Blond ambition

by Tony
For the Week of March 29, 2010
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Some might blame Hope for being a buttinsky, and some might be right. But because of Hope's butting in, Adrienne is home, and that kicks, well, butt. That alone gets Fancy Face off the hook.

I sense a routine beginning, and I like it. You see, when I Scooped two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of gushing about the return of one of my favorite blonde bombshells, Ms. Nicole Walker. And last week, another blondie returned, which caused me to celebrate yet again. In other words, Judi Evans is back!

Now, as thrilled as I was about Nicole's return, we knew it would eventually happen. Adrienne? Not so much. Seeing her in Salem again seemed like the pipe dream that two lonely DAYS Scoopers made during their annual Golden Donut Awards. But now that those dreams are reality, let's take a look at what Adrienne, as well as some other feisty blondes (and non-blondes), had on their agendas last week.

Some might blame Hope for being a buttinsky. Sure, some might be right. But because of Hope's butting in, Adrienne is home, and that kicks, well, butt. And In my book, that alone gets Fancy Face off the hook.

Of course, Adrienne didn't feel the same way. She's a tad miffed that Hope cried wolf. Can I blame her? Ah, *shoulder shrug* Ultimately, Adrienne knew Hope's heart was in the right place despite being upset by the ambush. I agree, and also believe Hope's well-meaning heart butting-in is a bazillion times better than where her head has been lately. Therefore, Hope "Up In Your Biz" Brady gets a pass as long as we've seen the end of the irrational and not-so-loveable Hope "What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks Is This Crazy Chick's Actual Problem?" Brady.

Plus, Hope's been honest with Justin all along. Considering that a lot of characters would just string someone along until he or she - yes, Melanie, I'm talking to you - decide exactly who they want, I would say Hope is doing just fine these days. But both Adrienne and Justin seem to think she isn't moving on even though she took the big step of taking off her ring. I think Hope's in limbo. I also think she's starting to dig herself out of the rubble she created for herself by imploding her relationship with Bo, and that's a good thing.

However, I think Mr. and Mrs. Dimples are passing the buck a bit. Hope might be missing Bo, but she's not mean-spirited. She's not trying to play God with them just because she can't be with Bo. She wants to see two stubborn people she loves, who just happen to love each other, end up back in love. What's not to love about that plan? I, for one, think Alice would give Hope her gold Horton Meddling Cupid wings, and a doughnut.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I love Leann Hunley. She's great. Therefore, I totally enjoyed Anna's wacky escapades last week, although I am adding Anna "Flight Delayer" DiMera to the list of things I never want to see when I board an airplane, right after crying babies and people who look like they haven't showered in three days.

Stuart Damon's short-term stint in Salem was also enjoyable. I've never spent time in Port Charles, but I heard Stuart was a catch for DAYS. And he was! I felt he quickly found himself at home amongst the crazy characters, and I was impressed that the writers made the rounds with him. More, please!

On the grand scale, everyone knew Nicole would get out of jail free one way or another. Therefore, I had already braced myself for some ridiculously unbelievable twists and turns. With Leann and Stuart spearheading things, and a twist of John Aniston and Ari Zucker, the blow was softened and downright fun, albeit totally ridiculous and unbelievable.

It's amazing that over a year later, Nicole is finally getting it. "It" being Brady is the man for her. I can't wait to see what she comes up with to make that happen, but I just hope her self-respect doesn't get lost in the shuffle. We watched that happen when she tried to snag E.J. and that was so, so, so not fun. On the contrary, it's been fun getting to know "Hardcore Nicole" again, so let's keep it that way, dear writers.

It's also been fun getting reacquainted with Fay. I hope she sticks around to serve as Nikki's Jiminy Cricket. She brings a unique perspective to things. And, sure, Nicole isn't going to listen to her, but Fay is a nice balance to Nicole's craziness. However, I absolutely agree with Laurisa when she said, "I'm still not down with [Nicole] being disrespectful to Mama Walker."

Now, as much as I love Nicole, I think Arianna rocks, too. Silly omen worries aside, I was glad she stood up for herself and didn't let her dignity take a backseat to her need to land the current hunk du jour. Yes, Nicole, that's what that looks like. Ari made valid points. She expressed her concerns. And she wasn't willing to settle for second place in her own marriage. I give that some props!

And then there's Brady. I like him, I do. He's kind, caring, and a downright dreamboat. But I also believe the lights are on, but he's not always home. In addition, he possesses a passive-aggressive quality that makes me wonder if he really loves Ari or he just doesn't want to upset her by waving his confused flag. I think Brady and Mel need to Electric Slide themselves into a heart-to-heart before yet another "well-thought-out" wedding takes place.

Wow. Brady and Ari's little champagne toast with Sami and Rafe made breakfast with the Donner Party seem a lot less awkward. Sadly, I think most of us know a couple like "Safe." That couple who are extraordinarily exasperating. That couple that you can only take for short periods at a time. That couple who brings drama to every party, mini-golf outing, and movie night they attend. Yep, Safe is officially "that" selfish couple. I just wish this break they talked about kept them from sharing so much screen time.

Furthermore, just like Sami, I was ticked that Rafe turned down her request for a reference letter. Ironically, in his annoying, oozing, Rafe-like way, he's absolutely right. Sami "I Sold My Baby Sister on the Black Market, Among Other Things" Brady isn't likely to pass an FBI background check. I get it, O Annoying One.

But -- big but -- since Sami is turning into Marlena 2.0, she needs a job. Sure, Mar Mar drove me nuts at times, but at least I could respect her because she "worked" hard for her money. Okay, she had a job to explain where said money came from. But Sami? Two words - free loader. And just when she started to think about working, the issue ended up coming back to her relationship with Rafe. As they say in Germany, Łber-ugh!

Remember when Mia used to be appalled by Nicole's horrible actions? Okay, just checking. These days, nothing seems to bother her, but I'm not sure I like this new-but-unimproved Mia. In fact, she's sort of making Kinsey look likeable.

My big gripe is that she's using mixed-up logic similar to what Belle used when she cheated on Shawn-Douglas a few years ago. Belle ended up sleeping with the man who was the cause of most of her troubles. It didn't make sense at all. Just like Mia and Chad.

Had Mia climbed the beanstalk as soon as the truth about Chad's parents shipping him away came out, it would have made more sense. That was the only reason she was upset with him. But now, combined with her sudden bitchalicious attitude, it just seems like lazy writing.

Speaking of lazy writing, what was with Will's anti-Sami stance returning? My only thought was, "Great, we're back to that again." I get the parallels, but Sami and Will are far less irritating when they're getting along. And right now, Sami and Will need to be far less irritating in general.

In my opinion, Gabi is pretty much the only breath of fresh air in the Teen Scene right now. There's something very likeable about her. She's not afraid to speak her mind, yet she doesn't get bitchy while doing so. She pitches in around the pub. She actually respects her elders' advice. All in all, she's a keeper.

Stefano, Kate, and Will's scenes were fun! And I'm glad Will backed Kate down from going after Mia. I'm all for a little revenge, but I think Kate picking on Mia would be a little unfair. Sort of like giving Chloe a complex mathematical problem and expecting her to solve it. Stick to the big leagues, Kate, but don't be afraid to coach Will, as he has the DNA to be a full-fledged schemer.

Speaking of schemers, Ms. Stephanie was up to her normal whitewashing last week. However, if you've seen DAYS over the past three weeks or so and follow Two Scoops, the same general feelings still apply, as this storyline has been stuck in the repeat cycle with no lathering or rinsing in sight. Mel's still confused. Stephanie's still Stephanie. And Nate and Phil are still clueless eye candy.

Also on the repeat front - Carly vs. Viv, round 8,577. Love those wacky gals, but the action was a little on the been-there-done-that side. In other words, well-acted filler. Will Vivian really give up on her vendetta? As Marlena once said, "Letmethinkno." But watching Vivian and Victor tie the knot while mentally torturing Carly? Yes, please!


Fearing I was being redundant, I didn't pick Nicole's return as the "Hot" two weeks ago. But this week I'm risking it and shouting to the cyber rafters that Judi Evans is back! And I love the new look Judi's rocking this time around. As my friend JoJo would say, "Legendary." Welcome home, Judi - we missed you!

It takes a lot for the one and only Bo Brady to pick up a weekly "Not." But he did. He did in a big way. And please note, this isn't a "Barly" bash. It's strictly a Bo bash because he acted like a total a-hole. In fact, I am picking Dr. Dan's side over Bo's, and that says a lot. Where does Bo get off by flippantly asking Dr. Dad, in regards to Carly and Melanie's protection, "When did this become your problem?" I'd say eighteen-plus years ago, Bo, or at the very least within the last month since he found out one of his best friends had his daughter. Just saying.

Furthermore, would Bo really - really - throw everything away just to protect Carly and Mel? Like, go to jail "throw everything away"? And by "everything," I mean his freedom and career as well as those "trivial" things Victor mentioned, such as his relationships with Caroline, Shawn-Douglas, Claire, Chelsea, and Ciara!? Really, Bo!? I watch Oz, and trust me, he might be willing to give up his life for his lover, but when he has to give it up for a lover in jail, it's not going to be too pretty. Tread lightly, Herr Brady.

Kate (to Will, upon learning Mia two-timed him): "What's Mia's last name?" HA! I guess old habits, like daughters-in-law, die hard.

Instead of wiring money to Nicole, Fay surprises her daughter in Santo Domingo and hand-delivers the loan:

Fay: "[It's] as much as you asked for. It would have been less if my friend Marge hadn't have loaned me the money she was saving for a divorce."
Nicole: "It would have been more if you hadn't bought a plane ticket."


Editor's Note: Be sure to check out Tony and Laurisa's appearance on last week's Soap Central Live. You can by clicking here to navigate to the Soap Central Live show page. Tony and Laurisa pop in at the 30-minute mark, but the entire show is entertaining for fans of all soaps.

Sorry, Paca, but Celeste could out-bad omen you under the table. Nice try, though.

Have you ever noticed jewelry in Salem is shoddily made?

Theo's enthusiastic "Hello!" was like an overload of cuteness.

Nicole and Lois' "Pardon Dance" gets my vote on the new show Dancing with the Former Porn Stars.

When a character mentions Santo Domingo, I just hear "Santo." And then I think of James Scott as Santo. And then I think of James Scott as Santo's mustache. And then I just laugh...a lot.

Was Bo's dagger tattoo missing at first and then spontaneously appeared?

Vivian's Velma Kelly hairstyle makes me giggle.

Remember the secret word of the day on Pee-wee's Playhouse? I'm fairly sure the writers are using that idea and last week's word was "break," as in a couple going on one. Break. AAH!

Although we have to wait until Thursday to celebrate National Rafe Day, otherwise known as April Fool's, you don't have to wait any longer to see which DAYS stars captured the gold during's 2010 Dankie Awards! The results were posted Sunday and you can see them by clicking here! And you can CLICK HERE to do your civic soap duty and vote for the best of the best as presents the "All Soaps" edition of the Dankies. Last year, James Scott and Nadia Bjorlin beat out every single soap stud and daytime diva to be named the overall Most Attractive Male and Female Stars. Will they win again? Only you can prevent forest fires, and make sure DAYS beats out all the other shows, so make sure to rock the vote!

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of March 29th. And now that two of my all-time favorite blondes are back in Salem, I'm off to wonder which one will return next. Will it be the blonde, but bat-crap-crazy Kristen Blake? Songstress Liz Chandler? Eric Brady!? Those three are doubtful, but there are some fantastic returns confirmed - blond and otherwise - that we'll discuss next time, and, "That's a fact!"

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