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by Tony
For the Week of June 2, 2008
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John may not remember his history with Roman, but he definitely picks up on the gooey, butterfly-filled feelings that Commissioner Brady has for Marlena.

AND that's a wrap - May Sweeps has left the building! Sure, its exit was a little less frantic than its entrance, but I think most of us needed a cool down period after such a crazy, controversial month. Yet, it was still a good week. We had the drug bust fallout, Marlena drugging John and Philip, who drugged Chloe back to bed several times. Superstar soap vet Roscoe Born also premiered as Dean Robbins. I'm still not sure if Dean is his first name or it's in reference to his title at Salem U. I hope it's the latter or else his name is Dean Dean Robbins. Then again, that's still better than Pocket Johnson. Anyway folks, I'll stop rambling so we can not only talk about Days, but, since summer is right around the corner and that means the "Teen Scene" will reemerge with a vengeance, I made some predictions as to what we might be in store for!

Drugs. Punch. Love. (John, Marlena and Roman)

John has been many things since he returned - a mercenary, a hero, a comedian, a real jerk, but a drug lord? Nah, I doubt it. Did Philip frame him? Is Victor setting him up? I'm not entirely convinced and will talk about those two prime suspects in a moment, yet assuming they did it might be a little presumptuous. RoboJohn hasn't been all that popular in Salem since his resurrection so there are a few others who might want to see Mr. Black-DiMera behind bars. Head over to my SoapCentral.com Blog to see who else I think might have "Framed John Black."

The main suspects, of course, are in fact Philip and/or Victor. I don't think it was Papa K for one reason - Brady. His grandson has just battled the white tiger and I doubt he would ship cocaine into Salem even if it was just to set John up. Although he's sometimes ruthless, Victor does put his family first and, hopefully, wouldn't do that out of principle.

With him off the list, that means ... Philip did it? Err, he's definitely the main suspect, but I dunno. I mean he has major motives which not only consist of revenge and fighting for his newly gained empire, but he's a young tycoon out to prove his junior ruthlessness. Those are good reasons yet, if he did it on his own accord, I'm guessing Papa K isn't going to be happy - at all! Crushing the enemy is one thing, but Victor worked hard to clean up the family image and, if this comes out, the Kiriakis name would once again be connected to drugs. Not a good thing and I think Victor would snatch his empire away from Mini-K faster than Nicole swigs a martini. So, is Philip playing a dangerous game or simply enjoying someone else's handwork? That's the million dollar question!

From million dollar questions to million dollar matches - John vs. Roman was in full swing! That punch seemed to shake up Marlena more than Roman. Let's take a moment to thank the man responsible for all this drama - this fight was brought to you by Stefano DiMera, may he rise again soon (read that as re-hire Joseph Mascolo you stupid men in suits at NBC)!

Anyway, John may not remember his history with Roman, but he definitely picks up on the gooey, butterfly filled feelings Commissioner Brady has for Marlena. That obviously ticks RoboJohn off too, you know, aside from the being arrested for drugs/assaulting an officer thingy. I have to say, I like Roman and Abe, but they were a little to fast to assume John is actually guilty. Roman I can see as he probably has a deep, dark secret hope to become Mr. Marlena Evans again, but Abe's reactions were a little surprising. John's changed, that's a fact, but you'd think he'd have a little compassion for his old comrade. Not so much.

Yet Roman didn't act alone when arresting John. He had some help. Marlena drugged John! As I was watching this I was like, "No, she's not gonna ...NO, she's not ... yep, she did." Although I bought her reasons, it took John some time to trust her again. Note to Marlena - don't drug and chain up a guy who has trust issues and claustrophobia. End note. Anyway, these two ended up making up in a very touching, Sweeps worthy scene. Gold stars all around! I can't wait to see what happens next and it's been years since I could actually say that about John and Marlena. Yay!

Round Two? (Kate and Roman)

I have to admit, I was a little surprised to see Roman and Kate show up at Chez Rouge - together! It was a happy surprise, though, as I like these two together. Katie brings a little twinkle to Roman's eyes and distracts him from pining after Marlena yet he mellows her out a bit. Has she really given up on interfering with her children's lives? Umm, if you believe that one I have some swamp-land in Florida to sell you. BUT, at least she has Roman to play the Jiminy Cricket conscience role for her again. That's a good restart. So therefore, I'm all geared up for a possible Kate and Roman, Round Two.

However, is "happily ever after" in their future? Not likely, among other things, the writers still have a trump card to play - how do you think Ms. Roberts will react to finding out Roman slept with Nicole!? Sure she has a somewhat "colorful" past so she shouldn't throw stones, but, aside from Sami, Nicole is number two on her least favorite ex-daughter-in-law list! Fasten your seal belts, Days fans, we could be in for a bumpy ride!

Weird Science (Nick, Shady Max and the Chez Rouge Gang)

In addition to Roman and Kate, many Salemites gathered at Chez Rouge to celebrate Nick's big moment and congratulate him about a thousand times. Even Bo noticed they were going overboard with the gushing. Despite supporting the cause, I also thought they were going overboard with the "green" talk as the show risked turning into one giant PSA at some points. Yet, it was Nick's big moment and he deserved it. Unfortunately, it was just a tad overshadowed by his brooding. No, not over Chelsea, over Max.

Max. Max. Shady Max. Judging from his reactions, it seems like he might just know Dean Dean Robbins. The big speculation is that he might be Max's biological father. I'd have to dig into the Days' Chronicles before I point the history rewrite finger, but all in all it might be interesting to watch this play out. It would be nice to see Max involved in his own storyline and give Stephanie some time to realize she's dating her uncle, I MEAN, give Stephanie some time to spend with her parents and Joey. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Baby Love (The Johnson Family)

This week Steve worried about Kayla worrying about the baby - again. Whereas I have a ton of compassion for what they're going through, whereas I do like reality based storylines sometimes and whereas the actors are great, this has been a major snooze fest. It was fairly predictable to begin with and a bigger, viewer friendlier shock would have been if Joey was born without complications. That would have been a pleasant surprise.

Nonetheless, the Johnsons began nesting in their new pad which looks nothing like E.J.'s old apartment - nothing I tell you. Ok, it's the same set. Not sure if it was addressed or not, but I take it that's what Patch Man and Elvis J were secretly meeting about a few weeks ago. Questions ... what is it with the people of Salem not seeming to care that they're living in someone's house/apartment who tortured them and their families? Odd. Well, at least their out of the Salem Inn, that's a start.

SOS (Belle)

Sorry, I just miss Martha Madison and had to throw that in someplace. They need to rehire her! Moving on ...

Her Daddy Made Her Do It (Ava)

I don't always have the best ideas, but I think I have one that's sure to make me a millionaire. I'm going to move to Salem and start selling "Ava Piñatas!" Everyone has been taking whacks at her anyway, so why not? Chelsea reamed the "bitch" out as did Stephanie (again) and even Marlena wasn't overly thrilled to see her show up at Casa DiMera.

The thing is, I really like Ava, but it's refreshing to see the "bad guy" getting called to the carpet. Often on shows when someone does something bad there's an, "Awe shucks, that's ok" lightening fast forgiveness and then everyone has a hearty belly laugh. Not this time and that's ok. It only adds to Ava's redemption. My favorite part is that she still has that spark - that defensive streak that coolly says, "Yeah, I messed up, whatcha gonna do about it?" I cracked up when said to Abe, "So what do I do now? Grab a shovel and burry the son of a bitch myself?" when he handed over possession of Martino's body. Yep, Ava's cool like that.

She's also cool with therapy and I'm a big advocate of getting a little head tune up when needed. And, boy, does she need it! Marlena struggled with Ava's request which I also thought was a nice touch. Normally, Doc would be stoic and try to work through her emotions, but all around it was just an honest, well acted scene. Kudos to Deidre, Tamara and the writers!

Pete and Repeat (Sami and Lucas)

Now that I've paid the writers some much deserved compliments, let's switch from praise to bashing them and concentrate on Sami and Lucas for a few minutes. Not Lucas/Sami/EJ, which I know is hard to separate, but Lumi themselves. Sami pretty much nailed my feelings about them at the moment when she said to Lucas, "My sympathy tank is running on empty right now." To be totally honest, they are both driving me completely nuts and that is a painful confession as I love both Alison and Bryan. The actors are doing a great, dare say, fantastic job with the material provided, but that's the problem - the material! Lucas has been back all of three weeks and Lumi has already fallen right back into their old trap of "lather, rinse, repeat" dialogue. It's almost painful to watch. Now that I've addressed my problem with their tedious talk let's discuss the characters.

They've both been needling my friend Mr. Last Nerve. I couldn't tell if Sami apologized a million times or ten million because after the first hundred thousand I began screaming at the TV too loudly to hear her. Maybe I'm just stupid, but I have no idea why she keeps apologizing. Sure there's guilt and, whereas I think it's admirable that she feels bad that Lucas walked in on her in bed with someone, there's a big but to all of this. No, not a big but, a HUGE BUT! Here it is - they're not married, LUCAS cut her completely out of his life despite all of her attempts to contact him and all the times she said she'd wait, he also cut his daughter completely out of his life and told Sami to move on! So, umm, she did yet he got released and wants to change the rules again and act self righteous? Right. If they approached it more as he was worried about Sami's safety, that's one thing, but he's being all, "How could you do this to ME?" Note to Mr. Roberts-Horton - it's not all about you all the time.

Like I said, it's hard to separate Ejamicus, so I get that he's mad that the man was Elvis J., but as Bobby Brown might say, it's her "prerogative" as to who she wants to move on with be it his half-brother, worst enemy or a random stranger. Please note, that's not me saying I want to see her with E.J., but I just don't like the fact Sami played by Lucas's rules and then got scolded like a child for doing so. I don't like that Lucas said something like, "You didn't have to sleep with E.J., you're resourceful and could have found another way to help me." Really, he said that to a rape victim!? More so I also don't like the fact that Sami is backing down. Sure she kicked him out, but that only lasted a minute. Where is that fiery Brady Oomph she is famous for? My suggestion to get this storyline out of Horribleland - bring back Stefano and have him erase Lucas's memories. That would not only give Bryan Dattilo a change to display is comedic brilliance on the show as Drake Hogestyn is doing now, but also give fans a chance to fall in love with Lumi again. Just an idea.

Extra Scoops

Hot & Not

Hot: Take Nicole making a splashy entrance, add everyone's favorite ex-psycho and you get one heck of a great scene! Ava's reactions to her wackiness were priceless! I also enjoyed the fact that even though these two are social outcasts they found each other. Even bad girls need friends too. More please.

Not: This may be the "NOT" of the year - Tony and Anna got married OFF SCREEN!?!?! Are you kidding me! Sure, they're not on air everyday, but, seriously, they didn't even show them sneaking off to a judge or a quick ceremony at St. Luke's? How could any writers give up the chance for a wedding during Sweeps?! No, we got nothing!? I love these two and Laurisa and I even had our outfits picked out for the festivities. Talk about a double dose of disappoint. Not cool writers, not cool at all.

Line of the Week:

"I'll put on one of my mix tapes and we'll cruise on down to Chi-Town," Nicole to her new BFF Ava.

Odds & Ends ...

Did anyone else pick up on Dr. Dan's shady phone calls? I still think he's a good guy with more baggage than the airport, but I am curious to find out who he was talking to. Is Marlena reaching out to give him another dose of head shrinking? Does he have a love child we don't know about? Or is he secretly having a fling with Lexie? God, I hope not!

Nicole vs. Chloe, Round 81 was pretty entertaining, but am I the only one who thinks Phloe simply being friends with benefits is going to blow up in their perfect faces? I say add Chloe to the Lumi mix and mix Morgan and Philip up a little more.

Finally, let's discuss the future. Soaps always try to lure in younger viewers over the summer months with a bunch of teen oriented storylines, so I came up with some random possibilities based on nothing but my own warped mind. Here they are ...

Salem Teen Scene "All American" Summer Fun Storyline Predictions:

Ciara Brady will be aged again, but this time to "Sweet Sixteen." She'll head up the "Teen Scene" this summer as she is going through a major identity crisis. Yep, she finally finds out that Bo and Hope are actually her parents, not Maggie and Caroline whom she spends most of her time with. Because of this revelation, she decides to go on the run with Joey Johnson (who gets out of the hospital within the next few weeks and is also aged to sixteen). He's a "soap geek," you know ... hot, but they put glasses on him to make him look all "nerdy." He's being framed for starting a horrible computer virus at the Java Café and they run away so the cops can't arrest him. Unfortunately, Shady Max is close behind them. He wants to date Ciara so he can complete his check list of dating nieces and great nieces.

Joy Wesley will come to town and she blames Chloe for ruining her life - using her for her marrow then ditching her. Aside from creating drama for her big sister, she also develops a thing for Dr. Theo Carver, who just completed his medical degree from Salem U. He can't commit to her, though, as he's in a bitter fight with his mother for the Chief of Staff position at University Hospital. Joy is a candy stripper there and is far from a joy - she's helping Lexie, who is evil again, stay in control which casts a dark cloud over her budding relationship with Theo.

Will Roberts-Horton returns to Salem and is now officially older than Sami and Lucas. He admits to shooting EJ, but Elvis J lets him off to impress Sami. Will begins working at the Brady Pub as a bartender and falls for Nicole! They eventually become engaged and Sami has to throw Nicole a bridal shower! Fun times.

Rowan, Roman and Nicole's love child from their one-night stand, (Roman - the M + the W from Walker = Rowan), will come to town just as Kate and Roman get back together. Everyone will be stunned, except Nicole who gloats at the fact she ticked off Kate. He will be about 17-18 and VERY straight laced which often puts him at odds with his wild, drunken mother. He eventually falls for Abby Deveraux, who is back in Salem and has been de-aged to fit in with the new Teen Scene. They become the most boring young couple ever.

Jack Deveraux, Jr. comes back with Abby and is working as an intern at the Spectator. Oh yeah, he's older than Abby now. He has a love/hate relationship with a newly cast girl named Diane whom we are supposed to believe grew up with all the other recently aged teens. She is Ciara's best friend (Please reference Chelsea and Abby for an example).

Ali Roberts-Horton will be living in Colorado with her Uncle Eric, the Ghost. Sorry, unless one sibling is an evil twin that nobody ever knew about, Salem is a one twin at a time kinda town.

However, Little Johnny Wells-DiMera, now called Gio*, has become the next generation of evil DiMeras! He's twenty-ish and resurrects Stefano with the help of Dr. Rolf and Joy (who figures out where the Salem PD concealed a comatose Phoenix by hacking into University Hospital's records). Joy and Gio (Goy on the message boards) become lovers, but her heart belongs to Theo (Thoy).

Finally, Clair Brady finds Ciara and Joey on the run and convinces them to turn themselves in - Bo will help them find the real culprit. She returns to Salem with them as she is taking summer courses at Salem U in preparation for her freshman year. Immediately, she falls for Gio, whom because of another history re-write, she is not related to anymore. Gio falls for her too, but he worries that she will discover his deep, dark secret and leave him (he started the computer virus)! Oh the drama of it all!

SIDE NOTE*: Gio will also be played by James Scott, but his hair is slicked back, he uses an American accent and wears a Salem U t-shirt.

So friends and Days fans, that's "Two Scoops" for the week of May 26th, and, as Pre-Brain Erased, Pre-Convict John Black used to say, "That's a fact."

As always, thanks for reading!

Need more Two Scoops? Laurisa and I are always up to something, so make sure to check out our Soap Central Blogs for more ranting, raving and all-out randomness!

Tony S
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