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For the Week of October 27, 2014
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Hell may have frozen over because in Salem, old enemies are now friends, Tammy Sue may be a murderess, and Rory was right about something! Plus, some unlikely visitors have Sami California dreamin'. Will she get a Hollywood ending? Break out your snow gear and watch out for flying pigs in this week's Two Scoops!

It's no secret that "Denial McI'm Not Having It" is one of my best friends when it comes to DAYS. Like a teenaged Sami Gene, I'm still holding out hope that Roman and Marlena will get back together. I'm still in denial that Renée DuMonde is really dead. I refuse to believe I'll never see Vivian Alamain again. I think Dario Hernandez went to Argentina to hide from his feelings for me, not for a job. I don't think Kristen will ever leave again...ever. And I'm in total denial that soon there'll be a Sami-less Salem.

Actually, that last part isn't entirely true. A Sami-less Salem is coming, and last week was proof of that, whether I'm ready to accept it or not. And if events on the show didn't spell that out loud and clear, NBC posted a fantastic video of Alison Sweeney reflecting on her time on DAYS as well as cast members and fans saying...saying...well, saying goodbye. Gulp. And there it is, me, reality.

So, with that, Sami has an exit storyline in place, it seems. She and a not-so-dead E.J. will be riding off into the sunset. Oh, wait. No, that was wishful thinking. As it turns out, three folks from Hollywood showed up at the DiMera Mansion and offered Sami a contract to pretty much be a celebrity. They love her. They want her. They're ready to be part of the "Sami Brady-DiMera business." Welcome to the club, Bruce "Call Me Bruce" Greenblatt and friends. You're only 21-plus years late for the party. I digress.

Do I like this (possible) ending for Sami? Well, let me tell you. My initial reaction was, "Really!?" And then I thought about it some, and it's growing on me. Hear me out.

Yes, E.J. just died, and she's still mourning. Yes, Sami has about a billion things going on right now. Things that include said mourning, a corporation to co-CEO, and children to raise alone now while battling Stefano, but from a Sami point of view, the move to La-La-Land would make sense.

I addition to being a man's first choice, Sami has always wanted general adoration. Sami is part insecure, needy mess and part egomaniac. She may also be part psychopath, but let's not dwell on the dirty. Therefore, I'm not surprised she'd pick to move to L.A. and be praised by the masses for being a high profile train wreck (SEE: any reality star on a show that has the "The Real..." in the title).

So, Sami being the star of a three-ring circus called the "Sami Brady-DiMera business?" I get that. She'd love it. And she'll even get paid for being her crazy self, which proves some crimes do pay. Plus, a sensationalized Sami tell-all would surely shake things up in Salem for many folks and give Sami a lot to deal with when she returns. I said "when" because I'm optimistic.

From a grieving widow and a single mother aspect, I also get it. She can grieve and mother anyway, and there are less demons around every corner in a new place. Hollywood is far from Salem (wink, wink), and leaving town gives Sami and her family a fresh start. She'll have money and power and be a safe distance away from Stefano. Well, if there is such a thing as a safe distance from Stefano. Something tells me he'll never give up on trying to avenge the wrongs Sami has done to him or acquiring his grandchildren. But, again, I digress.

Sami wants to do it. Nicole thinks it's a great idea, too. They were both plastered at the time this decision was made. Nope. Nothing bad ever happens while drinking and making life-changing decisions. Just ask any college gal who got a "tramp stamp" during spring break, or a frat dude who's sporting one eyebrow after a high-stakes game of beer pong. They'll agree.

Ultimately, it's a quick turnaround given everything Sami has going on. There seem to be a lot of loose ends to tie up, but because the writers have had over a year to write this storyline, I'm willing to watch until Sami rides off before I make my final Two Scoop. After all, I wouldn't want to hastily write something up in a panic and hope it works sometime later. Yes, I went there.

And speaking of going places, one thing I positively agree with is that Sami and the Hollywood folks want Will in L.A., too. Um, yes, please. I normally like Will, I really do, but after E.J.'s death, Jennifer's wardrobe this year, and Marybeth's mere presence, I don't have much fight left in me, and Will's tiring me out in the tenth round.

Then again, I'm soooooo on Team Will here. If I were to list two of Sonny's worst qualities, I would definitely start with "disrespectful" and "unsupportive." I think the third would be that Sonny doesn't agree with everything and anything Will says. The nerve of that walking, talking human Care Bear otherwise known as Sonny.

Okay, let me break this down. I want Will to go to L.A. with Sami for a while and come back with an adjusted attitude and a better wardrobe. Because, you know, poor Will never gets to do anything fun. Never! I know this for a fact...

You see, I found Will's diary from when he was a teenager living in Switzerland and skiing all the time in the Alps that backs up that he never, ever got to experience anything fun before he was a father and husband. The poor guy didn't even live in a pimped-out penthouse with park views while owning a limited edition luxury sports car his boss gave him, you know, when he was an intern. So, yes, you should feel bad for Will. Just ask him. And shame on you, Sonny, for not throwing him a Poor Will Parade when he spat in the face of the family you created together.

I bet Gabi would agree, too. She's probably relieved she doesn't have to be chained to a baby all the time. Sonny should tell her about Will's words. I'm sure she'll give Will a high-five and say, "I know what you mean!" You know, when she gets out of jail sometime over the next decade. Ugh, Will. Just ugh.

To end the longest rant ever, I have a quote from one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows that perfectly sums up what I'd tell Will if I ran into him. Well, after I told him to ease up on the cardigans. The character of Luther on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 said, "Bitch, please. Bitch."

I'm on board with Nicole and Rafe being friends again. I've always enjoyed her having pals. And I want to be a part of their pity party. Let's drink to old friends being new again.

Nicole's love for Sydney simultaneously warms and breaks my heart! Their scenes together were tear-inducing, and I thought I was all done crying after the past few weeks. I know Nicole has done, um, questionable things, but she would move heaven and earth for Sydney. I'm glad the writers gave us those goodbyes. Well played!

On the topic of crying, I'm a hot mess. I totally welled up when Sami and Kate hugged. I won't even get into the Sami and Johnny scenes, as those had me going as well. After the past three weeks on DAYS, and I suspect next week will be a little rough, too, I need to plant myself in front of YouTube and watch funny clips for a few hours. Cats playing in boxes, anyone?

In other news that doesn't somehow involve Sami, and please don't tell her that...

Lil' Tammy Sue may have killed her mama! That is, Clyde claimed Jordan purposely wrecked their truck (of course) when she was underage and driving with her mama. Oh, boy.

Okay, first, the only thing I believe is that they were driving a truck. And I'm sure it had a confederate flag in the back window, a spittoon in the cup holder, and two -- no -- three mangy dogs in the bed. Because that's how DAYS has been rolling with this stereotype sideshow.

Two, I'm sure she fought with her mother a time or two. I've been told teens sometimes lash out at parental figures. I dunno, just something I heard on the street.

Three, if she did scream, "I killed her!" that probably stems from the guilt over the fact she was driving the truck her mother died in. But that's just a hunch. Clyde's trying, I'll give him that. And I don't think Chad minds because Jordan ended up a mess in his arms.

Then again, everything about Jordan and Chad has to do with Abigail. Oh, and the sun rose because Abigail wanted it to. I'm beginning to see why she and Will don't work as best friends. There can't be two centers of the universe.

In the battle of Ben vs. Dumb Decisions, I'll give Ben a point. It's healthy that he realizes it's not good to live with hate one's entire life and he needs to let it go. And then I'll give Dumb Decisions about a zillion points for wiping the court with Ben. I know money is appealing, but Ben is drinking every drop of Kool-Aid Clyde is serving up. Here's my advice for Ben:

A. Sans all those breaks with Abigail and Jordan, you've worked hard to save money, and you're almost there. Don't take the easy way out now!
B. You ran away and changed your flipping name to get away from Clyde the Redneck Reindeer who was/is a drug dealing abuser. Forgive, sure. Forget, don't think so.
C. Just keep repeating B until you get it.
D. Totally send all your money to that Nigerian man you don't know who emailed you, stating you'll get a big reward if you transfer him money. That won't end badly at all.

Oh, speaking of bad, the voice of reason in the entire J.J./Paige saga has been Rory. He asked why Paige needed to know about Jack's history. Um, right!? She doesn't. And if J.J. feels compelled to tell her, let's get this show on the road already because Eve took a face plant onto the floor, and I'm totally sure she won't blame J.J. for that, causing more of a delay. Let's hope November Sweeps wraps this one up quickly.

Holy less bitter, Batman! Eric Brady was actually smiling. I forgot how swoon-worthy that is. I get why Eve is coming on to him faster than Will jumps to a wrong conclusion.

Finally, Kristen took on Eve and Anne on her quest to bring down Theresa. And it worked! She got the info she needed in less than a week. J.J. needs to take lessons in quick turnaround from her. Anyway, Kristen and Anne together were hilarious. I loved Anne's breakdown of E.J. I get it, Anne. We all do. Thankfully, Kristen got what she needed, and this truth bomb is about to explode!

Extra Scoops

Okay, Sami's final countdown has begun. There were some suspect scenes there, but there were also some rock star moments. Like these:
Kate and Sami bonding and that hug. Yes, please.
Sami, Kate, and Lucas in the middle of drama together "just like old times." Um, yes, and yes, please.
Will going to Victor for help. Victor pulling through for his extended family. And Victor comparing himself to God on the phone with Kate. Yes, yes, and yes. Please.
Sami and Nicole bonding, drinking, and laughing as only they could about their crazy past full of slugs, slaps, and sewers. Oh, hell, yes, please!
And Jamie Caldwell in a flashback? Okay, yes, and far out!
Love the bag, love the flashbacks. Love it all (so far).

I'm going to set up Ben and Will on a double date with Reality and Rational Thinking then let the latter explain to Ben and Will why they tied for this week's NOT. Good luck, Reality and Rational Thinking. You'll need it.

Kate (to Sami on why they should remain friends): "Besides, that painting of the two of us, that's too fierce to change."

I'm impressed. Dr. Dan is a brave man for accepting a pre-poured drink from Kristen. Not that she would ever lace a drink, of course.

Did anyone catch the adorableness that was Baby Ari knocking in the air when Chad knocked on the door?

Idea! T and Ben should get an apartment together. One, it would ensure more T time. Two, it would mean T would be on more. Three, T should be on more. And four, at least one of the people living there would be interesting.

Damn you, dream! I was ready to skip school and go to the pumpkin patch.

I'm sure a scholarship in E.J.'s name will go further with his picture attached to the application.

I know he just woke up from a coma, but I have to ask John Black -- is Mar Mar showing up to see you really a surprise? I mean, really. She kind of stalks you.

I love that Sami was in a short skirt in Sydney's drawing.

I enjoy that everyone in Sami's circle who knows about her offer are putting out their wish-list for the celebs they'd like to see play them. Fun times!

More so, I loved, loved, loved Kayla's hysterical reaction to learning Eve still wants to be a singer.

Props to Eve and Jill for making the word "honey" sound so mean.

Well, Hollywood is a step up from Vivian's Bollywood exit. At least we keep Sami on the same continent.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of October 27! As it's almost the 31st, be on the lookout for Laurisa and my annual Halloween in Salem column! Maybe those laughs will get us through the tears as we say goodbye to our fair Alison. Laurisa will be back on Monday with all the latest in the Sayonara Sami 2014 Hollywood Tour and will be performing "I will remember you" while dressed up as Stan. And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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