side of the story that's often glossed over. Sami was a ... brat, yet she owned up to it. Of course, she still tends to cross the line when provoked, but I'm happy about that - Sami without that fiery spark would be like eating a carrot stick when you really want a greasy, crispy, salty French fry.

Disk-Go (John's Memories)

Well, at least John's memories weren't surgically extracted by a mad scientist this time. That's a plus. The downside is that some ninja burglar snuck into Casa DiMera and stole them before anyone could figure out what was on the disk. Anyone, but Rolf that is. He knew, but I don't think he was fessing up to its contents anytime soon. So that leaves the big question - who did it? Unfortunately, the teasers at the end of Friday's show might have ruined part of the enigma as it looks like Philip might have been the culprit. If he did it, I don't think he knew exactly what he was stealing, but it's an interesting turn of fate as Victor once held John in his clutches and now Philip does in a sense. History repeating itself in this case is kinda interesting, but John-John is not going to be happy! Yet another log added to the DiMera-Black vs. Kiriakis fire!

Sealed With A Kiss (Sami, E.J. and Nicole)

Here's the million dollar "Ejami" question - their marriage is "fake," but was that kiss!? I'm thinking John might be the smartest guy in Salem these days as he realizes what both Sami and E.J. are trying to fake is getting pretty close to becoming the real deal. Sure, Sami's motives for kissing him were a bit arguable as she was trying to prove a point to Nicole, but that was sort of out of character for her. Normally, Sami would sling remarks or take a swing, so I'm not all that convinced it wasn't a convenient excuse to get a little closer to Mr. Sami Brady now that she knows he's officially sticking around. She mechanically uses the excuse that she doesn't want another one of her children to lose its father, but she also has a huge fear of losing people she cares about. That makes me wonder what her real motives were - a vengeful act or a passionate pucker a long time in the making? Hmm.

Shady Pacts and Pookie (E.J. and Nicole)

E.J., E.J., E.J. What to do with him? Just when he's looking a little redeemed he pulled a Sami and reverted back to scheming. Did he really, really have to pay Nicole to testify for him? I mean really? That set him back a little in my score book. In a sense he was doing it for Sami, but he's walking a very fine redemption line and needs to be more careful. I have a feeling hindsight will be a real bitch for him this time. Forgiveness isn't exactly one of Sami's strong suites so when this cat claws its way out of the bag she's going to be ticked! Royally, vengefully, he'll wish he had been deported ticked.

Nicole, however, enjoyed her little mission and I enjoyed her carrying it out. Arianne Zuker is just off the hook! From storming into the police station only to be kicked right back out to divulging her plan to move onto Victor's hunky son Philip once the divorce is settled, she tackles comedy perfectly. Yet this week we got to see her softer side too. Big thumbs up to her for a great performance and to the writers for remembering she can be more than a scheming vixen.

Aside from Dr. Dan's past, this was number two on the sad story list! Someone poisoned Pookie?! That person should be shot! Ok, maybe shot is a tad extreme, but I felt so bad for her especially after her tearful explanation that her dog is her best friend. I had a canine pal growing up and I was right there with her. Pook's a helpless, teacup sized purse dog and was poisoned by a person too chicken to face her head on. She blamed Victor, but he scoffed at her. Ok, that part was funny, but the rest wasn't! Rethinking this ... maybe that person should be shot! I know they'll wish they had once Nicole finds out who did it and seeks revenge!

Past (Dr. Dan)

Dr. Dude's dark past finally stepped out into the sunlight and we learned a lot more about this surfing doc - he's not only brilliant, he's heartbroken. This brings me to discuss the number one sad story on last week's countdown. I knew something was off as he kept giving Chelsea whiplash with his kiss then push away approach, but I can't blame him for being terrified of falling for someone again. What a tragic history he has! He met the girl of his dreams, Rebecca, while doing his residency in Miami. She had a dress and 49ers baseball cap on. He fell head over heels and married her shortly before she passed away in his arms! Heartbreaking and heart melting. I mean he carried her to the beach so she wouldn't die in a sterile hospital and could see the sunset one last time! That's almost Brady Black sickening sweet, yet very sad at the same time!

All in all he's definitely shaping up to be one of the good guys, especially when he refused to help Martino! I was all, "Go Dr. D!" More than just being mad at Papa Vitali's ambush, he was worried about Kate's safety as well as any possible reverberations that might affect Chelsea. That pretty much proves two things. One, he's a good guy who wants to protect his friends and, two, he's definitely falling for Chelsea. Again, not a shock, but that kiss sure was! I was waiting for her to wake up from another dream. Not so much - it was the real deal. The only thing keeping him from giving her another one is his fear of getting too close, yet Chelsea is working on that ...

Present (Chelsea)

... as she went to get the scoop on Dr. Dan from the second best source - Grandpa Victor! I love it when these two have scenes together. You can just tell he's so smitten with his granddaughter and happy just to be a part of her life as he's missed out on so many years with his children and other grandchildren. It's cute when he gushes over her. It's like seeing the Big Bad Wolf giggling.

Anyway, after expressing his concerns about their age difference, he knew it was futile to fight her persistence and filled her in on what happened to Rebecca. That was all the explain she needed and she set off to find him. Again, can't blame the guy, but Chelsea made a great point when talking to him earlier - she's had a hard life too, yet still wants to let him in. Yet, she knew enough to know that to fully let him in she had to do the right thing and let Nick out.

That deduction means the end of "Chick" is officially upon us. I so didn't see this coming. Ok, I did, about ten miles away, but, all in all, I think it's a good thing and the scenes between these two were wonderfully acted. Their breakup was perhaps one of the most realistic ones I've scene on TV. It actually made me remember the ones I've gone through! That part wasn't fun, but the acting was good, the writing was good - it was just good.

The end of an era is always depressing, but it was bound to happen sooner or later as they were just two young adults who simply out grew one another. It happens. It's sad, but normally works out for the best. "Chick" did give it a try more than once and they forgave each other for a plethora of relationship roadblocks - all of the crazy schemes she got him into as well as when he slept with Billie a.k.a her mother! It was a fair shot, but simply didn't work. I think her feelings for Dr. Dan were a reason, but not the only reason as they seemed to have been drifting apart for a while now. Sure, Nick still loves Chelsea and I think she'll always care for him, but he deserves a girl who will totally be into him as much as he's into her. As much as I like her, I don't think that is or ever will be Chelsea.

Again applauding the way the scenes were handled, it was a fair showing of being able to see both sides of the coin simultaneously. Usually its one person hurting the other, and usually in soaps it's a nasty split, but they both were feeling lousy. It's never fun being the "Dumpee," but the "Dumper" isn't a walk in the park either. I've been both and I commend Chelsea for taking a mature approach and telling Nick how she felt. That's not easy. Sure, she pushed him out the door a few times, but I think its semi-normal to put off giving someone bad news especially when you do care about them. And, sure, she had feelings for someone else before technically ending things with him, but she actually did the right thing as it could have gotten far, far worse - Please reference Exhibit A: Belle Black-Brady, who cheated on her fiancée because she loved two men at the same time. She eventually came clean and corrected her mistake, but Chelsea didn't let it get that far. She didn't string Nick along nor did she lie to him. That's always a good sign that our little swamp baby is growing up. Of course I'm sure he doesn't feel that was at this point because he's the ...

Future (Nick)

... "Dumpee." This one is perhaps the harder of the two roles in a breakup. The "Dumper" will have some initial guilt, but they usually move on sooner than later. The "Dumpee," however, tends to wallow in self pity and asks all sorts of questions that begin with "why" and end in sobbing. Given Nick's track record he does like to wallow a bit and I feel for the guy. Not only did the "love of his life" end things with him but his identity is about to be stolen by Shady Max.

Since Nick arrived in Salem he's been the go to "loveable dork." Aside from being awkward, he is normally kind, caring AND smart. That's his thing. He's the smart one. Chelsea is spunky one. Stephanie is the, err, Stephanie-ish one. And Max is ... right! Max is smart one now too! I think Nick could eventually cope with losing the girl, but losing his "Smart Status" might be the thing that really pushes him over the edge. Max isn't only secretly lending him advice, he's correcting Nick's mistakes! This does not bode well for someone at the end of a rapidly fraying rope.

There is possibly a silver lining to this dark cloud however. In the interest of full disclosure I'll admit that I've found Nick's character has run its course to a point. The "dork angle" was fun and new at first and I definitely rooted for him, but that slant's expiration date seemed to expire a while ago. With that said, let's take a gander at John Black and hope that Nick follows in his footsteps. No, not brainwashing, but making a stale character crisp and fresh again!

Morgan Hood (Morgan, Philip and Max)

She didn't shoot Philip with an arrow, but she did nail him with a dart! Turn this girl onto chili cheese fries and she's quick to become a dive bar dwelling Southern belle. I bet she's a pool shark too! Ok, so she and Phil had another little run in at the pub and she called his butt out on trying to bribe Max into working for him and, in turn, against her father. Ha-ha, busted! I give her credit not only for being direct, but also for sticking up for Max ... and for brining Chelsea coffee and doughnuts - that was nice too! I was worried about Morgan a few months ago as she was becoming a little too gushy and giggly, but she's back to being her old self again and I'm thankful! Granted, I still want to see her and Philip work it out as that would a relationship bullseye for both of them! Ok, that statement was corny - I'll hang my head in shame and move on ...

Un-Rekindled (Kate and Martino)

Ok, Martino's a creep, but I have to say that he and Kate set off the chemistry alarm! It's a shame that he is SO bad. I mean, I could look past a little crime, but murder is another story and Mr. V already has two on his hands that we know about. I'm proud of Kate for getting out while the getting is good because she doesn't always make the best choices ... or really even ok ones most of the time. Yet, I don't think this is the end to things between them. Mob bosses don't like to be rejected. Right behind poets and artists, they're next on the sensitivity scale.

Your Hit Is On My List (The Vitalis and The Bradys)

This storyline is heating up more than Bo's temper. Yep, he did it again - Bo went crazy, chucked police protocol and clocked Martino in the kisser! Whoops! The can of worms is officially open for a Brady/Vitali showdown.

My thoughts? Go Bo! Aside from the giggle I got from him telling Kate, "I'm not talking to you," and ushering her aside, it's about time that Ava got another good tongue lashing! I have to admit, however, I almost, almost felt bad for her. Bo has every right to be mad as hell, I would be too, but she looked so scared and pathetic. Again, it was easy to see both side of the coin. She's so confused and nervous that she wanted to stay in police custody! If there's a choice and staying in jail is the best option, she deserves a little sympathy. Not so convincing was her lighting fast detoxing, but I'll let that slide as this storyline is getting good. She's not only scared of the Bradys and feels guilty for what she did, but she's terrified and angry at her father! Willing to help out the police angry that is. I'm all for this. I think with the right redemption Ava would be a great character to have stick around Salem for a while.

Now, the punch Martino received was all he needed to add Bo to his hit list right behind Steve. I have a feeling Papa V is underestimating the "Dream Team" of Bo and Patch Man. These two are not only best friends, but good partners in crime (fighting) and know how to get the job done especially when that job is protecting their families. Their secret weapons - Abe and Roman who reel them in when they're getting too destructive. Add Detective Fancy Face and the Vitali's have met their match! Single the bell, round three is about to begin!

Extra Scoops

Hot & Not

Hot: Does Hope know how to make an entrance or what!? When she strolled into the police station and demanded the Nussbaum case I was impressed. She's cool, she's very cool. She's two friends away from being one of Charlie's Angels.

Not: Note to Abe - don't refuse marriage consoling! For a man who has been cheated on more times than he's caught a criminal he shouldn't let his pride get in the way of his bride. Ignoring Lexie never turns out to be a good scenario. Never.

Line of the Week:

"We sort of bonded in an incredibly dysfunctional way," Sami to E.J. about her stroll down the skid row of memory lane with John.

Randomness ...

It wasn't the best, but it was a reason - E.J. finally explained why he wasn't an American citizen! Not only that was great, but he mentioned his mother and Edmund! Next step, finding out how Stefano got him back. After that we'll tackle the truth that he's eleven years old. Baby steps and all.

I was sort of disappointed that Roman and Nicole didn't mention the little tryst they had before she left town when they saw each other (presuming for the first time since). I think that's probably going to be a good example of history being glossed over. Then again, Marlena was present and Roman's always on his best behave when she's in close proximity and Nicole was busy messing with Sami. Well, maybe next time.

I loved Bo and Chelsea's bonding moments, but the funniest one was when he asked her if anyone has ever told her she talks in her sleep and she replied Nick has. Hello awkward. Yep, there is such a thing as too much information when talking to your dad Swamp Baby.

Parting Thoughts ...

So friends and Days fans, I hope everyone has a great week! I'll be back at the end of the month and I, yet again, want to thank Laurisa for the switch! Yep, she rocks! And that's "Two Scoops" for the week of May 5th, and, as RoboJohn wouldn't say, "That's a fact."

As always, thanks for reading!

Need more Two Scoops? Laurisa and I are always up to something, so make sure to check out our Soap Central Blogs for more ranting, raving and all-out randomness!

Tony S
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