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Anyone who says that good guys are boring has obviously never met the fantastic Eric Brady. But in case you're still into bad boys, we've got a righteous selection of Nick Fallon for you. Have some of both in this week's Two Scoops.

I've been a Nicole fan for years. I love every part of her snarky, boozed-up, lovesick, scheming character and will defend her to the end. So when her first and real true love returned to Salem, I was doing backflips for Nicole to have her happy ending. Eric was Nicole's reward for always being the second choice gal.

But something funny happened last week. As Eric sat there, holding Nicole's hands and confessing to her that he wants her to star in his happily ever after, I realized that I'm actually rooting for Eric just as much as Nicole. I kinda love that dude.

As someone who tends to enjoy the bad guys more, this is monumental. Not only is Eric one of the good guys, he's quite possible the good-est guy ever. I mean, I think when he was little, he put his elbows on the table once. But Caroline scolded him good for that, and since then, he's been on the straight and narrow. The most controversial thing about him is his twin sister.

Yet instead of settling into a big vat of boredom, Eric's actually quite a layered character. He took his time making his decision to leave the priesthood. Nicole was not his consolation prize. And he still has a long way to go, working through his relationship with Brady, not to mention coming to terms with Kristen raping him. There's a lot of juicy Eric stuff left!

And boy, oh boy, do I hope that good guy-ness lasts long enough for him to forgive Nicole when he finds out that she didn't hand over the evidence against Kristen right away. Granted, she encouraged him to wait, and she still has until the end of the sometimes-very-long-soap day to come clean. But Eric, Daniel, and Hope all asked Nicole a direct question and got a fat-face lie in response.

In Nicole's defense, you look into Eric's magic blue eyes and do the right thing. G'head. I'll wait.

See? It's impossible.

But, oh, if only she had just been honest with him! He still would have still chosen her! And now I worry that Eric will know that Nicole is hiding something (a downside of having that supercouple mind connection thing) and that will stop both of them from being happy with each other -- which is all I want to see! I want it like I want good hair days, guilt-free chocolate, and more weeks without Anne.

Alas, Nicole did confess to an angry, drunken Brady that they had hard, concrete evidence. If Nicole's conscience doesn't get her talking, I have a feeling that Brady's scotch/anger combo will make him rather chatty, especially if someone just breathes the name "Eric" around him.

Still, compared to others in town, Nicole's love life is in pretty decent shape right now.

I think it's time for me to pack up my trusty red wine/Bridget Jones Diary combo and head over for a session with Abigail. I actually cringed when she went all, "I'm just hurt that you don't want meeeee!" on E.J. Oh, scary ghosts of college days past, how I do not miss you!

I'm sure that most of us have been there. Granted, maybe not to the shower-sex-with-an-engaged-man level. But we've probably all read more into a relationship than is really there. And that's exactly what Abigail did. E.J. never promised her anything, nor did she ask for it before she slept with him. That's fine if she didn't expect anything in return. But we all know Abigail better than that. In fact, we've seen this play out before.

Also, I hate to break it to Abigail, but removing Sami from the scenario was a stupid hypothetical because without Sami, the Ejabigail hookup never would have happened. The whole reason that E.J. went to that cabin in the first place was to protect Sami! The harsh reality is sinking in for Abigail that she was there to prop up E.J.'s ego for a hot second because Sami wasn't/wouldn't/couldn't.

Abigail didn't get the diamond necklace for Valentine's Day. She doesn't get E.J.'s declarations of love. He doesn't find her hotheaded rambling absolutely adorable. That's Sami. It's always been Sami.

And for his part, E.J. should have known better than to expect emotional maturity from someone as young as Abigail. He should probably also re-watch Fatal Attraction as soon as possible. Then hire some more security guys.

If he wants to be a true gent, he can throw a few of them Abigail's way. Once Sami realizes the chick she hugged, praised, and sent to bake cupcakes with her son was actually a home-wrecking harlot, Sami is going to wipe the floor with Abigail. I can't blame her. E.J. is a grown man and can make his own bonehead mistakes. But getting Johnny's little hopes up about what a swell gal Abigail is was grounds for fighting.

It's a good thing for Abigail that Sami is too preoccupied with another Horton jerk right now.

Nick is an insane slimeball snake. Let me rephrase that, he's a genius insane slimeball snake. Going after Gabi is exactly the right move for him. I've watched the Discovery Channel. The lions always separate the weakest gazelle from the herd. And Gabi is the weakest link in pretty much every situation that she's ever been in during the entire duration of her existence on earth. But more on her later.

Now that we know that Nick paid off Mr. Greetings for his testimony and photographs of the crime (!!), Kate and Sami are in a tough situation. Nick's whole plan hinges on Gabi coming over to the dark side his side. Unless Gabi vouches for them, it will look like Kate and Sami planned the whole thing. They're left to take E.J.'s advice and wait for Nick to make the next move.

The last time Brady went to rehab, it was because Victor's men took Brady right from his Austrian bed in the middle of the night. So, I don't think that Victor needs Maggie's (well-intentioned) nagging to remind him to protect Brady.

J.J. finally had his day in court. I missed Justin's dimples, but Aiden wasn't too bad of a yummy substitute. (I'm not the only one who noticed, was I, Jennifer?) J.J. got community service and a year of probation -- the year part being the key term. That means Theresa can still turn over that video anytime in the next twelve months.

Remember the strong Nicole that manhandled that politician over the phone for Eric? I miss her. I don't like the Nicole she is with Daniel. I like my Nicole with less fretting. However, that's a shame because I really like Daniel when he's with Nicole. I don't remember Luscious Locks McBadGuy's actual name, but Daniel straight up Chuck Norris-ed that dude. And Daniel did it without one longing sigh or desperate glance!

I'm with @Tony_S_Days. This idea that Theresa is bitter because she's broke is terrible. If they had played the "rich girl cut off" route with Theresa, I could buy it a little more.

Also, while Brady and Theresa may seem interesting, Theresa and Nick would be fantastic. They're like next-gen Kate and Stefano. So, let's have Brady/Theresa go down the Brady/Melanie friendship route and have Mr. Fallon hire Ms. Donovan as an assistant at Mad World. You know, since Nick's all about second chances and all.

The list of storylines I'm over: 1) Kate's obsession with Jordan, and 2) Theresa's obsession with Daniel.

On paper, Will has no business getting engaged. Sonny is the first guy Will's ever dated, and Will is still crazy young with a lot of life changes ahead of him. But, darn it if I don't just love them to pieces. They do this thing called "communicate" before they make decisions, which I swore was just an urban legend in Salem. Throw in the idea that the other Kiriakis boys might show up for this wedding, and I'm ready to have a gay ol' time at these nuptials!

Jordan and Rafe are entirely adorable! Pairing Rafe with someone who can put him in his place -- as she did by making Rafe think that Arthur was a romantic threat -- has done wonders for him. He also gave her the perfect gift - one that showed he pays attention to her and notices things that will make her life easier. So once we learn what Jordan's secret is, I'll actually be ready for Rafe to dust off the ol' egotistical cowboy routine and ride to her rescue. After all, she saved him first. He owes her now.

You know those cones they put on dogs to keep them from disturbing an open wound? Gabi needs one of those to keep her from talking to Nick. Otherwise, I'm at a total loss as to what to do with her. This man blackmailed her baby daddy, dumped her, and then, oh that's right, tried to rape her. Yet she still has no reservations about believing every single word that comes out of his mouth? What?

Don't even get me started about how she partially blamed Arianna for Nick holding her because "she'll just go into anyone's arms." I'm starting to think that Kate and Sami threw the wrong person in that river.

Sami: "Gabi, I love you, but you have got to grow up right now!" See: NOT

The Twitter-verse told me that Lucas and Sheryl are affectionately called "Lush" - which is as equally as adorable as they are. I've got a bit of a crush on Lush!

Nick does a righteous Percy impression.

Abigail bakes in leather pants and a silk top. Don't you?

I don't know why Nick was dressed as one of the Four Seasons. But somewhere, Frankie Vallie is going to be miffed that Nick missed the show.

Victor and Maggie's Valentine's Day celebration of strolling though a museum while eating delicious soft pretzels sounds wonderful!

Hey, Roman, that was Rafe telling you that Kate is single again.

I guess the on-staff DiMera chef was unavailable to help E.J. and Johnny with the cupcakes.

I loved seeing Abe show up to support J.J.

I like the confidence that Guy Wilson brings to the role. It seems appropriate for Will at this point.

Wait, the boys are planning on Gabi still living there after they get married?

Adrienne's got to be tired of apologizing for butting into other people's lives. You know what would stop that? If she stopped butting into other people's lives.

Percy always has a camera with him. Someone still has pictures of E.J. and Abigail. If Nick is in possession of those photos, as well, Nick could have neutralized any DiMera threat.

I'm going out on a limb here and saying that it's in the best interest of the Rafe/Lucas bromance for Rafe to never, ever start a conversation with, "We need to talk about your mother."

I'm not so sure that Hope doesn't need to go to Law and Order Law School. I've seen many an episode where a reporter turns over her information she collected in pursuit of a story, and it's completely legal. As long as the police don't break any laws getting the evidence, it's not considered inadmissible. But hopefully someone who is an actual lawyer will tweet me and clear that up.

Nick technically works for both Lucas and Victor now. That could be interesting.

Finally, heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Ralph Waite. We adored Father Matt here in Two Scoops land and join in the celebration of Mr. Waite's life and work. A class act and a classy actor!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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