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For the Week of August 31, 2009
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It's odd to see Hope's trust in Bo diminish so quickly, considering all that they've been through. Watching them fight is nearly as disturbing as watching Ciara's kidnappers.

Whoa-ho-ho, Days fans! If Laurisa's last Two Scoops was brought to us by the letter "C," this week the letter "R" is definitely the sponsor. That "R" stands for reunions, returns, recasts, ridiculous excuses, and reformats!

The reunion, of course, was Bo, Hope, and Ciara! The return, Dr. Craig Wesley! The recast? That's a given - Lindsay Hartley premiered as the new Arianna! The ridiculous excuses were provided by Nicole, who else? As for the last "R," reformatting, you'll notice this week's Two Scoops is a little different than normal.

As I had a case of "Emmy Fever," I wanted to devote last weekend to awards coverage. So I decided to write day-by-day mini-Scoops after watching each episode. A "Days Journal," if you will. But, in the interest of full disclosure, there was also some pre-awards celebrating that had to be done, and those cocktails wouldn't drink themselves.

While on the subject of the Emmys, Laurisa and I invite you to check out our blogs later this week to see what we though were the hits and misses on awards night. Just like last year, we'll cover all the fashion and faux pas! Laurisa will be hosting the Hits while all our catty comments can be found on my blog, the Misses. And so ends the shameless self-promotion section of Two Scoops...

Finally, a few more programming notes about this week before we dig in. I scooped each day exclusively. I didn't backtrack to change thoughts that may have actually changed by the end of the week, nor did I water down any annoyance. Heck, I didn't even give myself the weekend to calm down with a martini and a counseling session with Laurisa. Besides, I was getting jealous of E.J. being the only one who can irrationally flip out and Hope being the only one who can jump to conclusions without thinking everything through. I wanted in on that game, too! So, let's get unplugged...


I had a "case of the Mondays" while watching today, but I think the residents of Salem could relate. None of them seemed to be catching any breaks either. Well, except Rafe - he had a lucky one, and now he's onto Dr. Dick Baker!

Rafe: Agent Up-In-Sami's-Biz finished his talk with Nurse Sarah. By the way, I like the actress. They should keep her on recurring status somehow...a buddy for Mel at the hospital, perhaps. Anyway, Rafe's still Forest Gumping his way through his investigation and hashing things out with Ari. However, I suspect it will be a while before those two intellectual giants piece this baby puzzle together.

Nicole: Any day I get to see Nicole interact with both Dr. Baker and Stefano is a good one. Dick wanted mo money which caused Nicole mo problems. Of course, Stefano offered to "take care of things." Same old, same old, yet still entertaining.

However, Nicole's run in with Mia wasn't as fun to watch. I feel for Mia and tried to scream the baby swap truth loud enough that she could hear me. Turns out, I just ended up with really ticked-off neighbors. Whoops!

Bo, Hope & Justin: I love Bo. I love Hope. I love Justin. However, I'm a little nervous that I might not love Bo, Hope, and Justin, if you catch my drift. Yep, my Spidey Senses are tingling...I'm worried that Justin will end up being the new "Patrick Lockhart."

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope fought about the ransom-turned-reward. Honestly, watching them fight is nearly as disturbing as Ciara's kidnappers. I just want to put a pillow over my head until it stops.

Ciara & The Kidnappers: Dean, Brenda, and Kyle remain disturbing. Yet something tells me that Kyle won't make it to LA, nor will Brenda take Miami. I think Dean will send them elsewhere...perhaps to the morgue. However, I think Ciara hearing him flick his pick is going to be important down the road - stay tuned!

Teen Scene: Why are a bunch of teens having a party at Salem's most notorious dive bar? Furthermore, T said that Will was a big help organizing the why didn't Will ask his Great-Grammy Caroline to use the pub? Moving on...

I liked the fact that Will was hanging posters to help his family. He gets an A+ for supporting Caroline as well. However, I was a little shocked Mia wasn't there with him and, later, when she acted shocked to find out about Ciara. I kind of thought Will and Mia were tighter than that.

However, Chad stills wants to be tight with Mia, no surprise there. Via a flashback, we got to see that Chad left Mia a love song on her MP3 player. That was sweet, but I'm not sure how many teenage girls are into adult contemporary. Anyway, this is a tricky love triangle. When Mia's with Will I like them. When she's with Chad, I like them too. "Mill" or "Chia"...I'm just not sure yet!


This show seemed like a "very special episode" of Blossom Days. It dealt with teen drinking and driving, registered sex offenders, kidnapping, guns, disabilities, and domestic disputes. There was also a shocking ending worthy of a Friday Cliffhanger!

Ciara & The Kidnappers: Dean was just as creepy as Kyle today! I felt totally uncomfortable when he touched Ciara. Ewe! Of course, the major "ewe" was finding out Kyle really is a registered sex offender (something a lot of people guessed). If all that wasn't bad enough, Dean covered up Ciara and, later, fired a shot I don't know who he fired it at, but I can't wait to find out. I also can't believe they didn't save gem that for a Friday.

Bo, Hope, & Company: I'm tired of "Bope's" bickering. Honestly, I get it. They're both upset and handling things in different ways, but Hope needs to chill. It's odd to see her trust in Bo diminish so quickly considering all they've been through. And don't get me started on her on-again/off-again trust/mistrust of his visions. Ugh. Those two gave me a headache instead of getting my sympathy. Don't worry, I still heart you, Fancy Face, but just repeat after me, "Let it go, let it go..."

In better "Bope" moments, they teamed up with Roman! I was thrilled to see those three side by side. It was even made sweeter by the fact Theo got to be the hero by remembering, then pointing out, the angel tattoo. You go, Little Abe!

E.J. & Nicole: HA! Her excuses to dodge the Caribbean honeymoon were hysterically ridiculous. I have a new theory - maybe E.J. isn't dumb, maybe he's simply used to Nicole acting like a spaz. Think about it. They really don't know each other well. They hooked up and then stayed together because she was preggers. They skipped that entire "getting to know you" process. Those things considered, maybe he thinks she's simply a freak. And I guess he wouldn't be all that wrong.

Sami & Company: Sami was a busy gal. She told Rafe to beat it - yeah! Yet, I'm not getting too excited, I'm sure he'll be back in her life like an annoying-yet-bland rash soon enough. She also had a harsh run in with E.J. Ali and James could have a staring contest and make it enthralling. Finally, Dr. Baker called - cue the organist! That conversation should be good.

Teen Scene: Chad played his and Mia's song, ouch. Mia danced to it with Will, double-ouch! Those teens surely know how to hurt each other. However, I think Chad will end up saving Mia from being hurt by stopping her from getting into the car with a drunken Kinsey. Of interest, drunken Kinsey is just as annoying as sober Kinsey.


Hmm, today was interesting. It seemed that Mia and Kinsey dodged a bullet while Dean took one...after giving ones to Brenda and Kyle, that is. All in all, Ciara's safe...or is she? The show ended with her possibly blowing Dean's cover! No, I don't think that will happen either. Days has a habit of stretching things out. *cough baby swap*

The Kidnapping Crew: Dean is just a twisted freak. A murdering twisted freak! You know, at first I was annoyed that his reason for seeking revenge was so lame. It seemed like he was twisting the tiniest molehill into a mountain. Yet the more I think about it, I actually think that made things scarier. He's simply a balls-to-the-wall psycho, and there's nothing worse than dealing with a loose cannon. I feel bad for the kid that stole his lunch money in elementary school, I'm sure he'll seek revenge on him next. Anyway...

Dean killed Kyle and, even after her best efforts to beg for her life and a kiss, he killed Brenda, too. That's some messed-up stuff, but good drama. Ironically, it was all done so he'd be the hero. Right.

The good news? Ciara's safe (for now at least). And I'm also crossing my fingers Hope will finally cool her jets.

Nicole & Rafe: I'm ready for the baby-swap hoopla to be over, but Rafe saving the day is making a little queasy. Sure, I can give him kudos for his good intentions, but he's such a hypocritical buttinsky. Didn't he get mad at Sami for prying? Ah, well, I guess in this case what's good for the gander is not good for the goose.

Teen Scene: So Chad was the hero, sort of. He saved Mia, but it slipped his mind that Kinsey was drunk and behind the wheel of a car. I like the guy, but maybe he should feel a tad guilty she wrecked. Perhaps Mia should, too. However, I think Kinsey should be checked into far, far away from Salem and stay there for a few years.

In other Teen Scene gossip, Chad admitted he still loves Mia. Hardly shocking, but, again, I'm kind of enjoying this. There's something about them that makes sense, although them being together would come at Will's expense. Again, I'm torn. But the interesting thing is that Chad overheard Mia talk about her journal! Something tells me Chad is going to add hacking to his resume soon.

Lucas, Sami, & Kids: I liked Lucas and Will's talk. However, it scares me to think Lucas has Kate's DNA. I'd hate to see Mia end up in a drug-induced coma because Lucas doesn't approve. Thankfully, Will has Sami in his corner to calm Lucas down. Holy cow, I think I just hinted to the fact Sami is the voice of reason.

But then Sami went right back to being unreasonable. Lucas is right - she should be more skeptical of her BFF Nicole. I'm not going to dwell on that. I think we all know that's going to blow up soon enough...and by "soon," it could possibly be soon as Sami seems curious about Baker's call. Keep digging, Sami, keep digging!

Poor Allie, the gal doesn't stand a chance. It seems she's being shipped off to Switzerland. I think Doug and Julie are taking her? Yet if they were in Salem, why didn't we see some Hope/Doug time during the Ciara crisis. Hmm, odd. Furthermore, sorry to say this, but I have a hard time believing that Marlena remembers there's anyone else on the planet except for John, let alone that she has grandkids. Oh, snap! Sorry, Mar-Mar, I kid. But I guess this ends the chapter of Sami wanting to spend more time with her kids, right?


You know, I almost thought I'd get away with a Dr. Dan-free week or, in the very least, a fantasy about him, but, not so much. Ugh, the man exhausts me. But at least there were other things that totally kept my interest!

Dean: I'm not ready to make a judgment here yet. His lingering presence could create some interesting drama...or it could totally become annoying if it's dragged out too long. We'll see. One thing is certain - I'm more certain than ever that his flicking of his BIC is going to be his downfall!

Bo, Hope, & Company: Hmm, I wonder if Bo's knock on the noggin is going to cause his psychic visions to stop? Bad timing, if you ask me. He might want to look into the future to see how long he'll be sleeping on the couch thanks to Hope and her pissiness towards him. Fancy Face, cut the guy some slack. Yet, I'm glad she looked past her anger and worried about his injury. That gives me hope.

Otherwise, it was great to see everyone celebrating Ciara's safe return! Bo, Hope, Lexie, Abe, and Roman all on the screen nearly sent me into Vet Overdose as I'm not use to all that. More, please!

Roman: I'm crossing my fingers that because of the fallout from Ciara's kidnapping, we'll get to see more of Roman. It seems that he's in on Bo's hunch that Kyle and Brenda weren't working alone. I'd like to see him be the one to connect the dots. The man needs a dose of good luck.

Dr. Dan: Please see the "Not" of the week. Thank you.

Brady, Mel, & Nathan: I loved Mel and Brady teaming up to help Steph, so I'm pretty excited to see them in cahoots again. Nathan's involvement will be interesting. I'm hoping that we'll see a cooler side of his character because of this. He needs a little cool redemption after the last few weeks. Of course, Nathan vs. Kate was a good start! Great scenes!

However, his apology to Mel seemed a weak. Furthermore, if he's going to spin people around in celebration, he may want to pick a gal that doesn't have the hots for him. Sorry, Nathan, you're not Adrien Brody.

Philip & Stephanie: These two are like watching Sami and Nicole playing nice. You know it's not going to end well. So I'm not getting too excited about their reunion. The fact is, this round of "Stelip" is a little marred by the combination of her ego (you left your family because of ME) and his decision to hide Mel and the No-Tell-Motel from her. Sure, he was single at the time, he could sleep with anyone he wanted to, but he did lie and said nothing happened. Therefore two wrongs don't make a right, nor are they making it easy to get behind this sequel.


Ah, the end of the week! I still think Tuesday was more of a "Friday," but I digress. It was a good day nonetheless. There were returns and recasts galore! Plus, things are being set up for some interesting things to come.

Kate & Dr. Dan: I don't like Dr. Dan that much. No shocker there, but I have to give Shawn Christian props for his acting chops. His talent makes me dislike Dr. S.T.Dan. Ok, enough praise...Dr. Dan tried trick Kate. Oh silly doctor, tricks are for amateurs. I'm glad Kate saw threw his scheme...or did she!? It looks like our resident multicolor fingernail schemer might trip up if she's not careful. I'm totally invested in this for no other reason to see how Kate can bounce back, stay out of jail, and on our screens!

Lucas, CRAIG, & Comatose Chloe: My magical TV must be broken, because Lucas didn't seem to hear my advice when I chanted, "Pull the plug! Pull the plug!" Ok, I kid, I kid! However, Chloe's life is in his hands, and it seems Craig and Nancy are ready support any decision he makes. Hmm...interesting! But I guess the Wesley Family is over "Danloe" too.

Seeing Kevin Spirtas was great, but I thought Craig's (guest) return was a bit disappointing. I don't know why, but I thought it would be bigger, more entertaining. Granted, he's in town for a solemn reason, but I was hoping for, at least, a Nancy update. But, in all fairness, I always liked his and Nancy's shenanigans much more than Chloe's angst, so I guess I forgot to prepare myself for the serious situation he returned for.

Brady, Arianna, & Troy: Ari not only changed faces in a hurry, she pulled a quick shirt change from the Brady Pub to the park! Anyway...I think Ari's going to have to tape into her inner bad-excuse making Nicole genes to explain why she was in the park with Mr. Dealer (AKA Troy). This storyline still intrigues me.

A casting note, I'd like to thank Felisha Terrell for her time in Salem and wish her the best for a bright future! She will be missed but, the show must go on, and powerhouse Lindsay Hartley's in the house! With all due respect to Felisha, this excites me. Welcome to Salem, Lindsay!

Rafe, Sami & Dr. Baker: First up, I think I was actually perceptive enough to catch a blooper! Did Rafe text Dr. Baker (while posing as Nicole) saying he/she was tied up with E.J. and Stephanie (instead of Sydney)!? Whoops!

Rafe and Sami both seemed to have the same idea - to track Dick to the Dominican Republic. Ok, fine, but I think it's hysterical that two of Salem's biggest freeloaders scrounged up the money to fly to the islands on the spur of the moment. At least the writers explained Rafe borrowed Ari's credit card. How did Sami pay for it? Hmm, maybe she sold Ali!

All in all, I'm worried about Dr. Baker. When several characters start to come down on someone it usually ends up in a whodunit. Not good. So. Not. Good.

Miscellaneous: Days has been doing a great job of integrating the cast lately. It's always nice to see characters such as E.J. and Lexie talking or Brady and Mia chatting it up. Thumbs up to that!

Extra Scoops


Hot: Peter Reckell is always good, but on Thursday's episode he really stole the show. He broke my heart when Bo had to deal with the thought Ciara might have been abused by Kyle. So sad! But bravo Peter!

Not: Wow! Dr. Dan's ego can certainly fill up a TV screen. Sure, Kate's delusional, but he's on board that train, too. Does he honestly think he's the good guy/victim here? Ok, he's sort of a victim, but I have a hard time turning my head to the left and coughing up any sympathy for him. But I'm glad the Ciara's been found because now everyone in Salem can focus their attentions on the most important thing ever - him. Right. And I should mention that he's acting like he's the only one who cares about Chloe and is venting this frustration to Chloe's ex, Brady! I didn't like Bore "Broe," but I did believe they loved each other, and still care about each other's well being. "Broe" wasn't some lust-filled tryst masked as love. Mini-John should have punched him - you know, um, to knock some sense into him...yes, that's it!

Line of the Week:

"It's love and hate all mixed up into one psychological cocktail from hell!" Dr. Dan's take on Kate's motives. Ok, I'll give him a pat on that back for that line - it was amusing.

Randomness ...

Holly cow! Both Rafe and Will have new iPhone-esque mobiles. Congratulations, Salem - your technology has finally caught 2007!

Awe, it's obvious that little Hailey and Lauren Sinnema (Sydney) are crazy for Ari Zuker. I don't think a baby that young can fake those kinds of tears like when Nurse Maxine took her away!

Was the dead baby Grace flashback necessary, writers? We're just starting to recover from the trauma caused by the original airing. No more!

Roman mentioned Doug and Julie! Aren't they a little overdue for a visit? Then again, since its summer, I can see the writers dressing Julie as the Coppertone girl and Doug like the Kellogg's Raisin Bran sun while he sings "It's A Sunshine Day" from the Brady Bunch. Yep, probably better for my blood pressure that they stay away.

Parting Thoughts ...

So, friends and Days fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of August 31st! Make sure to check out Laurisa's blog for Emmy Hits and mine for the Misses! She'll be back Monday to cover everything in Salem from A to Z, and, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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