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Did the Stabi breakup seem strange? Will Eric and Sarah last? And, could Tony be headed to jail for murder? Let's discuss it all in this week's Two Scoops.

Divas are in full force in Salem, and this week started with Gabi dropping the bomb on Stefan to get out, do not pass GO, and do not collect $200. I know we'd been leading up to this. But something felt off about Gabi throwing Stefan out of the mansion.

At first, I thought it was from the Gabi side. I really don't buy Gabi pulling off this ruthless ice queen persona. Sure, she looked divalicious in her giant hair and sequined jumpsuit. And, darn it if I didn't just get my Halloween costume inspiration! But that's just it, she felt more like someone playing dress-up than actually being this hardened woman.

But she wasn't the big problem. Stefan threatening her and then storming out was what didn't make sense at all. The last woman Stefan fell for wasn't even a real person, and he fought to save their relationship. If he really cares for Gabi -- and I believe he does -- there's no way he's going to let a thing like her being mad at him stop him from being with her. She's an actual, real-life woman, who...never mind...I don't think I need any more justification than that. He put people in prison for a broken piece of Abigail's brain. You're telling me he's walking away from a real, whole woman now? Nope. I'm not toasting with that Champagne. Their cat-and-mouse dance on Friday was way too fun for the show to be done with them.

Besides, these two kids are staying hitched. They have to. As soon as they divorce, she is not a DiMera and is thus not eligible to be CEO anymore.

That means Mr. Shin and the rest of the DiMera Fun Time Clan would have to have another dance-off, and no one has time for that. Well, that is no one except Kristen.

While Tony wants to pack up their victories and head back to their former lives, Kristen still thinks she can/should run DiMera. Kristen is driving storyline, for sure. But, whatever appeal Kristen had left vanished this week when she raped Brady -- and that's what it was, full stop. Brady did not consent to sleep with Kristen. But Kristen slept with Brady, anyway. This crime isn't new to Kristen, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. I know it was to set up the suspicion of Brady questioning whether this was Nicole or not, but again, it was not a great look for DAYS.

I'm also pretty nervous Kristen is going to turn my beloved Tony in for murder. Technically, Tony pulled the trigger that made Ted drop dead. The only one to say he didn't do it on purpose is Kristen. That sounds like a good way to keep him in her debt.

That was, until Anna showed back up in Salem and our hearts! Anna is a double extra dose of cray. But she never fails to entertain. And the magic between Thaao Phenglis and LeAnne Hunley is delightful.

Kyle Lowder left DAYS this week, and I'd be remiss if I didn't give a grateful hat-tip to the man. Seeing him back and in such good form was delightful to fans who remember him way back when. He brought a charm and humor to DAYS, especially in his scenes with Lauren Koslow and Nadia Bjorlin. You've done the DAYS home team proud, sir! Come back again!

Strange as it sounds, I felt bad for Xander. He didn't trick Sarah into sleeping with him. He compliments her endlessly. He's nice to her mom. When he says he'd put her first, I actually believe him. Who'd have thought that between two doctors, a social worker, and a career criminal, it would be the latter that garners the most genuine sympathy in a situation?

Jack's ready to be a new man, just not the old man he was. As long as he's free from Eve, I'll take it. But, he will need a new friend. I wouldn't mind seeing Jack and Abe hang out more.

Vivian would not be thrilled with the mess her son is in. Picking up the murder weapon and standing over the body? Come on, dude.

Hope's been a better detective in the last few weeks than she's been in years. She's following the actual clues and is the closest (sans Kate) to uncovering the truth. Now that Eli is in charge, there's no reason for Hope to not rejoin the police force. But part of me wishes she'd help John out at Black Patch and try her hand at P.I. work instead. She could keep friends like Rafe on the force to bring in when necessary. But a Hope free from rules is ironically a Hope that operates with a bit of a clearer head.

The Rex/Sarah/Eric fiasco is really a marvel of an accomplishment. I truly like each individual character. But for some reason, when you put any combination of them together, the result is positively excruciating.

Sure, Rex is dumber than a bag of Bradys. That's probably how he ended up cheating in the first place. His tiny man-brain couldn't figure out how to handle stress, so he turned things over to his other head. Up and quitting your job is a pretty rash decision. But, again, so is running into your ex for the weekend and fathering a child. While Rex is the wronged party in this specific case, I have a hard time feeling a ton of sympathy for him.

But then there's Sarah and Eric, who are the worst kind of awful. Before hitting the sheets, Sarah actually convinced herself that they were doing this for Rex, that this was better for him in the long run, too. I honestly think she martyred herself here and made a very hard, brave choice.

As for Eric, oof. "Feelings that I never acted on while she was with you" is that fine print user-agreement stuff there, Eric. Also, she was still married when you slept with her...so... Then, Eric even patronized Roman, "I get it. We're terrible people." Um, yeah, Eric. You kinda are.

The only glimmer of hope was when Rex departed and told Sarah he hopes Eric doesn't break her heart. That means he will. And I'm looking forward to it. Not at all because I want either of them to be in pain. I truly do like them both, just not together.

Kristen (while waving a gun): "I'll make it look like an accident!"
Tony: "What kind of accident? The one where she falls on a bullet?!"

EXCHANGE OF THE WEEK: Kate (about Xander): "He's the one who kidnapped me and locked me in a room!"
Drunk Rex: "I know. I know. And I'm still totally mad about that."

#TRUTH LINE THE WEEK: Sarah (to Eric): "You look serious."

Thanks to Ted's apartment, I'm now considering the idea of having two small pedestals instead of one large coffee table.

That hug between Hope and Tony was adorable. I do love that the OG Salemites are genuinely happy to see him.

Of course, Kate sleeps with full jewelry on.

Is the Salem Inn in a new place? I don't remember those doors being right next to the café.

I had to chuckle at Gabi putting a picture of herself on her desk. Is that a thing people do? Just in case I forget what I look like, I better put this photo of me right here!

Wow. One night, and Sarah's all "the rest of my life." Easy there, sister. Maybe start with trying to have pillow talk without mentioning Nicole, then maybe he'll give you a drawer at his house, and then you can start making eternal breakfast reservations.

This was a big week for snacks -- ice cream with Maggie/Xander, cocktails with Kate/Tony, and tea with Hope/Kayla.

Tony and E.J. must have gotten the good batch of serum -- the kind that doesn't come with a side of amnesia. Sorry, Will and Jack.

Forgetting you had a 100-dollar bill in your pocket ranks right up there with people who forget to each lunch. I do not understand these creatures.

Hearing Tony say, "My beloved Anna" will always be great.

I would make a bad robber. I'd never think to look through the kitchen first.

Really, Roman understands why the guy who got cheated on needs to leave town to avoid running into the woman and her new guy? Really?

Would Gabi really quote Eduardo? I didn't think he was around enough for her to consider him quotable.

They really missed the market with these masks. Forget crime. As a busy mom, I would pay good money to save time in the morning and just plop on Arianne Zucker's face.

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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Two Scoops is an opinion column. The views expressed are not designed to be indicative of the opinions of Soap Central or its advertisers. The Two Scoops section allows our Scoop staff to discuss what might happen and what has happened, and to share their opinions on all of it. They stand by their opinions and do not expect others to share the same point of view.

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