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For the Week of March 12, 2018
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Hope calls things off with Rafe on Days of our Lives
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Hope/Rafe...Maggie/Victor...Abby/her sanity...Brady/Eve...it seems that this week, many Salemites found themselves either riding solo or traveling down heartbreak highway, hitting a few bumps along the way. Find out more in this week's Two Scoops.

Note: This week's column was written by one of Laurisa's alternate personalities. Okay, it's her sister, Bethany -- but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting. Bethany last made a guest appearance in March 2016 -- and way back in 2012, we learned that Laurisa once put Bethany in the washing machine!

Let's start by talking about the storyline that served as this week's opening act: the shocking truth that Rafe slept with Sami after Hope called off their engagement and gave him her ring back!

While everyone was completely shocked that Rafe would do such a thing, once he admitted the truth, the judgments and finger pointing came in full force. However, since Rafe really is such a good guy, many people couldn't bring themselves to truly criticize him -- Julie seized the opportunity to lash out at Gabi for being a Hernandez, a murderer, the daughter of a criminal, and the sister of a "thug" -- referring to Dario, of course. Great job, Eli. Way to stand there while your Grandma berates your girlfriend -- who you've cheated on -- because she is the sister of the man who cheated on Hope.

As Jennifer and Eric are cleaning up from the reception that never happened, Jen wants to point out how this is completely Sami's fault. I mean, Sami is so mean. Remember how mean she was to Abigail when she discovered Abby was having an affair with her fiancÚ?! Nice try there, Jen. But I feel that it may be a little hard to criticize one cheater by pointing out how she reacted to being cheated on. I'm glad this scene turned less controversial and maybe even a little comical once Eric and Jennifer realized they were having their "first" fight.

Even Ciara focused her blame on Claire, though Rafe is the one who cheated. I get that Ciara had more time to process the situation and talk to Rafe, and of course, the way Claire exposed the truth was a move right out of Aunt Sami's playbook, but spending so much time blaming Claire is slightly annoying. However, this does make more room for Tripp to step in to bring Ciara back down to earth. I'm starting to dig that they both "have" one another.

At least J.J. and Eli both admitted to not being perfect and therefore didn't want to throw blame around in the Rafe/Hope fiasco. Rafe's exposure early in the week did set the stage for more truths to unfold, which I liked. I was glad to see Eli finally come clean with Gabi about sleeping with Lani. Although, I did think to myself, "Wow, how many times should you have to hear that your boyfriend cheated on you with Lani?"

The fact that Eli still kept the baby's paternity a secret really bothers me. I get the idea that there are others involved -- JJ, Lani, oh, and his unborn child. But I am in no way sold on the idea of Eli or Lani deciding to keep this secret based on their own experiences of not knowing the truth about their fathers until they became adults. I love seeing J.J. so excited about being a dad, but I have a feeling that this truth will come out sooner than later.

Loose Ends

Watching Gabigailaura is a lot of fun. This, along with the newly planted evidence on the real Gabi Hernandez, sets up some drama for next week. I think you can tell that Marci Miller is having a lot of fun playing "host" to these three characters, and I am enjoying watching Tyler Christopher's character develop more as Stefan tries to play defense in this three-on-one fast break!

I don't think Maggie will be gone from Victor's side for long.

I'm glad Sonny and Gabi have one another to go to for advice.

It's good to always be reminded of real, solid friendships like Hope and Jen's!

I've never seen anyone struggle as much as Gabi did trying to open the Dumpster to dispose of that planted evidence...

On Thursday, I specifically remember thinking, "I can't wait till this whole thing with Eve blows up in Brady's face."

The whole thing with Eve blew up in Brady's face!

Brady's proposal. It's safe to say that I'm over Brady getting engaged or married to every woman he dates.


Gabi: Can't you just forget that you saw me and look the other way?
Lani: I'm a cop.
Gabi: You're also the woman who slept with my boyfriends. I think you owe me something.

Missed opportunity leaving boyfriend singular there, Gabs!

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Is it weird that Justin is so on board with Brady and Eve getting married?

Speaking of "marriage," did Hope and Rafe really get married by the justice of the peace that night in the Horton cabin? Did they have any witnesses?

Ciara punched Claire! The rarely seen woman to woman punch used over the commonly seen woman to woman slap. This is fitting for Bo's daughter.


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