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Is Chloe the only one in Salem capable of logic? Does that automatically mean that Holly should be an official 'Lane'? And what will we have to look forward to once the new writer comes to town? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops.

There's some stuff going on in Salem. And I promise we'll talk about it in a minute. But before we get there, I thought we should all get our cardio in by engaging in a little happy dancing! 5...6...7...8...

Wahooooooo!!!!! *Fist pump* *Running man* *Carlton dance* Ron Carlivati is coming to Salem as the new DAYS head writer! As I tweeted out earlier this week, hearing that news was like being a kid and finding out you were put in the same class as all your friends with the teacher you wanted. I watched OLTL and GH under Ron's pen. Not only is the guy good, but he'll be good for DAYS. I'm so excited. Not even another Ghost Daniel sighting can bring me down!

And so, while we may have to wait until later in the year to see his work, I'm optimistic about what this could mean for DAYS. I put together a quick reference guide to Ron's World. Chime in if you're a fan and have predictions of your own.

Ron is the type of storyteller to do umbrella storylines where different characters interact. This also means that there might not be a "lead" of the show. I'm okay with that. DAYS has become too silo-ed in its current storylines and that needs to change. (Ex: Has Maggie even seen Abigail since she's come back from the dead? Or is Mags too busy propping Deimos?)

Speaking of the dark side, Ron loves him an outrageous bad guy. So, getting his hands on DAYS sans Joe Mascolo is a sad thing. But we do still have Thaao Phenglis and Vincent Irrizary, who can slither with the best of 'em. It's my sincere hope Andre and Deimos will stop having to be redeemed in parts and finally grow into the villains they so richly deserve to be.

Ron loves to bring in his favorite actors. So, I strongly suggest he flip that Rolodex to "Kassie DePaiva." She should be easy to find since she's listed under "A" for "Amazing." I like my Salem with some Eve, please.

Ron can't seem to resist a crazy chick. So, in the grand scheme of the OLTL Jess/Tess mess, it will take approximately ten seconds for Abigail to get DID. Good money says her alter falls in love with Dario. Then again, maybe we'll learn that Hattie was really Marlena's alter all along! Hello, Mr. Roman!

Probably the most controversial is how little Ron cares about deaths. So, get ready for some back from the dead. I wonder who it Will be? I hope they don't Jack fans around. I won't bE. J.udgemental if he selects correctly. (I had to work for that last one. Sorry!)

Okay, so with all of that wishful thinking ahead, let's get caught up with where we are now. And for that, we talk all things Chloemeister.

First off, Chloe needs to give Nicole her baby. I loved Belle and Chloe getting scenes together, but I totally agree with Belle. Chloe has a weaksauce custody case, if any at all. And while Chloe's past is nowhere near as checkered as Nicole's, Chloe is no Girl Scout. There's a trip to Brazil that would indicate she doesn't always kill it in the parenting decisions department.

But everyone -- especially Nicole "I've lied about every baby I've ever had" Walker -- needs to slow their roll with wanting to string Chloe up by her toes from the ceiling fan. I don't agree with Chloe's actions. But I completely agree with her position. Nicole's been brainwashed by her cult leader boyfriend...sorry...cult-leader fiancé and is utterly incapable of thinking on her own. Chloe made a solid point that the reveal scene took place in a police station...where Nicole was in custody...awaiting attempted murder charges...because she literally cut a man. Normal, smart Nicole might have thought to notify any one of the dozens of security Deimos has, or, you know, just yell, "Hey, get away!" (Side note: What kind of flatware are they using in the Horton Town Square?!)

Also, you guys, at one time, Nicole made a living as an investigative reporter. She dug through the dark web to uncover Xander's secret past. Yet she needed Deimos around to put one and one together when her surrogate turned up pregnant with a mystery man's baby. I can't say Chloe's off base for worrying about Nicole's mental composition at the moment.

Of course, I'd much rather see Chloe throw her support behind Maggie or Melanie to get custody. Or maybe Brandon will make a visit to Salem! Either way, I'm rooting for anyone but Deimos. I got a total case of the creeps when he hissed, "I am going to be her father!" Seriously, can someone please drop a house on him?

As for Nicole, I'm going to give her a pass on all of the horrible things she said to Chloe at the police station because Nicole had just gotten the shock of her life. But I hope that in the not-so-distant future, Nicole will realize that Chloe gave Nicole everything she'd ever wanted. Nicole complaining that Chloe didn't let her talk to the baby in utero is like someone complaining that the million dollars they received is in $20s instead of $100s. Like Nicole said, "If she (Chloe) hadn't (tried in vitro a second time), Holly wouldn't be alive, and that's all that matters now!"

My thoughts exactly, Nicole. Now, dump the chump and start your fabulous new life with your kiddo! If you need an idea of how great second chances can be, check out Abigail!

Abigail is kinda killing it with her second chance at life. I loved Abigail admitting that she belongs to the DiMera family now. I liked the mini family meeting with Kate, Andre, Abigail, and Chad. I even liked Abigail's undercover mission because she's finally getting into someone else's mess for a change!

I hate to say it, but I enjoy Abigail much more when she's not around her mom and brother. Don't get me wrong, I like Jen and J.J. separately! But they enable too much bad behavior out of the others -- especially Abs -- when they're together. Without their interference (which, let's face it, can be very judgmental), Abigail and Gabi have come to one of the most pleasant and mature peace treaties I've ever seen on a soap. Maybe it's the endearing friendship chemistry between Camila Banus and Marci Miller, but there's something I like about Abigail and Gabi. They're genuinely decent to each other. Gabi bowed out gracefully. Abigail continues to lead with humility. It's all-around good stuff.

And color me shocked, but I found myself enjoying the microchip storyline this week! That's most likely because Eddie, Andre, and Deimos were all but absent from it, and the age-appropriate generation took over. I like Sonny, Chad, Dario, Abigail, Gabi (and even J.J. if you want to throw the police investigation in there) all interacting under this storyline.

Abigail's undercover assignment even entertained me! I like that Marci is getting a chance to play some comedy. She's not too bad at it, which could serve her well opposite Billy Flynn's Chad. A lighter side of Chabby? Yes, please!

Oh, and speaking of her undercover mission, Abigail joked that she might have a nervous breakdown while pretending to be Scarlett O'Southernbelle. Another mishandling of Abigail's mental health storyline? Probably. But I'm choosing to look at it as indisputable evidence that that botched mess of a storyline is thankfully behind us. Cheers to that!

I get that everyone (me included) is excited about the Holly reveal. But how did Nicole make bail?! She put an unarmed man in a coma, and Chloe's the only one to voice concern that Nicole might be off the rails? Really, Brady/Maggie/Justin/Ghost Daniel?

Sorry, Ghost Dan, Nicole isn't going to do whatever it takes to get your little girl back. All she has to do is wise up and dump Deimos. But I don't see her doing that.

As grating as Claire's energy can be, she does have a solid point about Ciara undermining her a lot when it comes to Theo. I would be miffed, too, if someone repeatedly corrected me about my boyfriend, much less in front of an audience. And Ciara was waaaayyyy out of line for tattling to Claire's parents about Claire and Theo's relationship. She wasn't asking out of care for Claire. She wants Theo for herself. So, as annoying as Claire's attitude can be at times, she has every right to be on edge. Still, if she has to work this hard for a relationship, it isn't worth it. I'd vote for her to drop Theo, let him and Ciara bore each other to death, and move on to better things.

Since we know it can't be Stefano, which Phoenix did not-Celeste see in Kayla's future? Kristin? E.J.? Peter? The easy money is on Tony, since Thaao Phenglis is currently on the show. But Peter would make things interesting.

It makes perfect sense that Victor wants Holly with her biological parent. Remember how he told Philip to back off once DNA revealed Claire was Shawn's daughter? And who can forget how he instantly regretted giving Maggie's egg to Daniel's parents and made sure Maggie raised her son all his life?

I so appreciated Eric referring to Hope as "aunt" and saying "we Bradys." I like it almost as much as him yelling about not talking about Nicole. Keep protesting, EB! Yup, for sure, people always dwell on people they want nothing to do with.

Also, I could have sworn Eric was a priest at one point. But if he was, he'd a) know the power of this whole forgiveness thing, and b) be able to accurately identify saints. (Spoiler: Daniel actually isn't one. Just ask Lucas.)

Technically, Bradster, Nancy isn't the reason Deimos knows about the embryo. He knows because he kidnapped and drugged Philip. But you probably don't want unflattering info to get out about your new man-crush. So, carry on.

Um, I'll give a big yes to Lucas suggesting Anne become the office manager at the Spectator! I can't wait to see Anne working for Jennifer, with Lucas as the referee. As I've said before, anything that keeps Anne and Lucas in the same orbit is a-okay with me! This comedy duo is just the zest DAYS needs from time to time.

DAYS needs to fix its pacing right now. For the record, it was the same day in Salem from January 12 - 24. It took nine episodes (thirteen calendar days) to cover one day in Salem. No wonder some fans are claiming Chloe held onto the secret "for so long." Sands seem to be getting sucked back up that hourglass!

Steve (to Rafe): "Unlike you, this isn't my first ISA-related case."
I totally understand Rafe is worried about Hope. But he was getting a little too close to reverting back to Agent Jerkface. I'm glad Steve told the pup to simmer down.

I do love Claire's dress and necklace.

I feel like Andre and Gabi would actually have fun fashion conversations. I want to see this happen.

I'm with you on the martini, Belle. No shade from me!

I so hope they keep Kate and Adrienne friends after the cancer is over.

Carrie and Austin's son is either named "Noah" or "No one." I'm not even trying to make a joke.

I love that Kayla stood up for Anna. I love her even more for suggesting ice cream.

Wait, were Shawn and Belle really tip-toeing around unplanned pregnancy and not mentioning themselves? Seems like Jade and Joey wouldn't be the obvious example in the room there, Shelle.

Watching Carrie and Rafe talk reminds me of how much chemistry Rope lacks. I like Rafe and Hope as partners and friends. But I'm not into them as a romantic pair.

Deimos and Brady have moved to the stage of their relationship where Deimos commands, "Don't call and ask questions, just do it!" and Brady obliges. Cool. That's healthy.

Hey, Shane, any update on Theresa in Mexico?

I loved Marlena pulling out a queen chess piece from her bag! I love it even more that she traveled abroad with a prop just for that moment! Respect, Mar!

Hmm...are they rewriting history so that Chloe "stole" the embryo? Chloe specifically said that part of her surrogacy deal with Daniel and Nicole stipulated that she had the right to try again if she wanted.

If Gabi wants to expand her client base, I'll personally fund Eric's makeover.

The friendship chemistry between Arianne Zucker and Eric Martsolf is one of my favorite things on DAYS. I loved Brady being the one to tell Nicole the results of the DNA test, since he was with her when she lost her first baby. Way to bring these friends full circle!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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