No one can save me, the damage is done

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From here on out, Kate Mansi and Robert Scott Wilson should insist on always working together in every project. Kate and Rob's Lemonade Stand, anyone?  It's Ben and Abigail appreciation hour in this week's Two Scoops.

Friday's episode was the kind of over-the-top ridiculatta that makes me a soap fan. I'm talking specifically about Ben and Abigail. Gosh, these two are good TV!!

I've always been a fan. I loved Kate Mansi and Robert Scott Wilson from back in the day when Ben was getting an assist from T to have a picnic in the storage room with Abigail. I think I might have even voted for them for homecoming king and queen.

And when Ben caught the train to crazy town, these two became must-see-TV. Was there ridiculous, unnecessary stuff along the way? Of course. Will's totally gratuitous death was one example. But I can't hold that catastrophic creative decision against Kate and Rob. Because they are magic together. We're all just lucky enough to get to watch it.

I have no idea how he does it, but the talented Mr. Wilson actually made me feel a slight ache for Ben. The dude wants to be with Abigail more than he wants anything in the world. Yes, it's an obsession. But no one can say that he isn't committed to the gal. It's his Achilles heel. It's why Abigail's solid plan to seduce him worked like a charm.

My heart broke for Abigail as she asked Ben to take her upstairs. Her kid was right there. She needed to protect Thomas, so she was willing to sacrifice herself to save him. I get that. I get that so hard.

And that would have been enough. Chad was on his way home, and I fully expected him to bust in and save the day. But then something truly wonderful happened. For the first time in what feels like forever, Abigail stopped being a whimpering victim and got to save her damn self! Yes, honey! Yaaaassss!

Or at least I think she did. I'm tempted to think this actually is Ben, since Chad found the guard unconscious. Though Abigail could have acquired super-strength and done it herself. I've seen Kate Mansi's arms. I wouldn't put it past her.

Imaginary or not, Abigail has definitely snapped. Best-case scenario, she's having visions of stabbing people and tying them up with household electronics. And, listen, that last one is totally on Chad. Stefano and Andre would have had each room stocked with a proper murder kit. Abs wouldn't have had to improvise with phone cords.

Maybe some of Abigial's newfound strength will rub off on Kate! My Kate is making me so sad. See, she used to be one of my favorite characters. But now, I'm really over her being a power groupie. Kate makes her own power. She doesn't need to be in the proximity of a powerful man to validate her character. In fact, the times I've like her best are either when she's without a man (teaming up with Sami) or with a normal Joe who just happens to make her happy (see: Roman or Rafe).

Furthermore, while I'm glad that Kate scolded Deimos for hurting Victor, what exactly did she expect? Deimos just told her that he'd poisoned Maggie! That's the equivalent of kicking a puppy in the the middle of Disney World!

As for Deimos himself, it turns out that Nicole is an exact doppelgänger for the mysterious Helena. I'm torn here. I desperately want Nicole to move on to a new storyline. But I don't like when a storyline centers around a never-before-heard-of character and a second never-before-heard-of/already-dead character. It makes us accept an entire storyline we never saw (in this case, the Vic/Deimos/Helena triangle turned murder turned framing) in order for us to even start with this new business about Nicole being Helena's twin and Deimos being drawn to her.

The fact that Nicole is Helena's two-generations-removed twin is actually way more interesting when it comes to Victor and Nicole's past. Obviously, he knew about their resemblance, too, as he even went so far as to warn Nicole to stay away from Deimos. But this further explains his aggression toward Nicole. Every time he looks at her, he's reminded of the first woman who broke his heart. That's a lot more believable than the Deimos saga, which at this point is complete with Caroline visions. You all know how much I love those!

Really, Hope? What happened to Chase? I'm just spit-balling here but, maybe he could have some residual damage from killing his mom and having his dad die during the course of attempting murder.

For the record, the chemistry between Marie Wilson and Suzanne Rogers is heart-touchingly grand. These two are turning lemons into limoncello spritzers with glitter here. They truly are. But, yikes, this storyline is a clunker. For starters, Maggie being possibly paralyzed feels extremely exploitive of her history with Mickey. It's the equivalent of Marlena being possessed by the devil and some other non-John dude running to her rescue. I don't like it.

Second, they went and had Mags admit that she knew she had a living child out there in the world and did nothing about it for decades. Never. Not when she was struggling to have children. Not when she found out that she'd had a long-lost son. Not when she married one of the most powerful men in the world with access to an international spy network. Never.

I was willing to buy the idea that she believed the baby to be dead. But not this malarkey about her giving the kiddo away and never looking back. Because, you know, if there's one thing Maggie's all about, it's pushing family members away. Riiiiight.

Extra Scoops
When Ms. Mansi is putting together her 2017 Emmy submission reel (and she should, else I will fly out to L.A. and do it for her because this has to happen), she needs to include Friday's episode. All of its jumping-on-the-bed glory is top-notch. However, she must include it for that one moment, when Ben's back was turned and Abigail's face went from adoration to absolute terror...and back in a split second.

I will remember that look for a long time. It will rank right up there with James Reynolds' eyes in the scene where Abe caught Lexie in bed with Tek. Or the way James Scott made all of the joy drain from his face in a matter of seconds when E.J. stepped out of the DiMera house to go meet Clyde. Or the angst in which Kristian Alfonso flung herself across the scene when Hope collapsed over Zack's dead body. Welcome to the club, Kate. So, so very well done.

I get that Kayla is a little stressed with running a hospital, keeping all of those flower arrangements at her house watered, and trying to figure out a way to keep her son from collapsing at the hands of real-life Bratz Doll Jade. But I've never understood the reasoning behind these women who break up with their fellas after decades and multiple kids under the banner of "keeping her family safe."

The problem is that regardless of whether or not Steve and Kayla are together-together, Kayla, Stephanie, and Joey will always mean the world to Steve. So his enemies will always be able to use them as targets. Thus, since Kayla's always going to be in danger, anyway, she might as well can this breakup nonsense and have the benefit of Steve cooking chili for her each week.

Ben (to Abigail): "I've never loved anyone the way I love you."
It's one of the most overused lines in all of soaps. But this time, I totally believe it. He's killed four people for a chance to be with her. It kinda takes the shine off the mix tape he made for his other ex.

Did Deimos fire Henderson? Grrr...that Deimos!

Fynn needs some help around the hospital! Can we bring Nathan back? How about Chelsea? (Yes, I know she was training to be a therapist, but Kayla left Salem a nurse and returned a doctor, so why not Chelsea?)

This whole idea of open campus in high school is weird to me. We had five minutes to make it from one class to another, else Mr. Harris would write us up.

Those duty-free shops at the Grecian airports must be hella stocked, since a fresh-out-of-jail Deimos was able to arrive in Salem with poison and an antidote.

There isn't a color Mary Beth Evans doesn't rock.

I don't understand this phenomenon where people "forget" to eat. Too busy? I get. Plain old forgot? You're a special kind of idiot.

I know it wasn't supposed to be comical, but John's exasperation that both Maggie and Vic went into the hospital within hours of each other is right on.

So, Hope gets no jail time for shooting Stefano. Steve was offered a deal of ten years for Ava's death. Yet Eric is still facing 14 years in prison for driving drunk. I am in no way whatsoever condoning drunk driving. I am, however, throwing some major side-eye at Salem's definition of "murder."

Oh, Abs, you of all people should know not to hire a pretty babysitter. Remember how that worked out for Sami?

Just like Hope has Jen to turn to, Kayla has Roman. I like that.

I laughed a little bit too much when Deimos said, "Dream on, bitch" about Caroline. Please don't encourage that behavior, Deimos. You know not of which you speak.

The scene between Maggie and Theresa was adorably beautiful. I will never get tired of seeing Maggie take care of a broken soul.

Jade is bad news. I think she's Ava's daughter. There's an outside chance John is her father too.

Thank you to whoever remembered to have Justin call Sarah and Melissa, and have Maggie mention Melanie. Now, if only we could get Shawn and Ciara to visit Victor.

In addition to escaping, Ben also had time to swipe a snazzy leather jacket. Cool!

Chad should really get a key to his own front door.

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