Double negative, proof positive

by Tony
For the Week of December 6, 2010
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Double negative, proof positive
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Not only did Stefano call Kate out about calling Sami, he also forced her to confess to sending Chad's birth certificate. That's two reveals for the price of one, folks.

You got me, DAYS. You really got me. I was expecting last week to be a little slow. You know, sweeping up after Sweeps and all. But much to my surprise, it wasn't slow. In fact, it was rather eventful! Kate had not just one secret blown out of the water, but two. Dr. Dan and Carly cleaned up the Loma virus. Add in EJami drama, Vivian hatching a "brilliant" new revenge crusade, and Hope still being Shawshanked, and I didn't even feel the urge to sing the "Post-Sweeps Blues" once. Let's discuss!

If I've learned one thing from Kate over the years it's deny, deny, deny! And she tried -- oh, boy, did she try -- but Stefano knew better. He is the Phoenix after all. Not only did he call her out about calling Sami, he forced her to confess to sending Chad's birth certificate, too. That's two reveals for the price of one, folks. Nope, E.J., Stefano hasn't gone soft -- he still has his powers of persuasion and can use them while casually sipping Limoncello.

Whereas I'm a little worried about the future of my favorite evil-doers duo, I have one word to say -- "Bravo!" Not only did Lauren Koslow and Joseph Mascolo wow me, but the writers did, too. I really didn't think they would dredge up Curtis kidnapping Austin and Billie, but they did, and it made for one heck of a compelling argument in Kate's favor. I applaud them for that nod to Kate's history and its relevance to her current storyline -- well played, writers.

In general, I thoroughly enjoyed Kate's take last week. Although the big guy was big-time hurt by her betrayal and she felt sorry for hurting Stefano, Kate wasn't sorry for what she did. She even told E.J. she would do it again! He didn't like that, but I was glad to see Kate didn't back down to him. I was also pleased at the thought of her and Sami teaming up, as it's always fun to watch bitter enemies forced to work together. Add Victor into the mix and I can't wait to see what happens next!

To be blunt -- I thought Chad turning out to be yet another long-lost Stefano spawn was going to be an eye-roll-inducing, "been there, done that" snooze. I was wrong. So far, it's been so good.

Just like Kate's history, I'm glad the writers are using Chad's to help explain his actions. He wanted to know about his family because he didn't know about Grace until it was too late. I get that, and Stefano did, too. I repeat -- "Well played, writers."

However, somewhere between finding out Chad was his child one minute and then writing him a check for his college expenses and trying to stuff him into a Stefano-style tailored suit the next, the Phoenix may have come on a tad strong. You know, too much, too soon. But that only makes me more eager to see their relationship grow because I think Joseph Mascolo and Casey Deidrick have a fun chemistry that is sure to entertain. Besides, I'm also curious to see what kind of DiMera Chad will turn out to be -- lovable like Lexie or evil like E.J. (or, of course, dead like Renee, Megan, Benjy, Tony...).

I'm a little torn about something. And that something is that nearly everyone has figured out that Sami shot E.J. in the head. And there is even proof...the recorded confession and now the gun. But most are choosing to ignore that Sami -- I repeat -- shot E.J. in the head! I sympathize with Sami to a degree and I haven't forgotten all the evil things the DiMeras have done, but the "hypocrisy flag" is flying pretty high in Camp Brady these days. That fact bothers me a bit, mostly because I'm not sure which camp to root for anymore.

On one hand, the Bradys could blast the entire DiMera family back to the early '80s for all they've done to them over the years and be somewhat justified, in the "eye-for-an-eye" sense. Stefano has kidnapped Roman and made his loved ones believe he was dead several times. Then again, Stefano has kidnapped most of the Bradys and faked their deaths at one point or another. I don't have time to go into what he's done to John and Marlena. And E.J. is no stranger to evil acts. However, the Brady family has always wanted justice, not revenge, and that's the issue I have.

With that said, I can also appreciate the writers developing multi-dimensional characters. In general, I prefer them to cookie-cutter heroes and villains. But when the switch from saint to shady happens too fast, it makes me wonder if the writers are really being true to the characters or if the characters have been truly pushed too far.

Oh, Big Red -- you're breaking my heart! You have to forgive Victor, you just got to. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Let's just say Maggie was a little peeved that Victor and the "Crypt Club" stuffed Viv in the sarcophagus because of her. But come on, Mags, clearly, chivalry isn't dead -- you and Vic can hug it out.

But the even bigger story here is that Vivian is out for blood. Supposedly, Maggie is off Viv's radar, but that just means Victor and Brady's blips are coming in stronger and they're her intended targets. Kate already gave Brady the heads-up, but I think he needs to start counter-plotting ASAP. By the way, I love Brady and Kate interacting -- it's unexpected, but kind of fun.

What exactly Vivian's "brilliant" plan is still remains between her, Gus, and any Brady Pub patron within earshot. I'm just crossing my fingers it isn't another throwback plot. The writers were surprisingly successful when they went retro with "Buried Alive, Part Two: The Revenge," but somehow I just don't think Vivian stealing Victor's sperm and Kate's egg a second time would be so appealing.

Darn you, Jonas-Manning-Layton family! Because they were all so super cute and because Dr. Dan and Carly donned their super-hero capes, I was a big crybaby all week while watching them interact. Sure, the cheese was sprinkled on extra thick, but I couldn't avoid reaching for a Kleenex when Carly proclaimed she not only loves Mel, but likes her, too. Aw, shucks!

So, this storyline pretty much wrapped up in warp speed considering it lingered on the backburner the past few weeks. Carly injected herself with the Loma Virus against her loved ones' wishes. In a matter of minutes, she started experiencing symptoms. A minute later, Dr. Dan -- who was curiously immune to the disease -- gave her that antidote. And bam! Everyone was cured and their zombie-like complexions returned to normal. Although unbelievably fast, I'm glad everyone made a quick recovery. This is one storyline that didn't need to linger in quarantine much longer, as it was far too depressing.

With that said, there were some "discoveries" made. Mostly, Nathan and Melanie still love each other. Okay, that wasn't too shocking, but I am a sucker for those two. They're cute and cuddly, and I can't wait to see them together, especially after Nathan's heartfelt confession (and the foresight to know it will drive Stephanie insane further insane). Although, during Nathan and Melanie's scenes, I half expected an animated crab to sneak up behind them and start singing "Kiss the Girl."

Not-so-Sweetness Jr. finally told the truth about the paternity test switcheroo. Yep, she came clean. Unfortunately, she came clean to Adrienne and, you know, not anyone who really needs to hear the truth. I loved seeing Adrienne and I'm glad they made up, but, good grief, Stephanie stalling is not doing anything for her annoyingness, which is off the charts at this point. As Yoda would say, "Do or do not; there is no try."

In other "Stephanie News," she admitted to being needy. You don't say? At least admitting she has a problem is the first step towards recovery. Okay, moving on...

The number of favors Rafe calls in from guys he knows always shocks me. It makes me wonder what he's done to have so many people in his debt. Oh, I forgot -- it's his charming personality! He is a people person, after all.

I've watched enough Oz to know Hope is cruisin' for a bruisin'. Rule one, don't tick off fellow inmates. Rule two, don't tick off the warden. Rule three, don't feed them after midnight. Um, I might be a bit mixed up, but I know Hope better get some backup quick or else she might be asking for her two front teeth for Christmas this year.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love Lexie and E.J.'s relationship! Considering they're DiMeras and have to speak somewhat cryptically, I thought their latest conversation was rather open and honest. Methinks E.J. probably won't heed Lexie's advice, but it's nice to see she's still trying to be his Jiminy Cricket.

Speaking of honesty, I agreed with Lexie when she scolded Sami for calling E.J. a monster. He is, perhaps, but, hello, kettle, the pot's on the phone. Sure, I absolutely feel bad for what Sami's going through, but -- and I'll play the trump card yet again -- she shot E.J. in the head. THAT is a tad hard to brush off with an "Aw, shucks, Sami did it again!" shrug and a hearty belly-laugh.

I felt really awful for new mom Chloe last week! Although impeccably well dressed and groomed, the poor gal had to put up with her screaming miracle baby while making lasagna for an entire four hours by herself because Dr. Dan just "had to" save Carly, Melanie, and Nathan's lives. Eventually, motherhood will come easier for her. She just needs to be patient and remember how hard it was for her to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Practice makes perfect, Chlomeister!


Lauren Koslow rocks my daytime world! Combine her with Joseph Mascolo, and I'm in. Those two could recite C-SPAN transcripts and make them interesting. More, please!

If watching Melanie and Nathan waste away while sick wasn't depressing enough, they go and toss in an adorable elderly woman on the brink. Seriously, DAYS!? I got that Mrs. Lang's lesson on "you can live without your soul mate and still be happy" was supposed to be poignant to Nathan's plight, but I could have done without those scenes, especially since we lost our beloved Alice/Frances Reid this year. Why didn't Nathan just put on a low-cut dress and talk to Father Matt like everyone else?

Lexie (to E.J., regarding his plan to curb Johnny's need to see Sami): "What are you going to do tomorrow night, hire a clown?"

Honorable Mention:
Rafe to E.J. (after E.J. tore apart a photo of Will, Ali, Johnny, and Sydney): "Well, THAT was classy."

Chad and Stefano discuss their newfound kinship:

Stefano: "Ah, so William knows about his."
Chad: "Why do you do that? Why do you call everyone by their proper names? You're not going to start calling me Chadsworth, are you?"
Stefano: "Is that your proper name?"
Chad: "No."
Stefano: [amused] "Then I won't call you that."

Um, did anyone call to tell Melissa that Nathan nearly died? Given that she's rushed to Salem twice this year already, she might have wanted to pay him a visit.

Brady and Nicole are still together post-Vivian's un-entombment. I thought he was just silencing her. Hmm!

Kate talked to Chris on the phone! I think it's about time Ross Mathews makes another appearance. I still want to see how Stefano reacts to him, and I wouldn't mind seeing him and Maxine share a scene!

Are the constant "Philip shouldn't be a father again" digs starting to get on anyone else's nerves?

The "Crypt Club" -- HA!

Well, hello, Mr. Scuba Diver! Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Yes, Rafe, the Salem River IS probably cold this time of year. Next time, rub it in further by sipping a hot drink while pointing that out when someone emerges from it.

Suzanne Rogers needs to challenge James Scott to a prop-throwing contest.

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of December 6th. Laurisa will be back next week to see if DAYS' Post-Sweeps momentum keeps going. In the meantime, I'm off to work on the super-exciting end-of-the-year Two Scoops events. That's right -- the Fourth Annual Golden Donut and Alex North Memorial Awards are just weeks away! Be sure to get your tuxes and gowns ready to go and put the champagne on ice -- we have a lot to celebrate this year. And, "That's a fact!"

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