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Team DAYS has a lot of Emmy greatness to celebrate, but Will and company might not be in such a party mood after his affair with Paul was publicly exposed! It looks like karma is catching up to him. So, get what you deserve in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

In the interest of full disclosure, the song "Happy" kind of made me mad after, say, the second or millionth time I heard it. No disrespect to Pharrell. It's catchy, it's cute, and he probably bought a million new oversized hats with all the airtime it got, but it turned into a dead horse radio stations wouldn't stop beating. Sure, I'm a bit of a cantankerous Victor at times. I own that. But the moral of this story is a silver lining -- I found my anthem for DAYS last week because there was a lot to celebrate.

I was happy and clapped along like I was in a room without a roof as soon as I heard all the marvelous Emmy nominations Team DAYS picked up as well as all the on-screen drama of Will being outed at Horton Town Square. Was that reporter a slimy, sketchy, skeevy dude? You betcha, but him tossing the first egg on Will's face was delicious.

Even more delicious was Victor ripping into Will. Oh, please, oh please, don't make that the only showdown these two have. Adrienne's bitch-slap Will-slap was a good start, but Victor issuing a total verbal beatdown would be like an Easter basket full of goodies for DAYS fans fed up with Will. After all, he has it coming, and I'm sitting at the edge of my seat in anticipation for this to happen. Don't disappoint me, writers.

We got to see the softer-ish side of Victor when he was alone with Maggie, too. My heart broke a little when he said, "He was my Sonny." Victor's love of Sonny makes me love Victor more. I also love Maggie more for knowing that Victor was playing possum with Clyde. Thank the Soap Gods! I was worried this would come between them if she found out that Victor was up to his old tricks. Instead, Maggie basically said go get him, but be nice. Sort of. That's what I'm taking away from it. Anyway, the "Magic" is still there for this stellar couple, which is another reason to celebrate.

However, Clyde also suspects that Victor is not slowing down, and that has me a bit worried. Still, I sort of laugh at the idea of Clyde comparing himself to Stefano. Sorry, Hayseed, but you have about twelve more deaths to fake, several brainwashings of enemies to perform, and a Queen of the Night to obtain before you can even shine Stefano's shoes. Nice try, though. But back to the on-screen blowout...

Before Will's affair went public, he and Marlena argued when she found his article about Paul possibly being a DiMera on his tablet. I have to admit, I had to dust off my "Marlenamania" foam finger because it's been a while, but I did. Lady was on fire. It was amazing to watch her rip into her former "My dear boy." From her, "So, it's blackmail," to basically calling him a wrong, non-noble, intrusive punk, I cheered her on. Okay. Okay. She didn't call him a punk. I added that for her. And you're welcome, Mar Mar.

Though I will admit for a second I almost thought that Will deleted the article so as to not hurt Marlena. As in, if John knew he had a son, it could come between the "Jarlena" reunion. And then I realized he did it because the reveal would give Paul roots in Salem. I don't know what I was thinking. Will and selflessness go together about as well as white pants and freshly painted benches. My bad.

Right! I missed the elephant in the room, and for the first time in ages, I'm not referring to Serena, thank goodness. That is, Paul might be John's son! Yes, please. I like this. It keeps Tori around, gives John another son and Brady a half-brother, and, more so, it doesn't give Stefano another son! All of that is a big "Yes, please."

And now that Paul is out of the game, I'd love to see him become John Black 2.0 and fight crime plus all that action and adventure stuff. This could be great! They just have to officially reveal it, and, well, John and Paul have to patch things up because right now John isn't a Paul fan. In fact, John did something I never noticed him doing before -- he used his trademark "That's a fact!" as sort of a tell off. I didn't know it could be used that way, but I like it. Let me practice, "Will, you suck, and that's a fact." Yep, that feels nice. Moving on...

While Will was doing damage control and getting scolded by Marlena (I can't stop giggling about that), Sonny and Paul had some playtime in the square with the kids and town folk. First, I loved the benefit. It was great to see everyone in casual wear and having a good time. Moments like that definitely lighten the darker tone DAYS sometimes get stuck on. Good job, writers!

And then Paul and Sonny ended up wet and had to get shirtless, which turned out to be a bit steamy. John noticed, too. And Rafe also suspected something was up. Some may have issues with Rafe right now, but I'm okay with his stance -- he's looking out for his sister's family. Okay, his incarcerated sister's family. I don't blame him for wanting to protect baby Ari. She's all he has left. Well, besides Dario in Argentina (who needs to call me back) and the ever-sick Mama Hernandez, but she's probably in an isolation ward somewhere, recovering from her latest malady. I digress.

Back to Paul and Sonny! They sizzled a bit, I'll give them that. Yet, I still need more. Right now, Will is a big bad asshat with a side of douchebag, but that doesn't automatically sell me on wanting Paul and Sonny to play house. I need to see more of them together, as well as a Wilson showdown to either end things or reunite.

Ultimately, I feel bad for Sonny. He's been cut up physically and emotionally and needs something more than Will "Career Comes First" Horton. Is that "something more" Paul? Maybe, but it's sort of like the Adrienne and Lucas thingy. Justin has been a horny hound dog, but despite the circumstances, Adrienne is still hitting the sheets while wearing a ring. If Sonny decides to be with Paul, I want him to leave Will -- we need at least one good guy who still does the right thing to root for, since nearly all of DAYS' leading men have been reduced to abandoners or cheaters. So, what I'm saying is that I'm not "Team Wilson" or "Team Saul" because right now I'm rooting for teams Sonny and Anti-Will.

Dr. Dan is great at apologizing, but not-really-apologizing. Ugh. Though, as much as he's irritating me right now on the Nicole front, she's just as bad. She needs to move on. She's too awesome to play the pathetic needy gal. She needs to blast Jagged Little Pill, only stopping for martini refills and to pick up a hairbrush and sing "You're So Vain" when Alanis stops until she's ready to turn on Gloria Gaynor and Aretha Franklin, survive, and find some self-r-e-s-p-e-c-t. When that happens, I hope she runs into Xander again. She needs a fresh start, and he needs a better, long-term reason other than diamonds to stay in Salem. I think they'd be smoking together!

J.J., I love you, buddy, but you told Dr. Dan that your mom "just sort of figured it all out" about you and Eve. Yeah. Not really. She walked in on you doing it with an enemy worse than most of her wardrobe. That's really not the same thing. I digress...

Eve needs to meet Peter Blake. One, it would get her out of the teen scene. Two, Jennifer would love that. Three, it would get her out of the teen scene. Four, they would make a delicious diabolical couple. And five, it would get her out of the teen scene. If not Peter, then resurrect Nick Corelli. I loved to hate that slimeball.

So, Dr. Buttinsky figured out about the "Jeve" affair and was all up in J.J.'s grill. Shame on you, J.J. You should just ask Dr. Dan what to do. He's always right. He's just too humble to admit that. So, J.J., I suggest you find Uncle Lucas and have him teach you all about St. Dr. Dude. Okay. I'm being mean. While Dr. Dan certainly has no room to cast stones, he is looking at things a bit clearer than J.J. and company. He's watching this slow motion train wreck and wants it to stop. I can't really argue with him there.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of Lucas, he was on top of things last week. By "things," I mean Adrienne. They did it. Like, a lot. To be honest, I'm not on the fan bus here, but I'm not not enjoying it either. It was nice to see both Lucas and Adrienne happy. That doesn't happen often. And their afterglow giggling was rather cute and playful. Still, I'm not sure what to make of these two. I think I love Justin and Adrienne too much to give up on them, even if they're giving up on each other. Plus, even though Justin pretty much said, "Sorry, Adrienne, I'm going back to Dubai to take a few more trips down to Elsa Town, you know, for work," Adrienne is still cheating, too, which makes it hard to root for any couple as cute as their afterglow giggling may be. I have a feeling when Dimples returns, things will take an interesting turn.

So, I'll give Chad props. I enjoyed the way he rushed to get the reporter away from his besties. It was a move a certain tall, lanky hipster Chad would have pulled off. See, he's still in there a little! Then again, I'm not sure he didn't pay off the guy to slug him. So there's that, too.

And while on Chad, he's been on Ben about reading Jack's book. His plan to get Ben to "Smash!" is kind of obvious. Ben sees this, too. But on the flip side, Ben should just suck it up and read the book. It's important to Abigail, and you do those kinds of things for the people you love enough to invite to move in with you. I get that he's a college freshman, and going to school a little late in the game is intimidating and overwhelming, but right now, it's just making Ben look like he's a stubborn twit who's a little more interested in Abigail as a prize and warm body than her as a whole. Methinks that isn't the best housewarming gift to give to a gal, nor is pretty much calling her a whore. Just saying. Sushi, anyone?

Extra Scoops
On-screen, this week boasted a bunch of booming shows with tons of fun at the Square and a snazzy Friday cliffhanger-like reveal with the perfect splash of Victor awesomeness!

Off- screen, I couldn't be a happier, prouder DAYS fan right now! The cast and crew were nominated for many, many, many awards that begin with "Outstanding." It was, well, outstanding, and I'm thrilled for all our DAYS nominees. Make sure to Tweet some love to DAYS, and especially Alison, Peggy, Freddie, and Camila, who are all winners in my book. They all had these accolades coming -- and more -- so get the party started for them!

For the latest on this year's awards, visit the Soap Central Emmy news hub by clicking here!

Ugh. I shouldn't be shocked by Will's actions anymore, but calling Zoe to do damage control on his career while a heart-crushed Care Bear Sonny stood on standby was lower than low. I have paper and colored Sharpies if anyone wants to draw Will a diagram that shows him how to get his head out of his hourglass.

Victor (toasting Will and Sonny): "A year ago today, I was honored to host your wedding. Since most of you were there, you know it was one of the finest weddings that Salem has ever had. No one was shot. No one was arrested. No one found out they were pregnant. But more importantly, nobody's world fell apart because these two fine men pledged to love each other forever."

Tori (to Will): "I'm the only Japanese woman I've seen in this town. If there was something to put together, I'm sure he would have already done it by now."
Jorge (to Melanie): "How's it going, girl?" #sassy
John (to Davis): "Salem P.D. Wannabe arrest? ... I'll figure something out."
Theresa (to coworker Jorge): "I know who you are. Do you want a medal!?"
Yes, Theresa definitely went to the Victor Kiriakis School of Charm and excelled in Greetings 101

I kind of laughed when Mar Mar rolled her eyes and quipped, "Children!" I guess that's why she was a hands-off kind of mother. I kid, I kid.

Another Tori gem to Will: "You're a very paranoid young man." I kind of love this woman.

Oh! Caroline's in California, and another Brady sibling is returning soon for a visit. Yay! Bring back more of them, Caroline!'s DAYS section needs to post an excerpt of Jack's book like they've done with Will's articles. Then again, that would be investing time in Jack. My bad.

Where were those super soaker water guns when Xander was in Horton Town Square? I had a shirt all ready for him in my office. #noIdidnt

I hope that Aiden and Hope stating, "Can you picture them as teenagers?" about Chase and Ciara doesn't mean they're headed for SORAS Land, too.

I loved Kate's reaction to those people taking pictures of her. Cheers indeed, Kate. Cheers, indeed.

Aww! Nicole brought up her mom, Fay. It's long overdue that the fab Valerie Wildman makes another ghostly cameo. Even better, a non-ghostly one, and Fay can stay! She could have been in witness protection, right?

How much packing do Tori and Paul really need to do? I moved a two-bedroom apartment with a den out in 48 hours. Okay, the movers did, but it was done in less time than Tori and Paul are putting together their baggage.

I really need a good Marlena and Stefano scene. Those two never fail.

The baby has her own language called "Ariannish." Rafe described it as gibberish, but methinks Will might be able to translate with all the nonsense he spouts.

Salemites need to be bubble-wrapped for as much as they bump into each other.

You'll want to put on your "I *Heart* Deidra Hall" T-shirts after watching all the hilarity in these videos: click here!

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of April 6! How are you celebrating all of the DAYS Emmy nods? I'm putting on my boogie shoes and an oversized hat for a very festive happy dance, so in the meantime, Laurisa will be back next week with the latest. And "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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