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DAYS dished out a double dose of damage! Chad clobbered Stefan. Gabi got walloped. But, wait! There's more -- Ciara gave it to Claire, Kate and Vivian gave it to each other, and Miguel gave it out to get Lucas, Chloe, and anyone in his way. Let's break down all the beatdowns in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

Oh, how sometimes I wish I could start DAYS Two Scoops with a musical number! Something like, "Uh huh, this my soap. All the fans stamp your feet like this. Oh, this my soap, this my soap..."

Are you ready, DAYS fans!? It's the Super Bowl of Soaps this weekend -- the 2018 Daytime Emmy Awards! I'm so excited to cheer on Team DAYS! Like, Jessie Spano "I'm so excited!" but without caffeine pill freak-out in the end. I know how to handle muh pills. Suck it, Spano. Anyways...

I'm over the moon about all the nominations DAYS received this year! The cast and crew deserve every accolade coming their way, but, honestly, they're already winners in my book. I mean that sincerely. From the men and women behind the scenes who make everyone and everything on-screen look magical to the endlessly gifted cast we get to watch every weekday, I'm full of nothing but love for all things DAYS. Sure, it's my job to give tough love once in a while. Okay. I can be a snarky jerkface at times, but it comes from a loving place. DAYS is a special show to me -- to all of us -- and I'm proud to be a fan. So, let's all start spreading the love to the cast and crew and blow up social media with Team DAYS pride, all right!?

As for the details, Soap Central has all the info locked and loaded! Click here for all you need to know (and more). Also, be sure to join me, and hopefully (fingers crossed) Laurisa, on Twitter Sunday night! Me -- or we --will be retweeting Soap Central updates as well as our own Emmy ramblings.

And that's not all, folks! It's time for me to prepare for the Emmys. I need an outfit. I need to shave. I need to charge my phone, tablet, second tablet in case I throw my other one. I need to map out my desk for proper layouts for my laptop, phone to Tweet, and wine and/or -- and -- scotch glasses placements. It's an entire process. You have to keep a clear path to social media devices without knocking over drinks, etc. Very technical stuff. And, also -- right! I'm forgetting something. DAYS Two Scoops. I should probably get to that, as it was a crazy, cruel week in Salem, USA.

To begin, there was some missed potential last week. When Gabi -- you know, who's in jail for a murder she didn't commit and was largely sent there by her mentally ill best friend's false testimony -- was being beaten to a bloody pulp, they should have had a montage. Gabi's bank leaving a voicemail to say that she's bounced a check and there's a hefty overdraft fee. Gabi's car being towed. Lani finding another one of Gabi's guys to sleep with. Maybe her favorite ice cream shop putting up a "Going Out of Business" sign. Yep. It sucks to be Gabi right now. Who would have thought the wedding timeout chair would end up being a recent highlight? But I digress to say...

Damn! DAYS was not messing around with the carnage last week. Monday's episode was particularly brutal, as both Gabi and Stefan got their hourglasses handed to them. Gabi's beatdown was especially hard to watch. Poor Yo Gabba Gabi has been handed the, uh, gross end of the stick a lot lately, and now she got beat with it. Eww. That was a bit gratuitous. Stefan, on the other hand...

I remember in high school this touring group of muscly men and women visited. All grades were assembled like awkward, pimply sardines in the auditorium. Said juiced-up jocks ripped up phone books, broke boards in half, and flexed for Jesus, or something like that. But their takeaway line was, "Hands are for hugging, not hitting." If nothing else, that's a respectable motto. So, while I'm not an advocate of violence, and the older I get, the harder I find it to watch, if a fictional character were to be beaten, well, Stefan -- as the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail sang in Chicago -- "He had it coming. He had it coming. He only had himself to blame."

Sure. Chad is wrong for presuming Stefan brainwashed Abigail. Stefan didn't. We know that. Chad doesn't. Yet since everyone believes Stefan is Stefano 2.0, I can't blame Chad for jumping to that conclusion, especially since there is (or was) a laboratory in the DiMera mansion. Chad himself was brainwashed by Andre at one point in the basement. I remember Chad having strange imagery flashes of kittens and explosions. Anyway, we know Chad's hunch was wrong, but I can't say the same for his punch. Punches. More than one. Like, a lot.

At the end of the day, Chad found Stefan in bed with his wife. No. Not only his wife, his mentally ill, or as Chad believed, mentally manipulated wife. Either way, Stefan completely took advantage of the situation. He did not make love to Gabigail -- he raped Abigail. That's not to say he's not mentally ill, as well, but he seemed to know what he was doing, as he had about a second of hesitation before he let said mentally ill woman dictate the course of the night. Plus, Stefan knew that Abigail was repulsed by him, as Abigail shut down all of his advances as well as completely freaked out when she gained control as Stefan kissed her. Still, that's all shocking behavior from Stefan. I never would have guessed the man who flashed his junk to Abigail, claiming Americans are prudes and it's different on the continent, would be such a sleazy sexual predator. A rapist. Ugh. I can't with that guy.

So. Chad's in trouble for pummeling Stefan. Abigail's been raped. Stefan is a rapist. Gabigail is still in control. The outcome of this storyline has me worried.

For starters, I'm encouraging the writers to do right by Abigail. She is the victim here. Ciara's rape storyline was never properly dealt with. Limited conversations that Ciara went to therapy and constant cries of "What Ciara's been through the last few years" are well-meaning, but they are not enough for fans who want to see a beloved character on the road to recovery after being victimized in such a horrible way. I want to be there when Abigail realizes that she's a survivor. I want to witness that moment of clarity when she embraces her strength again and realizes that what happened to her doesn't define her. That second when she knows she has a future that trumps Stefan's sad existence. So, yes, I hope we see Abigail through her recovery and Stefan dealt punishment. It's a soap. I know that. We all know that, but this kind of crime is often trivialized, and it really shouldn't be. At all.

Also, I'm worried that Abigail will end up pregnant. The writing is on the wall. I want it painted over. Stefan has been around a few months, grossed out the real Abigail, and took advantage of her alter. I can't believe there'd be many fans who'd root for a Stefan/Abigail baby at this point. It seems like having Abigail pregnant would just be a cruel prolongation of this storyline and an easy plot for the writers to follow. Sure, she could end up with a Johnny and Allie situation, twins from two different men, but let's just hope any tests come up negative, as Abigail pregnant in that context is not something I'd find entertaining.

On a positive note, hands down and hands in the air -- Billy Flynn, Marci Miller, and Tyler Christopher are performing the hell out of this storyline! They all deserve much praise for their work. Billy's raw, anguished performances have been brilliant. Marci masterfully crafted several characters with layers and distinct personalities. And Tyler has been so good at being bad! All three actors (and the supporting crew around them) are definitely bringing it, and I couldn't respect their talent more.

The best part of the Claire/Ciara and Eli/Lani storylines last week? Julie! Indubitably, Julie. I loved her chat with Claire, specifically Julie using her own dubious past as an example of righting wrongs, the importance of family and forgiveness, and highlighting that the issues that seem so big now will ultimately not matter. Yep. Julie totally won the wisdom contest on that one. Like, legit won. Not how Claire "won" the Bella contest.

But Claire feels bad, y'all! She's very sorry for what she's done. I somewhat believe Claire feels guilty, but it's more likely she was embarrassed and a little mad she got caught. This storyline disappointed me, as it really could have encompassed characters like Carrie or fashionista Gabi, for example, but, more so, it just felt like another reason for Claire and Ciara to have something to bicker about, which is getting old. Though having Scott Shilstone back as Wyatt was an unexpected treat. There's something about Scott's performances I really enjoy. But I'm getting off topic...

Whereas Claire and Ciara both have semi-legit, but mostly lame, reasons to be sore with one another, they're both coming off as shallow, annoying, and unforgiving brats, considering their past as friends and that, at the end of the day, they're family. I was really rooting for this potential "Hope and Jennifer 2.0" to get past the petty drama. Two bright, young women who, up until a certain point, had been there for one another, taking the high road and showing some forgiveness toward the other. Instead, we get trashy Snooki and JWoww, um, fun. Guh-rate.

A solution, perhaps! I think it's time for a troublemaking early-twentysomething to enter the Claire/Ciara scene. Like, yesterday. Maybe a more fleshed-out redo of Jade or reintroduce Joy Wesley as a conniving love-to-hate-her kinda gal. Something. Anything.

As for Tripp. Dude. Let Claire live with her guilt!? I legitimately understand what he was trying to do, and it's not a bad suggestion, but I don't think he looked at the larger picture until later. That is, Claire was ready to destroy his relationship with Ciara to win an online popularity contest based on looks. That would have angered me just a tad. I know Tripp has been placed in the "peacekeeper" role between Claire and Ciara, but it's not the best shtick for a character who could grow into a next generation Patch Man. Had Tripp used his own history with forgiveness (and, that guy was forgiven for a lot, right, Sweetness?) it would have drawn a better parallel. As it stood, he just sort of looked like a guy that, well, stood there.

Who would have thought that Chloe's opera offer would turn out to be so shady!? Oh, right. Everyone. Everyone did. There was a little extra cheese to cut through while Chloe, Lucas, Eve, and Brady bonded over new beginnings, but I'm into this storyline. It's nice to see Nadia Bjorlin and Bryan Dattilo front and center. I also suspect I know at least one former Salemite we'll end up running into in Mexico, and for that, I'm super excited!

Okay. I said "extra cheese," but Lucas and Chloe's "courting" conversation was rather sweet. I'm not sold on the redux yet, but I'm warming up to them. Nadia and Bryan have a sincere ease with one another, and it's hard not to notice that. The verdict on "romantic chemistry" is still out, but I do like their friendly rapport.

Oh, yes, please! Victor reached out to Shane about Theresa. That's a win sandwich. I hope we get a Shane siting with further updates. More so, have Shane and Victor been collecting intel on this horrible, no-good, meaner than a Kiriakis, more stealthy than the ISA, Mateo!? I'm ready for this storyline to ramp up.

I do hope that Will and Sonny continue to be friends. I enjoyed their scenes together much more than I have in months, um, since Will came back. Sonny didn't try to smother or scold him once. It was refreshing to see the old Care Bear Sonny again. Will's declaration that it meant a lot to him that someone like Sonny wanted to share a life with him was swoon-worthy sweet.

Brady and Eve were Brady and Eve last week. Yep. That sums that up. Moving on...

Extra Scoops

I kind of want to be in that bunker with Marlena, Kate, and Vivian. By "kind of," I mean, "I do. I do. I really, really do!" A front row seat to the hilarity that's ensuing would be amazing. Deidra Hall, Lauren Koslow, and Louise Sorel are crushing it. I adore those talented, amazing ladies so much! So much.

Out of respect to the hard-working cast and crew who bring DAYS alive each weekday, I'm preempting "NOT" this week to focus all the positivity I can muster in order to shower them with love and good wishes. I sincerely hope DAYS brings home some much-deserved gold on Sunday night. Please join me in a cyber chant of, "DAYS. DAYS. DAYS!..."

Vivian (to Kate and Marlena about Abigail): "She burnt down a funny farm!"

Miguel (on Julie): "She seems to be something of a busybody."

Kate (to Marlena): "I can't believe Abigail killed Andre. When she realizes that, it will destroy her. And, Chad. When he finds out the woman that he loves killed the brother that he loved --."
Vivian: "-- Don't forget the wife he loves loves the brother he hates."
Kate: "Oh, shut up."

Who else wanted to high-five and hug the Chloemeister when she said, "I'm a Salem girl and always will be!" I adore having Nadia back. She's DAYS family. It feels right. Stay forever, former Ghoul Girl.

Okay, Salemites. It's pretty fair to assume that if you haven't heard from Marlena in a few hours, something has happened. Lady can't go anywhere without getting abducted. They need to put a bell around her neck or implant a GPS tracker. That would save a lot of search time.

On topic, since Marlena goes missing so often, maybe she should start wearing a red and white striped sweater, a matching snow cap, and some round glasses so it would be more fun to find her. Fun for the entire family, in fact! #wheresWaldoMarlena?

Maggie's joygasm over Lucas and Brady's happiness was adorable. Maggie loves hard. And I love her for that.

If we ask him nicely, do you think Greg Rikaart will stick around Salem!? I'm kind of enjoying Leo. I mean, Leo's a meanie jerk face for duping Sonny, but Greg is great! I think Leo can be redeemed. Or not, and that could be fun, too!

Maybe Eli should make food for Gabi. He needs all the suck-up points he can score with her. I know nachos would be a good start with me. Hmm. Nachos.

Go, Steve! The Patch Man was down for a second but is never out for that long. That's skill and determination, my friends.

Cassandra Creech, who played inmate Diane, was a great catch for DAYS! In a few scenes, she created a scorned character I'd like to see more of. The tie-in with ex-Commissioner Raines was a smart surprise. Well played, writers and casting department!

I liked the undertone of compassion and relatability in the scenes between Chad and Hope. She understood exactly what he was going through, and he understood that she knows more than anyone how easy it is to lose control in a moment of sheer rage. Those moments were incredibly well played by Billy Flynn and Kristian Alfonso. A big hat tip to them both!

Another hat tip for Billy Flynn and Melissa Reeves! Chad and Jennifer's scenes in the interrogation room were heartbreaking. That hug spoke volumes, and it was a nice moment to reflect on how far Chad and Jennifer have come over the years.

Steve totally ships "Ciara and Tripp," and I get that. His best friend's daughter and his son!? The Patch Man would not be harmonicaing the blues to that match-up.

Someone at the network should make Eli and Lani a spinoff show. Baby Rookies has "NBC sitcom" written all over it. There's already a well-meaning buttinsky "mother-in-law"-esque role filled. (Hi, Julie.) Paul and Will could be the zany next-door neighbors. They just need a sassy friend who's not that bright. I'll think on that one. Brady isn't that sassy but does fill the other part -- well, most of the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vivian causally browsing the clothing options in the bunker.

I think Julie secretly misses Gabi! She seemed to take out her special brand of snark on Chloe last week. Granted, they're not best friends, but Julie was a bit much toward Chloe, who didn't throw it back like she normally does.

I know it was a serious scene overall, but did anyone else bust out laughing when Hope asked Chad, "She stole a car!?" It could have been just me. I laugh at inappropriate things all the time.

Yeah. By the way. Where is Thomas? Maybe he's playing with Parker and Tate at Rex and Cassie's house. Maybe?

Lani (to Eli, after Julie leaves): "I see where you get your control issues from." That made me laugh. A lot.

A gem from Laurisa via text: "I'm 1000% sure Gabi would have halla prison cred. She's a twice-convicted murderer with an assassin dad and a mob-connected brother." Word!

Scandal! Lucas told Chloe he's thought a lot about her over the years. And we'll file that under, "Things We Don't Tell Adrienne." Conversely, it makes that entire "Lucas off the wagon due to Adrienne dumping him" storyline seem a little less impactful now.

I suspect Arianna Grace isn't the only one with a "stuffie" collection. Something tells me that gruff old Victor has one, too.

You know, I wouldn't be all that upset if Allison Paige returned to DAYS as Bev. Nope, not upset at all. Maybe Bev could rekindle a little something-something with J.J. Allison did a great job with the material before, and I'm sure she would again.

Julie calling Chloe a diva was comical. And ironic.

Yep. Will is a gifted writer. He already has "spin" down. He twisted that "not boyfriends" into "guy he's involved with" quickly. No labels, Will. No labels.

Of course, Marci Miller has a beautiful singing voice! What can't she do? #inaweofhertalents

Double damn! Laurisa is going to be super disappointed that former Commissioner Raines's first name is Lou and not Purple. Truth. I am, too. Boo.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of April 30! Are you ready for the Emmys!? Are you excited for May Sweeps to blow through Salem!? Tweet me and let me know! I know I'm stoked on both accounts, and, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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