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It's the good advice that you just didn't take
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Oops, Sami did it again! She made a bad situation worse and out-crazied a psychopath. Who would've thought? It figures. And things went from bad to worse for Hope as well -- she got fired and dumped! Let's wrap up November Sweeps with all that and more in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Well, it's been a wild, emotional, controversial sweeps month. There's no doubt about that. But there is one thing I think all DAYS fans can agree on. That is, the Horton Town Square really -- really -- needs to have about a zillion security cameras installed. Am I right? Anyways...

November Sweeps in Salem has been -- wow. Just wow. I'm not sure there is a word that couldn't be used to describe it. At times -- often the same time -- it was exciting, heartbreaking, heart-warming, hilarious, maddening, riveting, perplexing, gut-wrenching, silly, crazy, extreme... Yep. Just a lot of wowing moments providing a flood of thoughts and feelings.

And all those words, thoughts, and feelings simply lead to a giant round of cyber applause to the entire cast and crew of DAYS, who knocked this one out of the ballpark. Methinks the show and each actor involved officially has a lot of fantastic for their Emmy submission reels. Like, give them all sunglasses, as their award futures are bright. Mazel tov, one and all!

Of course, of those thoughts and feelings about Sweeps, I have many. Which I guess is good in this case, as an opinion columnist, so there's that. Still, many of said thoughts and feelings are uncomfortable and complex, especially regarding Theo's shooting storyline. It's been overwhelming. That's a great thing for the show. My anxiety level may think otherwise, but I digress...

Theo's shooting has been an all-encompassing narrative that's particularly poignant and has also made my mind zigzag. Just when I think, "Yes, I can see that," another thought pops into mind, or I read something that contradicts the previous one, or leads me down a road of, "Well, I never thought of it that way..." It's been utterly fascinating hearing and reading other fans' reactions to this storyline.

It's also been interesting to watch how different characters react to what's going on, especially given that most of them have close ties to Theo, J.J., or both -- some ties closer than others, of course. At the end of the day, what happened was a tragic mistake, and we, as an audience, saw what happened, but most of our fair Salemites didn't. They can only give their personal thoughts and feelings on the case. Last week, for example, we got a new perspective from Eli and Gabi's scene. It's been level upon level of deep drama. Like I said, uncomfortable and complex, but well-presented and thought provoking.

Still, there are some aspects of the storyline that make me pause. For example, why hasn't a deputy/vice major been brought in to help Abe during his time of need? If Hope's family ties to J.J. are a conflict, doesn't Abe's relationship to Theo also make him too close to be objective? That's not to say that any of Abe's feelings are unjustified, as the center of his world has just been shaken apart, but his actions could be construed that way if the letter of the law is to be followed. Can one lead objectively when their child is fighting for their life? I know I couldn't, given the circumstances. Of course, this is a TV show, and the close-knit ties amp up the drama, but let's look at the commissioner situation, for example...

As deeply as I feel sorry for what Abe's going through, that doesn't mean he's absolved for making, uh, questionable decisions. He fired Hope because she wouldn't fire J.J. She wanted a fair investigation. She even agreed with Abe that J.J. was wrong for going to see Theo. But, yep. Hope was fired. Fired for literally saying the same thing Rafe would say moments later about allowing the internal investigation to determine J.J.'s fate. Heck, Abe even commended Rafe on the guts it took to challenge him. That was a little infuriating. Granted, I've never believed that Rafe or Hope should have been appointed commissioner in the first place, but I'll move on because...

Hope and Rafe have come to the end of their rope, as it were. Romantically, that is. If I'm being honest, they never really did anything for me as a couple. It's hard to be overly invested, but I will say it was like a passive-aggressive Ping -Pong game between them as they circled the drain. Sure, they each made some valid points...

For Hope, she wasn't wrong when she said Rafe second-guessed her every move as commissioner. He did. Like, a lot. Heck, I'm surprised we weren't treated to a scene in the station's kitchenette where a haughty Rafe scoffed at Hope for only putting cream in her coffee instead of cream and sugar, like he would. Ugh. His ego sometimes.

For Rafe, he wasn't wrong to be upset that it took Hope so long to confess that she didn't want to be married again. He's been all in since day one. He's been there with (wedding) bells on. He's been supportive of her through thick and thin while Hope played the "I'm Happy With the Status Quo" card. I get his hurt and frustration.

Though I'm not sure why Bo's name was brought into the situation between them. Hope's right -- Rafe will never be Bo; no one will. But Bo is dead. Just like Rafe's first fiancée, Emily, but that wasn't brought into question at all. Like it or not, Hope has proven that she can move on with men who aren't Bo. She had valid reasons enough to end things with Rafe without that (or him running off with Sami) to be brought into the picture. It kind of weakened arguments for me. It's like the writers didn't know which excuse to use to break up Rope, so they went with them all and hoped one worked.

Ultimately, Jennifer helped Hope to realize that she's just afraid to lose someone that she loves again. That was the light bulb coming on moment for Hope. That was also the moment when Rafe started swapping spit with Sami across town. Whoops!

Speaking of "Whoops!" Hey, Sami. What's up, girl? What's new? Break any serial killers out of the psych ward lately and force them to reenact your son's apparent death so your son can remember his life? Oh. Wait. She has. Oh, Sami dear...

Of course, level heads dictate that patience needs to prevail in Will's situation. I agree. So does most of Salem. But while patience is a virtue, Sami Brady is a wrecking ball. Or a hurricane, as she stated. Expecting Sami to simply wait was never, ever going to happen. Hearing her loved ones exclaim they can't believe what Sami did now should have been more like, "Sounds about right." The gal dressed up like a man and parachuted into a war zone at one point, for goodness sake, Doc and company.

So, yes. Sami went overboard...again. Don't get choked up about it, Salem. If Marlena suggested that strategy, they'd throw her a parade if it worked. I kid, I kid. Most were justified in being upset with Sami, even John, who was about to illegally dig up a grave a few weeks ago with his mini me. Sami did go to extremes. And she got kicked out of the townhouse by everyone there several times over because of it. Will hates her even more now than what Susan told him to hate her. It was all very ugly. And brilliantly acted. And, again, ugly for the characters involved. Except for maybe Paul. He will probably be glad to be off the hot seat for a second.

Though I am torn -- was this "Classic Sami shenanigans," or were her actions worth the risk? I mean, if Will had remembered (and it appeared that he was starting to), would that have been worth the trauma of it all? If we're being honest, it's not like Will couldn't have used some therapy pre-apparent death, so what's another issue or two to tack on now? Surviving your death surely should come with some therapy, either way. Greater good and all that? I don't know. That's not to say I'd personally put someone I love through what Sami did to Will, and I'm not as hotheaded as Sami, but I will totally call my henchmen and have someone abducted if they say I am.

In other "Breakup News," J.J. broke things off with Lani. Like "Rope," I've never really had strong opinions about the pairing either way, but Casey Moss and Sal Stowers sold the scene incredibly well. The pain, especially due to the depth of the decision because of the circumstances, was there. I felt incredibly sad for both characters due to the performances.

Though Kate admitted she can be a bit of a mommy monster, too, when she sat with Will in the park, discussing Sami, I felt like there should have been more to that conversation. I'm not sure if there was more that happened off-screen or not, but it was...lacking, and I wanted more, especially considering Will was hating on Sami for doing the exact thing Susan did to him (paternity lying and all). What wasn't lacking was the powerhouse performance between Lauran Koslow and Chandler Massey. I could watch these two all day. So, surely, more, please!

Another thing I could watch all day -- Alison Sweeney and Robert Scott Wilson going head to head, err, crazy to crazier as Sami and Ben. So much talent. So much crazy. So much amazing.

As if James Reynolds wasn't giving a tour de force performance already, he completely gutted me when Abe broke down at the candlelight vigil and said, "He's my boy." That one went straight to the heart. And I went straight for the Kleenex.

Generally speaking, though, the vigil for Theo, as well as the scenes between Will and his loved ones reuniting with him, totally made me a blubbering idiot throughout last week. Well played, DAYS. Well played.

Wow! I didn't even think about John relating to Will's situation. That was a rather smart scene. Yes. Yes, John can.

Anyways, I totally just buried a lead. Kate confessed everything to Andre about her part in Theo's activities before the shooting. I do believe she is sorry and that she cares for Theo in her own Kate-like way. I do believe she knows what she did was wrong. I certainly believe she probably wouldn't be as gracious to Andre as he was to her by not tossing her under the bus. And I fully believe that Kate needs to be the one to come clean to Chad and, well, everyone else. She can't undo her actions, but confession is good for the soul and all. Look at Paul. It worked for him. Kind of.

Oh, and I also believe Kate just handed Andre a major trump card. If he uses it to blackmail Kate into something, that will dirty his hands, too. If he doesn't, maybe Andre has turned over a new leaf, or...

Hmm! Andre said, "I'm not the man you think I am." He was, I believe, declaring his innocence, but I still don't know if that wasn't a subtle hint that he's not the man we think he is. Could "Andre" really be Tony DiMera posing as Andre? My only reluctances to think that are, one, I don't believe Tony would go on letting Anna believe he's dead. She's been a hot carrying-around-his-ashes mess since Tony's death. And, two, Tony's life would be infinitely easier if he were not posing as an allegedly rehabilitated psycho serial killer with a flair for blood soaks and tiger maulings. So, I repeat, "Hmm!"

While I can understand Sonny sticking up for someone he loves, it's still a bit "Really, Sonny!?" to see him act uppity toward Sami for being hard on Paul. It's not like Paul dented the door of her sedan with his in the parking lot of the Piggly Wiggly. He kind of kept her child's existence from her. That might take a beat to get over. Eventually, they dialed it down a notch, but still, "Really, Sonny!?"

And welcome home, Ciara Brady! She showed up in the square on a motorcycle with a hair flip and a 'tude. Bo is certainly looking down from soap haven with that special grin of his. I'm curious as to what this new Ciara is all about. Though I kind of feel bad for the Horton Town Square maintenance staff who will be scrubbing tire tracks off the tiles for a while. Whoops. But nonetheless, welcome back, Ciara (and welcome aboard, Victoria Konefal)!

Extra Scoops

Cheers to the entire cast and crew of DAYS for a remarkable November Sweeps! The storylines were compelling and the acting -- the acting! Top. Notch. Like, amazing, fantastic, and fabulous. I'm so proud to be a card-carrying member of Team DAYS!

Choosing between Hope and Rafe for commissioner is like trying to find something to eat in a small town after midnight. Options are usually limited. Can't Abe expand his net and call someone like Shane or Billie? I know that's been suggested, but perhaps it bears repeating.

Kate (to Will): "Well...umm...Sami...she was...she was, a little dishonest about your paternity for a while."

Am I the only one who wished Ben had gotten a musical number à la Sweeney Todd's "My Friend" when he picked up the necktie again? Okay. I probably am.

When Sami brought up her high school days, I instantly thought of her former bestie, Jamie Caldwell! Yeah. Whatever did happen to her? Hmm. Maybe she's mailing letters with Don Craig or on rounds with Neil Curtis. Maybe.

By the way, didn't Jamie have a crush on Lucas? Maybe it's time for her to return to Salem and see if those old feelings are still there. It would be nice to see Lucas find some lasting luck in love. Once he sobers up and such, that is.

To loop back, Sami said to Rafe she wants to be alone romantically, focus on being a better Sami in general, and spend time with her kids that don't hate her, family, and friends. Of that, who exactly are Sami's friends? I'm kind of curious.

"Winning Isn't My Thing" Lucas and Brady should hang out more often and have a Depressive Off. Kind of like a Pitch Perfect riff off, but sadder. Much sadder.

Though Lucas shouldn't be too hard on himself. He may think twice about considering himself a non-model Horton if he takes a sober glance at the family tree. Pay attention to the "Bill Horton" and "Nick Fallon" leaves, Lucas. You'll feel much better!

When did Ben become so formal? He introduced himself as "Benjamin." I guess he's a psycho with proper etiquette. Dr. Lecter would be so proud.

Andre cracked me up when he said of Chad, "This home has been mine long before this one came along."

It was pretty divalicious that Sami has henchmen and when she proclaimed, "As a DiMera..." Fierce, Sami. Fierce. #retrocompliment

At least we know Arianna Grace isn't lactose intolerant. That gal's practically living off loved ones buying her ice cream all the time. Conversely, where do I sign up for that plan?

Rafe said he's not good at casual flings. Okay. *cough Kate*

I'll never not love Sami and Eric scenes.

As amazing as the new writers have been with digging into the DAYS history books, you'd think they'd catch that Ben actually killed four people that we know of. There was Will (sort of), Serena, Paige, and the midwife. Yep, Wendy. Poor forgotten soul.

It would have to be trippy for Will to not remember anything and then see a plaque in the town square with his last name on it.

Was it just me, or did Will look like he was wearing one of Susan's quilted jackets?

Sami called Ben "a sack of human waste." Aww. She does care.

I don't know why, but hearing Marlena say "bender" made me chuckle.

I adore it when Chloe pops up. Seeing Nadia is just a happy thing. #LastBlastForever

You know, Rafe is probably more objective than Hope. He never lets his feelings or family ties get in the way of sticking to the letter of the law. He's a trooper. Just look how quickly he put on a professional face to accept Eli as his partner. Oh, wait...

I nearly forgot about those peculiar flashing lights outside of Ben and Abigail's old apartment window. I'm not condoning anyone's actions, but those would drive me crazy, too, after a while. They need to invest in blinds.

Snap. I want some sweet potato fries now. If I give Gabi my address, do you think she'll deliver? Oh, well, of course she would! She's pretty cool like that.

We're down to 49! Hope said that Rafe "left town -- the state" without telling her. That means Salem is not in Tennessee. Sorry, Tennessee DAYS fans.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of December 4, 2017. As Laurisa is in Chicago on business, I'll be back next week. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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