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by Tony
For the Week of May 10, 2010
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Brady's bump to the head brought on some good things. For starters, it helped bring the ironic mugger mystery to another level by reigniting Victor's fury.

Let's start this week's Two Scoops with a game I like to call "How Old Does THAT Make You Feel!?" It's simple. You start with an occasion - say, the last time Anna and Calliope shared screen time. Ready for the answer and, for those of you who do remember, to feel really old? In the form of a question, please - "What is 1986?" Correct!

Ah, yes, the '80s! Last time Anna and Calliope were best buddies on-screen, Ronald Reagan was president. Last time they had some hijinks together, you could get a contact high just about anywhere from the lingering haze of Aqua Net. In fact, the last time those two ditzy blondes chitchatted, Flock of Seagulls had young-me on the phone asking for their hairstyle back. Ah, yes, I feel old.

However, after all these years, one thing is clear - Leann Hunley and Arleen Sorkin still got it! But they weren't the only two actors proving chemistry amongst the DAYS cast was sizzling last week. So, let's put on our lab coats, grab one of those fancy drinks Anna and Calliope were guzzling, some of those pills Hope is popping, and examine all the chemical reactions.

On one hand, this storyline is gives me the night terrors. I'm talking Nightmare on Elm Street-type stuff here. Why, you ask? Because escaping to paradise only to find Rafe Hernandez there is a downright scary thought.

I know, I really know - he's trying to help - but why does Rafe helping always leave me annoyed? Note to Agent Aggressive-Pants: Not everyone needs browbeaten, especially Calliope Jones who's about as hardcore as a couple of Care Bears having a giggling contest. I'd be hesitant to help him, too, if he's always up in my face snarling and what not. He'll catch more flies (and escaped kidnappers) with honey than vinegar, that's all I'm saying.

On the other hand - whateves, Rafe-O - his annoying-yet-helpful presence totally took a back seat to the total combined awesomeness of Anna and Calliope! Even though there are still questions to be answered - like, how did Calliope meet Rafe, anyway? - I don't care. I enjoyed everything about seeing these two together again.

I was born into an NBC-soap household, and the early/mid-'80s era of DAYS still brings back warm-fuzzy memories. Of course, I was very young, but those wacky Salemites had me coming back for more, even if I didn't understand everything that was going on. However, one thing that did translate into kid was fun - and who was more fun than Anna and Calliope (and Eugene)!?

So, no matter how many plot holes or head-scratching moments this new twist has caused, I'm in. And there's nothing that wastoid Agent Buzz Kill can do about it. I'm mentally slipping on my old Smurf slippers, grabbing some Pop Rocks and a New Coke - not at the same time, of course - and going to relax and enjoy the colorful ping-pong conversations between my gals, Anna and Calliope.

SAMI and E.J.
If it weren't for Alison Sweeney and James Scott's off-the-charts chemistry, this storyline wouldn't work. When you take a step back, you see two characters that have done - even by soap standards - unimaginable, unforgivable things in general as well as against each other. You'd expect the only thing they'd give each other is the finger, not a second fifth chance. In fact, on paper, both of them should probably be in jail and/or a padded room. Well, Sami, at least - on paper E.J. is twelve or thirteen.

However, on-screen is a different story. When James and Ali are on, it's hard to look away. That amazing, natural chemistry is what pulls me into their scenes every time. No matter how ridiculous the plot is or what they've done to one another, James and Ali are incredibly convincing, and that's what convinces me to ignore rational reasoning and just go with the EJami flow.

Speaking of going with the flow - okay, I'll stop there. Midol product placement aside, I continue to love Arianna vs. Nicole, and getting a side of Gabi was a nice bonus! More so, I like Gabriella Rodriguez and the sisterly chemistry she has with Lindsay Hartley. They share a believable, natural ease that works. Plus, seeing Gabi try to take on Nicole brought out the chuckles.

Of course, Nicole vs. Arianna is the big-ticket draw. I like where things have been and I like where they seem to be headed. I like that Nicole is getting her scheme back on, and I love that Vivian took a vacation from Revenge Land long enough to throw her two cents in. And things are sure to get even more interesting when a certain baby-swapper bumps into a certain dastardly doctor. I can't wait!

Brady's bump to the head brought on some good things. For starters, it helped bring the ironic mugger mystery to another level by reigniting Victor's fury. I mean, hello, Victor and Stefano MIGHT team up to help find the mugger - ah, I mean Hope. Um, yes, please!

His battering also brought out the best in Victor. Fired-up Vic was great, but seeing his tender side was also enjoyable. It makes all those times he and Brady disowned each other and subsequent reconciles more palatable. Aw, they really do love each other!

And I always love Mel and Brady scenes, too. However, I thought his advice to keep quiet was a little suspect. I mean, I'm sure Nathan will be the first in line to thank him for advising Mel to not say anything, you know, while he's balancing a big cry-baby and a crying infant. Brady should learn from New Yorkers - if you see something, say something and avoid disastrous results.

Wow, it's funny how easy it is to bridge from the word "disaster" to Stephanie. Anyway, she also visited. Sure it was a ruse to kick up the Mel vs. Steph dust, but I enjoyed the fact that she took time out of her non-pill popping schedule to visit her cousin. Yes, Brady and Stephanie are cousins. Don't worry, I almost forgot that as well! I would like to see them hang out more - Brady needs more to do than be a door prize, and Stephanie needs an actual friend who will call her on her crazy.

I love the Doped Hope storyline! Sure, it's pure, nonsensical brain candy, but it's fun, and Kristian Alfonso continues to crank out some awesome performances. However, Dr. Baker doesn't seem as amused. In fact, I think Hope's making Nicole look a little less horrible in Dick's eyes. When Nicole was peeved, she used threats. When Hope is mildly irritated, she just pulls out her gun and smirks! Again, I love it!

However, a freaked-out, fuzzy-minded Fancy Face had a bit of a meltdown and let her rules be known. One, no touching. Two, no leaving. Three, things aren't over until she says so. Four, if it's not obvious already, she's in control. Five, never call her names. And six, all employees must wash their hands. Okay, maybe not the last one, but the rest proved Doped Hope isn't fooling around, nor is she playing with a full deck. Oh, when this poor gal crashes, she's going to crash hard, and I can't wait to watch!

Carly asked, "Chloe, what are you talking about?" Oh, dear Dr. Manning, we've been wondering that for years. If I were Carly, I would grab some popcorn, sit back, and simply watch the Crazy Chloe Show. I mean, really, I never thought Chloe was playing with a full deck, but the girl is wicked crazy, as a Walberg would say. However, I'm loving it! Crazy Chlomiester is so much more fun than the doughy-eyed, mopey version!

Although if Carly does take my advice to sit and watch, I suggest she uses the chair in Dr. Dirty's apartment. I mean, really, that couch makes me cringe. Ick! Yet, ironically, it has a longer history with Chloe than most of her men. Go figure.

I'm intrigued, I really am, but I agree with Laurisa's perfectly put statement from last week: "This storyline has potential, but it needs to be given more attention than two or three scenes a week." Exactly! Spending a little more time with Madeline, Chad, and, heck, even Will would benefit everyone, as we'll learn more about them, and thus care more about what happens.

Their lack of screen time is creating a feeling that I'm missing out on something. Something I can't exactly put my finger on. If either Chad or Will were a girl, this would be a total Romeo and Juliet, stay away from thou enemy type soap storyline. And it kind of still is, minus the sexual undertones, but there's still something missing that's making this storyline recipe a little bland. So, writers, let's salt and pepper this bad boy and bring it to a boil - we're waiting!

First, the "WHAT!?" of all "Whats!?" - Sami was going to massage school!? A big rolling "riiight" seems appropriate. I might be going out on a limb, but it I think it would behoove the writers to stick with the facts, especially when a character has been front and center for the past 18 years.

Kimberly is going to make a full recovery! Sweet! Even sweeter - 33 more DAYS episodes until we get a little Patsy Pease fix. Well, bittersweet is more like it, but I'm still in denial about things.

Hmm, Maggie ended up in Victor's arms. My first thought - "Poor Maggie!" Followed by my second, "Too soon!" My third? "What about Victor and Caroline?" And fourth - another "hmm" and a raised Hope-like eyebrow. It's a good storyline seed to plant as long as things grow very slowly.

Vivian's hatred for Carly is always going to be what makes her black heart tick. However, seeing Victor's maniac main squeeze do something other than scheme against Carly was a welcomed treat. From her support of Brady to her warnings to Arianna, I'm glad she's getting her hands in other pots. She's a great character with too many ties in town to be exclusively tied down to Carly. Good move, writers!

Extra Scoops

Simply put - Anna and Calliope! Two rad retro returns for the price of one? Yes, please!

Stephanie + possible pregnancy = cruel and unusual viewer punishment. Unlike the love-quad that could end at any moment - hint, hint - this potential baby stinker would last months - nine months - and that's just the beginning! Please, dear Soap Gods, please, oh, please stop the insanity before it's too late.

Calliope (to Rafe regarding Anna and Tony): "Her husband is dead...I mean, she's lost him before, but this time it's real - she's got ashes."

Honorable Mentions:
A close second place, Dr. Baker to Doped Hope: "Ah, is this going to get real freaky now?"
Chloe's "Shut your lying mouth!" to Carly unintentionally cracked me up.
Nicole (to her boss on the phone): "Illegal underground gambling? Okay, now that I can get behind."
And Calliope slipping in "You should have taken the silver" while Anna went on about how she didn't want anything from the DiMeras was brilliant!

Arleen Sorkin looked - in '80s terms - totally tubular!

I ? Judi Evans.

Maggie's one classy dame, isn't she!?

Um, can Gabi even legally serve Nicole her martinis?

Tick-tock, writers, tick-tock. Morgan's "two-year" internship should be over any time now.

Carly Blame is verging on getting as maddening as "Sami has SO many kids" digs and blaming so-and-so for so-and-so's addiction.

Stefano's portrait looming in the background during E.J. and Sami's scenes was spooky foreshadowing at its best!

Does anyone else wonder what the other rooms in the HUGE DiMera mansion look like?

Tossing Johnny around = no pain. Removing a robe = pain. Got it! But next time, E.J., just invite her over to "watch a movie." It's less obvious.

Salem's elite illegal gambling circle hangout looks more like the location of a frat-house kegger.

Well, at least DAYS didn't have to product-place Depends.

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of May 10th. Just a reminder, Daytime Emmy nominations are being announced May 12th. Yes, this Wednesday! To check out the pre-nominees, click here. I recommend everyone get a delicious doughnut in honor of Alice that morning and then rush to review the results. Go, Team DAYS! Laurisa will be back next week to cover all the off-screen nods and on-screen nonsense, and, "That's a fact!"

Need more Two Scoops? Head over to read blogs by Laurisa or Tony for more ranting, raving, and all-out randomness

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