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Is this the best DAYS has been in a while? Do we have Sami and Nicole to thank for that? And, will both of them make it out of next week alive? Let's discuss all the secrets in this week's Two Scoops.

I sat down Wednesday night to watch DAYS. I was exhausted from meetings, so I thought if I could watch just one episode, that would get me a step closer to prepping for this week's column.

I binged all three episodes on my DVR. The show was that good.

The next two days, I did the utterly pathetic thing where I took my lunch break at the same time DAYS airs, which means my "lunch" was around 2:00 p.m. For those who know me, delaying snacks is against everything I stand for.

But again, the show was that good.

Of course, there are a few things we're just going to have to accept to enjoy DAYS right now:
1. There are no working security cameras outside the DiMera or Kiriakis mansions
2. Gabi and Kristen attend some killer Pilates class that gives them the strength to move unconscious bodies.
3. That tape recorder is the only recording of Nicole's confession. No one backed it up to any cloud-type device anywhere.
4. Sonny must be gone a lot, thus Gabi is Chad's only option in the confidant department.
5. Sami's kids are fine*.

But seriously, after you get past that, DAYS is better than it's been in a long time! Coincidence that it peaks when Nicole, Sami, and Kristen are all back on-screen? I think not!

I'd watch the Sami/Nicole/Eric/Xander/Brady/Kristen/E.J. show every day and twice on Sundays. I wanted to stay in Nashville with these crazy kids!

I got a kick out of Sami being less than sorry about accidentally macing Nicole. There's no lack of bad blood between these two, and Sami has good reason to dislike Nicole. I could do with a hair less outrage from Nicole about Sami being a hothead. There are a lot of people who can justifiably roll their eyes at Sami's schemes. Nicole is not one of them. She's thrown just as many and on the same par as Sami. (There's a bathtub and a girl in a coma to prove it.)

Still, seeing Nicole back in all her glory was superb. I live for Eric and Nicole. Sami needs to have a seat with any talk of busting these two up. And Nicole has a good point that she would never willingly help Kristen after what Kristen did to Eric. But this whole thing really wasn't about Kristen. It was another DiMera kid that really brought us all together.

There's that saying in theater -- you don't hang a pistol on the wall in the first act if it's not going to go off in the second. That pistol wasn't just hung on the wall in the first act. It's been placed on center stage atop a gold lamé pillow under a spotlight and has its own chorus of backup dancers. Let's bring it on home, ladies!

In this metaphor, the pistol is E.J. Love them or hate them, E.J. and Sami were the main DAYS couple for the better part of a decade -- and in my opinion, Sami's best pairing by miles. James Scott and Alison Sweeney made them the stuff of soap history. I know James has said he's not interested in coming back, so the show is in a tough spot. But, having an Ejami reunion with a non-James E.J. is like getting bed sheets for Christmas. Oh...greeeeaat.

I suspect they'll do something where Sami finds E.J. in his current semi-comatose state and whisks him home with her to take over his recovery. She can use the rest of the DiMera millions (DiMillions?) to fly in witch doctors and specialist from everywhere.

That's for the best anyway. Kristen's got her hands full with a ton of other projects. Yup, it seems E.J. wasn't the only resident in Kristen and Xander's House of Fun. Ron Carlavati's created himself a literal stable of bad guys to call into duty. Thanks to Nicole and Holly (because what diva doesn't take her baby to a criminal's lair of doom?), we uncovered rooms that could be the following: (any of which I'd take a million times over another round of Bonnie):

V.A. -- Vivian Alamain
A.D. -- Andre DiMera (I'd much prefer to Angelica Deveraux, but we'll see)
W.R. -- Wilhelm Rolf
A.V. -- Ava Vitali (Gasp! If this one is right, I will cheer so hard!)

But the resolution has me nervous for my Nicole. She's in trouble, right there in Music City. Trouble with a capital T that rhymes with B that stands for...boy I hope she gets out of there. Kristen is tricky, and Nicole's right in the middle of her trap.

I guess It's actually good that Kristen is so kooky. It gives Gabi some goals.

I'll give Gabi this -- she's playing the long game. It would have been easy to take some easy wins, but this little schemer has her eye on the big prize. Her moves are downright sinister, but she's pretty clever. I can't say she shouldn't be committed...err...isn't committed. I can't say she isn't committed. Yup, that's what I meant.

This storyline is easily the one with the biggest holes in it, but I can't help but be entertained when it's on. A lot of the last week had to do with Abigail. I love that she's calling Gabi out. I'll take strong Abigail any day. And she's got pretty strong investigative skills!

And proper credit should be given to Tyler Christopher. I loved the scene where Stefan tried to talk to Gabby. It's an absurd situation, even for a soap. Tyler has to play it as though he's desperate to look into Abigail and see another person. Marci played is as the rest of us saw it -- this foolio is just plain bonkers. Ain't nobody got time for him!

The thing I do have time for is to see how Gabi gets out of this. Like I mentioned before, with Abigail on her way out, and Stefan currently occupying the top line in my "Nopebook", Gabi's the one who needs to come out of this storyline with some direction.

J.J.'s presence in this storyline is pretty critical. He keeps reminding us all he owes Gabi his life, which is good for Gabi's salvation. Also, I still haven't reached the point where I think Gabi's emotions about Abigail are misplaced. Her actions? Uh, yeah, those are all out of whack.

The interesting twist would be if Abigail herself actually ends up saving Gabi. What if Abigail isn't the one with a total mental breakdown? What if Abigail recognizes a friend in need of help? What if, just once, Abigail isn't the one who needs to be saved?

I like Eve and Victor playing nice. This relationship reminds me of what Victor and Hope would be if Hope was a dishonest schemer. Wait. You know what I mean.

I chuckle every time some bonehead tells Sami to stay put and let the authorities do their job. While Hope and Rafe were literally making up conspiracy theories based on exactly no evidence, John Black was the one who called up the video footage of the square to prove Xander shot Marlena. Then, Sami got the info on Xander's location, found the hotel room where Kristen slept, and managed to find evidence that Brady was with Kristen! But, yeah, Rope. You guys go ahead and bring in J.J. to question him. That dude is trouble.

Stefan is in the wrong age group. I started to suspect it during the Stefan/Eve scenes last week. I confirmed it during the Stefan/Jen scenes this week. Sure, he's still a creeper, but he doesn't feel as slimy with the mama bears as he does with their cubs.

Eve was just trying to protect Brady, but Theresa wasn't? Come on, Vic. You know better than that.

I buy every inch of what Claire said about Ciara trying to convince herself she wants Tripp. Much like the situation with Theo, Tripp is the "nice guy" she doesn't want to regret turning down. But at least Dream Ciara is with the program. That proves Claire's assessment of things is correct. And to be fair, Claire can have ulterior motives (wanting Tripp herself) and actually be right about the situation.

Mimi and Bonnie both make my head hurt, so thank goodness Belle and Rex (Rex!) are in the storyline now! First, I can't wait to hear what Rex has been up to. With Paul on his way out and Steve in jail, John could use a new hacker/cyber investigator at Black Patch. That's right up Rex's ally.

Second, Belle's a good lawyer, and she's a pretty much by-the-books gal. If anyone can figure out a way to get Mimi and Rex out of this jam without Bonnie suffering any collateral benefit, it's Belle. Here's hoping she can help!

Sami scolded Brady for what he did to Eric. You know it's bad when Sami Brady says, "You crossed a line" and she's right. I tend to believe Brady when he says he wants to make up for being a crappy brother. Deep down, Brady's a good guy.

I'm a little surprised that Belle didn't point out the serious legal implications when she heard how "Baby Bonnie" was conceived.

I really enjoyed Claire and Ben's budding friendship! Ben's previous scene partners have consisted of two types of people: Ciara or someone who wants to throw him in jail. There's a big space between those two, and I'm glad Claire is in that role. Claire isn't afraid to call Ben out, and vice versa. Ben and Claire almost give me an early Lumi vibe.

Claire's presence in this storyline gives Ben a chance to say things that need to be said. His speech about never being able to go to Brady family reunions was something that we were all thinking. Though, since he killed Will and not Nick, I'm pretty sure Julie would be just fine with giving the dude a Horton ornament. Sorry, I digress.

I love Ben saying that he doesn't want to lie to Ciara. I'm hoping that Ben can draw out a confession or two from Claire -- maybe...I don't know...about her Brady Black-itis (fear of being alone). But there's something here that's entertaining to watch. I hope it keeps its charm.

*Actually, this one leaves me with some conflict. We shouldn't have to overlook it. Men are forgiven all the time for leaving their kids in the care of others to go after something. Jack, Steve, and Bo have all done it. But when a woman does it, we (myself included) tend to jump right to childcare concerns. I don't like that.

Tripp: "Who's going to be thrilled when Ben walks up to take their order? You do realize we have to wear neckties at this job, right?!"

Nicole: "He blackmailed me. Yeah, I'm married to the guy who kept me in a cage and taunted me with my baby's life."
Sami: "Okay, well that does suck."
Ever see two people arguing and you almost laugh at them because they're so much alike? That's always how I've felt about Sami and Nicole. I love them both and laugh (endearingly) at them when they fight.

My husband and I have two kids under three. He and I could spend a record 72 hours in bed...and we would nap our faces off. Take that, Ciara and Tripp!

LOVED Gabi's black jumper.

The same woman birthed Belle and Rex. Let that one rattle around in your brain a bit!

I absolutely believe it takes Ciara an hour to dry her hair. That mane is no joke.

Cool, now Bonnie has taken over the Ronald McDonald haute couture look from Hope.

Sami wore a sweatshirt, leather leggings, black high heels, and a ponytail. Move over, Sam McCall.

Oh! Oh! Another perfect job for me -- hand double for someone who isn't on the show.

I guess I missed the scene where Belle apologized to Sami.

I always tend to forget Eric and Xander share a past, since that relationship played out completely off-screen. But that connection has proven pivotal in a lot of subsequent plots.

Nadia's kids are so lucky to have that voice to sing them to sleep.

Holy hourglass! Mimi should not play the Claire card with Belle. Mimi kept Claire's paternity secret from Belle and Shawn for, like, a zillion years!

Ben clearly doesn't know to fear the Hope eyebrow raise. He'll learn.

Ouch, Abs. "I don't think Gabi's ever gotten over him (Chad)" is a mean thing to say to J.J. You know your little bro used to be in love with Gabi, right?

Didn't Belle serve as Chloe's lawyer during the Holly custody case? Why is she talking about it with anyone? Shouldn't that still be under lawyer/client confidentiality?

Sami: "Yeah, I don't really do careful" LOL! Indeed, Sami Gene.

As soon as I saw Eric play the recording, I screamed, "Get out! What are you doing?!" Ugh, he's so the one who goes into the basement, isn't he?

College me would welcome any friend like Claire who thinks that punishing me is making me settle for a guy who looks like Robert Scott Wilson.

Finally, this picture gives me all the life in the world.

That's all for this week! Tony will be back next week to see if Rex double-parked his spaceship in front of the Brady Pub. Until then, I'll be eating late lunches and not missing a minute of DAYS!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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