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The mysterious DiMera calls. The syringe. The body swap. Though DAYS fans may know who killed E.J., no one knows what happened to his body once he was gone! Don your detective caps and let's solve this caper together in this week's Two Scoops!

I feel punched in the gut. I feel cried out. I feel that someone asking me about DAYS last week would be like a rescuer asking a Titanic survivor, "Other than that, how was the cruise?" But whereas it was a punched-in-the gut bawl fest (and we'll get to that), there's one big question remaining. Well, several questions, but let's start with the elephant in the room. And that elephant is a syringe.

Stefano made a call. Kristen went into action. And E.J.'s corpse was injected with...with...with something! First, here's a long overdue apology to my mom for me acting like a little bitchy teen every time she'd ask me to run to the store for an ingredient she'd forgotten to purchase for dinner that night. Sorry, mom, and thanks for never asking me to inject a dead relative with something.

Second, just what was in that syringe!? Notwithstanding that it could be a savory blend of herbs and spices, methinks (and hopes) it was some magical "Stefano Sauce." You know, the kind of sauce that's kept Stefano bouncing back from the grave 13-plus times.

In that case, I guess we could call that syringe "hope," or at the very least "false hope." Not knowing what it did/does and the fact that E.J.'s body was transported to the DiMera graveyard gives me some sense that even though things look over for Eej, maybe we haven't seen the last of him. Yep, I'm in denial. Let me be.

To backtrack! DiMera Graveyard? I'm not sure because mainly I'm not sure he's really dead. Maybe Stefano is planning on E.J.'s body starring in Weekend At Bernie's 3. Maybe E.J.'s buddied up next to the cryogenically frozen body of Walt Disney. Or maybe, just maybe, E.J.'s at the DiMera laboratories because, let's face it, DAYS does "dead" as well as Lindsay Lohan does sobriety.

Therefore, we might be in for a few more rounds of back from the grave fun. In that case, I hope a not-so-dead Dr. Rolf is involved, too. In Dr. Rolf being alive and reviving E.J.'s case, I wouldn't mind that, but I'm not counting on that being anytime soon.

Though. Though! I have a theory, and truth be told, I feel like I should put newspapers over my windows and cover myself in tin foil so "they" won't hear me discuss it and come after me. Anyway! E.J.'s death was deemed random. That randomness was covered up by Clyde and that Duck Dynasty guy; let's call him Jug Band. They plan to plant the shooter, Miguel, you remember him from that one scene or two, in some field outside of Poplar Bluff. Okay, I get why Clyde is on the case, but I also think there's a larger cover-up. Hear me out...

I think that E.J. and Rafe were working together. That E.J. turned evidence, and Rafe helped him fake his death in order to protect him until trial or until Rafe could send Sami and the kids to be with him. I think that Stefano got to his body first, and an alive E.J. will turn up at some point. Like I said, I'm in denial and grasping at straws, so I'll move on.

Ultimately we know these things for sure: E.J. was shot and presumably died in Sami's arms. Kristen injected E.J. was a syringe full of mystery. Stefano had E.J.'s body confiscated. Faux ashes were given to Sami. And, the big one, Alison Sweeney deserves every bit of praise she's getting for this storyline.

Gulp! Like I said in the intro, last week was a punched-in-the-gut bawl fest, and the ringleader was la Sweeney. Lady moved me to tears pretty much every day last week. I suspect the writers gave her the script and commanded "Sweeney smash!" because she crushed every scene.

Now, if I did a play-by-play of every touching scene, I'd start to cry again, and things would get messy, and about ten pages longer, so let's do a quick "Top Ten" rundown of some of the most touching aspects of last week. In no particular order:

1. The scenes with Sami in the morgue with E.J.'s body were spot-on. The dialogue and Alison's performance were brilliant. When Sami lamented she had never thought she'd be first with a man until E.J. came along, that pretty much summed up Sami's decades' long quest for love. Of course, lines like, "You're coming with me," "You were worth everything," and "You will be part of every day of my life," delivered by Alison were so genuine that each one broke my heart a little more for Sami as did her pledge to raise their children as they had planned to do together. And, yes! I loved every flipping flashback.

2. Roman and Marlena! Sometimes you just need your mom and dad, and they were there for Sami without reservations. They love their daughter and were present, and that says a lot for Marlena, considering John was in a hospital bed across town. When Mar Mar quietly told Sami to change her clothes, it was a powerful, perfectly delivered line by Deidra Hall.

3. Like Stefano and Chad, Kristen's grief was guilt-ridden, and Eileen Davidson worked those scenes like nobody's business. From the room trashing to when she said "Eej" and called him her "little bro," it hurt. She did love him in her own wicked way. The DiMeras might not be traditional, but their emotions run deep even if they can sometimes be filed under "Too Little, Too Late."

4. Rafe has been a rock star supporting Sami through E.J.'s death, and I'm glad he's treating the case like any other one. He wants justice. He wants to find the bad guy. He's not going to stop. It was like a showcasing of Rafe's best traits, otherwise known as the ones that keep me from pushing him off a cliff during the dreaded "Safe" era. #thankGodthatsover

5. Everyone from Caroline to Eric was there for Sami, as it should have been, but when she jumped into Brady's arms, I was a mess. No words were needed for those powerhouse scenes. Well done. Well, well done.

6. Sami swarmed by memories as she walked into the DiMera mansion was rather epic.

7. Whether you liked them or not, E.J. and Nicole had something special once upon a time ago. I thought it was a great nod showing Nicole grieving, too. I especially loved the class Nicole showed by reaching out to Taylor (whose scarf scene still haunts me) as well as Nicole's choice not to go to the mansion, as it would further upset Sami, even though Nicole wanted to be there for the children as she continues to love them despite her animosity toward E.J. and Sami. Well played, Team DAYS.

8. Sami's (and Chad's, for that matter) concern for Theo was appreciated. He had a special relationship with E.J., and I'm glad that was remembered. It was also nice to see Abe there to support Sami, as well, as those two also have a special bond.

9. Were there any parts of Sami and Johnny's scenes that didn't rip your heart out? I didn't think so. And if they didn't, Sami's scenes with Lucas and Allie were right there to keep on ripping. I loved that Lucas was there for his bestie, and when Allie asked if Lucas would love Johnny and Sydney as E.J. loved her, I was reaching for the tissues instead of the Scotch.

10. Last, but not least, the scenes in which Sami told the children about E.J. were amazingly well done. I loved the shot through the window. We knew what was going on. We didn't need to hear. It was a family moment. Yes, it was well done all around.

So, Brady and Jeannie-T ended up having sex. Nope. This won't end badly at all, especially if Kristen finds out. Have at it, kids.

Eric and Eve? There's a pair I've never considered, which is probably for the best. Though Eric shouldn't feel too flattered. Eve would rub up on a lamppost if she thought it showed her a little attention or she could get something from it.

Speaking of lampposts, Marybeth continues to hurt my head. The gal ended up a hot mess on the ground because Paige went and got herself some birth control. The horror! I can't believe Paige is planning on ensuring she doesn't get pregnant if she decides to have sex with her boyfriend she's monogamously coupled with. That ho. And as for Paige, if you have to threaten your supposed bestie with taking away said best friendship, you probably don't have that deep of a connection to begin with.

On the topic of connections, Paige wants to connect with J.J. in the biblical sense, but he's not ready. He's worried he has undiscovered Jack genes, and he feels he should tell Paige about his father's sordid past. Or at least that's what I got from that. In the interest of full disclosure, they sort of sent me into a John Black-like coma, and I completely zoned, which speaks for the success of this storyline. Ugh.

Okay, I'm not saying Aiden should be worried, but when Ciara says, "I'll be watching you," I'd raise a red flag of caution. She's one psychological snap away from being the evil little girl from The Ring. Just saying. All in all, Hope explained to Ciara about her Bo decision. Then Aiden explained to Ciara that they are friends. She was upset, but I think she got it. And now maybe she can send Shawn-Douglas a "Hey! Mom's divorcing dad" text, or something.

Extra Scoops

Some advice for Alison Sweeney:
One, prepare an acceptance speech and clear a spiffy space at home for that Emmy you are sure to win next year.
Two, be prepared to be used as an adjective, or a synonym for "amazing," "awesome," and/or "wowing."
And three, rest, relax, recharge, and return to DAYS.

Let me break this down. I get why Eric is upset with Nicole. I do. He loved/loves her and she betrayed him. It was a deep cut. He's hurt, etc. I get that. I also get why Nicole wants to make things right. I do. She loves him and she's remorseful. With that said...

Rather than being on "Team Eric" or "Team Nicole," I'm on "Team Me" right now because these two are exasperating with their been there/done that weekly fights. Eric's attitude isn't doing him any favors, and Nicole isn't doing herself any favors by constantly engaging him. She needs to do what Kate does with Rex and Cassie -- pretend they don't exist and move on.

Sami (to E.J.'s corpse): "Eight years just melted away...we just haven't had enough time, E.J., we need more time." #sayseveryEJamifaneverywhere

How do you make Johnny more adorable? Put him in glasses and have him take them off dramatically.

Kate, honey, take it down a notch.

Hey, Ben! Here's a tip for making more money -- stop taking breaks every time someone you know walks into the club. With the way he takes breaks, he must think he's a Salem doctor or something.

Hope and Sami are close? Sure, okay. Hope went to see Sami and the kids, and we didn't get to see it? Not okay.

Kate Mansi brings Abigail's nickname "Abs" an entirely new meaning. Work it, girl.

I'm still debating NuChad.

Okay, I kind of cracked up at Ben's line to Clyde when he said, "Hey, stalker. How long have you been there?"

Yes, Mar, "He didn't make it" means he died.

OMG, Stefano was standing!

Thanks, flashback. You made me remember how flawless Kristen looked in that hat and red shirt when she returned.

I miss my grandma every time I see Eric and Caroline. They're relationship is realistic and enjoyable.

I love that Kristen thinks of herself, Dr. Dan, and Eric as sort of a "Dream Team."

Abigail's running jacket was made of win.

Kate's outfit at the beginning of the week was like Saturday Night Fever meets a jewelry explosion, and I kinda liked it.

Snaps for his support of J.J., but I still think it's a bit ick that Dr. Dude is offering his pad to two horny teens. Nope. That's not going to end badly.

There were several comments about Lexie not being alone now that E.J. is in heaven with her. Let's fact check this, writers. If you count up all the dead DiMera children, there are enough of them up there (or down there) to form a ghostly baseball team. Renée, Andre, Tony, Benjy, Megan, and those are the ones we know of. Batter up!

Eve! Leave the nurses alone. No one wants to hear your Al Bundy-like "I used to be somebody" high school football stories.

Excuse me, but is the woman Kate called a close friend when speaking with Chad the same Madeline she called a "lying whore" a few weeks back? Just checking.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of October 20! Laurisa will be away next week, tracking down a lead, but I'll be back with less tears in my eyes and my snark fully recharged. And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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