Hey, little sister, who's the one that you want?

For the Week of November 28, 2016
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Hey, little sister, who's the one that you want?
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Abigail's back, but is she ready to come home? And should Chad even take her back? Elsewhere, is it time for Lucas to find a real love story? Let's talk November Sweeps in this edition of Two Scoops.

This week was Lucas and Adrienne's non-wedding, which is kinda a non-storyline if you ask me. So much of this triangle happened off-screen, including Justin's whole affair, and pretty much all of Lucas and Adrienne's relationship. Lucas' speech was nice, but I saw those two talk about getting waffles, like, once. That does not a relationship make.

Plus, come on, Justin and Adrienne are supposed to be together. They've got decades of history and four kids between them. For me, the suspense is nonexistent on this one. Though I do love that Sonny took charge and basically told his mom, dad, and ex-father-in-law, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" and locked the three of them up until they could reach a decisions. Spoiler alert: It should be Justin.

And, gosh, that sucks for Lucas! He's a good guy! He's got a good job, awesome hair, and is literally one of the few soap characters who can say, "I'd never cheat on you" and we can actually believe him! Why does this nice guy always have to finish last? His meeting with Anne wasn't terrible. I had to laugh at Anne chugging that whole drink for Lucas. I might be able to get behind these two, if for no other reason than the comic relief. There are elements of Craig and Nancy there, no?

Speaking of new relationships, Gabi and Chad almost kinda happened. Whether or not it leads to something more, I think this is something they both needed to get out of their systems. Chad's been alone for long enough (in soap time). The guy's been trying to move on emotionally. And Gabi's an understandable choice. Meeting someone off the street and having an instant connection with her would be hard for me to buy. Finding comfort in an old friend makes real-world sense, so I have no problem with it flying in soap world.

And Gabi just got cheated on. The terrible side dish to infidelity is that you feel horribly embarrassed and not wanted. So I'm not even gonna act all moral on her for wanting some attention from a handsome friend who told her how lucky any guy would be to have her. *swoon*

Now the question becomes how this plays out going forward. I have to wait until I see nuAbby with Chad to make any ruling on Chabigail. But, truth be told, I always found this tortured pair waaaayyy too tortured to be entertaining. Despite the change in actress, Abigail still seems to be the same old weak Abigail. She herself said, "I'm still so fragile." Yes, she is. And that's the problem.

At one point last week, Andre (you guys, Andre!) was literally pushing her to go to Chad. And she refused. I'd like to chalk it up to her mental health problems but 1) she proclaims that Laura has cured her and 2) this is the exact same way she acted last year when she just couldn't bring herself to tell Ben that she wanted Chad instead. No one stands in her way except for her. And that makes it hard for me to root for her.

And as for Gabi and Chad? I kind of enjoyed seeing the playful side of them. They fight well, too, which is a bonus for every soap couple. Ultimately, I don't know if this particular pair is great or just good enough for now. However, I can say that I'm not at all opposed to seeing Chad or Gabi being paired with people who aren't damaged. Between Abigail, Nick, Will, and J.J., neither Gabi nor Chad has been in a relationship where their partner could really be there for them due to the partner's own respective demons. Gabi and Chad have had to be the "not-issue" ones in a lot of relationships, and that's quite a feat for a man born a DiMera and a woman jailed for murder!

Anyway, Abigail is back. Jennifer was overjoyed. And it was nice to see Missy Reeves get to play a happy Jennifer again! But, is it just me or was Jennifer just a little too chill for a mom whose daughter just came back to life? She should be asking things like: where have you been sleeping? How have you been eating? And, where have you been getting money for things like that awesome hat?

I'm going to cut Jen a break here and assume that she's worried Jack Jr. will flee again. But someone more objective needs to weigh in on this situation ASAP. Hey, Sonny! Paging Sonny!

Blanca is leaving. I'm sad. She had the makings o a smart character with a properly calculated BS-o-meter. We could use more of those people around! In my mind, she's going to end up back in Mexico and help Theresa get away from the drug cartel.

After a proper scolding from his daddy, Joey told his mommy that Jade was pregnant. Kayla's reaction was right on. Everything about Jade's pregnancy is awfully convenient. And I'm just going out on a limb here to suppose that the girl who fled arrest to end up at a hippie commune might not follow hard and fast rules of anything, least of all exclusive relationships.

Listen here, Hortons. Hope's the only one who has a legitimate excuse. All of you other jerks should have been at Lucas' wedding. Where's Julie "All Hortons Are Sacred" Williams? Why wasn't Jennifer even dressed for a wedding when Abigail showed up? Why hadn't J.J. put in for the day off months ago when Lucas and Adrienne set the date? And, et tu, Maggie?! As it turns out, not only could Lucas use his aunt, but he could probably use a sponsor, since a crap bag bomb just went off on his life.

No wonder Eddie didn't want to tell Kate what he was up to. Madame Roberts strikes me as the kind of gal who doesn't stand for knock-off designer anythings.

I love Steve and Paul working together. But I hope one of them realizes that purses are devices created to carry things. Think it might be worth it to open up one of those suckers just to check what's inside?

I'm super protective of Abe, so I'm ready to be on Theo's side! But I'm going to need something more than Valerie lying about what city she's in to join the movement. Right now, it just looks like Theo is throwing a hissy fit because not-Lexie is going out to dinner with Abe.

Regardless of who Chad ends up with romantically, I'm so glad he and Sonny patched things up. Their friendship is one of my favorite relationships on DAYS. I love that Chad arrived with beer and sandwiches (apparently, the dude version of wine and cookie dough) to sit with Sonny. No matter what's going on in their individual lives, they make time for each other.

"Maybe I should be with Thomas"
Gah! Ya think so, Blanche?! Look, I can get why she'd be apprehensive about Chad. And in her defense, it probably is a little unnerving to see Chad with her best friend, since Chad left her for her best friend before. However, Thomas is totally different! Abigail's maternal instincts should override everything. She can't wring her hands and Winnie-the-Pooh about this one. Oh, bother! Nope. If Abigail really is better, she needs to shut it down and get back to her son.

Kate: "This isn't a two-for-one sale! Make up your damn mind, Adrienne!"
You can call Kate a lot of things, but "indecisive" isn't one of them. So, I have no problem with her calling out Adrienne for leaving Lucas hanging.

Honorable mention:
Sonny: "I'm too old to be getting my parents back together!"

Anne: "Most of the time, I'm sober."

Hey there, Father Phil Hartman!

Wow. They were quick to put up pictures of nuAbigail at the Horton house.

I would have loved to see what Kate would have done to Vicki Bush had she seen that cougar try to get her claws into Chad.

Ha! Only soaps can make "Maybe you're not a drug dealer" a legit compliment.

I love that Kayla went and ordered herself a frozen margarita when she heard about the little Joey. Atta, girl.

The money exchange between Philip and Kate was inappropriate and just the comic distraction I needed.

I wonder what Abigail's going to think when she hears Jennifer and J.J. blamed Chad for her death.

Hmm...really, Kayla? Why'd Joey sleep with her? I dunno, he's eighteen and the girl was all over him like a cheap suit willing.

If Chad and Gabi aren't supposed to end up together, then Billy Flynn needs to watch where he wields those powerful heartbreaking looks like the one he gave when Gabi announced she'd give J.J. another chance. I saw that. And darn it if I didn't want to hug Chad and tell him everything will be okay!

Justin's protest was a little low-key as far as wedding crashes go. No motorcycle. No paternity reveal.

Abigail is scouting out a spot on my last nerve. But Marci Miller is quite a catch! I love her take on Abigail.

Ciara should've been allowed to visit her mom by now. Even with limited visiting hours, her daughter seems like she should be top of the list.

I smiled when Claire said "Uncle Paul" not only because I like Paul's family storylines, but it's always good when Claire can correctly identify a relative.

That's it for this short week, DAYS fans! Tony will be back next week to celebrate Thanksgiving in Salem. At least I hope they actually celebrate it. Otherwise, we'll have to help Tony eat all of the extra pies he made!

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