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Can Gabi scheme with the best of them? Did you suspect Ted was the black-gloved delivery man? And, are Steve and Kayla headed for splitsville? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

I'm on Gabi's side when it comes to her pain. I'm even fully on board with Abigail smelling like a rose in almost every situation (Really? Abigail got two weeks on vacation in therapy with Laura, and Gabi stayed rotting in jail, beaten nearly to death? I'd be less than thrilled, too.) However, I have reservations about Gabi going full-on villain.

My practical concern -- as a DAYS fan -- is I don't know if Gabi can pull off something this difficult. Sami and Kate teaming up to take down E.J. and Stefano? Yes. So much yes. But Gabi's made of different stuff. Her last attempt at masterminding a sinister plot ended with Melanie being shackled and held prisoner.

The longer this goes on, the more it's going to feel like Gabi deserves some consequences. I'm rooting for Gabi to be stopped. But I'm not rooting for Gabi to pay. If the truth were to come out at this point, no huge damage has been done. But time is not a friend to Gabi.

But the biggest disservice in Gabi vs. Abigail is that they're both victims. Forcing the audience to pick between them is letting Stefan off the hook too much. And that guy is pure slime. Stefan bullying Abigail into stopping the abortion was even more appalling than when Gabi did it. I had to keep reminding myself that we're to be rooting for Abigail to keep the baby because it's Chad's. All I wanted was Stefan out of Abigail's face with all his nonsense. Righteous indignation on the part of a rapist is never going to fly. See yourself out, Stefan.

He actually seems annoyed when people remind him Gabby was not real! Honestly, they should have had him unaware that Gabby was an alter. Either that, or make Stefan full-on nuts. I'm talking Andre DiMera: Original Recipe kind of whack-a-do.

It all stinks because I love everything about Stefan -- except Stefan. Stefan vs. Chad is gold. Billy Flynn and Tyler Christopher work so well together. I find it satisfying to watch Stefan get punched in the face. Camila and Tyler don't exactly stink either! Stefan and Gabi could have had possibilities!

He sees through her scheme and doesn't seem all that mad at it. Though I'd warn him not to underestimate her. If Stefan really wanted to know what Gabi was capable of, it's all a matter of public record. Stay away from river banks and the town square, Stefan.

The wildcard in all of this is how Abigail actually feels about Stefan. I haven't seen any indication that she would be attracted to him, (I mean, the Tyler Christopher of it all aside), so this is hard to sell. Ron's a talented writer working with a top-notch set of actors here. They're all capable of righting this Stefan wrong. But it needs to start happening soon.

In other bad guy news, holy twist! Ted is the evil mailman! I didn't see that coming! In between buying Kate presents and punk-checking Rope, this guy's had time for arts and crafts. He's been making those scary notes for Will!

After what happened with Deimos, I'm surprised Original Busybody Julie and Officer Eli Grant didn't install security cameras in the Martin House. Then, they would have caught black-gloved Ted dropping off the...well, I'm not exactly sure what they are. He hasn't asked for anything, so they're not blackmail or ransom notes. Ted's motive isn't clear yet, but I'm excited to see what it would be!

I tend to think he's working with Vivian. He's specifically positioned himself to get revenge on both Kate and the Kiriakis family with one tug of the rug. That sounds like the top two on Vivian's hit list. I think Ted overplayed his hand a bit, threatening Will in person, but we'll see. While there's charm for days, there's not a lot of brainpower between Will and Sonny. Bless their hearts!

Speaking of Ted, Ciara calling him to defend Ben earned her ten thousand Two Scoop points. First, I'd buy tickets for Ted vs. Rafe. I cheered when Ted said, "We both know this isn't the first time you've been involved in an illegal cover-up." I loved Ted pointing out that Ben isn't the one who needs proof; Hope and Rafe are. Yaasss, Teddy Bear. Tell them!

Second, Ciara and Ben are pure, smoldering fire right now. I don't know if this storyline would make sense at any other point in the show. But, thanks to Abigail's recovery happening simultaneously with Ben's, it gives Ben's redemption at least a shot. His character has believable layers. It also does a huge service to Ciara's character, ushering her nicely into her first adult storyline.

And that last point is exactly why I do not, under any circumstances, want Ben living in that loft with Ciara, Tripp, and Claire. No, thank you. Ben and Ciara do not need to be dragged back into tween land in some convoluted love quad. Claire and Tripp don't need to have their bubble gum romance squashed, either. Why is Ciara still living in that loft, anyway? She's got trust fund money. Grab all the hair product responsible for that gorgeous mane and move out, girl! I'll help you pack!

Chad's been CEO for approximately three minutes, yet he's already dismantled everything Sonny put in place. This either means Chad is incredibly efficient, or Sonny didn't do much. I'm all for Chad taking down Stefan. But I don't like Chad trying to say that Sonny looks guilty because the suit was dropped. Chad knows good and well Sonny was set up.

Having said that, I miss the cool and collected Sonny. I miss the guy who stood up for Uncle Vic. I miss that guy that could run Titan but didn't need to. That hissy fit he threw was not fun to watch.

The scene that was fun to watch was Eve vs. Ben. Kassie DePaiva and Robert Scott Wilson are amazeballs. I think a lot of Eve's hatred toward Ben is because Eve never got a chance to truly atone for the horrible way she treated her daughter. Whether she deserved it or not is another discussion. But the fact that she never got that chance has to weigh heavy on her soul, and Kassie tore through those emotions like the lioness that she is. Robert played it perfectly, too. Ben knows he can't ever give her what she needs. All he can do is take everything she wants to throw at him.

However, Hope standing there, doing nothing, was not acceptable. I get the instinct to want to see bad things happen to Ben. But her professional capability as a member of law enforcement is pretty much in the toilet now. I'm glad Rafe called her on it.

The scene was also well timed because Eve needs something to do other than be part of Brady's storyline. Jen's hot on her tail, and I'm here for all things Jen: Investigative Reporter Extraordinaire. Her instincts are right with Victor. But I wonder what Eve will do. If Victor's caught, there's no reason for him to protect Eve. I'll be ticked if this all ends up in Victor's lap instead of on Eve's head.

Marlena wants Eric and Brady to walk her down the aisle. I'm all in on this idea. First, I do appreciate Jarlena wanting their boys to get along. But more importantly, soap weddings are the place where secrets blow up, and Brady's got some serious justice due his way. I'm so hoping Nicole shows up at these nuptials.

Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols played the scene where Steve got his sight back to utter perfection. Welcome back, Patchman! Still, I worry that this is the beginning of a very unsatisfying patch (ha! sorry) for Stayla. He keeps exalting Kayla's ability to get the eye for Steve without working with Stefan like he wasn't the dude who slept with Ava to save Kayla. See where I'm going here?

I appreciated Claire apologizing. Ciara needed to follow suit. But at the end of the day, I'm sick of scenes of these two fighting, so, sure, anything to stop these Groundhog Day scenes is a blessed change! Bring on the besties! Not only are Ciara/Ben and Claire/Tripp the right pairings, but Ciara and Claire are family. They've been through too much to be catty with each other. They've got doughnuts to eat and ornaments to hang together! Let's get to it!

Oh, Chad. Nope. No, sir. Stop this right now. Your mentally frail wife is pregnant by rape. Yet she gets on her knees and begs you to be okay with it?! You're not this small of a man. You can't be. Not with the talented Billy Flynn playing you. I will not allow it. Coldly telling her that she should have had an abortion was downright wretched.

Chad needs to get his ego in check. Of all the people this is about, he's not one of them. I don't even like Abigail half the time, and I wanted to scoop her up in that moment and set Chad straight. I honestly don't know how they're going to bring Chabby back from this. Does Chad have DID now too?

Furthermore, Chadsworth, I don't care what news you just got, you have a two-year-old at home. You don't get to go out drinking. You barely get to eat dinner before nine o'clock!

Gabi: "I was praying."
J.J.: "Sitting at a bar?"
Gabi: "What can I say? The spirit moves me."
Sassy Gabi is the best. She's got no time for those who judge her. That's not a terrible quality.

Line of the Weak:
Jennifer: "I sorta heard you tell your mom that you love me."
I don't mean to sound ageist because Jennifer certainly is still rocking herself. But lines like this hurt my head. Jennifer is not at the point in her life where she needs to be talking to her boyfriend about what he said to his mommy.

I'm not a fan of things around the rim of my drinks. Those sugar crystals look cool, but they get all sticky and end up on my hand or in my hair. Not cute.

Boo! Theresa left town before we got a Chad/Theresa scene -- again.

Is jail a possibility for perjury in civil court?

Claire's wardrobe often falls into the "cute...if I was decades (yup, plural) younger." But this week's red maxi dress crept into the realm of things I could actually wear. That makes me happy.

I'm shocked that Rafe never mentioned Jordan while questioning Ben.

Gabi's outfit was more something J-Lo via Selena would wear. But Camila looked awesome in it. Get. It. Lady.

The PR person told Claire that she needs to post to social media more. I want that to sink in with all the people who said she'd been such a social media junkie.

I like that Maggie's picture is still up in Alice's house.

That tiny backpack and the ruffled baby doll sleeves make me think Ciara is dressing like high school me. Crap! Am I officially "vintage"?!

Rafe's hair is nice with the salt and pepper accent.

There was a tough bit of editing on Thursday's episode. Ted is threatening Will and Sonny at the Brady Pub, while just one table over, Marlena and Eric sit having a chat about the future and good things.

Tripp presents Steve a full plate of fries. Kayla toasts with chocolate cupcakes. Those Johnsons have their priorities straight!

"When it comes to her damn kids, she's like a beast" -- the woman who just tried to exact revenge on her daughter's killer with her bare hands. Gee, Eve, sound like anyone you know?

Eve's social report in general could use some help. Banging on a bench for someone to move so you can use it isn't a ringing endorsement for Eve's character.

I wonder when it's going to come up/matter that Rafe and Hope are still legally married.

I'm kind of shocked Brady can be so chummy with Maggie, knowing he banished Holly from ever coming back to Salem to visit her.

I live for "Aunt Kayla Talks" scenes.

Every time Stefan says "barren," I want to punch him into last millennium, you know, when it was okay to use that term for things other than fields.

Eve's robe game is strong.

I didn't know Brady hated Paul so much as to make him go to a Cubs game. #CardsNation #YesEvenThisYear

I think Victor has a wheel in his house with the faces of all the men (not women...pppffft! women) on it. He spins it, and that's who the CEO is.

Jennifer called CPS on her grown son. Somewhere, Oedipus is holding up a "Caution!" sign.

"We just need to wait on the bionic eye" doesn't seem like a sentence that should make sense.

When Ciara said, "I'm a trust fund baby," how many other Hamilton fans immediately sang, "Baby, you can trust me"?

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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