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As spring springs in Salem, love seems to be in the air, but not everyone will live happily (for now) ever after. And while love is a message, so is revenge! Let's fall head over feet in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Ah, spring! It's the time of year when the birds, the bees, and everything in between often get a little feisty after the dismal winter months. And spring fever has hit Salem hard this year. Just last week, a lot of "I love you's" (and a few "I like you's") were dropped. Some of them were swoon-worthy. Some of them were not so surprising. And some of them should probably take spring breakup. As Lady Gaga says, let's play a love game and figure out who's courting who, who shouldn't, and who will end up amongst the brokenhearted...

Yay! Adrienne is cancer free and finally gave one of her gentlemen callers the final rose. She picked...wait for it...wait for! Whaaa!?

Okay. Full disclosure. Lucas and Adrienne's scenes were straight-up romantic comedy gooeyness. Bryan Dattilo completely crushed his role as the lovesick protagonist. Lucas' speech to Adrienne before he knew/realized she chose him was completely endearing. His selflessness, his willingness to be vulnerable, the cracking in his voice, and the belief that he'd be a loser in love again but just wanted her happy were played out perfectly by Bryan. Though, to be fair, Lucas has had many years practicing that runner-up/"It's just good to be nominated" speech, but I digress. All that saccharin, and we got Adrienne saying, "I love you," to which Lucas replied, "I appreciate that." Ha! Though, whereas I'm in love with those scenes, I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to Adrienne and Lucas for the long haul...

I feel Adrienne made a solid selection for herself -- at that moment. Lucas and Justin are both good men. Lucas and Justin are both kind. Lucas is calm and steady. Justin is not. Nope, I don't think Adrienne is wrong with her assessment of her suitors, as she knows them both well enough to make an educated decision, but I worry her mind and heart may end up wanting different things someday.

For example, "calm and steady" is kind of like saying, "No, no, really, you'll like him. He's got a good job at the firm and drives a sensible sedan." None of that is bad, especially in real life, but in Soap World, well, Adrienne might want to bring a few books to that party. Then again, Lucas does like extreme sports, and Kate will be her mother-in-law, so I guess life might not get that dull. Still...

Lucas and Adrienne are a lovely couple, but they're not a supercouple. She and Justin are. Were. Maybe will be again? It just seems like that chapter shouldn't be over, especially when supercouples are on the Endangered Species List (but manatees are off. Yay! There's that). Anyway, it's Justin and Adrienne, after all, but for right now, he's one dimpled, heartbroken dude. Maybe he needs a little trip to lift his spirits. Maybe Manhattan. Maybe bump into Eve and drag her back to Salem. I'd take that consolation prize if we don't get an Adriene/Justin reunion. Read: "Bring back Kassie DePaiva as Eve. Please and thank you."

Speaking of consolation prizes, Brady and Nicole, amIright? Look, I love these two together. They're both right. They've been friends, lovers, confidants, coconspirators, but never took the plunge into coupledom. I'm ready for them to get a fair chance, just not if that has to do with Dr. Dan's heart. It keeps Brady alive, but, come on, writers, there's enough history and love between Brady and Nicole not to start that noise. I'm going to slowly slide a "Dr. Dan is dead; let it go!" memo across the writers' table and hope they embrace their newfound knowledge.

So, when Brady says he believes he's in love with Nicole again, I believe that. I also believe Nicole is right -- he's not nearly as over Theresa as he says he is. Nicole also hit the nail on the head by stating she wasn't ready to fall in love again. She's right. She's not. I think she'll get there, and Brady makes sense, but he needs to let her feel what she's feeling and take a step back, even just a little one. She knows how he feels, and that's enough for now.

While Brady and Nicole have a legit history, I'm not sure I can say the same for Eric and Jennifer. He's her friend's son, and they had a drunk-high hookup. As it stands, I've had a longer relationship with my current tube of ChapStick. I see what I'm supposed to see with Eric and Jen. Two good people dealt bad hands who came together and have unresolved feelings. Sure. I see that. And I also see that Greg Vaughan and Melissa Reeves are great in the roles and really trying to sell it. Despite that, I'm just not sold on Eric and Jen yet.

On the topic of selling things, I'm about ready to put a "For Sale" sign in front of my interest in the Abigail/Chad/Gabi storyline. I love all the characters involved, but it's verging on silly. Um, sillier. Chad's idea to step away from Gabs is great in theory, but where is he going to go? Maybe they can work out a Salem timeshare. If he's at the pub, she can be at the restaurant in the square. If he's walking through that part of the park with that flower holder thingy in front of the bench, she can walk through the archway without the flower holder thingy in front of the bench. That is, until Arianna Grace, that cute little heatChad-seeking missile, finds him again. And we know where that scene leads.

Moral of the story, it's just a lot of the same with interesting characters who deserve more. Chad needs an Eat Pray Love journey on his own (maybe he can find Kristen and E.J. along the way. Maybe even Theresa). Abigail has proven to be a smart, sassy businesswoman and could stay in Salem to run DiMera with Andre. Gabi could try not to obsess over Chad, hire a henchman, and accidentally blow up the town. Wait. Sorry. That last part actually happened in Chabi history; sorry, Hammer Hernandez. I meant to say, Gabi could focus on her upstart as she's also good at what she does. And while doing that, maybe she could start something up with...

Eli. Hello, he has swagger. He brought Gabi flowers, apologized for their date gone awry, and asked her out again. I mean, if she's not ready to say yes to the Fed, my dance card isn't that full at the moment. Just saying. But, again, I digress...

Aside from being a gorgeous potential pairing, I wouldn't mind more Eli and Gabi time. They shared some snappy, witty banter and some straightforward conversation where they each held their own. I admired how Gabi didn't try to tell Eli how to feel about Val. She listened, encouraged, and offered her take but didn't try to tell him to make amends or else. You know, she treated him like an adult.

Also, eGab (Eli plus Gabi -- yes, no, maybe?) already have a lot of dating obstacles for storyline sakes. That includes J.J., Gabi's feelings for Chad, Julie's head exploding every time she sees them together, Gabi's crime lord father, etc. Though, for now, I'm glad Gabi didn't accept his re-date invitation. Considering Chad's love -- their in sync connection (which needs to say bye, bye, bye) -- just Sleeping Beautyed her awake, I give her props for not stringing him along while Chad doesn't but does string her.

Bonus! If Eli and Gabi do eventually work out, maybe, just maybe, we will get a flashback of Eli and Gabi's deep connection of when they played field hockey together at summer camp one year as kids. Remember that? He called her "Gabi the Goaler." So. Cute.

What actually is "so cute" are Abe and Val. If everything old is new again, they are fresh in love! He gave a moving speech about never thinking he'd find love again after Lexie and then dropped the L-bomb on Val. She returned his feelings and she's sticking around Salem, which is a double win! He's a great guy. I'm glad for Abe. And for Val, too, though she better treat him right. I adore Abe, and I am not above getting a little Kate on her if she hurts him. You have my blessings and warnings, Val -- do right by our mayor!

Finally, I think Dario needs to rename Club TBD "Friend Zone" and dedicate it to Salemites in love with people they can't have. Trust me, Dario. You'll make a killing from Anne alone. Though he'll drink much of the profits away himself as Abs kinda had to shut him down again. I don't actually doubt his love for her. He seems pretty legit, but I don't think he needs to trash talk Chad in the process. That only makes Dario look bad, especially since he's eager to remain friends with Abby (which really was an endearing speech). Nevertheless, Dario believes he can "show Abigail what love really means." She was classy, seemed flattered, and, then, well, showed him the door. Sorry, Dario. Better luck next time, pal. And by "next time," I mean in a few hours when I'm sure you'll run into Abigail again.

Congratulations, Patch Man! You're officially a papa again. Have fun with that! The thing is, I like Tripp so far, but there are some things that have me nervous. I mean, we know the entire Joey killing Ava and Steve covering up thing will blow up at some point, probably because of Jade, but that's not what concerns me now...

I feel like the entirety of Ava's life hasn't been explained to Tripp, and he needs to hear it. Ava was crazy, yes. But she was also drugged for most of her life by her even crazier father, which added a lot of fuel to that crazy fire. And Kayla was the doctor who discovered that!

Plus, I think Tripp needs to hear more details as to how Ava manipulated Joey and that Mean Girls burn book room that was filled with chilling pictures of Kayla and Steve. You know, things like that. This is not a time for Steve and Kayla to be vague or undersell things. That won't get Tripp to back off his quest for wanting more answers, but if he thinks they're being brutally honest with him, they may have a shot at keeping Jumpy Joey from a Cain and Abel fate.

Oh, Tripp needs to meet Chad and learn about having a super villain as a parent. Then he needs to meet Nicole and learn Ava wasn't always all bad. And then he needs to meet his Aunt Adrienne and learn how cool it is to be a Johnson most of the time.

Well, Chloe and Eddie faux kissed a few more times. No, sweetie, no. Just no.

But Chloe should say "YES!" to Maggie. She's right. It's time for a compromise. The madness between her and Nicole needs to end, if for no other reason than to save Nicole, Holly, Brady, and Tater Tot from those annoying next door neighbors. Sheesh!

Victor's cruelty to Eric was almost laughable. While he claimed to have Maggie's best interest at heart, did he? I mean, come on, Vic. Deimos knowingly killed your son -- Bo, remember him? -- he drugged Maggie, which caused her to become crippled again; and he abducted, abused, and drugged Philip -- the face-transplant son you probably don't remember -- and you're roommates with the guy, but Eric accidentally killed Dr. St. Daniel of Jonas, and he should be run out of town? I'm not giving Eric a free pass because he made horrid choices that resulted in an accidental death, but I can't believe for a second that bunking with Deimos, who's brought a war to their house, soothes Maggie's soul like a fine chamomile each night.

Extra Scoops

Despite some issues with Eddie, A Martinez is a great actor and simply seems like one of the classiest guys in Hollywood. His castmates love him, and he's had my soap-loving heart since his days as Cruz Castillo on Santa Barbara. With news that Eduardo's DAYS are numbered, I wanted to give major props to this majorly gifted gentleman. Thank you, A, and bravo!

Oh, dear, Soap Lords. First, we got Hillary as the nosiest neighbor ever who couldn't catch a drift if it was slow-rolled to her from a foot away, and now we have her porn-loving hubby, Scooter. Yes, Scooter. Let's break this "NOT" down...

One, that makes her Skeeter. She comes across a little Muppet-brained. So, yep, that one totally nails it.

Two, his name is Scooter. For crying out loud. I can't.

Third, Hillary is supposedly a cop, but she doesn't know her husband is watching twenty-plus-year-old illegal porn in the next room? You know, since Nicole was a teen and forced into it by her father. That makes me sick. I wish DAYS would do away with looping Nicole's life back to that spot where she was a victim of child abuse and sexual assault. Nicole has a long list of nasty crimes she's committed that the writers could choose from to throw back in her face, but, again, being forced into porn by her father is not one of them.

Fourth, Scooter? Really!?

Kate (to Chloe, on poisoning her): "What a nicer place the world would be if I had succeeded." #me-ouch!

Chad: "Who do you love, Deimos, more than yourself?"

Victor: "You're so sweet. And stupid."
Brady: "I will miss you. We could Skype so you can belittle me online."

When Lucas finally understood that Adrienne picked him, I was almost waiting for him to put up a "wait a minute" finger, say, "Adrienne, hold that thought," and then start texting Sami, Carrie, Chloe, and nearly every woman he's dated with "In your face!" messages.

I adore that Vic got a Han Solo-esque moment after Brady said "I do love you," and Vic replied, "Yeah, I know."

Roman running the pub now makes me so happy! I Didn't know it was official, but it looks that way. It makes total sense and makes me want to drink there even more. Imagine a bartender's tale about having his death faked several times, his memories stolen, and the gal that got away more than once!? You'd certainly forget the heartbreak that bellied you up to the bar. More Roman, please.

Well played, Mr. Black. The Brady bunch. Ha!

Was anyone else a little giddy to see Deimos get a taste of what he's put others through? Sure, I don't want to see Chad go further down DiMera Road, but he kind of has a right to be miffed at Dirty D, so I don't blame him for roughhousing a bit. Though I didn't think Chad could turn those baby blues into chilling orbs, but he did. I don't want to get on his bad side.

Poll: How long will it take Tripp and Jade to get together? I'm guessing as soon as she's out of the hospital. Unless Tripp has a Dr. Dan fetish and likes to date women in hospital gowns. Then, tune in Monday.

On Wednesday, Gabi was on the phone with Mama H. She said that everyone was taking care of her, "even Rafe." "Even Rafe!?" Um, I know he's been distracted with everything Hope lately and that big bathtub, but he's kind of been her everything family-wise since she got to Salem. Despite Rafe's sometimes Rafeness, the dude rarely slacks in the protective big brother department.

Does the glimmer of mischievous in Tripp's eyes remind anyone else of Daryl from Adventures in Babysitting? There's something 1987-era Anthony Rapp about Lucas Adams. I kinda like it!

I thought Jade was a little more hardcore, but she had to take water with her pills. Jennifer took them without. Jenny is such a baller.

Though I feel bad for Justin, and Wally Kurth played his pain perfectly, I'm not sad that Adrienne and Kate's friendship might last now that she's chosen Lucas. I say "might" because, well, we know Kate's track record when it comes to Lucas' love life. Play nice, Ms. Roberts!

Also, poor Anne! She's a heartbroken mess now, too. This is another reason Theresa should come back. Anne needs a pal to take her out drinking.

I secretly want Eli to start calling J.J. "Lil Buddy."

Steve said on Tuesday he had to head back to the loft. I miss when "the loft" meant John Black's River Street pad with that big heavy door, exposed brick, etc. That place was awesome.

Um, Eddie. Don't forget Paige and that guy who went to boarding school with Paul when you talk about your youngest children.

Did Chad's goon remind anyone else of former Chad, Casey Deidrick? There was something similar in the face. Maybe? Or maybe I should wear my glasses when I watch DAYS.

Speaking of baddies, since all three families seem to hire handsome henchmen, maybe their goons should have a Magic Mike-esque dance off to determine the winner. I know feisty Caroline would be a judge. I hear she's still following Cameron around the country waving dollar bills.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of April 3! Be sure to tune in next week for Laurisa, same Two Scoops time, same Two Scoops-channel. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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