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Inspired by DAYS's recent dip into digital series, Two Scoopers Laurisa and Tony team up to share their ideas for limited-run series they'd sprint to see. The return of EJami? A Kiriakis boy band? Hattie the mogul? Justin winning a case!? Let's DAYSFlix and chill in this week's Two Scoops Team-Up!

Hey there, Punky Brewsters and Arnold Drummonds of the world! Remember those "very special episodes" of '80s and '90s sitcoms? Well, this will be a "very special edition" of DAYS Two Scoops. In the end, we'll all learn a thing or two about ourselves and know what to do in a dodgy situation. Spoiler alert -- talk to a trusted adult. It's always talking to a trusted adult. But we digress.

Okay. Maybe "very special" is pushing it. Fine. Maybe even "special" is, but your faithful Two Scoopers have teamed up nonetheless this week to share our wish-lists for future digital content from Team DAYS.

You see, just when we thought the new "The DOOL App" couldn't get any more exciting, Ron Carlivati created even more juicy drama for it by penning a digital series that focused on Chad and Abigail in Paris. Wait! You mean we could have been catching up with wayward or seldom seen Salemites all this time -- "Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Again, we digress.

We appreciate Ron blazing the trail for more DAYS content! It's a fresh way to keep fans interested as well as snag some new ones. Seeing Billy Flynn, Kate Mansi, and Austin Peck again surely is icing on the cake. Oh, Billy Flynn. We've missed you so.

Inspired by Ron (and always wanting more DAYS), we came up with a wish list of webisodes we'd love to watch! From wayward Salemites to forgotten ones, to far-gone ideas to utterly wishful thinking, below are some of our digital DAYSdreams.

Famiglia Moderna
Sami, E.J., Lucas, Johnny, Allie, Sydney

We're assuming E.J. is recovering at home in Italy now, which means Sami will still need help from BFF Lucas to wrangle three teenagers -- Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. The question, of course, is which trio is really the more mature? Throw in some amazing private academy scenes of the kids' school in a posh Italian castle, and we'd love to see what this modern family is like under the Tuscan sun.

Salem: The Early DAYS
Tom, Alice, Sid and Abigail Grayson, Jennifer, Hope, Marie, and other various characters

Period pieces are tricky. Trickier yet would be finding two young actors who come close to capturing the magic between Macdonald Carey and Frances Reid. But we're still a little curious about how these two Salem legends met. We know Tom played baseball and eventually became a doctor and on-the-downlow poet. Alice Grayson was a smart, shy girl who became a doughnut goddess and a beacon of grace and feistiness. But how did they meet!? Maybe Marie could retell the story to nieces Jennifer and Hope, and other Hortons, as we watch it play out via flashbacks. It's risky, but as long as Tom doesn't complain about sand being coarse and irritating, we might be okay.

ISA: Declassified
Shane, Billie, Steve, John, New Character(s)

There have been SOOO many super, mega, really important, ya'll, cases that take some of our beloved Salemites off-screen for up to years at a time. What world-threatening events could the Avengers-like ISA be saving us all from!? We need to learn more about these missions, damn it. We really do. Getting some 4-1-1 might lessen the sting of Patch-less and Bo-less times in Salem as we watch agents like Shane, Billie, Steve, John, and others review cases for their new agency director. Case reviews could contain action-packed flashbacks, too. Win/win.

Bonus! Perhaps said "new agency director" is someone we've met before and/or a decent match for a certain fancy-faced Salemite who could use a new man in her life.

Viva Las Vegas!
Susan, Roger, Calliope, Eugene, Tony, Anna, Jeremy

Elvis impersonator extraordinaire (and all-around nice guy) Roger lands a big gig at a swanky Vegas showroom, so the Banks family hits the road! But, with Roger at work a lot and Susan's Susan-ness making it problematic for her to make friends, she latches onto her new neighbor -- former Salemite Calliope Jones!

Having lost Eugene in yet another time machine misadventure, kooky Calliope moved to Sin City to capitalize on the booming bridal industry. With her, umm, unique style, she quickly established herself as the must-have, go-to wedding planner, especially if you want your wedding to scream, "Vegas, baby!"

Still, heavy is the head that wears the crown (or extravagant hats in Calliope's case). Ms. Jones-Bradford is forced to do damage control right before the city's biggest wedding expo when her divalicious right-hand man abruptly quits and starts his own bridal business, using all the connections that Calliope had cultivated. Not only is she left with a new rival, but she needs to find a new assistant as quickly as possible. Susan believes Calliope would be mean, mean, mean if she didn't hire her for the job and won't back down until she hears "Yes!" Find out what happens when zany meets zanier!

Plus, we're totally sure Eugene would spontaneously reappear from time-traveling right in the middle of one of Roger's big numbers, in a chorus line, or as Calliope is putting the finishing touches to wedding arrangements for the recently resurrected Tony DiMera and his bride-to-re-be (and her old friend), Anna.

Bonus! Maybe a reformed Jeremy Horton restarted "Touch the Sky" airlines and can whisk our characters in and out of town. And maybe, just maybe, he's in need of a wedding planner himself. Who will he choose!?

What If...
Various Salemites

Soaps and comic books may have a thing or two in common. Stoic heroes, larger-than-life villains, fantastically dramatic moments, cliffhangers, and maybe a few back-from-the-dead scenarios. One thing that comic books do that TV shows usually don't is that they occasionally publish a "What If..." edition. Hmm. So, what about a "What If..." DAYS digital series!?

Sure, this entire column is kind of one big "What If...," but we're talking straight-up reinventions that could range from a more serious tone to the wildly absurd. What if Isabella hadn't died? What if Holly is given Stefano's knowledge via one of Dr. Rolf's memory-holding disks and becomes Kid Phoenix? What if Don Craig, Tommy Horton Jr., and other notorious Salem vanishings were done by Rex and Cassie, who beamed them up in their spacecraft, as they really are aliens? What if there were a Muppet Babies-esque animated episode featuring young versions of characters? What if Hope and Jennifer started a fight club? What if Sunset Beach's Annie Douglas moves to Salem and meets Brady, or Olivia Richards has a nasty rivalry with Kate? What if some Bay City residents show up in Salem? What if actors who were on Passions reassume their roles on DAYS!? Whew! This could go on forever...

There are so many wild scenarios to explore, and none of them would be held to cannon, so what if they produced a few just for kicks?

California Rehab
Kimberly, Shane, Theresa, Tate, Andrew, Paul, Brady

Speaking of "What If..." scenarios, what if Kimberly and Paul both ended up at the same rehab facility!? We'd not only get to catch up with Kimberly, but that would give Paul and Theresa a chance to reconnect. And what if Andrew just so happened to take a liking to Theresa's new bestie?

Bonus! We'd love to catch up with little Tater Tot! Or maybe Big Tater Tot. Who knows how old that spud is by now, thanks to SORAS. Either way, maybe Brady could visit to get his head clear (no jokes about it being a cavernous pit already, pleaseandthankyou) and spend some time with his son, bringing updates from Salem!

Pa-Pa-Pa-Poker Faces
Henderson, Harold, Mary, with cameos by Kiriakis and DiMera family members

We've been convinced of one thing for years. That is, Kiriakis butler, Henderson, and DiMera house-staffers, Harold and Mary, have to meet up once a week to play poker and kvetch about their train wreck tycoon bosses. We mean, they must. Not only would this be a fun way to see the lighter side of said servants, but also an interesting look at what it's really like inside the houses of Kiriakis and DiMera.

Is Maggie really made of gumdrops and hugs, Henderson, or does she go all Mommy Dearest when you touch her Hummel figurines? Are her lemon squares from a box!? Does Victor fake sick to avoid lectures? Are you tired of laundering Will's plaid shirts? Oh, does Xander do "Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley" and chant in the mirror each morning, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me"?

How about, you, Harold and Mary -- does Stefan have a stash of wigs somewhere? Do you two let in all those people who "barge" into the living room just so you can sit back and watch the drama and so they won't notice you haven't cleaned in ages? Does the cook have a first name, or is it Cook? Do you two ever hide behind the curtains and respond to people talking to Stefano's portrait, doing your best Phoenix impressions?

Yep. We want the tea spilled on all that and more. Deal us into poker night, please.

London Calling
Chelsea, Billie, Stefan, Victor, Kate

Once upon a time, Billie was in charge of security at DiMera. Due to the recent uptick in wine cellar occupants, Stefan goes to visit Billie in London to ask her to consult once again. He didn't plan on meeting Chelsea, who has some words for him on how he's treated her OG bestie, Abigail. Throw in a few video chats between Chelsea, Victor, and Kate and we'd binge-watch the crumpets out of that.

Cruise Control
Doug, Julie

Let's be real. Cruises are totally Doug and Julie's thing, and this could be a total peek behind the curtains for DAYS fans who wonder if it's always smooth sailing on the high seas. Add in a 100% chance of karaoke, and we'll take any opportunity to see Bill Hayes sing.

Also, more so than anything she's done in her life, Julie's heavenly purpose on this planet is to Lay. Down. The. Law. when it comes to those obnoxious people who reserve pool chairs for hours before showing up.

Alexander, Victor, Joey, Adrienne

Until we're told otherwise, missing-in-action Kiriakis brothers Alexander, Victor, and Joey, have formed a German boy band and are winning every MTV Europe award there is. Adrienne is their mommager, of course, which explains why she's been so absent from the show these last few months.

Hmm. We're thinking a Spice World meets VH1 Behind the Music type thingy. So, scribble "Marry Me Alex!" on a T-shirt, pump your hair full of product to produce Vic's boy group hairstyle, and cringe at Joey's latest Instagram scandal as we get all groupie for *K SYNC!

Sheila, Eli

Since we're on the topic of the music industry, we couldn't help but to think of TLC superfan Sheila. Sure, sure. Her fandom of the group was a total wink-wink, nudge-nudge thingy, as Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins played Sheila. Sure. We get that, but let's have some fun with it...

Say, Eli receives a phone call from an ecstatic Sheila, who's screaming because she won VIP all-access tickets to a TLC concert, and she wants her childhood bestie to be her plus one. And her ride. She can't fly due to an injury, so Eli must road trip to her new home and then to the concert. We're already giggling, thinking about the two of them stuck in a car for days, sharing stories of old adventures (and fashion faux pas flashbacks of them in '90s gear). Yes, please.

The big payoff in the end? Sheila works up the nerve to approach her idol. She slowly walks up to "T-Boz" and taps her on the back of the shoulder -- her head starts to turn, and quick cut to Sheila just beaming while stating, "I'm your biggest fan!"

Yep, there'd be a lot of winking and nudging there, but a fun buddy road trip vignette like this would tick a lot of boxes. We'd get more Eli time. We'd get to catch up with Sheila. And, most importantly, we'd get another taste of the hilarious and charming best bud chemistry between Tionne and Lamon Archey. Again, "Yes, please."

Statesville Cookin'
Hattie, Bonnie

Having vowed to go back to the pen to finish out their sentences and be generally better people, Hattie and Bonnie find life back in the big house boring. That is, until they decide to persuade the new warden, who has a soft spot for a very uninterested Bonnie, to give them a camera and let them do cooking segments in the cafeteria after hours. Hattie and the Big Bon Bon quickly become YouTube SalemTube celebrities, sharing their various "culinary" treats, usually ones with lots of bacon, cheese, and, well, bacon and cheese. Upon their release, their show is picked up by a New York production company, and they move to the Big Apple!

Manhattan Lives
Hattie, Bonnie, Craig, Nancy, Anne

Move over, Martha Stewart! Ex-cons and new culinary sensations Hattie and Bonnie are now two big city gals (and fishes out of water). This eventual follow-up to Statesville Cookin' finds Hattie and Bonnie running amok on the island while attempting to build their culinary empire. Will Hattie ever find a Manhattan man who lives up to her Mr. Roman? Will Bonnie ever find a honky-tonk bar in the Big Apple?

From opportunist execs out to exploit them, to dealing with former Salemite and new production assistant Anne Milbauer, to debating on a name for their hour-long daytime cooking show (Hattieburger Helper or Bonnie Appétit), to navigating dating, to just trying to find a little piece of Salem beneath the overwhelming skyline, Hattie and Bonnie quickly discover that it's them versus the world. So, watch out world!

Also, we totally think top doc Craig Wesley would cameo on Hattie and Bonnie's show as a nutritional specialist. Well. He'd probably just cringe about the amount of cheese and bacon they use in their dishes. Oh! And Nancy would totally have something to say about the two of them. Bring. It. On.

Fun fact! Back in 1991, Deidre Hall almost had her very own spin-off to DAYS called "Manhattan Lives." This would be a fun way to finally give Dee that spin-off. Though we're fairly sure Marlena would avoid New York if those two moved there.

The Best Little Lawyer in Salem
Justin, Adrienne, Melinda, and various characters

There are some things easy to admit, like there's no such thing as too much Wally Kurth. We adore him. We want more Justin on our screens. Always. Then, there are some things harder to admit, such as, well, even though Eve recently called him the best lawyer in town, is Justin the best lawyer in town? Is he!? We rarely, if ever, see this legal eagle swoop in to snag a court victory. We love him. We root for him. But, you know, track records speak for themselves. So...

We need a digital series that follows Justin as he actually wins court cases! We know he can live up to the rep Eve and others have given him, but seeing is believing. Whether it be one long case over a series of episodes or a "case of the week" type setup, we need to see Justin soar and score.

Plus, what a great way to spotlight or softly introduce minor, recurring, or future main characters. Would Haley have been better received had she knocked on Justin's door but was too scared to spill her secret after speaking with him? We may never know that, but we do know that this could be a useful tool for DAYS to explore. And we want to wear our "Justin IS the Best Lawyer Ever!" T-shirts without getting laughed at by Melinda Trask and, well, everyone.

The Barstool Therapist
Roman, Lisa, and various characters

With the warmth of his pa and the feistiness of his ma, Roman has proven he's the go-to guy for advice these days. He's a straight shooter who will tough love you while still making you feel comforted. We never thought of Roman being behind the bar permanently, but it's turned out to be the perfect place for this former cop.

This series could focus on Roman giving advice to major and minor Salemites, some of whom spill secrets we never knew about! Each short episode could contain some flashbacks of said secret events unfolding. It also wouldn't hurt if former pub waitress Lisa moved back to town and became a regular at the bar. Or if she confessed to the crush she always had on Roman.

Fran, FroYo Monger, various Salemites

Mr. Shin and the DiMera Enterprises' board aren't the only power players on the block we rarely see! In fact, we've never met the town square's most infamous café manager, Fran.

Having employed several of the younger set in Salem over the years, Fran is an enigma. Though, we highly suspect he or she has a rancorous rivalry with the mean FroYo shop owner who never did hire poor Theo. Is there a thin line between love and hate amongst them? Do Frantic and the FroYo monger have a turf war? Are they just both sick and tired of Salemites making scenes outside of their businesses and are teaming up to take down the town's elite? Could the rather expressive red-haired woman and bearded man who watched Sarah slap Rex in January be Fran and the FroYo meanie pants!? We kind of want to know these things!

The Watchers
Two shadowy figures and various Salemites

Set in a dimly lit control room, two ominous figures are sitting side by side, peering into various monitors. Not much is shown of them. Just the back of their shoulders. The monitor between them broadcasts various Salem and world locations. Each webisode could be a channel change of the main screen between them and focus on the lives of various Salemites in action. Some are up to no good. Some are trying to save the day. But someone is certainly keeping tabs on citizens far and wide.

The last episode would then kick off the return of a major villain. The camera pans out over the shadowy figures' shoulders. The scope of their multitude of monitors can be seen, and a very familiar family crest comes into focus. We eventually hear, "You know what you need to do, Peter," and then hear Stefano's ominous belly laugh fill the room as the screen goes to black.

We think an idea like that might be a way to kick of the next generation of big baddies while knowing for certain that Stefano will always be somewhere out there...watching.

So, friends and fellow fans that's it for September 2! How do you feel about DAYS exploring more digital content? Would you want to see sessions with Marlena's most peculiar patients? Catch up with Tad and Rory somewhere? Perhaps witness some of Dr. Rolf's experiments? What if Nurse Maxine returned as the hospital's new CEO? How about visiting with Tommy Horton Jr.'s family? What about watching Chloe on stage (and the drama backstage that surely surrounds an opera production)? Since Salem is so close to Chicago, how about DAYS crossing over with one of NBC's Chi-Town-themed shows? Tell us your digital DAYSdream wish list!

With that, Laurisa is back next week with a regularly scheduled, but still as special as always edition of Two Scoops! And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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