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by Tony
For the Week of May 21, 2012
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Lexie's hopes of a Paris getaway were dashed, but her family banded together to ensure her dream was met with an oh lŗ lŗ! Plus, Will came out to his parents, Carrie might be pregnant, and Stefano was arrested!

I think I've narrowed down Salem's location a bit. I believe it's somewhere over the rainbow, as last week it was a place where the dreams that several characters dared to dream really did come true. From Lexie's (almost) dream getaway to the dream team of crime fighters who finally got to arrest Stefano, many had a reason to be pinched to see if they were awake in the wake of getting what they've always wanted. Sadly, other Salemites had a rather nightmare-ish time. Let's discuss!

The Horton Town Square isn't exactly Paris, but I enjoyed the Carver clan coming together for Lexie. Sure, sure. Wisconsin couldn't even keep up with the demand for cheese needed to cover all the lovey-dovey moments, but I didn't mind. Everyone's intentions were in the best place, and that place was making sure Lexie had a good day. And judging by her dazzling smile, she did.

Of course Lexie's goodbye videos to Theo broke my heart. Renťe Jones has truly saved the best for last. Although I'm not sure if I can ride the emotional roller coaster she's taking us on much longer. I look like a blubbering idiot clutching the remote in one hand and a box of tissues in the other.

I'm in shock. No, really, I'm speechless. Bo's Russian accent, um, wow! That was something, huh? Oh, and I'm also shocked that the good guys actually won a round!

No, wait! They won two rounds. In some mighty fancy, fun detective work, they Rocky'd the Russian arms monger and arrested Stefano. I haven't seen the ISA/Salem Police Department solve a crime in...in...um, well, I don't remember them ever actually solving a crime, so that was awesome!

Although I suspect Stefano's arrest will last about as long as one of his "deaths," it was a triumphant moment to see Bo read Stefano his rights and Hope handcuff him. They all needed that pick-me-up. Score one for the good guys!

Roman's heart may have been in the right place when he warned Rafe to stay away from Carrie, but I'm not sure where his head was. First, he tried to reason with Rafe, whose ego is so large it has its own zip code. Sorry, Roman, Rafe will always be right. Just ask him.

Second, Roman tried to interrupt Carrie from telling Austin she's in love with Rafe. He did so by forcing Austin to leave. What he didn't think through was that once Austin was gone, Carrie and Rafe were safe to cozy up in the safe house. Whoops!

Although at this point, I want to simultaneously give Austin a hug and smack him. I feel like he should know exactly what Carrie's up to, but given he's a little special needs in the brains department, I'm not surprised he's putting his faith in Cheater McCheaty. Maybe if I revamp his scrapbook to include the Mike Horton and Rafe pages, he'll finally get a clue. Pictures seem to work better than words with that dude.

Conversely, the picture that might be developing soon is a sonogram. Is Carrie carrying a little bundle of Austin? I suspected this could happen when Austin and Carrie hit the sheets every five minutes while trying to mend their relationship. Because unprotected sex with someone you're no longer attracted to is always a good idea, Carrie.

Given the recent casting news, I'm not too fond of where this will likely go. That is, Austin forgives Carrie now that there's a baby in play, and those two sail off into the Swiss sunset. Ugh. Austin fans deserve better than that. I'd rather see him stick around Salem and start a new life for himself.

I'm still not entirely sure why Stefano is being such a jerk to E.J. over this entire not being related by blood thingy. With that said, I love that E.J. is throwing it in Stefano's face. He officially put his non-father on notice and promised to use everything Stefano has taught him against him. This could get interesting!

E.J. and SAMI
Speaking of interesting, it's strange when E.J. is the voice of reason. But he was! He helped Sami see that it's not all about her. No, I don't think that entirely sunk into her thick, hotheaded skull, but I loved that E.J. was trying for Will's sake. I like that he has Will's best interest at heart. More so, it proves that he has a heart, and that's a very good look for E.J.

And here we go! Will finally came out to Sami and Lucas. Let's conquer and divide this one because there were some good, bad, and just plain ugly moments during their scenes.

First, I'm glad Will told his parents he's gay. He needed to, albeit maybe not during a huge argument. Then again, when Sami and Will are in a room together, a huge argument seems to ensue. So, really, I guess there was no time like the present.

Lucas' reaction was exactly what I expected from him. I applaud the writers as much as the actors for making Lucas' scenes with Will believable. Lucas was given the time to go through the motions organically. Watching him process what Will told him and then ask his son questions was great. It showed that he was trying to understand and willing to learn. Sure, he was shocked, but his support was unwavering. Ultimately, he simply wants Will to be happy and safe. His mantra was "You're my son. I love you." And I love Lucas more for taking that stance.

Unsurprisingly, Sami's stance was a little more complicated. After all, she's a complicated gal. Considering that Sami is, A, a complete hothead, B, a tad, tinsy bit selfish, and, C, was already shell-shocked and blindsided from all she had learned about Will that day, I'm not surprised she needed some time to sort her thoughts.

To be clear, Sami excused herself to think. She didn't storm off after exclaiming, "Will has cooties and I hate him." There's a big difference. Now, was it the best moment for her to walk out the door? Survey says, "No." But she definitely didn't do it to intentionally hurt Will, even though it did.

Still, don't take that as I didn't care that she hurt Will by doing so. I adore the snarky little punk. I felt bad that he was crushed and thought she left because she was disgusted by him. Had Sami known that's what he took away from her departure, she probably wouldn't have left. But, alas, Sami isn't known for her thinking, especially of others, in the heat of the moment.

Plus, let's face it, if Sami had stayed, she still would have found some other way to rain on Will's pride parade. And then Will would have had something else to blame her for. That's just how they roll.

Ultimately, Will and Sami are ruled by their emotions de jour. They react first and think later. No matter what their intensions are, they never seem to be on the same page. So, if Sami stayed or went, did it really matter? Sami will never be the perfect mother Will wants her to be, and Sami will never shut her mouth long enough to prove that she's really not that bad.

But at the end of the day, I'm with E.J. and Lucas on this one. Sami needs to start thinking about Will. That is to say, she needs to start thinking about Will's needs and not what she did or didn't do for him in the past. As they both told Sami, it's not about her right now.

Sami has two proven track records, and the later gives me some hope. One is epically screwing things up, despite her best intentions. The other is not giving up on something she wants. Sami now needs to prove to Will that a healthy relationship with him is something she wants. If Sami can show him that (and shut her big mouth while doing so), they may have a fighting chance of not fighting all the time. Well, here's to hoping anyway!

Horton Town Square Paris gave Cameron and Abigail time to flirt. Oh, and for Celeste to throw more foreboding looks in their direction. I know she's concerned for Cameron, but perhaps she should put down the cards and focus on Lexie. I predict her daughter needs her more than her strapping, healthy son.

I apologize about the insensitivity of the following statement, but Brady "This is Your Mind on Drugs" Black is kind of funny. Granted, I winced when he ruined yet another meeting, and a perfectly nice sports coat, but Eric Martsolf is hysterical while playing high. Anyway, Brady's blunder caused Madison some embarrassment, and that is saying a lot, as she has no qualms about wearing half of her outfits in public.

On a positive note, I loved that Nicole was able to ride to Brady's rescue. Sorry, Maddie James, but you'll never get him like Nicole does. I'm glad these two old pals are hanging again. Now if we can just get Brady to remember he and Mel are besties, too...

Dear writers, thank you for the weekly Nicole and E.J. "Leave me alone/the baby is mine" scene! It totally wasn't like the rest of them. But out of curiosity, just how many more do you have planned?

Extra Scoops

I thought someone had drugged my morning smoothie, but lo and behold, Victor and Maggie were on-screen again last week! They even shared a romantic birthday date. Yep, they're still magic. I just hope that doesn't vanish once (or if) Victor explains to Maggie what he's been hiding. Gulp!

I'll be completely honest. When Gabi waltzed onto screen last week I instinctively rolled my eyes and blurted, "Oh, God." to my TV. She's generally annoying, and her scheme is very lackluster. I'm thrilled that Abigail is onto her, and I suspect Mel is wising up, too, but I think it's about time for Gabi to join Jan Spears and Drug Dealer Troy in the coma ward. She already has their personality, so she should fit right in.

E.J. (to Sami): "Darling, if poor mothering made children gay, then all of Kate's children would be running around waving rainbow flags at pride festivals."

Remember how close Chelsea and Theo were? Yep, this might be a good time for Rachel Melvin to come back. I mean, I'm only thinking of Theo. Sure, that's it!

Hmm, if E.J. has been un-DiMera'd, how do they explain him and Santo being doppelgangers!? Maybe Stefano isn't the real DiMera. I repeat, "Hmm!"

Seeing the mime in Horton Town Square reminded me of the time Bo was dressed up like a mime. And then I laughed. I guess Bo's always been good with disguises.

Is Dr. Dan hanging with Stephanie these days?

Speaking of missing characters, where is my Maxine? I'll trade at least two E.J./Nicole scenes and all of Billie's to get a glimpse of my favorite sassy nurse. I'm sure she would have enjoyed some French cuisine with Lexie. Ah, well, another missed opportunity.

I wonder if Maggie will rename Intensity "Spa Rouge"?

If E.J.'s still offering up his private plane, I know Laurisa and I are overdue for a trip to London to visit with Chelsea. Just saying.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of May 21! As I'm heading off on a super-secret ISA mission, Laurisa will be back the next several weeks to cover the end of May Sweeps and dispense tissues as we continue to say goodbye to our beloved Lexie.

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