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Break out your fedoras and trench coats because it's time to play detective! We need your help solving some Salem mysteries. So, get ready to sleuth in this week's Special Edition DAYS Two Scoops!

While DAYS returns Monday, August 9, 2021, your faithful Two Scoopers still had time on our hands during the Olympic hiatus. Sure, we pestered Chanel for baked goods, used our best Satan voices to prank called Marlena, and went bathrobe shopping for Eli, but that only ate up so much time. So, we decided to help the Salem P.D. sift through some of their old cases and, wowza, are there a lot of unsolved mysteries in Salem! (Please contain your shock. The Salem P.D. is usually stellar at closing cases.)

From storylines that disappeared to characters who vanished, we're reaching out to Black Patch in hopes we can all day drink together. No! Wait. We meant, "In hopes we can all help bring closure to some Salem uncertainties." So, as Robert Stack always spookily spoke, "Join us. Perhaps you may be able to help solve a mystery."

Shortly after his birth, Baby Boy Johnson was abducted by Stefano. As per Joey's Soap Central profile, "Stefano [later] returned Joey seemingly unharmed, but there was a small mark on Joey's wrist. Although both Kayla and Steve noticed the mark, they never thoroughly investigated it."

Oof. That wasn't the smartest judgment call by a celebrated doctor and a top-notch private investigator. Some believed Joey might have been implanted with a microchip as a control device down the road. Others speculated DNA was drawn for some shady scientific research by Dr. Rolf. Still, the mark remains a mystery, as does its long-term effects on Joey's mental prowess (loveable he is, Mensa he ain't). So, was the mark just a mark or something more sinister!?

There was a time -- a short time -- when Belle needed a nanny. Said Nanny (sadly not Fran Fine) seemed to be sweet and caring, yet something sinister may have been simmering under the surface. She and resident psychic Celeste seemed to have a beef with one another. Scornful looks were exchanged. Cryptic words were spoken. Still, we never did learn why these two didn't exactly see eye to third-eye.

Remember those weird mystery lights outside of Will's apartment!? All the recent hype about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (the artist formerly known as UFOs) made us recall these intrusive illuminations. Were another set of Gemini Twins arriving in Salem? Had a lightning grip gone rogue? Was Salem hosting its own version of Burning Man? We'd like some illumination here.

We've known Rafe for many years now, but one mystery remains -- what did happen to his former fiancée, Emily Hudson. Her death was shrouded in mystery, and some thought the would-be groom was a killer. By "some," we mean Meredith Hudson, who arrived in Salem with accusations (and later a brick) to sling at then FBI Agent Hernandez.

Still, we never got the entire story of that fateful car crash, and we're left wondering: Did Rafe kill Emily? If not, who did? Was it simply a tragic accident on their wedding day? Or is Emily "dead" in the Salem sense, and will we someday meet her (if we haven't already)!? Maybe Meredith and her brick need to make a return to recall what actually happened that woeful wedding day.

Back in the summer of 2015, Stefano seemed super eager for Chad to marry Abigail. This is strange because Stefano never really did "joy" for joy's sake. It turns out that back when Jennifer and Abigail were living in Ireland (Jack was missing/dead/went to get the mail), single-mom/underemployed Jennifer had the means to hire a nanny for toddler Abs.

Turns out, toddler Abigail was even more enchanting than Oracular Baby Holly (imagine!), so much so that this Irish nanny left her entire estate to Abigail in her will. The whole thing. From decades ago. Based on how charmed this woman was with Abigail.

This had to be no small stash of cash for Stefano to be impressed by it! Yet, we don't get much mention of it. And it seems that Abigail would have mentioned it in passing one of the times she and Chad traveled to Europe.

Sure, we know Stefano has kids that seem to come out of the woodwork. But Stefano himself repeatedly said he was the seventh son of seven brothers. For a brief summer, we thought John Black was one of those brothers. We also originally thought Andre to be a nephew to Stefano, sired, supposedly, by a Stefano sibling. But, rewrites erased both of those.

This mystery is probably the biggest candidate to remain a mystery, since Stefano is part of DAYS lore best left to nostalgia. (Please, no more "essences." Pretty please!) But it sure is interesting to think there are six other DiMera families out there somewhere, playing chess, and talking out loud to a huge portrait hanging somewhere in their mansions.

Unless it flew so far under the radar that we missed it, just who does own the Martin House these days? Eli was the last known owner. Given his growing family's need for space and privacy, you'd think he'd call this old house his home, though that doesn't seem to be the case. We're also left wondering, if the Martin House is still standing, why does everyone stay at the costly Salem Inn?

While this creep might be dead and gone, we're still left wondering about Charlie's father. Sure, we heard the story, but nothing is ever that straightforward in Salem, especially when Ava's involved. We're convinced we've met him before, but he was using an alias when he met the drugged Ms. Vitali. And it's highly unlikely Papa Vitali would just let some random man father a child with Ava. Thus, this guy is either a loyal soldier (Hunky Henchmen Troy or Marco?) or someone cunning enough to get one over on Papa V. (Peter Blake? Quinn Hudson?) Inquiring minds want to know.

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for August 9. Are you as excited as we are that life in Salem has returned to normal!? Well. Normal for Salem!

Again, thanks for joining us during the Olympic hiatus as we've presented our "Special Editions" of Two Scoops. We hope to hear which of Salem's unsolved mysteries have shaken you over the years, so be sure to comment below, on the message board, or Twitter! And, as always, thank you for reading, and "That's a fact."

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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