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Hope calls things off with Rafe on Days of our Lives
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This was a week of revelations and many almost revelations on DAYS! While we traveled to Hong Kong and got to see at least a little bit of Shawn and Belle, back in Salem, we saw fireworks explode in the courtroom like it was the Chinese New Year! Finally, the truth about Lani and the baby is out in the open, and possible exposure of "Gabby" is looming around the corner.

Note: This week's column was written by one of Laurisa's alternate personalities. Okay, it's her sister, Bethany -- but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting. Bethany made her first appearance way back in 2012, when we learned that Laurisa once put Bethany in the washing machine!

Hong Kong Adventures

First of all, anytime we get more Shawn and Belle, I am happy. I enjoyed scenes this week with Hope and Shawn and with Hope and Belle -- and when Chad was able to join the ladies for a meal, it was even better! I like that Chad asked Hope to be another pair of eyes for him. She loves the proposition of detective work, even when she's supposed to be on vacation, clearing her head.

"Gabby's" sand timer is running out, is it not? Chad already knows something is off with Abigail, more and more people either know about or have seen "Gabby," and I think that Vivian is right in saying that Stefan is in too deep with this alter situation to really be able to think clearly.

Gabi's Trial

Melinda Trask is a great love-to-hate character. Her pompous tone is a nice complement to Justin's dry wit, so I tend to enjoy scenes when those two are able to banter back and forth a bit. While I was half waiting for Mama Hernandez to be called to the stand, since every witness had some close relationship to Gabi, I was glad when Lani took the stand. Leave it to a lawyer to inadvertently expose the truth about Lani's baby while cross-examining a witness in a DiMera murder trial! Even though I have usually been partial to Jabi, I found that I really liked the way Eli and Gabi dealt with this revelation in the courtroom. I thought J.J. punching Eli was fitting and appropriate, but I am really looking forward to how the four of them move forward now that they all know the truth about the baby.

Loose Ends

After finishing some pints at the pub, John and Steve decide to play blindfolded darts!

I like that Eve laid into Brady, but then she agreed that they can still do business together? Be stronger than that, girl!

Can we get more than one 30-second scene with Lucas and Will when they are both happy and healthy?

I hope the writers work to get something cooking for Kate. Her scenes this week all seemed to consist of 30-second conversations with little content. I'm hoping for a Kate vs. Vivian faceoff revolving around what to do with "Gabby/Abby/Laura."

Speaking of that, did Kate see enough of the Gabby wig in that suitcase?


• Eli standing up to Julie and defending Gabi.

• Chad and Sonny talking about Sonny getting back out in the dating scene. I love their bromance.


• Sonny's temper tantrum. Sorry, Sonny, I'm sure getting news that the divorce is final was tough, but since Will ended things with you, and you ended things with Paul, why are either of them your business at this point?

Line of the Week

"How many good-looking guys are you gonna find that enjoy ABBA and badminton?" - Chad to Sonny

Random Thoughts

The "man-bun-bar-man" at the pub basically provided a three-minute Tinder ad in his scene with Sonny.

I think there's about a thirteen-hour time difference from Salem to Hong Kong...solid attention to detail to have Shawn and Hope eating breakfast when Rafe called while it was evening in Salem.

When talking about Rafe, Shawn pointed out to Hope that "technically, you guys weren't even together." I couldn't help but scream, like Ross Geller, in my head, "We were on a break!"


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