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Now that the truth is out, is Gwen or Laura to blame? Will Eli and Lani be dazzled with the new Vivian? And is Chloe Salem's most eligible bachelorette? Let's talk about it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

It's here! It's finally here! February Sweeps mean DAYS is cashing in all the checks they wrote over the last year. We finally found out why Gwen hates Abigail. It was exactly the reason we'd all guessed for months, but that didn't make it tremendous to watch. The performances, costumes, writing -- I loved it all!

It all started when Gwen and Jack got the paternity test results, which, of course, resulted in a match because, if we've learned anything over the last year, it's that Gwen gets pretty much everything she wants in this storyline. Gwen got to read Jack the riot act in the middle of the hospital. Later, Abigail showed up at Gwen's apartment, and Gwen did make a point to say someone is lying through their teeth. And that person is Laura.

Here's how Gwen became a bouncing bundle of awful. Twenty-five years ago, Tiffany showed up at Jack's door, claiming she had an elementary school kid who should be calling Jack "Daddy." With no demand for proof whatsoever, Laura turned Tiffany away, only to call her back later and pretend to be Jack's secretary. She told Tiffany that Jack didn't want anything to do with her, but he'd pay her enough to go away. A few years later, when Tiffany's bank stopped cashing the check, Laura called the bank, found out Tiffany died, and came clean so that a teenager wasn't on the streets. Wait. Nope. No, she didn't. This dingbat left a teenager to become a ward of the state and never said a gosh darn thing.

When Jack heard this story, he ripped Laura to shreds. I'm so on board with this. The level of dumbassery Dr. Laura displayed was cringeworthy. We'll take care of her in great detail later. However, even having the whole story out in the open didn't make me feel bad for Gwen.

Gwen didn't want love; she wanted revenge. And unlike other women who have gone down this page, Gwen isn't a 16-year-old girl hurt by teen angst. She isn't even a 30-year-old woman kept on a continuous state of drugs that melted her mind. This is a sociopath who only wants pain. She could have confronted Jack numerous times, including any of the months they lived in the same house. She could have come forward any of the 34 times Jack died to claim her inheritance. Yet, instead, she chose to cause physical and emotional harm to Abigail for Gwen's own enjoyment.

Was what Laura did to Gwen bad? Oh, yes. Very much. But having something bad happen to a character isn't the same as a character having a redeeming quality. I'm stretched thin to think of any good characteristic Gwen has. She never threw Charlotte and Thomas into oncoming traffic? She stuck up for Claire once and then was never to be seen again? Um, she recycles? Kidding. She doesn't. I bet she leaves the water running when she brushes her teeth because Abigail got to use water, too!

The show seemed to hint we're coming to a point when Gwen will turn her hate away from Jack. But even that will be too late. Her feelings and pain are all on Laura. And it's very arguable that if Laura had spoken up just once in the 25 years prior (say...I don't know...maybe when Abigail was desperate for a bone marrow transplant!), maybe this tragic game of dominos could have been avoided. But Gwen's actions are mostly on Gwen...and perhaps the people at Shadybrook for, again, not doing a bang-up job of recognizing people determined to cause harm!

Speaking of people not so great at their jobs, Eli and Lani arrived at the Chicago safe house (the one where Kristen was holding everyone, you know, before she changed!) with no plan and no backup. You guys, call Rafe! He's literally sitting around playing with teddy bears! He can help you! Anyway, Ivan outsmarted two armed detectives and locked them in a room together. Barney Fife would be so proud.

Oh, sorry! I buried the lead. We went from one inexplicably over-devoted manservant to the other, as Dr. Rolf passed the torch to Ivan. It turns out Ivan stole Eli and Lani's twins for Vivian (she wasn't in on it?!?) so that she could have a second chance at raising twins. Vivian hemmed and hawed for all of about three minutes before deciding this is a grand idea and that she deserves this second chance at happiness. Oh. Lawd. It seems like a missed opportunity to not have Viv as part of the plot because she still hates Lani. But we'll have to wait and see. This could just be a way to expedite Viv back into the world, where she learns Kate is sleeping with Jake.

In amazing news, Linda Dano (hi, Felicia!) is at the Vivian controls now. While I've read all of the Lady Dano praise, I've never had the privilege of watching her before. So, my take on her Vivian is as unbiased as they come. I have to say, I'm a fan! She's not the grand over-the-top Vivian that Louise's Vivian is. But there's something regal about this version of Vivian. I can absolutely see why Ivan could be enchanted by this woman -- an important feature for this current storyline to work. There's something downright commanding about her presence. Go on, Madame. I'm watching!

After giving him the good news that Brady was awake, Chloe politely turned down Philip's advances. Really, my guy, you've got nothing to offer a partner right now. Your current best characteristic is that sometimes the mob mistakenly shoots people who aren't you. This is not swipe-right material. Anyway, Philip tried to make a play that perhaps Chloe would be open to reuniting with Brady, but I've got to step in here. Right now, Chloe is better than either of these two men. Philip's a mess, and Brady thinks that Kristen is still a changed woman! Chloe's got a job, friends, and the street cred of slaying an actual gangster. This woman does not have to settle!

Tony gave Jake some condescending advice about what to do with Gabi's business proposal. While I adore Tony and Chad, I am kind of over them writing Jake off like he's some sort of street rat with no business acumen. Did I miss the part when Chad and Tony went to Harvard Business School and graduated with honors?

Oh, DAYS, please say you're recasting Eric. Because every time my Nicole clasps her hands and joyfully exclaims, "Eric's coming home!" I know it's not true. How many times can he call to say he's on his way, only to change his mind? And while I truly do like the chemistry between Arianne Zucker and Galen Gering, are we really setting Rafe up to be the guy falling for the woman whose soul mate is indefinitely out of the picture? This isn't the best look for him, either.

After Ben shares his love premonitions with her, Claire's immediate response is, "Oh, coooool. So, why don't we just pop over and see my g-ma the psychiatrist. Mmkay?" Not a bad move, Clair Bear! Little did she know that there was already a loon on Marlena's couch. Yup, Susan blew back into town with a too-late premonition that Brady was going to be shot. She also kinda confirmed that Ben's telepathy with Ciara was legit, which, while we know it is, had to send Claire into a reality spiral, looking for someone to confirm Ben and Susan were a little off. Who ever thought Claire would be the sanest person in the room?!

Extra Scoops

Controversial pick I know...but I howled with delight when I saw Cady McClain, Killer Miler, and Emily O'Brien in those wigs for the flashback. It was so ludicrous that it looped all the around into awesome. We got some truly amazing accent work out of Emily, as well! If soaps are going to do camp, I would so much rather it be in this fashion than hinging plot points on characters like...say...Susan and Bonnie. For me, this scene was how camp is done right.

I don't even know where to start with Laura. The fact that she thought she could fly faster than a phone call is all you need to know about this blockhead. Does she even understand how planes work? Jack was right -- Laura played God with Jack's life, and Abigail, J.J., Charlotte, and Thomas', in turn. She had no right to do that. This is clearly a situation where Laura made a bad choice and then kept making it to avoid coming clean. I think it's nice that Abigail wants to protect her, but this lady royally messed up. I come short of laying all of Gwen's actions at her feet. But Laura gambled that Gwen wouldn't turn out to be a totally honey-covered mess, and as Jack pointed out, that was a super stupid move for a psychiatrist.

Gabi (to Rafe) "Kate doesn't stay with a man that long. You know that!"
Day-um. Gabi might be stepping into Victor territory with the piercing shade she's throwing around.

Honorable Mention:
Chloe (about Kristen): "She convinced Tony to bring her here."
Bless Chloe's heart. She was trying not to tell Brady that his lady love is still nutty. But Kristen "convinced" Tony to take her to the hospital because she held him at gunpoint and traded on her crazy past as currency that she would shoot him if he didn't obey her. But I'm sure Kristen prayed for him afterward.

Is Abigail really surprised that Doug is picking Julie up?

LOL! What kind of moron would walk right in front of the queen?

I kind of think Rob Scott Wilson and Isabell Durant had to look away during the seance scene to keep from breaking. Oh, girl, Susan. You are no Celeste, my darling.

The visual of Victor standing in line for Philly Cheesesteaks is just tremendous.

For the record, I don't think Jack spent any money on Abigail's treatment. They shipped her off for bootcamp with grandma Laura, which I'm sure didn't cost them a dime. At least...I wouldn't have paid more than a nickel for it. The other times, I thought Chad paid for it.

What is Ciara doing for exercise? Is there a Peloton hidden in the corner? Is she great at the cell block push-up from P90X? Because I've been basically living her life (my work-from-home desk is about four feet from my bed), and I certainly don't look like that after months in lockdown.

Anyone else worried Rhodes is going to turn out to be Connor Lockhart?

Tiffany's still not exactly off the hook. Her exact story included the line, "eight or nine years ago," which makes it a little hard to believe this woman is so traumatized by the man leaving her alone with a child she loves so much.

Gladys deserves a huge apology from Laura. All that woman did was be a great secretary, and Laura went and implemented her in a fraud scheme. #justiceforgladys

Whose name was on the checks Tiffany was cashing? Were they cashier's checks? And did Bill not notice this huge chunk of missing money from their account? I have so many questions.

Gabi answered the door in a towel when there was snow outside. Who does that? Also, I wonder when the random door open will go the way of answering the phone and not knowing who's calling. More and more people have video doorbells...or at least peepholes.

Chloe had to remind Brady what happened when he was shot. Don't make a joke about Brady's brain being blank. Don't make a joke about Brady's brain being blank...

Killer Miller was giving me Julia Roberts circa Oceans 11 vibes this week.

Laura and Vivian are on the show at the same time. Just putting that out there...

I absolutely cannot wait for Uncle Steve to sit ol' Gwen down for a serious talk. You want to play a tiny violon about your bad dad hurting you and your mom? You know nothing, Gwen.

That's all for this week! Tony will be back next week to negotiate the terms of Laura's forgiveness. That gal has an uphill road, so I suggest she come with scotch and some of Maggie's lemon bars!


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