My drug buddy

by Tony
For the Week of August 1, 2011
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My drug buddy
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Nicole is like the little engine that couldn't, but keeps trying, regardless of the fuel she's wasting. At least her tank is easily filled up with vodka. It's a little cheaper than gas these days.

I had to check my calendar after watching DAYS last week. It seemed like a Sweeps week. But much to my surprise the last week in July is not typically an audience-grabbing, Sweeps-type period. It's actually a period of TV-lite when a lot of shows coast by with little storyline movement and a lot of beach-blanket-fun-type filler. Don't get me wrong, DAYS had its share of filler, but the nice part is that it was good filler (please skip down to the "Hot" section to see what I'm talking about).

And because I wasn't expecting such a good week, it made the last one even better. It was like a little treat to dedicated DAYS fans who've stuck with the show during the Higley years. Honestly, I could have called it quits after Tuesday because that entire episode was off the hook. So, let's talk Tuesday, and the rest of the week for that matter!

Wow. Like, wow! I'm speechless. When I finished last Tuesday's episode, I could only mutter, "Wow!" This addiction storyline has had some suspect moments -- Carly's Dr. Dan lust and Jennifer staying way too quiet about something so serious -- but, wow! Crystal Chappell is not afraid to get ugly for a role and, yes, that's exactly why she's an Emmy winner. I don't think I could praise her work enough. She completely wowed me, as you've already gathered from my overuse of the word "wow."

Of course, Melissa Reeves was amazing, too! Truth be told, I was disappointed in most of Jennifer's actions lately (using Jack to push Dr. Dan away and then keeping mum about her best buddy's benders thingy), but I loved the way Jen rallied around Carly. And I loved that she saved her life. It's rare to see Jennifer that hardcore, but Reeves impressed me so much. I didn't think I could love her more, but I do.

All in all, this storyline is what it is at this point. Most of us already know who is coming and going by now. That tends to let me relax and enjoy a storyline at face value a little more instead of thinking, "Wow! I have to Scoops this for the next I-don't-know-how-many-months so I need to pace my snarky comments myself." Instead, I can say, "Great acting! Ridiculous storyline. But whatever, you're almost done!"

Whereas I don't love most of this storyline's makeup, the acting has been amazing. Plus, now Carly's addiction is out in the open, which is progress. We got to see Vivian in a hilarious housekeeping outfit, which was a total flashback to some of the crazy costumes she was placed in during her first run on the show. Quinn was shirtless, which, well, hey, Quinn was shirtless. And I got to live vicariously through Melanie when she schooled Abigail for being an idiot. One can't go wrong with any of that.

As for the twist that Quinn found Carly and is nursing her back to health, well, this is a pure soap twist, but I'm in. It was great to hear Carly give her laundry list of reasons as to why she became an addict, which helped me remember that it wasn't all about Dr. Dan and Jen. If the writers can move far, far away from that aspect being the focal point, I'll be a little more forgiving of this storyline come time for the Fifth Annual Alex North Memorial Awards.

However, I am left wondering two things. Did Quinn have his trusty boudoir bed-cam running as Carly slurred through her tragic life story? I'm also curious to see if Quinn will end up breaking Vivian's vicious heart by having sympathy for Dr. Feelgood.

Dr. Dan was pissed. He was hurt. And he was worried. That's not a good combo. I can't say I blame the guy, even when he tore into Jennifer. I know Jen's heart was in the right place, and I loved that she brought up the points about protecting Carly's career, but Dr. Dan was right. Protecting Carly's life is more important. She should have spoken up sooner. I'm sure Jennifer was in a state of denial herself, but Carly could have died. Then again, perhaps since Jen saved her they're even-steven. In any event, I hope this means Jennifer and Dr. D can get back on track, although I think having a mutual good friend who's a junkie sort of rains on that parade a bit.

I totally cracked up at "DILM!" That's Vivian-speak for "daughter-in-law material." And she spoke those words after she barged in on Quinn in what she perceived as the middle of getting a little hey-hey! from a gal who was hiding under the covers. Oh, yeah, it was Carly! Of course overzealous Mommy Viv didn't know that, and proceeded to gush at the aspect of her little boy finding a worthy woman. I don't think awkward quite sums up those scenes. In Tylenol terms, those scenes were "Extra Strength" awkward.

Slutty lil' sis say what? So little Taylor not only likes Mai Tais in the middle of the afternoon, but she seems to have a secret past. And that secret past seems to involve Quinn. After all, she ducked out of sight when she saw the slice of Aussie heaven. I think Salem has reached is quota of gals with secret whore pasts, so perhaps they were in love. After all, Taylor does seem to like her boys with a side of badass.

Then again, I'm not sure if Nicole was ever involved with Quinn. If Nicole wasn't then Taylor probably didn't have a reason to date him. But if Nikki did date Quinn, then -- like Jack returning just as Jennifer moves on -- she is sure to go after him.

Nicole is like the little engine that couldn't, but keeps trying and trying regardless of the fuel she's wasting trying to win a winless race. At least her tank is easily filled up with vodka. It's a little cheaper than gas these days.

So, Brady nixed Nicole's attempt to rescue him, and he made out with Taylor. Am I the only one who would have liked to have seen the opposite happen? A Brady/Nicole kiss and Taylor being sent packing would have been much better. Oh! And Brady with a gun!? Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

Elvis J was kind of creepy last week. And I kind of liked it. I'd like to see him really go rogue, and not tell Stefano anything. Just drop the bomb that he dealt with things his way. Granted, I'm not sure what his way is yet, and I'm not entirely sure he knows that either. He seems stuck between his slightly evil old self and his starry-eyed Taylor self. So, Melanie will either have a fake Dario placed in her life or she'll receive a lovely scarf.

I was worried about Mel there for a second. No, not because E.J. was manhandling her, but because she seemed to forget her schemer roots. At first it didn't even seem like she was trying to cover her tracks, but eventually she found her footing a bit. Point is, this isn't a time for the writers to forget Mel's sordid past. I don't think anyone would blame her for getting a little down and dirty to protect herself or her loved ones.

As for Dario, he's kind of adorable. Sure, he can be a little hard to digest at times, but his feelings for Melanie seem sincere. He's unabashedly honest with her and a bit insecure, and I like that. It's genuine. And when Melanie was freaking out about Carly and he said, "You take care of her, and I'll take care of you," I sighed the sigh one sighs while watching a chick-flick after having a bad breakup and a bottle of booze. *sigh*

I love Victor Kiriakis. And Sonny is starting to grow on me, too. Granted, he's nowhere near Victor's level of awesomeness, but I like his approach to people. He doesn't apologize for who he is, but he tries to be fair with people and give them breathing room. It's like he has Victor's wit and Adrienne's compassion. Couple that with Justin's looks, and I think the kid will be all right.

However, I hate seeing T turn into the "bad guy." Sure, there had to be at least one sacrificial bigoted lamb for Sonny to spar with, but I always held T in high regards. I thought he was great comic relief. I expected that not everyone was going to be okay with Sonny, but it's more of the abrupt departure from T's light-hearted, fun-loving character that has me so annoyed.

As for Will -- way to go, young Horton! It couldn't have been easy for him to out T on his ridiculous behavior, but Will took the challenge while still being compassionate about it. Will seemed confused and hurt that he had to have the conversation with T in the first place. Honesty is a great policy, even when the truth stings a bit. I was proud of Will, and Gabi for that matter. She stepped up her game, too!

And they're on again! Well, for last week at least. I love me some Magic, but I hope they're happier for more than an episode or two. The problem I have with their constant push-and-pull is that I can't keep track of it! it's as simple as that. I thought they were fine a few weeks ago, but last week Big Red gave him a piece of her mind. And then she rightfully apologized. Let's hope the new writing regime knows enough to keep them together. We all need more Magic in our lives!

Roman lacks a little something-something in the tact department. If I had to fire my brother and then tell him I'm taking his job, I would probably start with his favorite treat and try to limit my own excitement over my new position. Then again, Bo seemed happy enough to shed his tie and hang with Hope, so all's well that ends well.

On topic, I wouldn't want to mess with Hope. She's 98 pounds of pure pissed off. She might not remember oopsing men upside the head, but that knowhow is in there somewhere. Tread lightly, crooks of Salem.

Sure, Gus is a second-rate Ivan, but I do feel bad that the guy's being treated worse than normal. Vivian needs to remember which side her bread is buttered. And just who is there to butter said bread day or night. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Gus planned out some schemes of his own to 86 Quinn.

Finally, I was glad to finally get another Charles vs. Chad showdown. However, it wasn't much of a showdown. Non-daddy D.A. apologized. Chad justifiably said no. And that was it. Good scenes, though. Well acted. And moving on...


After last week, there was no way to pick only one Hot. So, Hot, Part 1 is this -- Crystal Chappell is just amazing! Like, really, really amazing. She broke my heart, especially when she talked about Carly's kids. I hope TBTB can't sit down for a week because they've kicked themselves too hard for letting her go. But at least if she leaves the show, she'll have a better chance of winning another Emmy, as that seems to be a trend.

Hot, Part 2: Whoever decided to have Kate and Nicole hangout for an entire episode and drink martinis (for breakfast) is a genius! Hysterical doesn't even come close! Those scenes were funny, yet thought-provoking, and Lauren and Ari were amazing together. More, please!

With "Hot" always comes "Not" and the nottiest part of the addiction story last week was Jennifer using Jack to distance herself from Dr. Dan. He's made mistakes, but he deserves the truth. Granted, Jen fessed up to being an enabler, but it verged on too little, too late, as Melanie might say.

Kate (upon seeing Nicole): "Great. Great! Before I've had my morning coffee, or vodka."

Honorable Mentions:
Victor (to T while defending Sonny): "Stupid and ignorant are two different things, but you managed to incorporate them both."
Abigail (to Jennifer): "If Carly can't get clean because you and Daniel are dating then, guess what, Carly's not gonna get clean." Sure, Abigail's annoying, but she makes a point we've all been wondering about.

Melanie: "Umm, has anyone ever said something stupid to you?"
Maxine: "Of course. I've talked to you."
Melanie: "Ha-ha. You're just hysterical. I'm not joking."
Maxine: "That wasn't a joke."

Does anyone else think the Sapphire Club sounds like a pyramid scheme?

Yeah! Wes Ramsey (ex-Crazy-Owen) will be in The Playboy Club on NBC this fall!

Abigail likes Die Hard and other similar action flicks. There're a few points in her favor. She just needs about a thousand more to verge on likable.

Um, dear Bo, I do think Hope might have been a little more dependent on those pills than you think. She even has an expunged record to prove it.

Yes, I would love to see Hope be one of the people helping Carly through her recovery. Crystal and Kristian need to work together more often.

And, yes! I would love to see Brady help Carly, too. And then form a May/December romance. Wouldn't that just screw with everyone!? Although that might not happen within the next month. Ah, shucks!

I think Carly's bathroom is bigger than most New York City apartments.

Is it too much to hope that Rachel Melvin will be the next big DAYS' star to return!? I need a Chelsea fix!

Quinn = Ninja.

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of August 1st. Laurisa will be back next week to give you an update on this unseasonably hot Sweeps-esque front. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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