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No doubt, the way she left was silly. But what she left behind was nothing short of amazing. Let's take a look at the powerful, spectacular, exhausting, wonderful, and incomparable Sami Gene Brady Reed (almost Kelly) Walker Roberts DiMera Hernandez DiMera in this week's Two Scoops.

Do you remember having list of stall tactics to keep from having to go to bed when you were a little kid? Water, story, teeth brushing, tucking in... That's kind of where I was with Sami last week. I knew she was leaving, but as long as Rafe, Kate, Lucas, Eric, Roman and Marlena weren't there to say goodbye, I knew it wasn't time yet.

But eventually they all did show up. And it all started to settle in that Sami was leaving. And, darn it, I wasn't the least bit ready.

Like any good Salem resident, I blame E.J. The truth is that both E.J. and Sami's individual exits were quite satisfying on their own. E.J.'s was full of that heart-tugging drama that can only come from watching a romance unfold every weekday for the past eight years. And Sami's exit was mercifully upbeat (my tear ducts thank you for that, DAYS) and left the door wide open for the fan-favorite to return. Plus, I am glad that Sami got to take a solo victory lap around Salem. She's the vet and she definitely earned it.

But the problem was in the transition between the two exits. It was impossible to believe that Sami could go from lying on the morgue slab with her husband's body one day, to smiling and literally jumping for joy in said dead husband's living room a few days later. That tone shift was way too fast. As a Sami fan, I wanted to be happy for her. But I just wasn't there yet.

To further complicate this problem, the happily ever after soapy ending was right there. One scene. That's all it would have taken. Sami gets in that limo and E.J. is waiting for her. The whole Hollywood thing would make a great cover story while the two go live their life with the kids away from Stefano and Salem. Not only that, but of course a criminal on a soap fakes his death! Really, DAYS, this was kind of a ground ball.

The good news is that this is a soap. No door is ever completely closed. Should they decide to revisit this in the future, I'll be here and happy to watch it. For the meantime, we got some nice curtain calls thanks to the F.O.S. (Friends of Sami) who all stopped by to wish our fair maiden well.

Lucas came over for some reason that really didn't matter because the flashbacks of Lumi were beyond delightful, including the red dress for the dance. I don't think a lot of acting went into the sweet goodbye scene between Lucas and Sami. And I'm glad that Mad World has an office in L.A. because Lucas will be the one who keeps Sami's story going. I can see him mentioning her and the kids every few months when he returns from business trips. Lumi = besties forever

The Hope scene didn't leave me as fuzzy. That scene had to be more for Alison Sweeney and Kristian Alfonso, which is totally fine. But in a truthful moment we all know that Sami and Hope barely liked each other. Hope couldn't jump to Abigail's side fast enough when the article came out.

Rafe was next, which was a very nice hat tip to Safe fans. Also, I couldn't help but notice that super-cop Rafe never said with confidence, "Yup, we got the guy!" Instead, he said things like, "All the evidence points to the case being solved." Police integrity is still intact, Agent Hernandez.

Kayla and Caroline were adorable as always. I liked that Kayla and Sami made up before Sami left. I loved that Abe gave E.J.'s watch to Johnny and a big hug to Sami. And, of course, Roman and Marlena were there too.

But the two that got me the most were Eric and Kate.

First, kudos to Greg Vaughan and Alison Sweeney for crafting that great sibling chemistry in a very short amount of time. For all of the fighting that Sami did with her sisters, she was always fiercely protective of her twin brother and these two needed to convey that. I'm a little worried for Eric in the future because part of him needs his other half to make sure that bullies don't steamroll right over him.

Second, Kate and Sami's scene was perfect. In a very strange, yet beautiful way, Kate was the first person to treat Sami like a grown-up. As a competitor, Kate took Sami seriously. She held nothing back. I loved that Sami thanked Kate for teaching her how to be tough. It's so true. So much of what I love about Sami is because of Kate.

It's a funny thing. For all the chaos that she built into her life, perhaps the biggest mess Sami will ever make is the one that DAYS will be in without her. I don't mean that necessarily bad. There's something exciting about a show resetting. But it will have to reset. This will be a whole new show without Sami. And there's no heir apparent waiting to take over for her. But perhaps that's the point. Because, really, how in the world is anyone going to repeat that kind of magic? I'll miss pretty much everything about Sami.

But I'll tell you one thing I won't miss! His name starts with "W" and ends with "ill is an asshat". Since we're all still going with this fantasy that Will is a good writer, Hollywood wants him to pen the screenplay for the Untitled Sami Project. So he packed up his kid and headed out there. Don't worry. The job that he had for eight days is going to hold his gig for him. And the husband that he's had for eight months is going to wait for him while Will's family needs him -- because, you know, Sonny isn't Will's family or anything. Will's being awfully flippant with a guy who loves the snot out of him.

You know how many people would love to be in Will's place? I'll offer his uncle Brady as one example. Let's review the Bradster's week.

It started out in bed with Theresa, a gal he cares so much for that he strolled arm and arm with her out of her boudoir and uttered that sweet nothing, "I can't promise you anything." I mean, slow down there, Romeo!

Next, he was summoned by the crazy pants he almost married so that she could tell him that Theresa is really the one who clobbered John. Brady didn't believe Kristen, even when she produced a recording, which Kristen totally had coming.

But his disbelief only lasted long enough to drive across town and overhear John and Theresa confirming what he heard. Brady was justifiably furious with both of them. So he went to find his old buddy, Daniel. And wouldn't you know it? Daniel was half-way through a bottle of whiskey and in bed with Kristen. Shoot. Hate it when that happens!

I know that Kristen and Daniel stopped mid-the-deed, but that doesn't get them off the hook (See: Carrie and Rafe) with me, and it shouldn't with Brady either. Go on and get your revenge, oh he-of-the-perfect-scowling-face!

As for the hook-up itself, it didn't take a rocket scientist to see the Kristen/Daniel tryst coming. But the Daniel side of it could be interesting. Father Eric was an actual man of the cloth for a while and he still wasn't revered the way Daniel was over the last few years. (Looking at you, Jen and Nicole!) So what's the deal with Daniel getting friendly with public enemy number one? At least Brady was legitimately in love with Kristen. What's Daniel's excuse?

I don't know if Ciara needs to play herself in Sami's move. That is, unless it is a horror movie, in which case Ciara would fit right in. Gawd, that kid drives me nuts. Maybe it's because Hope can't handle her. If Chelsea were in the picture to deal with her little sis, things would be a lot different.

The news that Chrishell Stause is leaving DAYS makes it even hard to care about who did or didn't kill Mama Westin. But from what I can gather, Clyde's assertion is that a teenage Jordan was able to mastermind a murder of a woman using a motor vehicle. Okay, not only is that the least effective way to kill someone (I watch Dateline, people) but, didn't Rafe/Emily/Meredith have basically this exact same storyline?

Sometimes a slow burn isn't the best idea. Eve and J.J.'s time feels like it has passed. Now it's just strange to see him massage her hand. (Not a euphemism - yet.) On the bright side, I do like seeing Casey Moss in scenes with vets again. And it is smart to start a storyline the week that a lot of former viewers would be tuning in to see Sami leave.

Also, Paige deserves to lose J.J. She decided to believe the word of a stranger who switched dudes mid-party over her boyfriend who Sandra Dee-ed himself to be with her. Ugh. Carrie 2.0 is on my nerves.

Chad kissed Jordan before she could say no to his date. Dude is P.I.M.P.

Nicole and Eve occupy very much the same space in Salem -- the gorgeous outsider with a knack for scheming and a heart that breaks surprisingly easy. So, I feel like pairing Eric with Eve is really doing Ericole Light. And I'd rather have the real thing.

I like that Hope and Aiden are dating as single parents. It's an interesting dynamic. Plus, Aiden was the only one who was nice enough to dress up for Halloween, so he's a-okay in my book.

Speaking of Halloween, the talented @Tony_S_Days and I put together our biggest list yet of Halloween costumes for the good people of Salem! And yes, we kept EJami on the list. Exits, schmexits! Take a look at this five-part blog now!

Extra Scoops

When people tell me that they don't like Sami, I've always secretly wondered why they watched DAYS at all. Because Sami has been carrying DAYS for a while now. And I can honestly say that I don't think I would have liked Sami so much, were it not for Alison Sweeney.

She's a complete pro on screen, but her constant championing of the soap opera genre and fans has been nothing short of remarkable. We're a beat up bunch. And to have someone like her wear her soap badge loud and proud was amazing. Soap fans have never known as good a friend as Alison.

So congrats, Ali (I can call you "Ali" right?), on pulling off a John Elway. After a long and celebrated career, you managed to walk out on top. I can't wait to see what you conquer next. I'll support you. Hell, I'll even eat some blueberries and do some of those squat things that you're always tweeting about. Just because you asked me to. Because that's what friends do for each other.

Guys, I think Jennifer needs an intervention. Or perhaps an exorcism. Somehow, this self-righteous, blind idiot needs to leave and the real Jen needs to come back. Below are my actual notes from her scene with Daniel this week:

  • Hold on, is Jen really chastising someone for involving themselves in someone else's family?
  • Right, Jen. Daniel can't give out parenting advice. When his daughter was about J.J.'s age, he was only helping her send her mother off to drug rehab.
  • Oh good, we get the Nicole argument again. Guess Jen can't lose that one enough.
  • I don't know that Jen needs to get a new job because Daniel won't be her friend any more. Now, if the popular kids stop sitting with her at lunch, then it's totes time to go.
  • Jen, if you want your adult children to stay away from Daniel, you need to have the conversation with them.
  • Why am I watching Jennifer throw her 473,692nd tantrum when Kayla gets next to no screen time?

Roman: "I hear Hollywood can be tough."
Sami: "Really? Well, then they better watch out for me." Get 'em, Sami. That's our girl!

Hey Bev, since you're at the club, why not wonder over to the bar and introduce yourself to T? You'll thank me later.

Kristen does a lot wrong, but she gets her accessories right. That green ring was super!

Theresa's leather jacket with the zipper flap thing in the back was neat-o.

It takes me a minute each time I see Lucas and Abigail together to remember how they're related.

I loved the running joke of Sydney wanting to pack her fish.

The Daytime Emmys are set for Sunday, April 26, 2015; or, as I like to think of it, less than 6 months until we see Ali on screen again with her daytime family!

Looks like Will will run into this guy soon. Am I wrong for suggesting that the role be played by a boiling vat of acid? Too far? Okay. Just checking.

Not that I want to wish her harm, but I wouldn't be sad to see Jen take care of Laura for a good while -- at least until Laura is well enough to return to Salem.

Neither Brady nor John to got say goodbye to Sami? Boo.

The casting requests from the F.O.S. were great. But Charleze Theron as Nicole was downright perfect.

"Theresa's done far worse things than I've ever done!" -Kristen. Oh, don't sell yourself short, Krissy!

I love that the actors are just as surprised by the flashbacks too!

Red, Eve. I'll take red. Please and thank you.

That's it for now! I'll be back next week to see how Kristen explain her way out of this one. And by "explain" I'm sure that I mean "drop a bomb on Salem." Hope you join me!

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