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Were you happy to see Will back? Should Nicole act on her feelings for Eric? Or will Brady do something sinister? Let's talk ghost sightings and crazy current boyfriends in this edition of Two Scoops!

I was halfway through Tuesday's episode when I thought, "This is the best week of DAYS in a long time." I literally started writing this column by opening up my thesaurus to the word "love" so as to not make myself too repetitive this week.

I don't have many notes from the Will and Lucas scene because I just watched it. Like the regular old fan that I am. I was more than ecstatic to see Chandler Massey; I was downright relieved.

You see, my affection for Wilson started to wane when Will started working as a magazine writer/generally behaving like a total buttcheeks. It just so happened the character shift aligned fairly closely with the role being recast. So, through absolutely no fault whatsoever of Guy Wilson -- who should be commended in the highest for jumping into such an iconic role with such professionalism and grace -- I haven't really liked Will since Chandler Massey left the role. So seeing his face again was a real homecoming for me.

Will was back. Will was back!

And in case you missed him, everyone else was talking about him.

I don't even care how strange it was for J.J. and Paul to be hanging out (Are they friends? Cool!) because J.J. was telling truths all over that pub! Paul was in no way to blame for what Ben did. Paul shouldn't compare his relationship with Sonny to anyone else. (Shout-out to my man Chad for pointing out Will would want Sonny to be happy -- a sentiment Will echoed himself just a few minutes later.) J.J. was on fire last week with his Paulson advice. And I very much agree with him.

I never had a problem with Paul and Sonny. I get why Paul went after Sonny as hard as he did. Sonny was the one who got away. Paul clearly regretted it and tried to mask it with a string of on-the-side guys and a bunch of in-the-spotlight token girls. My privileged, heterosexual self with supportive parents shudders at the pain of not being able to live your life honestly, and I always felt great sympathy for Paul in that respect.

However, I despised how the show sandwiched Paul's pursuit of Sonny right on top of Will's death. That scene of Paul hitting on Sonny at Will's grave was downright ghastly. But honestly, not stupidly killing off Will would have solved that problem. Keeping him around for a real triangle, or having Paul appear when Will was off in California, sleeping with other men, would have been a better option.

Yup, that last point needed to be said again. Will admitted to cheating with at least one other man before Paul. Paul was not the reason Wilson split. Will had a fidelity issue, and those stem from internal conflicts. No outside source can make you be unfaithful unless the outside force is Stefano and you get a ride in Rolf's brainwashing chair. So I'm not buying any of this Paul blame nor this inaccurate notion that Sonny abandoned Will before he died. But I think some fans needed to hear that. So for them, I hope last week helped.

Because Will's death wasn't just about breaking up Wilson. Will's death -- quite frankly -- was an inappropriate plot point in the Ben/Abigail/Chad triangle. Their storyline was moving along just fine without the utterly unnecessary Will sacrifice. Worst of all, his death happened when Sonny, Sami, and Allie weren't even in town, and Lucas was barely seen. It had no fallout, only cleanup.

This appearance by ghost Will is a step in the right direction. Hearing Will say that he doesn't blame Sonny and still adores his dad was a bit of healing DAYS needed. But to make this all the way right, Will needs to be back in his human form.

I'm sincerely hoping that Ben's return will help that. I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with any reason why Ben needs to be back in Salem. (Well, aside from the fact that the fantastically sinister Robert Scott Wilson is always a welcome sight.) Technically, Ben was the only other person there when Will died. Maybe his return is to explain how Will isn't actually dead?

Speaking of things that aren't dead, Nicole has feelings for Eric! I mean, of course she does. Have you seen him? Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker sizzle together. Eric does that thing where he just breathes Nicole in, and somehow everything in the world is all right.

It was nice to see Nicole acknowledge all the times Eric has been there for other people. She spent a long time despising him, and this goes a little way to correct a beat that was not at all inappropriate at first but was severely overplayed.

Finally, I'm so stinking happy to see Nicole fulfilled by a job, especially this one, where she gives back. She's spent so much time, looking for validation from outside sources, mainly men. But now this sister is doing it for herself! It would be easy for her to sit back on Brady's money and just let the staff take care of her and Holly. But my gal is doing something with her brain and her heart. I respect her so much for it!

Now we just wait to see if Nicole will get to Eric in time. By "in time," I mean before he realizes that he moved into Chloe's old place. Seriously, doesn't anybody just go to the Horton Cabin anymore?!

I thought it a wee bit ridiculous of Jennifer to march into the DiMera mansion and demand answers from Kate about DiMera family business. While it's nice of Jen to worry about her kid, Abigail is a grown woman. Also, not for nothing, Jenny Bear, but your own mom hid your mentally ill daughter from you, so maybe put down at least one of those stones you've got aimed at Kate. It's been more of a danger for Abigail to be a Horton than a DiMera recently.

That being said, the resulting scene between Kate and Jennifer was beautiful, as was the hospital scene later with the additions of Maggie and Kayla. I applaud any scene that unites strong women, and these were spectacular. Well done, ladies!

Speaking of strong women, good on Gabi and Abigail for displaying class once again! I want such good things for Gabi next. I have high hopes for Eli and Gabi. They're referencing ninja movies, so they're on the right path already!

I'm pretty sure Brady can't just decide to keep playing CEO. Isn't it Victor and/or the board's call?

I like Roman much better as the bartender. So I'm glad he turned down Abe's job offer. But you've got to be kidding me, Abe baby. Neither Rafe nor Hope is at all appropriate as a choice for commissioner! That cover-up storyline really backed these two into a corner. I can't take either of them the slightest bit seriously when they tell people to follow the rules. What about bringing Billie back as the Commish? Oh, or Shane?

Note -- I said cover-up, not murder. First, Stefano isn't really dead. Second, even if he was, I don't blame Hope for snapping in that moment. But the subsequent dragging a body across town, destroying it, and then lying about it for months on end is where I start to throw a bit of side-eye at people who say Rafe and Hope are pillars of law enforcement. They don't need to be punished repeatedly for it, but let's maybe not promote them to the highest position in the police force.

I smiled when Brady told Chloe he'd give her the money for the club. There's something wonderful between those two. Maybe because it was the one moment this week Brady wasn't behaving like a complete numbnuts.

Winning in the category of "Things I Never Knew I Wanted" is the partnership between Julie and Chloe! I adored the Julie and Chloe scene! I do have to agree with Julie that Chloe doesn't know a lot about running a business. But Chloe has a point -- she's played some of the most prestigious musical venues in the world. I really look forward to seeing these two work together, especially if it means we get some songs from our talented DAYS cast!

Yes! Nicole and Chloe mentioned Parker and Holly getting together. Whew!

Sometimes, out-of-nowhere scenes just work. Such was the case with Abe and Nicole. It helps that these characters always should have been closer than they were, with Abe being the father of Nicole's brother. But so many other aspects were just pitch perfect.

The respectful chemistry between Arianne Zucker and James Reynolds was like a comforting cup of tea. And for the first time in a while, I liked Nicole talking to a man who didn't necessarily need anything from her. Even Eric and Brady want to love her -- which certainly isn't bad -- but there's still a want for something in return from Nicole. Abe was just there for her.

And the advice he gave her was spot on! Yes, Nicole, you do tend to be drawn to Eric. Hmmm...I wonder why? Also, I totally side with Abe when it comes to Brady. Nicole's mistaking genuine friendship and gratitude for love. The former two are both beautiful emotions, and the friendship Brady and Nicole share is one of the best ever on DAYS. But, again, it isn't love. Abe pointed that out beautifully.

Say whaaaaat, Brady?! Did you really just say Eric stole a girl from you before? Because the only time you ever shared a lady was when your Kristen drugged and raped Eric. That is so not even close to Eric stealing your girl. Ugh. This whole unhinged display highlights the main problem with this triangle.

Sure, Brady and Eric have never been Hope-and-Jennifer close. But they've always had a loving relationship. I don't like how this storyline is making Brady out to be jealous of his brother. Brady's a lot of things. Jealous isn't one. While Eric Martsolf is playing it masterfully, it's not entertaining to watch. Brady's getting a slight Ben Weston twinkle in his eye -- not the serial killer twinkle, but definitely the put-a-tracking-device-on-your-phone twinkle. Or more specifically, blackmail-you-with-the-knowledge-you-killed-Deimos twinkle.

Julie: "Enough with the cruises. We've been to every port in the world, five times over!"
Ha! Ron is killing it in his writing for Julie, threading the needle perfectly between giving her an edge and making her a blowhard. I haven't enjoyed her this much in a long time!

I forgot how much I liked the floor in St Luke's.

Kate's metallic nail color was amazing.

Why have I never thought to call him "Sonny Bunny"?! Brilliant, Chad!

I don't know if "sober as a judge" is a good metaphor in Salem. I'd have to think long and hard to name one good judge.

I'm in full agreement with Tony last week. Rope is just...ehh...fine. I'm not in a hurry for them to get married. Technically, the only couple overdue for a wedding is John and Marlena. I'm pretty sure he passed his thirty-day waiting period. Saving her from a burning coffin last summer should have sealed that deal!

I loved Julie teasing Doug about taking her food. I'm with you, sister! Also, mmmm...French toast!

Does Abigail still work at the police department?

As a plot tool, the DiMera board needs to be worked out a bit.
1. If the board is adamant that a DiMera be CEO, why is Kate acting with such urgency? Didn't she marry Andre because there was no other possible DiMera available? So she's kinda golden right now, right?
2. Andre is not an option because he's insane, but they were A-okay with Stefano. Sure.
3. If the board is going to be mentioned so much, it should at least be made up of people we either see or know. Right now, it's getting more screen time than Roman.

I feel like owning a matching robe/nightgown is something an adult would do. I need to look into that.

Brady (to Eric): "How long have you had feelings for her?"
Me: "Since the first time he saw her -- or about 100 years before you ever met her, fool!"

I live for every time Roman calls Abe "partner."

I chuckled at Abigail and Chad trying to write down all of the people in their families married at St Luke's. I'd seriously watch a whole web series of soap couples trying to fill out that form.

The next time DAYS is looking for filler scenes, please, oh please, let it be more of Doug and Julie laughing and singing together.

Brady's "I'm the best! Lucky me." line made me laugh. We've all been there. Sometimes being the bigger person totally sucks. (Must be why Brady didn't do it that long -- ba-dum bum!)

Eli's smart for not wanting to work for Julie. Maybe he can teach self-defense classes at the spa Maggie probably still owns.

No Tori at the wedding? Boo.

Julie's basically the Monopoly Man now and buying up all the real estate in Salem.

Marci Miller was rocking those high-waisted pants. Applause, girl!

Chloe and Julie's club should have a grand opening Halloween party -- complete with dazzling costumes for everyone!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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