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Whew! A hopelessly devoted Hope and Rafe rebounded from Andre's explosive revenge attempt, but it's not sunshine and lollypops in Salem. Tater is still missing, which is causing a lot of tension in the House of Kiriakis. Let's play 'Who kidnapped the Tot?' in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Ah, amore! Sometimes it only takes almost dying while stuck in a bombed out secret tunnel to make you realize how much you love someone. If I had a nickel for every time that's happened to me, but I digress. We have a lot of Salem shenanigans to discuss, so let's start with Hope and Rafe...

They both realized how much they meant to each other while facing life and death. "I'm shocked," said no one. Rafe's been hooked on Hope for a long time now, and Galen Gering plays a lovesick man like nobody's business. It's rather endearing, so I don't blame Hope for falling for him, too.

Still, I need some clarity where Hope is concerned. I believe she loves Rafe, but does she love-love Rafe? She was ready to give Aiden the old college-retry just a few weeks ago. Methinks she needs to be single for a minute until she really decides if Rafe is right for her or if he's just a nice dude who fancies her so why not.

Ultimately, I wish the writers would have gone the "Hope is playing Aiden" route. That would have given her feelings for Rafe much more validity and further explained Hope's questionable choices regarding Aiden. Sure, Ciara said it was okay for a potential "Haiden" reunion, but still. It was a little icky the second time around. And by "a little," I mean "a lot." I'm glad that chapter is over. Or is it?

Something tells me Aiden isn't going to bow out gracefully. That something was pretty much Aiden running around the hospital like a toddler on a sugar rush. He needs to 1-800-LET-IT-GO. I mean, who else kinda cheered when Kayla told Aiden, "Get the hell outta my face!" I love the feisty side of Sweetness. And she kind of took the words out of my mouth. Let's move Aiden to Kate Land, and let Hope rest up so she can join the hunt for Tate...

A few weeks in, and we're still not sure who kidnapped baby Tater. Summer suspects Victor. Victor suspects Summer. And I still suspect Kristen. If the heir to the Titan throne has been gone for this long without a ransom demand, the culprit isn't looking for money. That means they simply want to make Brady and/or Theresa suffer, and/or they have an emotional tie to the tike. I'm going for the latter because that leads to Kristen. Still, she's not the only one who could have snatched the little spud.

A thought crossed my mind the other day. When Theresa was talking to Mar Mar, Jeannie-T mentioned that Doc Evans helped her mother, Kimberly. If you've never watched DAYS, let's just say that Kimberly and mental stability weren't always simpatico. In fact, Kimberly once had Dissociative Identity Disorder. And last we saw her, she wasn't doing the "Tootsie Roll" that Theresa was involved with the Kiriakis family. Could Kimberly (or one of her alternates like Lacey or Claire) have snatched Tater to get him away from Victor's orbit? Hmm...

Another guilty party to ponder is Deimos. He does like to tickle the ivories, and Chopin is a composer. I repeat, "Hmm." Yet, I hope this one doesn't pan out. It seems too easy.

My final guess in this week's edition of "Who kidnapped the Tot?" is Victor. I still suspect him. Sorry, Maggie.

Brady made the point of the year when he brought up what Victor did to Belle just to help Philip get custody of Claire. I think Vic's biggest concern in doing something like that with Tate would be Maggie's reaction if she found out. But, really, he hasn't catered to Maggie's feelings in a long while, anyways, so does it matter to him now? I'm kind of over seeing Maggie breakdown each week because Victor is being a grade-A d-bag. Despite some lingering magical moments, she deserves better. Sorry, that took off in an unplanned direction -- the point is...

If I had to pick between Victor and Summer right now, I'd go with Vic simply because I don't think Summer's smart enough to pull it off. She didn't even change her alias, which many Salemites knew. That hardly makes me think she could pull of the biggest baby snatch in Salem since Sami black marketed baby Belle. Sorry, Summie, but Sami Brady you are not.

Marlena was on fire last week! From her giddy chitchat with John to her tough love scenes with Kate, I wanted to hang out with Mar Mar, too. I'd also totally be up for helping her pick a wedding theme. I'm thinking Devil Possession chic. Everyone could wear green contacts and red outfits. Sort of like a "heaven and hell" party, without the heaven. Just think about that, Mar, and get back to me.

Andre wants to team up with Kate to be partners in crime. I could get behind this. I don't exactly think they need to be lovers to do so, though. Simply keeping them as scheming buddies might be more fun.

Kate mentioned to Marlena about wanting to make real amends with her children. Yeah. That may take awhile. Good luck with that, Ms. Roberts.

I'm a little "meh" toward Nicole's potential pairings at the moment. Though Deimos vowed he's a changed man and they can have a fresh start, his entire degrading "You can be my sidepiece" riverside courtship is still a bit of a fresh scab. So, he's "meh." And Dario? Well, he needs to dial it down a few notches, and then we'll see. He did make some pretty fancy drinks last week, meaning he finally did something I can support. Other than that, "meh." Nicole deserves marvelous not "meh."

Jennifer's right. Chad is a horrible DiMera. The way he leaped into action to help Rafe and Hope was disgusting. He even carried Hope out of the bombed-out tunnels because Rafe was too injured. The nerve of him! And then he had to go take his son for a walk through town. I mean, this guy really needs to stop being such a bastard.

Speaking of Chad, how did he not hear and/or feel that explosion, considering it took him about a minute to rush to Hope's rescue once Rafe stumbled through the secret passage? Maybe he was preoccupied by some asinine lawsuit or something. Nah. What idiot would sue Chad for custody of his own son?

The writers are really missing the mark with Adriana's constant chest-clenching and worrying about her kin. I get her concern. I'm not sure the writers do. They kind of need her to flat-out declare, "Yeah, I missed every important reason to be in Salem since Rafe first safe-housed with Sami. I feel guilty and want to be present now. Maybe I'm coming on too strong." That kind of statement would give her a little street cred. The overbearing Mama Bear act kind of loses its punch when she was absent for, well, almost everything up to this point. I guess she and Eduardo have stuff in common after all.

Adriana and Blanca's friendship is also confusing. They're close enough friends that Adrianna can invite Blanca to Salem to basically rub up on Rafe, yet Blanca's past is off-limits to Adriana. Okay. Sure. And how close were they before? I'm thinking nursing coworkers with not a lot of other people to talk to around the watercooler.

I kind of feel like Belle right now. I'm falling for Shawn all over again. Though, unlike Belle, I don't have possible lingering feelings for Philip or his hair. Anyway. Shawn is sort of a rock star right now. I loved the way he went after Aiden and Andre. He's proving to be a chip off the old block. It's a good thing DAYS is keeping Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison around to spearhead the show's future. Oh, right. Boo. #stillbitter

Extra Scoops
Though the sand that sifts through the hourglass is a little coarse at times, that doesn't mean we don't love it. It's DAYS after all! And since the show reached a landmark 13,000 episodes last week, I can't think of anything "HOTTER" to celebrate. Many cheers and cyber hugs to the hard-working cast and crew that keeps the show we love (and root for to be the best DAYS it can be) going all the days of our lives!

Wait! An entire episode focusing on Rafe, and no one thought to give Lindsay Hartley a ring? Big mistake. Huge.

Andre (to Aiden): "My, my. What a hot mess you are."

DAYS had some fun, short but sweet scenes last week! It was great to see Kayla and Jennifer interact, as well as Marlena and Kate, and Maggie and Julie. See, it is fun anytime girlfriends get together. How about a book club next time!?

Last week was not a kind one to Aiden or Aiden's face. Sorry, bro.

The DiMera tunnels are the most well-stocked bomb zone ever. I'm disappointed there wasn't a cappuccino maker or Wi-Fi. Hope and Rafe didn't even get to Netflix and chill while waiting for rescue.

We often joke that Lucas is unlucky in love because his relationships tend to go downhill fast, but I think Philip deserves the "Loser in Love" award. Not only are most of his relationships short-lived, but he didn't even get to keep the kids! Claire turned out to be Shawn's and Parker turned out to be St. Dr. Dude of Jonas'. Um, congrats, Phil?

By the way, be careful, Rafe-a-roni -- Jenny Bear may sue you for custody of Hope.

I adore Thaao Penghlis so much! His take on Andre is as chilling as it is hilarious. Andre's excitement over death and destruction can only be compared to a dog when you say, "Outside!" and it gets all waggly and runs victoriously to the door.

Blanca's pretty observant. She said that Dario is like a bomb waiting to explode. I'd never noticed that about Mr. Pouty Face McPermascowl. Oh, wait. I've met him before. Carry on, Blanca, carry on.

I hope that Hope sticks to the promise she made to Ghost Stefano and looks after Chad. He needs all the friends he can get right now.

O-to-the-M-to-the-G! Shawn and Ciara were in a scene together. It's been awhile. Though it was a dream, so there's that, too.

DAYS must have had a huge bump in their "Faux Debris" budget. Lots of things are blowing up this year!

Props to Adriana for taking her drink with her. Attagirl!

Seriously. Someone needs to give Suzanne Rogers an award, many hugs, and a box of tissues. Maggie's been crying for seven months straight now, it seems.

Blanca told Adriana to mind her own business. I think Mama H is getting so used to hearing that, she thinks it's a nickname. Spoiler alert, Adriana: It's not. I'm gonna slow roll this memo over to you, don't miss it this time.

When Jennifer said she was going back to the mansion, I actually said aloud, "Please don't."

On topic, I actually wanted to see Jennifer visiting Hope. I'm sure their conversation would have been, um, interesting. Something like...
Hope: "What's been going on since I've been trapped in the tunnel?"
Jennifer: "Not much. Well, I am suing Chad for custody of Thomas because Chad's a damn dirty DiMera and, even though my daughter hired her, I think your daughter is an unfit nanny because she has an unreciprocated crush on Chad. Don't worry, your dad and Julie, you know, my babysitters who are staying with me to ensure I stay on the wagon, think it's a good idea. Plus, Chad's been really preoccupied with trying to track down Abigail's whereabouts. He's been so distracted and upset."
Hope: "[eyebrow raise] Wait. So you're not not on drugs anymore?"

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of July 25. We're less than two weeks away from the Olympics, and you know what that means, right? Laurisa and I team up to present the 2016 Two Scoops Summer Series! Well, yes, but not that exclusively. It means we're two weeks away from an Olympic-sized cliffhanger. I'm ready to see what DAYS delivers to keep us on the edge of our seats during the break. Hint: It better be the return of Kirsten and that she kidnaped Tater. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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