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Did you guess Adrienne's killer? Do you think there's more to the story? If so, will it end up costing Rafe his son? And will you miss Kristen? Let's discuss it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

Anyone who had Orpheus in the "Who killed Adrienne?" pool can come on down and collect! Turns out Orpheus and Christian were running their usual, run-of-the-mill kidnapping for ransom scheme when a bit of unfortunate distracted driving caused the death of two people and months of turmoil for the extended Kiriakis family. Eyes on the road, everyone. We should all know this by now.

Sure, this quick explanation is out of left field. Orpheus wasn't even a blip on the radar back then. But we all know Maggie couldn't go on with the murder label, so I'm happy to let her out from under that burden. I don't know who's in charge of security at the Kiriakis mansion, but they need to be fired. There's not a single frame of security footage of two grown men carrying an unconscious woman out, putting her in her car, and then driving away in it?! Also, what happened to the car Orpheus and Christian supposedly drove to the mansion? I have so many questions.

One thing that is clear, the Phoenix has left the building. Kristen got on a train, bound for parts unknown. Of course, the reason they're unknown is because Brady didn't bother to look at the ticket. Or the train schedule. Or ask Sarah. Or basically anything that requires thinking.

You see, our guy went halfway around the world, looking for his daughter, only to insist her crazy mother be the sole parent and provider for this small child. Good. Lord. Well get to this a bit later, but Brady deserved every ounce of what Eric said to him.

For her part, I didn't know what I expected Kristen to say once she caught up with Sarah. But as soon as she said, "All of those moments were taken from me!" it sounded exactly right. If Kristen really cared about Rachel, she would have let Brady take her home. But Kristen doesn't care about anyone but Kristen. Cool that Sarah packed everything you'll need for your kid, Kristen. Way to think ahead and bring any baby supplies at all with you. You're going to be such a good mom.

While I'm not sad at all to see Bristen finally break up, Eric Martsolf did tug at my heartstrings when he told Rachel that he loved her to the moon and back. Dad-mode is Eric's secret weapon. I know the show has to keep sending his kids away because kids on soaps don't drive storylines. But, man, I wish they would keep one of Brady's kids in his time zone so Eric could play those scenes every once in a while. The guy is fantastic!

Gabi confronted Dr. Rolf and made him tell her that Jake is Stefan with his memory scrambled. I much preferred this than the pearl-clutching and how-could-this-be-so-ing that too many characters do. Gabi listed off all of the face-swapping and returns from the dead on Dr. Rolf's most recent album and demanded he cough up the goods. This is one of the perks of Gabi DiMera. She doesn't waste time with nonsense.

Still, Dr. Rolf was super quick to cop to the scheme. And he whipped up that serum like he had samples in his back pocket. Normally, those plot points take a few months to play out. I don't know. Something's not adding up here for me.

Speaking of whiplash storylines, Christian was convicted of murder and sent to Statesville for 20 years. Somehow, this prompted Zoey to confess the Mother's Day Caper to Rafe, and Orpheus to kidnap John and demand ransom from Marlena. *cartoon head shake* There's a lot to unpack there.

The part that does completely add up is John allowing himself to be captured. He's still in super-spy timeout from not figuring out Hope was Princess Gina. I'm not at all surprised Orpheus got the upper hand on him.

I don't understand why Zoey would come forward will this massive secret now. Does it tie into Christian's innocence? Is she using it to blackmail Rafe into giving her custody? And while I know sets are expensive to build, can we get a courtroom scene again? It seemed like this whole trial was people talking about it in the hallway.

Abigail is still seeing things. Chad's still acting very shady. And no one thought to look in Jennifer's attic the second Abs went missing. I don't know about this lot. I just don't know.

I love Cin. I just don't know if I love them getting engaged. Sure, the ring being a piece from Bo's motorcycle was a nice touch. But these two don't seem like the type to have a formal engagement and get married in the park on the Fourth of July (guessing). They seem more like the type to go on some mystery adventure and get married as part of their undercover work.

I give Ben credit for telling Jake the truth about his past. I'm glad that Jake was cool with it because I want all the Brandan Barash/Robert Scott Wilson bromance I can get. But Jake really seemed to shrug that off quickly, which makes me even more curious to hear what skeletons are in his closet.

It was sweet for Justin to go to Adrienne's grave. And I appreciated Kayla's candor with Justin about her conflicted feelings for Steve. But this relationship is pretty doomed. The good news for Justin is Brady's suddenly in the market for a wingman!

Extra Scoops

Usually Eric's scoldings are too holy for me to handle. But this one was right on the money. Brady did the Bradiest thing he's ever done. Someone needed to call him out on it. As Eric rightfully pointed out, Rachel is going to need repeated medical care. That's not something Kristen can just whip up on the run. And, yes, I even side with Eric about how he'll never see Rachel again now, either. Eric didn't have to tell Brady the truth in the first place, but he did so because it was the right thing to do. It also probably helped that at least Eric would still be Rachel's uncle. Now this dolt up and let Lady McShanker go on the run with an immunocompromised infant who, best case scenario, will grow up never meeting any of her paternal relatives. Get him, Eric. Get him.

Suzanne Rogers can win all the awards in the world. Emmy, Oscar, Student of the Month -- throw them all her way. She was excellent this week. Maggie, however, seems to be catapulted into a suicide storyline, and I'm not so sure about it. A lot of things seemed to dramatically shift for the sake of accomplishing this plot. First, Will would not defend Victor to Maggie. That was some crazy sauce. Second, Sarah wouldn't have been so cruel to Maggie. I actually don't think Sarah would have gone to see Maggie right away. Finally, Xander picks up and delivers Victor's mail? Come on. He does not.

Chad: "He doesn't want us to find Abigail because he doesn't want us to find out the truth, because if we do, his little sociopath sister will end up in prison, back where she belongs."
Rafe: "You know, of all the people to be talking about sociopathic sisters, I don't think it should be you, Chad. How is Kristen, by the way?"
Whoop! We don't often get a Rafe burn, but this one was well played.

Points to Dr. Rolf for working the word "saloon" into an insult.

Eric proclaimed Kristen stealing Tate was ancient history. Tate's about five years old, meaning that five years is the soap definition of ancient. That checks out.

It's actually a good thing Maggie has no memory of that night. If she did, she'd have to remember Christian's mustache. I'm trying very hard to forget that thing.

Rachel is a Kiriakis and DiMera blend. Look out for her teenage years.

I loved Hope's blue and pink dress she wore when Ciara came to tell her about the engagement!

I kind of enjoyed Rex and Kristen together. Their banter was fun, especially, "Nothing says 'I love you' like ten to life." Plus, it was an extra layer of delight to hear Kyle Lowder deliver lines about what a dolt Brady is. Ha!

Remember when Will and Ben were friends? It's odd they've hardly interacted since they both got out of jail.

Rafe came back to the station because he felt so bad about cutting Lani off when she was trying to tell him something. Most people would have just called, but this gent goes the extra step. Very nice, Comish!

That's it for this week. Tony will be back next week to help us all through what looks like a very dark week for Maggie. Luckily, I know he's got a good recipe for cinnamon rolls. I'll tell him to bring some for all of us. We're going to need snacks.


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