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Ben lit people on fire. Hope tried to kill a man point blank. Yet, this week was still the most light-hearted we've had in a while! Let's celebrate the end of Sweeps in this week's Two Scoops.

You guys, it's over. Not the cabin storyline. That's still happening. I mean the gloomiest November Sweeps ever has finally come to a close. Perhaps it's odd that I felt almost hopeful during a week filled with arson, attempted murder, and psychotic breaks. But still, technically, no one died! So we might be on the road to easier times! Maybe? Sure. That's what I'm going with.

We headed back up to funeral point to bid farewell to Bo. The company leasing out those folding chairs for events must be worth millions by now. Hurray for finally mentioning Kimberly! But boo on Jen, J.J., Doug, Julie, Theresa, Brady, Eric, Adrienne, and Justin being family no-shows. Also, there was no mention of brothers Frankie, Max, or Philip. Thankfully, things got a lot better when Caroline took a shot of whiskey. Not only was that a glimpse at the feisty Caroline I like, but they really did have to do something to make this wake a little different from the others that we've seen...basically every other week...since September.

Hope might be crazier that Ben. At least he tried to hide his crimes and frame other people. Hope was straight up going to shoot that dude in the middle of the police station because she has exactly no more whoops left to give. And I have to say, I'm not entirely mad at her for it.

Kristian Alfonso is a force. Let's just marvel for a minute at the roles she's navigated over the past month -- giddy bride, crime victim, relieved wife, broken woman, and now lady on a mad mission. Hope's off-the-rails crazy, but Kristian is making this work.

Hope's even showing up the boys as Steve and Roman are both telling her to chill out. But you know what? I'm cheering her on! I'm trying to remember the last time that someone suggested a man needed therapy when he wanted to cowboy up and seek justice. Heck, when Bo quit his job and left his family to follow his mission, people -- including Hope -- wished him well! So I say, go on, Hopers! Bring it!

The only part that gives me a little pause is the kid angle. Shawn and Ciara don't need their father's death avenged. That's something Hope's making up to fit with her narrative of the situation. And while Shawn is grown, Ciara still needs a parent around, so I don't want Hope to go too far. Luckily, the bad guys are coming to her, so she can butt-kick from 8-5 and then be home in time for dinner and Scandal. How nice!

I was a little disappointed when Claudia's sketch revealed a random bad guy. But Dr. Seth Malcom is actually working for someone else! Okay, DAYS, make this revelation a good one! There's some potential here!

Also simmering with just the right amount of potential is Rafe and Hope. We all know Rafe loves Hope. But the care he's extending her way doesn't at all feel like he's taking advantage of her grief. Regardless of the feelings he has for her, I think he'd do all of this as her friend and partner anyway. I mean, Rafe is the same fella who claimed paternity for Nicole's kid, and they were never romantically involved either. This dude takes friendship seriously.

I really, really like the chemistry between Galen and Kristian, and this is coming from someone who isn't a Rafe fan. And I like that Hope is the alpha in this relationship and Rafe is her sidekick. That's exactly how it should be. For now, they're great as detective partners. The romance needs to wait, but there's a good foundation there for when it's time.

And if Hope and Rafe get stuck in their investigation, they could always call Chad. He tracked down Ben and Abigail in record time. Thank goodness, too, because their scene was getting a lot of bit repetitive. Poor Abigail was stuck in a sleeveless top during a snowstorm because this scene started sometime last August! Either that or she's been shopping in Ghost Bo's closet.

In all seriousness, Robert Scott Wilson has been nothing short of brilliant in this storyline. But the combination of pacing and character choices have turned both Ben and Abigail into such caricatures, it's hard to take it or them too seriously anymore. And, actually, that's a good thing, because I needed a break from all the violence one way or another. Since the writers clearly won't stop, I'm glad I eventually went numb. And then, I started to laugh.

Ben is captain crazy pants. But I snickered when he complained about the snow making the ground really hard to shovel a grave for Wendy. The dude's working hard! And though he's a complete loon, darn it if most of his lines to Abigail weren't correct. See: "If you're going to be a mother, you really need to grow up."

Indeed, if I need someone to stand there, cry, and do nothing, I'll know to call Abigail. Sheesh. She's that girl in every horror movie who goes down in the basement. She needed to get that kid to a hospital because he's fracking four months early! She can't have wanted to stay in that cabin. And when Ben had his back turned, she should have tried to hit him with something or at least picked up her phone and dialed 9-1-1! Good lord, girl.

Good thing Ben isn't too experienced at this crime stuff. Most criminal masterminds have a doctor on their payroll. (Hey there, Dr. Rolf!) Plus, Ben had a gun, yet he tried to strangle Chad and then lit Chad and Abigail on fire. I'm not advocating violence. I'm just pointing out some poor time management on Ben's part.

Even my beloved Chadsworth is starting to get a contact high from the stupid. There have to be spy kits lying around the DiMera mansion. Why didn't he take one with him when, you know, going after a psycho in the woods in the middle of a snowstorm?

Speaking of questionable actions, my conundrum with Belle is picking up right where it left off years ago. I positively adore Martha Madison, and yet, I want to smack Belle. Only this time, I'm not sure I totally mind Belle becoming a complete hosebeast. There's something "love to hate" about her right now.

First, she hopped in bed with another dude because Shawn and Claire were too busy to give her enough attention. In her defense, she put herself through law school (#random) to keep herself occupied. But everyone knows that school and career can only keep one distracted for so long. You guys, she really tried.

Second, she threw a three-alarm hissy fit over Jarlena paying two minutes of attention to Sami. I'm not kidding, that move made me laugh out loud. Really, how dare Sami bury her husband and first-born son within a year and then go on the run with her three children from Andre and Stefano DiMera? What neve! Belle's, like, totally going through something here! Ugh!

Okay, Belle should consider herself lucky. She cheated on her man, and all he did was divorce her. Abigail cheated on Ben, and he killed four people and set her on fire. Plus, now Belle's got $250 million! And to top it all off, she got a scene with Jamie -- Sami's first (and only, for a while) friend! I do adore when DAYS digs up those little nuggets of history.

Now, I sincerely hope there are at least a few other scenes coming up where Alison Sweeney appears to continue this storyline. Either that, or Stefano and Andre are going to have to get jobs at the frozen yogurt place on the square to make ends meet, which, now that I think about it, could be just as entertaining.

Powered by the ever-popular soap commandment -- thou shall not harm the mother of my child -- Brady picked Theresa over the luxurious life in the Mansion de Kiriakis and his not-at-all-earned spot running Titan. Regardless of how legit Thrady is, this is a move that so needed to happen. Brady's a stand-up dude, but he's a little old to be given ultimatums over who he dates. Plus, with Brady removed, Victor had to pick up the phone and call Philip home to Salem! Yes and yaaaaasssss! I see nothing bad about this situation.

So, now Paul is going to be the spokesperson for Basic Black too? Well, at least that's his family business!

Raise your hand if you didn't see it coming that Kayla and Steve would get locked in the parent trap closet. Joey's working with someone. We know from the previews that it's Ava. So, let's move it along and get her back to Salem already!

To be fair, Theresa's a new mom of a colicky baby. She's also trying to get an honest career and relationship off the ground. So, I was pretty disgusted that Anne dared scold Theresa for not having enough time for her. More so, I'm sad that Anne's reverting back to her bitter beeyotch days when she's much better suited as the kooky sidekick. The new writers don't get the magic of her character.

It was understandable that Caroline told Shawn to work it out with Belle. Technically, the reason there even is a Shawn is because Caroline cheated on his namesake in the first place.

Daniel and Fynn had a bro-down over closing up an incision on a patient. I'm not even kidding. The whole thing ended with Daniel being a complete asshat to one of the nurses and Fynn asking her out. Maybe it's burnout from Xander, Aiden, and Ben, but I'm less than thrilled that the new hot guy in town is already a creep causing problems.

All Caroline has to do is touch an object belonging to an individual, and she can foresee something bad happening to them. If you need me, I'll be keeping all my stuff away from her. Forever.

Extra Scoops
Finally, we get a young couple to root for who actually starts from a place of happiness! Thank goodness for J.J. and Gabi. These two broken souls are fabulous. I loved his rambling about her being "more than dateable." I loved them commenting on how awkward they were. I loved him ordering wine for them. (I had you pegged for a beer guy, J.J. Thank you for proving me wrong!) And, what's not to love about Camila Banus and Casey Moss together? That's a lot of gorgeous in a small amount of space!

In fact, the only thing not lovely about them was Kate rudely coming over and breaking up their date! You better back that train up, Katie. These two are giving me life right now.

What sicko looked around DAYS and thought, "You know what this show needs? More violence. Let's send in a guest character that's missing a finger!"?

High Kayla: "I miss my book club!"

I'm not feeling Rafe's vest. Actually, I'm not a fan of any vest unless it's under a suit or tux jacket.

It's nice to see people sitting at the tables in the Brady Pub again.

Brady better lay off criticizing anything covered in "cheeze."

Hey, Wendy has Marlena's office!

I'm sure Jennifer will be thrilled that she has a grandson named "Colin."

Susan Seaforth Hayes looked beautiful in those shades of blue and gray.

Hope's hair went from curly in the afternoon to straight at night.

Tell me there's a piano and live music during happy hour in Doug and Julie's new B&B.

I like how the first things Brady and Theresa unpacked were tea candles for their fireplace.

I smile every time Hope calls Jen "cuz."

I loved John using his dad voice when asking if he needed to have a talk with Shawn.

Every time Hope or Ciara come home to a dark, empty house, I wonder where Chase is actually living.

I really don't know why anyone listens to advice from Julie anymore. Yes, Abigail is just young and in love. That's it.

Shawn and Claire's Abbott and Costello bit was adorable.

I like that Ciara and Claire are buddies! They could be the next gen Hope and Jen!

LOL at Julie offering Rafe, Hope, and Seth tea before the interrogation.

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