Everything seems nice, but if you look twice, you can see it's all lies

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DAYS Two Scoops: Everything seems nice, but if you look twice, you can see it's all lies
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Forget throwing rice! The only thing thrown at Eve and Brady's busted wedding was shade! Sure, she threw him off with her denouncement of him, but has Brady lost the battle for Eve's heart? Let's talk about this crazy little thing called love in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Someday. Some. Day. Someday, we'll all get to dance at a wedding reception in Salem again. I, for one, was ready to boogie the night away. Maybe an electric slide or two. Chicken dance? Sure! Why not. But, nope. Nada. Not even one "Hey Macarena!" Drats. So, yep, I'm putting away my dancing shoes as Brady and Eve's wedding went south.

I mean, that wedding went really south -- and quickly, too. I didn't see that coming. Okay. Maybe just a little. And by a "little," I mean America's Funniest Home Videos clips of children playing ball with their dad who will inevitably get struck in the, uh, hourglass are less predictable. Well, Brady Black, put on a cup. Eve is one scorned sister, and she's coming for you!

First and foremost, though, I bow down to the endless talents of Kassie DePaiva and Eric Martsolf! Their performances were phenomenal. I have nothing but the utmost respect for both actors. They wow me daily. Like, seriously, every day I marvel at them more and more. It's showcasing like theirs last week that reminds me how truly lucky we are as DAYS fans to have such a talented cast bringing these characters so vividly alive each weekday. With that...

The writing (as good as it was) was obvious. Of course, Brady was going to fall in love! It's Brady Black. He always falls for someone. It's his thing. John says, "That's a fact." Steve has an eyepatch. Roman's got "Whud 'da hell!?" trademarked. Hope raises an eyebrow. It's their thing. Just like Brady falls for everyone with a pulse in heels (and thank you, Victor, for that continuing gem of an analysis). So, surprising? No. Amazingly well acted? Totally.

Though it was rather clever that Victor is the one who told Eve. I didn't see that part coming, and the direction on Monday's episode threw that curveball in nicely. I knew he'd do what it took to get Maggie back, but didn't really believe he would at the same time. It's Victor. You never know with him. All and all, "Magic" has been reunited after their brief separation, and that's fine by me.

The thing that strikes me about Eve and Brady is that I don't dislike the idea of them, I just think the timing was awkward. He had just come off loving Nicole, and Theresa before that. Having him fall for Eve so quickly just seemed like an easy route for the writers to take, based on his patterns. I get that we're supposed to see his struggle to open his heart again, but it fell short. And, honestly, opening his heart never really seems to be Brady's problem. His heart's like a convenience store -- open all day, every day, and all year around.

Aside from the predictability of it all and the capitalizing on the recurring theme of Brady strikes out at love again, I'm disappointed Eve wasn't "in the know" the entire time. She admitted that she suspected he was playing her, but she wanted to believe in him. I get that. Wanting to be loved isn't abnormal. Still, I wish there had been more to Eve's knowledge, but her revenge might be fun to watch, as well. She's not happy with him. At least that's what I picked up when she called him a "selfish, deceitful piece of garbage." I also adore that Eve is looking out for Tate. She does love that little spud and doesn't want him to turn into another vicious Kiriakis. Word, Eve. Word.

Speaking of Kiriakis men behaving badly, Brady does need a time out. He needs one from falling in love so quickly and from the family. He's right, to a point. Victor dangles Titan positions in front of his heirs, but I did laugh when Brady whined, "You took that job away from me." Um. Didn't he run off with Nicole to Canada, leaving his position behind, and then fall off the wagon? Just checking. Anyways...

I think Brady needs a fishing boat experience like Kate. He needs something to humble him. To teach him how low low can actually get. Though his life began tragically with the death of his mother, Isabella, he's had it pretty easy, sans his addiction problems and wonky love life. Jobs handed to him, an ample amount of relationships, and all the while living at the mansion. He needs to man up and move out if he truly believes Victor is a recurring problem in his life. He can't live on his grandfather's dime, err, millions and complain when he must do his chores. It makes him look whiny and entitled. Brady needs to travel, work hard, and perhaps get his hands dirty gutting fish. He should be a character that has grown over the years, but he's simply the same spoiled love fool that he's always been. I want more for him.

As for Eve, I don't mind the idea of her giving Brady a hard time. She's far from a saint, but he did her wrong this time. I love the passion with which Kassie plays Eve. That fight in her. The way Eve believes she doesn't deserve happiness after all she's done, but still wanting it so desperately. Like Lauren Koslow does so amazingly with Kate, Kassie does the same with Eve -- making a flawed, multilayered character, who you shouldn't root for but can't help but to break out the foam finger for. Yep. Team Eve on this one!

Ha! I cracked up when Eli asked Julie of Gabi's misery, "You love this, don't you?" I'm surprised Julie didn't open her blouse to reveal a T-shirt with Gabi's mug shot printed on it that read, "Guilty!" or "Damn dirty Hernandez!" But I digress...

Eli made it clear to Julie that Gabi has a place in his life. Just to be clear myself, he did that last week. Not the week before, when Julie unfairly ripped into Gabi because of Rafe's actions in a crowded room while Eli just stood there, snacking on non-wedding appetizers. So, yep. Eli finally made it clear that Gabi is in his life. In his heart. He even drew a parallel between Gabs and Jules. That was kind of brave of him, as I've seen her mad. He said they both love hard and don't back down. He's right. But...

Was Eli right to give Julie an ultimatum? Maybe. Maybe not. Though at least Eli didn't threaten to take away the home he just bought her because he didn't agree with one of her choices, that really wasn't a choice, as she was doing her job. Oh. Wait. That was Julie. She bullied him about the Martin house when Abe was arrested. I seem to remember something like Julie being ready to take it away from him because she didn't like that he arrested Abe. Something like that, right? Yep, Jules, dishing it out is far more fun than taking it.

In any event, all's well that ends well. Julie's going to try to be a better person toward Gabi. She will still have a relationship with Eli, and he'll keep his house. And Gabi better start looking up a recipe for crow because Julie will be eating it soon when she learns that Gabi isn't a murderer and Eli cheated on her...and got someone else pregnant...and lied about it.

I know John "feels bad," but I kind of live for Kayla's snark toward him right now. She has every right and then some to be furious with his dodgy decisions. Like, a man of his resources didn't have to resort to poisoning his best friend, especially when he and Billie did such a stealth operation right under Pamela's nose to oust her. Nope. Still not over that, Johnny. I'm with Sweetness.

Doug has some serious competition for the "Most Romantic Salemite Ever...Ever" title. Steve scored some major swoon points with his entire "I'll always see you" speech to Kayla. Damn. That was just some grade A soap romance. You win, Steve. You win. *sigh*

Though Tripp is proving to be a chip off the old romantic block! He wasn't a slouch when it came to complimenting Ciara. That was all very sweet, as was their kiss. I want to root for them, but the budding romance comes to a screeching halt when he has to referee Ciara's relationship with Claire. Like Claire, I miss when they were besties. I thought they'd be Hope and Jennifer 2.0. They're so not. Boo. Edna Garrett needs to move into the loft; screech, "Girls, girls!" a few times; and set them straight about the facts of life. "Sisters before misters," "Girl Power!" and just generally not being mean-spirited, unlikable, spiteful twits toward each other.

Ultimately, yes. Eric is right. Claire (and everyone else) should take the high road. Still, he confused me a bit. I wasn't keen on his shade toward Claire, especially when he defended Sami to Jennifer. Maybe he was "disappointed," not "mad." Ugh.

I'm firmly Team Gabi regarding Lani. Detective Price deserves every one of Gabi's glares. I just wish Gabi would tell J.J. so this can all move along. It's getting so hard to watch everyone finding out but J.J. I'm starting to feel guilty that I know. So sorry, J.J. Sorry, bud. Don't hate me.

Points to J.J. for being respectful to Valerie while airing his grievances. I get his annoyance with her. I also get her urgency toward him. She does genuinely want to help him, but she was served a suck sandwich by Lani and Eli's pact to pretend J.J. is the father. None of that was fun. And hindsight will be a huge bitch to J.J. Again, sorry, bud.

While "Wilson" will always hold a place in my DAYS-loving heart, Will and Paul are adorable together! Chandler Massey and Christopher Sean have smoldering chemistry. That kiss was as sweet as it was passionate. Maybe Sonny can move on with the bartender. He did buy him a drink. Some relationships in Salem have been based off less than that. Go get him, Sonny Delight.

Sure, Dr. Lauragail. Let Stefan help Abigail, err, Gabigail. He's almost read an entire book on DID. That practically makes him a doctor. Nope. This won't end badly.

And, oh, boy! Abigail's alter, Gabigail, is having an existential crisis. I guess she could use that business trip with Stefan as an Eat Pray Love kind of journey. He could, too, come to think of it. You know, since he's in love with an alternate personality of a mentally ill woman. Maybe they can start with friendship bracelets. Eric has an extra set, since he didn't get to give them to Hope and Rafe.

Extra Scoops

Kassie DePaiva. Eric Martsolf. #epic

Oh-to-the-My-to-the-God! Ciara is entering Bella's "Fresh Face" contest, too. "I am utterly shocked by this turn of events!" said nobody. I'm all for Bella's resurrection, especially with Carrie still in town (I think she is, anyway...), but I'm not as eager to watch Ciara vs. Claire: Round Ten Million...and Two. I repeat, "Boo!"

Vivian (to Stefan): "Why fret over a fender bender when the entire car's totaled!?"

Will (to Paul, after Sonny interrupted them): "Well, that was kind of a buzzkill."

Brady said of love to Eve, "The leap is worth it." He might be right, but that man is a bloody frog hopping from one pad to the other.

I want a dessert party with Steve, Kayla, Justin, and Adrienne! What fun. That needs to happen more often. More so, Adrienne is back! Finally. More, please.

I hope after the baby bombshell drops, Vanessa Williams gets another juicy storyline where she can be front and center. She's such a talent!

So, going through medical records and purses. I know who I'm never asking to housesit for me. Ever. #badJennyBear

Maybe John and Brady should hang out more often. Neither of them is scoring any major life victories lately. I mean, John really needs to expand his circle of friends, and Brady has time on his hands and really can't judge.

When Eve and Jen were talking about "facilities," I had to laugh, as I used that term last week and then heard it repeatedly afterwards. I think "facilities" is trending.

Oh. And Eve and Jennifer were kind of bonding/playing nice, err, nicer!? Well. Okay then.

Maggie's navy and white outfit was a little bit amazing.

Oh, no, no, no. I don't think Gabi fully believes Lani is carrying J.J.'s baby. At all.

I wonder if the DiMera cook has a first name, or if it is, in fact, Cook.

Snap! Julie got to work "all the days of my life" into a speech. If DAYS has a drinking game, that wins a double shot.

I enjoyed Sonny's double take when the bartender offered to buy him a drink. He is handsome, Sonny Bear. Yep. Time to move on!

Maybe Dr. Lauragail can borrow Stefan's glasses and leave Kayla's alone.

I think Ari Grace's stuffed animal is getting more screen time than Adrienne. Boo.

Speaking of Adrienne, she told Steve, "You really need to stop with the Bonnie jokes, or the deal is off." I'm with her on that one. Bonnie needs to be "Don Craig'ed" or "Gemini Twin'ed," never to be heard from again.

It's entertaining that Claire is afraid of Aunt Sami's vengeance. I get her concerns, but sleeping with Rafe is barely a blip on Sami's Scandal Radar. If anything, Sami might admire her dramatic flair for blowing up an occasion.

Did anyone unintentionally laugh at Brady's, "You left a message!?" rant? Yep, Brady. Scheming is a full-time job. Check your phone.

Aww. I miss Shawn Brady, Sr. Especially this time of year. St. Patrick's Day was totally his jam.

I also miss Joey. Maybe that furlough, or compassionate release thingy, will pay off. Maybe.

Okay, while Jen can kind of shut up about Claire, I did chuckle when she said, "She ruins Hope's wedding, and now she needs headshots?"

I like the realism that Steve is taking the time to modify the house due to his deteriorating condition. Though I do want to see it. I love the Johnsons' posh pad.

When Abigail transitions, the sounds she makes remind me of the, um, distressed noises Jean Grey made on the '90s X-Men cartoon. YouTube it. It's hilarious.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of March 19! Do you think we'll ever get to dance at a Salem wedding reception again!? Bethany will be back next week to see just what these scandalous Salemites are up to, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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