A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fine, but his game is kinda weak

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A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fine
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Did Deimos' dirty double take destine him for a dirt nap? What will happen to Salem's resident egomaniac now that nobody's on his side? And, well, does anyone really care? Let's try not to get abducted in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

It's always nice to be able to start Two Scoops in a happy place, and I can't think of a happier one than congratulating the cast and crew of DAYS for their staggering 22 Daytime Emmy nominations! Twenty-two. Yes, please.

In addition to a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series (as if we didn't know that already), DAYS crew scored big for writing, directing, and casting. And being a former theater geek who worked largely behind the scenes, I have to give props to the nominations for Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design, Lighting Direction, Technical Team, Multiple Camera Editing, Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing, Music Direction and Composition, Original Song, Costume Design, Hairstyling, Makeup, and Stunt Coordination. Pretty outstanding, indeed.

And, of course, let's gush about our Salem stars! Mucho kudos and much deserved acting nominations went to Billy Flynn, Vincent Irizarry, John Aniston, James Reynolds, Kate Mansi, and James Lastovic. Plus, Tobin Bell picked one up for his guest stint as John's spooktacular long lost papa, Yo Rama Lama Ling Dong. I'm genuinely thrilled for all the nominees and can't wait until the big event. #Salemproud

For all the latest on the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, click here!

And with the "happy place" placed, let's talk about everyone's other favorite subject, Deimos. Oh, right. He's kind of the opposite of happy places. The dude's just kind of a delusional d-bag, really. "I'm shocked!" says no one about that breaking revelation, of course.

The thing is, with the writing on the wall for Dirty D, it's really hard to give his storyline the attention it doesn't deserve. Wait. Did I say, "doesn't." Whoops. But I digress...

Deimos was a bulldozer of a character that (although performed masterfully by Vincent Irizarry) reminds me a lot of Nicole's new neighbor, Hillary. It's like, dude, go away already. Stop forcing yourself into my home. You overstayed your welcome about five minutes in. Get. Be gone. Buh-bye. Skedaddle.

And let's just say something like, oh, I don't know, Deimos goes out with a "Whodunnit?" murder mystery. I ask, "Who cares?" No one in Salem likes Deimos, let alone loves him. He has family, but let's be honest; they all think he's an asshat. No one will miss him. It would potentially be all about the "whodunnit" with plenty of "who cares why he's gone?" I mean, should that scenario play out, I say the culprit deserves a standing ovation, the key to the city, and some of Maggie's lemon squares. Vincent did his all with Deimos, but, sadly, the writers didn't do the same, which is truly a shame.

Though I will say Deimos really missed his calling. With his love for drugs, he'd have made a great pharmacist or apothecary. Instead, he's a 1966 Batman guest villain who comes up with plans like kidnapping Gabi (again), Chad (again), and Abigail (welcome to the club, pick your complimentary abduction swag bag on your way out). Which brings me to Gabi, Chad, and Abigail...

I like all three characters. I really do. They genuinely care about one other, and I especially adore the bond Abigail and Gabi have maintained throughout. It's super classy. So it's not the sisters in this scenario; it's the mister. Sorry, Chad. He made his decision, but Deimos putting them at death's door kind of has him flip-flopping a bit again, it seems. I get it. I love Gabi and Abigail, too, but maybe Chad should take some "me time" before giving out his final rose (as long as Abigail and Gabi get the same freedom to explore other options, of course -- hey, Dario and Eli). I don't want either of these ladies to snap, start necktieing people, and burn down a cabin. So, go Gabi, for agreeing not to get dirty with Dario.

Ultimately, I really want to care more about Chad's struggle and who he picks, but this love triangle is just there without any real direction. It's like hanging out with good friends, but indecision has you going through rounds of, "I dunno. Where do you want to eat?" "I don't care. Where do you want go?" "Whatever is fine." You guys know what I mean. It's frustrating. We've all been there. It's a circular conversation that goes on and on and on but rarely gets anywhere, and I like everyone involved too much not to go somewhere fun and interesting.

Hello, Tripp! Day one, and I'm a fan already. Sure, this kid is going to make Stayla Land a living mess, but I'm in. Lucas Adams seems like he's full of charisma and ready to rock and roll with the big guns. I'm excited to see where this goes. Let's do this.

Although Lucas, Kate, Justin, and Sonny rallied for Adrienne, I was a little disappointed not to see Steve or Jennifer there. Sure, Steve was busy tracking down Tripp, but he could have caught the red one-eye back to Salem for a little supporting-the-sis time. As for Jennifer, I guess she was busy, um, hanging out in Horton Town Square and thinking about Eric? It didn't seem, but maybe it was implied vaguely, that she spent the night with Abigail in the hospital, but I'm not sure about that. Jen needs to remember the old "sisters before misters" mantra.

Yup, Brady. Everyone knew you were in love with Nicole again. Welcome to the club! Isn't knowledge great? Though this is bittersweet for me. Eric Martsolf and Arianne Zucker have an intensely charming chemistry. Because of that, I've always loved the idea of Brady and Nicole together. I would always get super excited when they would circle the airport and disappointed that they never really landed. It's just sad that with the recent casting news, this will most likely be filed under "Brady's Latest Love Blunder." But like a good bottle of Scotch or a pint of Talenti gelato, I'll enjoy every drop until it's gone.

Was I the only one who was exasperated by Nancy the Nosy Neighbor? I mean Hillary. I was like, "Geez, girl, tone it down and kindly go the hell home already, but feel free to leave the banana bread." I wanted Nicole to slowly roll up the welcome mat while Hillary was standing in the doorway. Yet I'm pretty confident Hills wouldn't get the hint. I hope this gets more interesting because right now, bread has been the most exciting part of weirdo Hillary.

Love Abe as I do, was siccing his sometimes sexual predator-ish daughter on Eli the best course of action? Surprisingly, I thought Lani and Eli were entertaining together, as they both stood their ground rather well, but it came out of a weak place. Plus, was Abe channeling his inner Kate by trying to give Lani a nudge toward Eli and away from J.J.? All that Abe really needs to do is give J.J. a few drinks and nudge him in the direction of an inappropriate woman, and he'll really take care of the rest himself. I kid. I kid. Well, kinda.

Trust me, Rafe and Hope, I get your frustrations with Dirty D, but was Commissioner Raines really being an unreasonable jerk face by demanding legit proof of Deimos' dealings? Was heeeee? That sounds like standard policing 101. But, sure, I can get why Rafe pouted and fumed, "Raines wants hardcore evidence." That guy really does have a lot of nerve, wanting to do things the right way to ensure a criminal mastermind is put away. I mean.

Look, I understand and support Hope wanting to take down Deimos. I do. He still deserves a silver bullet or stake through the heart for what he did to Bo, but Fancy Face really should have left the force and joined Black Patch if she wants to circumvent the new commish, or just, you know, the law. Rogue behavior hasn't ended well for her in the past. Like, last year, for example. Plus, she'd have more fun day drinking with Steve and John. That sounds like two wins to me!

Also, Hope, I have to ask, "Seriously, girl?" She couldn't have thought of a better reason to be at the Kiriakis mansion than warning Deimos not to be mean to Rafe? Srsly? Victor loves Hope, so she could have paid him a visit. Maggie lives there, too! But, nope, looking suspicious while giving a lame excuse works too, detective.

Speaking of Victor, I'm glad he's giving Scrappy-Doo, err, Sonny some backup against Deimos, but why does it always sound so patronizing? This is the nephew he's loved and adored since their first scene together. Vic was willing to take down any haters who threw shade in Sonny's general direction. Why is it so hard to brush off a half-brother who he doesn't even seem to like and gave Sonny some Titan-sized love? Instead, we get Vic saying, "Put a lid on it...it bothers Sonny." "It" being Deimos hurting/trying to kill people Sonny loves. Um, you think, Vic?

Extra Scoops

Whoomp, there it is! Judi Evans' scenes on Friday were nothing short of spectacular. I'm in constant awe of her talent, but she brought it to a whole new level. Of course, Lauren Koslow and Freddie Smith were also fantastic. They all crafted a gut-wrenching realness to Adrienne's storyline. Bravo! Simply "Bravo!"

The scene between Maggie and Eric was moving and magnificently acted by Suzanne Rogers and Greg Vaughan! I got misty-eyed; I won't lie. That scene really needed to happen, especially for Maggie, Eric, and Eric fans. Of course, Maggie met him with her trademark grace and forgiveness and their mutual understanding of addiction and making amends. It was a powerful scene played to perfection with a great lesson: "don't waste your second chance."

Yep. If we needed anything, it was another kidnapping storyline. DAYS hasn't had one in, what, a week or so. Nailed. It. Nailed it, writers, especially that part with the baseball flashback. Maybe we'll call those scenes attempting dark comedy and move on? Probably for the best.

Gabi (to Deimos' henchman, who claimed she should have learned her lesson after being abducted before): "What lesson? That I should spray myself with creepy minion repellant?"

Sonny (to Victor regarding Deimos): "Why you made him the head of Titan is beyond me!"

Is it bad that I kind of wanted Marlena to casually stroll through the scene of Abigail and Gabi being tied to a chair with a coffee cup and quip, "Amateurs. Call me when you're in a giant birdcage, dressed in Victorian clothing, or in a burning coffin."

Brady's alias is "Freddie Smith!" THAT'S hilarious. I hope that the next time Sonny goes undercover, his name is "Eric Martsolf." Well played, DAYS.

Aww! Eric and Brady's scene was heartwarming. I'm glad they bro-hugged everything out. More, please.

Sans her time as Alf hanging out in the attic, I'm hardcore on the Abigail fan bus these days. She's more self-aware, she's smart, she's compassionate, and she's funny! Who knew!? Well, Dario did, but that's a different story, and I will say the way he loves her is swoon-worthy.

I adore when Adrienne and Justin call their sons "the boys." Though I still wish Xander had been one of said "boys" and that we'll meet more of them someday soon.

I'm glad Steve's Spidey Senses are tingling about Jade. She's playing Joey like a fiddle. Methinks she's a "love cage" away from going full Jan Spears on JoJo.

You know, I do wonder if Jan Spears is still in a coma? If not, Belle and Shawn-D better watch their backs in Hong Kong. Oh, Jan.

Theory: Is there any way Jan Spears could be Jade's mother? I mean, Rex and Cassie arrived in a spaceship, so I guess I already have my answer.

"Chad Peterson Woods!" Now, there's a blast from the past. That flashback got one thing right. There's that.

Okay, the guy was a creeper, for sure, but Deimos' minion was kind of a little funny.

I wish Stephanie had stuck around for Adrienne's surgery.

Hey, Brady "I Should Stay With You" Black! Why don't you bring Tate with you?

Baby Holly is as cute as a button, but she seems to be part bulldog or pug because she breathes rather loudly. Though that might be normal. I don't know. I send my kids to boarding school quickly, and they come back in a few years as angst-filled teens. #soaplife

I swear to Kristen DiMera that Eric almost smiled during Monday's episode. Almost.

Nope. Nicole's new home looks nothing like Eric's old one. Nothing.

Speaking of, Nicole is living on Moosehead Lane. Cool. Though I'm surprised Hillary didn't show up with maple leaf crème cookies and Labatt Blue.

Also, maple leaf cookies are amazing!

If Happy Days' Fonzie was Canadian, would he say, "Ayyyy, eh"? Just wondering. #funwithstereotypes

Raise your hand if you laughed a little when Kayla said, "I think Joey's sharp."

Eric and Ciara would be great pen pals. They both like to write their feelings. And they both have a blonde who might end up snagging letters. Hmm...

Deimos really is a head shave and request for sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads away from being Dr. Evil. Actually, he'd be "Mr. Evil." He never went to Evil Medical School.

For real, Chelsea needs to return, buy an apartment (hello, Sami's old Guilford Street abode), and rent a room to Ciara. That sisterly bonding would be fun to watch. More so, Ciara needs to 1-800-MOVE-OUT of that loft. She has Hope's house, the Horton home, and the Kiriakis mansion, amongst others, to choose from. Or she could get a studio of her own, which won't be painted light blue and look like an office.

Nice nod to DAYS with those blue and gold balloons at the fundraiser!

I get it, Holly! A few rounds of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," a pat on the back, and a bottle puts me to sleep, too. I prefer Scotch in my bottle. What do you got?

On one hand, yes, it's respectful to "Bope" fans that Hope and Rafe play doctor cop mostly at his home. Totally! But, on the other hand, Rafe kind of has a full house while Hope lives alone. Props to Hope turning a "Walk of Shame" into a "Stride of Pride," but I still really wouldn't want to post-coitusly deal with Dario, Eduardo, Gabi, and a child before breakfast. Then again, with Adrianna/Mama H gone, Hope will get less side-eye. Sooo, go, Hope? Sure. Go, Hope!

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of March 27. Be sure to share some love for the DAYS cast and crew on Twitter or submit feedback at NBC.com. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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