Never gonna give you up

by Tony
For the Week of June 2, 2014
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It was a sassy Sweeptastic week in Salem, full of confessions, denials, and straight-out lying! Some Salemites seemed to have a hard time letting go, while others did everything they could to hold on to what they wanted. Just how far did these wacky folks go? Find out in this week's Two Scoops!

Okay. I admit it. I killed Nick Fallon. There. You have it. Okay, I totally didn't. I just felt left out of all the fun. As @LaurisaDays mentioned in a recent Scoops, I was watching Baby Ari that night, and no 5-0 is going to pin this on me, baby.

But mine is not the only pseudo confession. Will fessed up to the crime, too. He did so, believing one of his loved ones (I suspect Sonny) pulled the trigger and killed Nick. Will's actions were admirable, as was his stance on taking responsibility, but I didn't buy it for one second. Neither did Hope. She didn't really suspect Will, either. Gee, I guess I can be a Salem police officer, too. I digress.

That's all a moot point now, as we have another confession -- Gabi said she shot Nick. Snap! Of course, she said so in the last minute of Friday's episode, leading to a great series of cliffhangers. Yet that doesn't negate that Gabi made a confession, and I'll be honest: I like it.

Gabi had motive. Nick nearly raped her, and played her for a fool. Okay, okay. Fooling Gabi isn't probably the hardest task in the world, but Nick did so and was malicious about it. He was a mean jerk. She was pushed too far. And she snapped. I'm still shocked she could use a gun without hurting herself, but, again, I digress.

Looking back, Gabi sort of used the past few weeks as a swan song, living it up as if it could be her last moments of freedom. She had a party for her daughter. She modeled one last time. And then had some tender one-on-one time with the baby before Hope came barging in. Good for her! I would have thrown in a mani and pedi, some scotch, and a few Lifetime movies for good measure, but that's just me.

Ultimately, this ties up Camila Banus' stint as Gabi rather well. A main character being the murderer is always a twist. And if she goes to jail, she can always be visited or be released early for good behavior. Or rot, really, I don't care as long as we get a long Gabi break. Drats! I started out trying to be all glass half full regarding Yo Gabba Gabi. Points for effort, right?

Still, who knows? We've already had a confession that doesn't seem to be counting, so there could be a few twists left. Maybe someone unexpected killed Nick, and she's innocent. And maybe she'll end up meeting A Clue, and they will run away and elope. I hear Eric and Nicole's tickets to Vegas are up for grabs now.

Oh, yeah, that. Nicole has some 'splainin' to do. Eric isn't happy, or so says that epic look delivered by Greg Vaughan at the end of Friday's episode. I knew this moment would eventually come, and I'm eager to see the fallout. More so, if Eric will forgive Nicole for how far she went to protect him from getting a possible paper cut by looking at the shredded documents. After all, paper cuts can get infected and lead to all sorts of nasty things. So, really. Nicole did Eric a favor by keeping Chyka's documents from him. I forgot to mention, I graduated from the Kristen DiMera School of Spin.

Needless to say, Eric is pissed. And so is Dr. Dan. Nicole is, too. I'm pretty sure you can add Jennifer "Big Mouth" Horton to that list, too. Okay, that was a low blow at Jennifer's expense. Her outfit was punishment enough.

The way I look at it is this: Nicole lied. She should be held accountable for her actions. Is it really Dr. Dude and Jennifer's place to out her? Well, they love Eric, too. He's their friend. And Nicole brought them, excuse me, Dr. Dan, into her drama. So, if he wanted out, I don't blame him. Her actions were possibly life-changing for Eric. Granted, I'm pretty sure after his retreat with Father McLucky Charms, he was all ready to get up in Nicole's grill, but I'll digress for the sake of argument. She should have told him. That's on her.

In the end, I want Eric and Nicole to hug it out. Forgiveness is his bag, after all. Then I want Dr. Dan to find some new friends who won't make him lie. I hear Marlena is fun to hang with. OMG, sorry, I can't even type that with a straight face. Okay, Eric and Nicole need happiness. Dr. Dan needs new friends. Marlena needs to fall into a volcano before she can say, "I told you so." And I want to take Jennifer clothes shopping. I'm suspecting none of that will happen.

I'm usually a Rory and Bev fan, but their STD scheme last week was a little bland. If Bev really wants to step up her bitch, she needs to ask around about Megan Hathaway or Jan Spears. Those girls knew how to do dirty deeds well. Two words: Love cage.

I don't know why Abigail found it so odd that Ben didn't want to model. Not every hottie has a price, am I right? Get it!? Okay, moving on. We know that Ben didn't want to be photographed because of his and Jordan's mysterious past, but something tells me Abigail isn't going to be as accepting of secrets as Rafe is with Jordan, and she'll dig for dirt on Ben. I say, the sooner, the better. And this better be the best payoff in DAYS history, or else I'm going to Victor to ask him for a, uh, favor.

On one hand, I found it fun that Roman and Marlena were about to have a good laugh about his gala get-together with Giselle. On the other hand, I wish while they were laughing Roman would say, "Ha-ha! Well, I guess since you cheated on me and destroyed my spirit, I had to move on, even if I'm blackmailed into dating." Yeah, Roman is a lot nicer and less bitter than I am.

Extra Scoops

The week was filled with a lot of stall tactics, but it certainly didn't lack in great performances. I applaud the cast for taking filler and making it fabulous right up to that amazing Friday cliffhanger. Greg Vaughn's simple look as he turned around and saw Nicole spoke volumes, and the scenes in the holding room at the police station with Will and his loved ones were great. Bravo, cast of DAYS!

John's return has been a total miss so far. Last week didn't help. I know, I know. He's trying to save his son, but to waste an entire bottle of vodka by pouring it onto the ground!? Wait. Sorry. Not the point. Whereas John may have the best intentions possible, his delivery falls short. I just want to smack him until either cheesy old John Black or RoboJohn returns. It doesn't help that Brady's character has been in the same spot since last we saw him, either. Sloppy, meet your friend Stagnant.

Victor (to Sonny): "The next time you want a man murdered, you come to me."

I think Jennifer was rooting through Marlena's closet and found stuff from Doc's '90s pink outfit days.

Hmm! Paige's dad left when she was young. I'm trying to figure out gays in that age range, and I'm throwing Peter Blake's name out there again. That would be juicy!

Did anyone else think Theresa's drug dealer looked like a backup dancer for Rocky Horror?

Who knew there were BOGOs on cocaine?

Will stated, "I am over 21..." Okay, soap math. You've done it again.

Commander Carver!? Did I miss something? In any event, I'm glad Abe's back on the force.

Since Eric spends so much time talking to the statues outside St. Luke's, I vote someone writes a follow up to Mannequin Two: On the Move starring Eric and Jesus. Maybe, Mannequin Three: Savior Got Moves. Paging Hollywood Montrose!

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of June 2. Laurisa will be back next week to make sure the book is thrown at Gabi, and, well, that Gabi can read said thrown book. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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