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by Tony
For the Week of May 7, 2012
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While trapped in a very unsafe house, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, and Carrie said their goodbyes to one another before the bomb when went kaboom -- but it was E.J. who was left shell-shocked by the explosion that rocked his world! Get ready to discuss all the action in this week's dynamite Two Scoops column.

In the film world, May is when the big-budget, epic action "summer blockbusters" start to take center stage. From The Avengers to G.I. Joe to Batman, we're wowed with spectacular special effects and rocked by more explosions than Ian McAllister has matching shirts and ties. Of course, those movies generally include the right sprinkling of love stories, comedy, and cheesy one-liners, too.

With that in mind, May Sweeps is like a summer blockbuster in Soapland. Or, perhaps, it should be. DAYS had several of those blockbuster elements last week, but I'm not sure if I was "wowed." Perhaps a better word would be "Huh?" So, let's discuss what exploded and what storylines failed to deliver the big bang.

Okay, it's a Sweeps staple to have several beloved Salemites in a dire situation. I get that, just as I get that Madison is going to wear hooker clothes at least once a week. However, for what should have been an action-packed week, my reaction was a little ho-hum.

But let's start in a happy place. I loved that Roman's front and center! It's an interesting change of pace to see him play the hero. That is, to see him, not John, try to save the day. Don't get me wrong, I think John is cheestastic and I love him and all that, but Roman often plays fifteenth second fiddle to him. To see Ro Ro get the spotlight was refreshing.

Another refreshing surprise is that the tender moments between the safe house gang were balanced. You can read that as "John and Marlena didn't get the entire spotlight," which tends to happen a lot. To the contrary, their scenes were brief, but powerful. I loved Marlena's simple reply of something like, "I am where I'm supposed to be," when John apologized to her. Short and sweet, and I liked it.

I also liked that Marlena got to use her shrink skills with the others to calm them down. Independently, the others got to some powerful shine-moments, too. Bo and Hope shared memories of Zach, which totally gave me the boo-hoos, and, oh! They even mentioned Shawn-D and Claire! I also thought it was touching that Bo pointed out that so many people love Ciara, but, holy traumatic experiences, Batman, that is going to be one messed up little girl.

Roman and Carrie also got some great moments, but then there's Rafe and Carrie. With all the casting news floating around, it's hard for me to get too excited about their declarations of love, even though I like them together. I'm glad he told her about Nicole's baby, but that doesn't excuse Carrie's actions. She used Austin because she couldn't have Rafe. That's not cool, and I can't wait for her to explain this one to poor, trusting Austin. By "can't wait," I mean I'm already cringing and hope he walks away from her for good.

On the subject of Rafe, riddle me this! John said he was disappointed about how Rafe treated Carrie, yet he didn't seem to take off his "I heart Rafe" pin when Rafe cheated on Sami. I know Sami cheated, too, but I thought John loved Sami like she was his own daughter (faults and all). Therefore, I'm not going to blame Sami ever again when she goes ballistic on John for not supporting her.

With all that said, the drama that unfolded was a little wonky. The pacing was a little slow. It seemed there were several moments of everyone just standing around wringing their hands, or having extremely private conversations in the middle of a crowded room. It was a safe house, not a safe studio, so perhaps there were other rooms they could have talked in. And I'm not sure why someone didn't drop wire cutters down the chimney.

I'm also not sure why the gang inside the safe house didn't seek shelter in another room, you know, away from the bomb by the door. Considering it was a place big enough for four adults to stay in, methinks there could have been another place to build a blast wall...you know, away from the bomb by the door. That's some impressive thinking by those ISA and Salem Police Department folk.

Finally, as much as I loved seeing Shane again, and I did, I wish Roman could have remained the man in charge. Roman needs the ego boost. And we need to be reminded Roman can actually save the day, and that he's not just some cop with a bad track record of solving crimes. Shane's presence yielded little more than another beloved vet/man of action standing around. Welcome back, Donovan, but let's hope next week treats you better!

I'm throwing the flag down and calling a foul! Stefano's having a hard time accepting that E.J. isn't privy to the DiMera bloodline? "What" meet my friend "ever." E.J. stole my first line of defense that Tony wasn't a biological DiMera, either. But don't worry; I have more arguments. I've watched Legally Blonde one and two, so I, like, totally know how to speak lawyer.

First, I can't even fathom that Stefano would turn his back on E.J., his golden boy, just because his little swimmers didn't sire him. Stefano's arguments were weak. He said he raised Tony from infancy, therefore creating an unbreakable bond. 'Xcuse me, but, Stefano had Tony stranded on a deserted island for over twenty years. That alone strikes down that argument, but let's go a step further. Stefano had always believed that Susan's child was his. Ergo, he's loved E.J. since infancy, too.

Let's not forget that Stefano fostered Peter and Kris-tan who were children (not infants) when he started to care for them. From what I remembered, Stefano thought the Blake siblings hung the moon. And if I'm not mistaken, he actually hired E.J.'s mother, Susan, for the sole purpose of making Kristen happy, so that she could get the life and baby with John that she'd always wanted. Yep, methinks he can love a child not biologically his.

But let's pretend for a second that Stefano didn't love Peter and Kris-tan because he didn't raise them from infancy and, of course, because they weren't biologically related. Does that mean that Stefano's only requirements for being able to love someone are if they are blood relatives? If that's the case, then Stefano must love John, Brady, and Belle, since they are his half-brother, nephew, and niece, respectively.

Finally, let's take a look at Stefano's remaining biological family. He has Lexie, whose expiration date is rapidly approaching. Then there's Chad, whose interest in Stefano is about the same as Carrie's lackluster interest in her husband. I don't think Abe would let him get close to Theo, so he's out, too. That leaves...leaves...leaves...right!

Well, technically, that leaves Steve Hawk, Benjy's son. Oh, right. Benjy is Stefano's son he never mentions. And let me tell you! Stefano sure seemed to love Benjy. I remember all those touching times shared between Stefano and Benjy, yet I wrack my brains to think of a time when Stefano and E.J. shared a special moment. So, yeah, I get that Stefano should break up with E.J. because he's not related by blood. Makes sense.

I enjoy Sami and Lucas as best buddies, friendly exes who share in über-cute family days, and even as savvy business partners duking it out with their rivals, but Sami and Lucas as lovers just doesn't float my boat. Ali Sweeny and Bryan Dattilo have amazing BFF chemistry. They don't have romantic chemistry. And I think putting Sami and Lucas back in bed together is a bit lazy.

We've been down this road several times before. It just keeps getting bumpier and bumpier until poor Lucas is thrown from the car and ran over by Sami and Kate, who each seem to drive away with one of his family jewels dangling from their rearview mirrors. Sure, Lucas thinks he's in control now, and bless his delusional heart for that, but please give me a show of hands if you think this will last. Anyone? Nope. Didn't think so.

As for Sami and Kate, part of me is a sucker for any scene where Lauren Koslow and Ali Sweeney go head-to-head. Those two just go for it and are a riot, even if we've heard the dialogue before. I cracked up when Kate called Sami a "sick, hot mess," and when Sami later came back by calling Kate a "gold-class slut." Oh, and I especially loved that Sami noted that Kate was the first person to be kicked out of the DiMera family on a morals charge. Hilarious! I mentioned in my intro about the right sprinkling of comedy and cheesy one-liners, and DAYS nailed that part well.

Not as funny is Madison. I know that could be interpreted as a general statement, but, specifically, I can't seem to figure out why she really hates Sami. From what I remember, they were childhood besties who reconnected on good terms when Madison hired Sami. Then, Madison cooked up the idea for Sami to go undercover at Countess Wilhelmina to destroy Kate, you know, because Kate slept with the husband she hates. And then Madison left Sami out to dry by abandoning the plan.

With that said, I'm not sure why Madison is that ticked. Sami only gave Kate the info on Mad World that Madison wanted her to give. When she pulled the plug on their scheme, Sami simply stayed on at Countess W. Sure, Madison "gave Sami a start," but, using that logic, my dad must want revenge on me now because he gave me my first job at his restaurant when I was a teen, and I've since moved on to other jobs. Geez. Sorry, Dad.

Speaking of restaurants, Ian drugged Brady at the Brady Pub. Actually, Ian did a lot of shady things last week. He has an agenda, but I'm just not sure the writers I know what it is yet. It seems to be all over the place, and I'm not sure where his loyalties lie. Is he secretly a DiMera? Is he an unrelated baddy being bad for kicks? Is part of his scheme to get Madison to wear bad outfits? I'm not sure.

Three cheers for a Roman and Kate scene! What a nice treat. I love it when these two get together. It should happen more often, dear writers. More so, Roman got to be a hero and flirt in one week! You go, Ro Ro!

Speaking of exes getting together, Brady and Nicole had a scene together, too! I've always loved the chemistry between Ari Zucker and Eric Martsolf, but I felt a little confused by Nicole and Brady's talk. She basically admitted she and Rafe had slept together because they were overwhelmed with emotions. Um, isn't that exactly why E.J. and Sami had grief-sex on the sofa? She might want to reconsider that excuse.

I can't watch Lexie's scenes. They absolutely break my heart. Renée Jones is rocking her part. I can't believe how much I'm already missing her!

With that said, Chad's back in the DiMera fold. And just when E.J. has been un-DiMeraed. Hmm. What a coincidence! Conversely, I will need a lot, and I do mean a lot, of Chad/DiMera family bonding time before I'll buy that goofy, romantic, hipster Chad has what it takes to be a true DiMera. Well, at least the kind of true DiMera Stefano would be proud of.

Finally, is it possible for Ali Sweeney and James Scott to turn down the chemistry!? Together, they can convey everything you need to know about a scene with just a couple of looks. And now that the writers know Sami and E.J. still have it, they need to finally give it an honest chance for these two dishonest characters, and every "EJami" fan they've frustrated to the point of madness over the years. More, please!


Although his paternity storyline is suspect, James Scott blew me away last week! He took E.J. on one hell of an emotional ride, and I ate up every second. It was especially heart-wrenching when E.J. pleaded with Stefano to let him remain his son. It was like E.J. went from a grown man to a little boy who got scolded for the first time by his favorite parent. It was crushing, but James absolutely killed the material. Bravo, James! Bravo!

Please see my above rants in the "STEFANO and E.J." section. Thankyouverymuch.

Lucas (to Sami, while Kate was ripping into her): "We're not gonna leave, are we, until you've had your turn. Is that it?"
A smug Sami nods, "yes."

Wow! Roman climbed onto the safe house roof more times than Santa on Christmas Eve.

DAYS seems to have the best-looking drug dealers in daytime. Anyone remember Troy?

It's curious that the sign in Horton Town Square read "Outdoor family fun," when the square is actually enclosed in a giant atrium.

I'm still not loving the decor in Sami's apartment.

No, really, where are Jack and Jennifer?

Eric Martsolf looked extra hunky last week! Well, prior to Brady's sweaty, tweaked-out look at the end of the week.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of May 7! Here's some food for thought: Who is Yvette? Who will live and die once the dust settles at the safe house? Will Nicole get ever more cake? Tune in next week to Two Scoops. Laurisa will give you all the deets at the same Scoops-time and the same Scoops-channel. And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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