Bittersweet symphony

by Tony
For the Week of January 27, 2014
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Bittersweet symphony
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A wild week of breaking news and shocking plot twists had DAYS' fans vocals ranging from celebratory ditties to wallowing in the blues. Discuss which turns of events had us throwing our hands up in the air and which tunes fell a little flat in this week's Two Scoops!

Soooo, DAYS fans. What's new? I really am struggling this week to find something to write about. Oh. By that I mean where the hell do I start because a dump truck of crazy was emptied upon us!?

As Julie Andrews sang -- and poor Carrie Underwood attempted to -- "Let's start at the very beginning." So, early last week, the bomb was dropped. That is bombshell Alison Sweeney is leaving DAYS at the end of the year. If you didn't know that yet, you can read the entire article by clicking here, you know, once your jaw is scraped from the floor.

Yes, Salem will be Sami-free in the not-too-distance future. I'm not even sure how to fathom that. Part of me kind of wants to wrap my arms around Alison's legs, preventing her from leaving the studio unless she drags me with her.

Of course, the other, more rational part of me is epically grateful for her twenty-plus years of creating a character that can only be described as a hurricane wrapped inside of a tornado dipped in a volcano. A teenaged Alison pulled up in a car and asked us if we wanted to go on a road trip. We all got in. And now the trip is winding down, but we have a steam trunk full of memories to hold onto. I'd say the ride has been amazing, and I wish her the best as she bravely sets out on her own adventures without Salem. So thank you, Alison, but I'm not saying goodbye yet because we have many more miles to travel together before the car pulls into the driveway.

With that, the face of Salem will undoubtedly change. But since the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend, and @LaurisaDays has been coaching me on sports analogies, I have one that might work. Soap fans and sports fans have a lot in common. We're all a bunch of crazy mo-fos who are wildly passionate -- perhaps a little obsessed -- about our teams. Be it a show or an actual sports team, we support our players no matter what. And so it goes in sports and in soaps, players come and go, and the team changes, but the games go on. DAYS is losing its Joe Montana, its Franco Harris, its Chuck Norris, but the game will go on. DAYS will still be amazing to watch, and we can fanatically keep our foam fingers on.

In fact, that's breaking news event number two of the week -- DAYS has been renewed for two more years. Yes, please! I don't think any DAYS fan needs me to list why this is über exciting news, but let's just say I'm beside myself with happiness. Okay, I have to list one item. We get a fiftieth anniversary (and beyond), and I personally can't wait to see what the show has planned for the big 5-0! And on a selfish note, that means I don't have to start Scooping reruns of Small Wonder...again. So thanks, Mr. Peacock Network!

And just when you thought the roller coaster of DAYS news was over midweek, nope, we got another headliner toward the end. Soap vet and all-around amazing actress Kassie DePaiva is packing her bags for Salem. No, not just joining DAYS. She'll be playing Eve Donovan! OMG, and again, yes, please. Sure, I love me some Charlotte Ross. She's the originator and legendary, but I have nothing but a full tank of faith that Kassie will take this role and run with it. For naysayers, give her a chance. She's awesome. And let's not forget, DAYS staples like Lauren Koslow, Eric Martsolf, Greg Vaughan, Matthew Ashford, and two ladies named Kristian Alfonso and Susan Seaforth Hayes all stepped into roles they didn't originate. So, welcome aboard, Kassie! You can read the entire article by clicking here.

As for life in Salem, that was a slice of shocking as well! The week started with Dr. Dan rescuing Eric and Nicole, who, you know, professed their love for one another. I'm totally drawn to this couple. It warms my Nicole-loving heart that she is the love of her life's first choice. When she repeated, "He loves me, he loves me..." it was incredibly endearing. It was almost like she was convincing herself because she was still in shock her dreams were coming true. Well, sort of coming true. He still has to figure out that little issue of priesthood or the gal, but my money is on Nicole. No offense, God.

And from "God" to "Oh, my God!" the week went. It ended with Nick -- yes, supposedly dead Nick -- showing up at Baby Ari's christening and stating, "Am I interrupting?" Yes, you are, Nick, but welcome back! This was a great soapy twist, and I'm eager to watch Blake Berris unleash his special brand of crazy as Nick seeks a little revenge on his enemies. Things in Salem are going to get a lot more twisted, I suspect, and I hope the writers do right by Blake this time and keep Nick out of the kiddy crazy pool and set him loose down the river of full-on revenge.

Hey, Hope! I'm Aiden. Your daughter is bullying my son. So I'm going to bully you. Sorry, that's just the impression I got. Mr. Jennings scored a point for cuteness but had about a billion deducted for douchery. Sure, sure. He was upset because Ciara is being crazy (shock. Okay, not really), but with all the pot shots he took at Hope, I'm surprised he'll be able to cook dinner at night.

Jeannie-Theresa kind of cracks me up, and so does Drunk Brady. I probably shouldn't be laughing, as alcoholism is a serious disease *insert "The More You Know" music*, but those drunks are entertaining nonetheless. Of course, if someone like Maggie and Victor were really trying to sober up a loved one, they might want to think about removing the bar from the middle of the living room. Having it there is sort of like having a Ben & Jerry's kiosk in the middle of a Weight Watchers center. Just a thought.

Lucas and Rafe are friends. Who knew!? But I really don't mind this. As long as they don't call Brandon Walker and Austin Reed to invite them to conduct a séance to conjure up Franco Kelly, we should be good with Sami's exes being pals.

Speaking of pals, Jordan and Sheryl started to hug it out last week. I'm still a bit stumped on how they know each other, but I wish this cat would claw its way out of the bag already. It's not necessarily being dragged out too long; I'm just impatient. Oh, oh! Never mind. February Sweeps starts soon.

Extra Scoops

Um, DAYS got renewed! Need I say more!?

Okay, Julie, you're a tough old broad, so you can take this "Not." Here it goes. Whereas I am trying to fully understand your love and devotion to crazy-as-a-bag-of-cats cousin Nick, here are some things you need to work on, or else we may have some serious issues:

  • One, stop asking people Nick terrorized if they've heard from him. They probably haven't. And they're probably happy about that.
  • Two, stop the hypocritical bull in a china shop attitude. If St. Nick had a kid and someone were to barge into his baby's christening like you did to Ari's, you'd have a fit. It's called respect, Jules.
  • Three, look up your family tree. Will is related to you, too. Can you please give the kid a nod of your respect? Isn't every Horton created equal?
  • Four, don't make me side with Gabi. You were annoying her, too, and I don't like having things in common with her.
  • Finally, shut up about Eric, or I will unleash Nicole, Sami, Marlena, and Laurisa on you. The comment you made about Eric was as hypocritical as it was generally douchey. You throw shade at all things DiMera all the time. If you think the DiMeras are that bad then you should have no issues believing Kristen could drug and rape Eric while recording it (you know, Eric, your good friend Marlena's son). Sorry, Jules, but you can't have it both ways despite any diagnosed HSC* you may have.

    * Horton Superiority Complex

    Will (to Abigail): "Are you actually turning away a single girl's greatest resource!? The gay friend!"

    Stefano (to E.J., regarding Kristen): "I would not cross her if I were you." Damn right, Steffie Bear.
    Kate (to Sami): "Sometimes I really like you. It's disorienting."
    Sami (to Kate): "Julie never says no to a buffet."
    Julie (to Abigail): "I have sworn off sweets since I had that strange encounter with the doughnuts your mother made at the book club last August."

    Great nod to frequent travelers, DAYS! There is always one d-bag going to Vegas.

    Um, why didn't Brady just fly private? Lemmethink, my family's jet or commercial flight. Which sounds more appealing? I'll get back to you on that one after I'm done chilling my champagne and not waiting to be patted down by security.

    Dee Hall and white clothing are best friends. She always looks so lovely wearing them. I'm jealous. I'd look a little Stay Puft.

    I'm printing "T for President!" t-shirts next week.

    Is it strange to say that Eric's ingenuity during the entire kicking the shoe to stop the power idea made him even hotter? I dug the MacGyverness of it all!

    Rafe and Lucas need to cohost a Super Bowl party! They can even invite what's-her-face and who's-her-name to join them. No awkwardness there.

    Speaking of "no awkwardness," did anyone else notice Roman nuzzled between Kate and Marlena at the christening? Oh, RoRo! At least you can have a pretend love triangle for a half an hour. That's a start.

    No, really. Roman needs a gal. He's a top cop who takes his mom to church. That spells good catch, right?

    Yay! Julie mentioned one of my favorite Hortons, Marie!

    Hey, Jordan. Nice coat!

    I love seeing Lexie's picture on the mantel.

    The basement of Dr. Dan's apartment building has nicely finished flooring for a boiler room.

    Dr. Dan to the rescue is kind of awesome compared to Dr. Dan dates Jennifer. Think about that, dear writers.

    My friend regarding the outfit Gabi wore to the christening: "Wow. The crushed velvet baby doll dress. Hi there, 1995. No. 1994."

    Stefano's "Trust me" has the same amount of believability as Brady saying, "I'm sober," or Sami stating, "Don't worry."

    Bev finally got a last name! It's Walters. She stated her father was Dr. Emery Walters, but I wonder if she had an uncle Ben. Hmm!

    Loved E.J.'s eye roll while Gabi hugged him! I know the feeling, man.

    So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of January 27. I'm off to prepare myself for next weekend! No, not for the Super Bowl, but for the best combo ever -- Groundhog Day and the Puppy Bowl! In the meantime, Laurisa will be back next week, ready to smash if Julie doesn't stop bashing Father Dreamy. And "That's a fact!"

    As always, thanks for reading!

    Need more Two Scoops? Head over to read blogs by Laurisa or Tony for more ranting, raving, and all-out randomness

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