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The devil's secret is out, but where will Marlena end up? Any chance she'll tell anyone about Sami? And just how many Salemites will it take to save them both? Let's talk about it all in this edition of Two Scoops!

There you go, Sweeps! There you go! Of course, I didn't think a show this on hellfire would fail to deliver. But this one came through for all the fans.

MarDevil's secret is out. This has to be a relief for those fans tired of this storyline. And even for those of us enjoying it, the reveal is the end of otherwise smart characters ignoring some pretty wacko behavior from our beloved Doc. Kayla came through with the not-so-small revelation that John wasn't an official priest when he exorcised the demon. Belle rightly pointed out this has happened before. And in one of the most evenly matched battles in storytelling history, Julie took on the devil in a move that had me legitimately rooting, "Go on, Jules! Do your thing!" She even used "days of our lives" in the tell-off!

Steve did his Steve thing and rescued Susan and John from the DiMera crypt. I realize this is low on the hard-to-believe list, but it was Thanksgiving. John had been there since before the same outfit. I, um, don't think there are facilities there. Gross.

Anyway, in what was a surprisingly moving scene, E.J. sat by his mom's side in the hospital, worried sick about her. I have to give DAYS credit for leaning into E.J.'s SORASing, even though the actors are barely over ten years apart in age. But rather than kill John Black, Susan opted to stab herself. She's going to be fine, I'm sure, and this move gets her back on track to being the lovable goof who is fiercely loyal.

Allies are important right now, as all of Salem needs to pull together to save Marlena. The devil threw Shawn-D around like a rag doll and busted right out of the handcuffs. These are extreme times. But at least I have a good idea what our Christmas miracle is going to be!

I had to chuckle at Paulina not really knowing what to report to the police. I'd also like to have snacks with the officer who takes the calls. "So, you think a woman is running around town with your face. To your knowledge are you part of a quadruplet that you may or may not know about?" Ha!

But Paulina's week got somewhat better from there. Chanel was uncharacteristically gracious with her mom's apology. We got another interesting nugget of the possession storyline here, too, when Chanel said something compelled her to tell everyone. So, the devil can be in two people at once, in different amounts. Chanel was just a little possessed.

I don't know if that can be said about Olivia. I find it utterly baffling that no one is putting any blame on her or Tamara. Sure, Paulina deserves the crow she's eating, but Lani inviting Olivia over for Thanksgiving is just nuts! Olivia was the mastermind behind this whole thing, yet no one seems to care at all. I'm starting to see where Chanel may have inherited her accountability allergy.

Loose Ends

Let's talk for a minute about the Horton living room. First, that's not been seen in years. Second, there's a fireplace in it. If I had my dream home, there would be a fireplace in every room.

Ben and Ciara remind me it's been four years since their first kiss. Perhaps it's because they were constantly tortured and spent a good chuck of time dead/apart, but it doesn't seem like Cin's been on-screen for four years. MarDevil showing up at their door Friday doesn't bode well for their track record for being happy.

Nicole got her divorce papers and went to E.J. for advice. Clearly, she wouldn't go to Belle, and Justin may or may not still be allowed to practice law. E.J. goes right into telling her that she should be asking for spousal support from Eric, since she's supporting Allie and Henry. I couldn't help but notice this exact same dufus behavior from Johnny when he was telling Chanel how she shouldn't feel bad about ruining a bunch of lives publicly. Both of these guys are highly selfish, and it's rubbing off on ladies who don't need any help in that department themselves.

First, Chanel really should have spoken to her business partner in person before deciding to leave the country at the last moment. I haven't owned a bakery, but I would guess that the holiday season is a wee bit busy!

Second, I love Nicole to death, but she did Ava so very wrong here. Ava asked both Rafe and Nicole directly about their feelings for each other. Both completely lied and continue to do so. We all know this won't go over well with Ava. Not only is Rafe her first real, actual relationship, but she's not big on being lied to. To say that could trigger some major trust issues is an understatement. Still, I have a major concern that when Ava does find out, she's going to do something drastic, resulting in Rafe and Nicole's sin getting swept under the rug by comparison.

Sami managed to make two calls from captivity. Unfortunately, she talked with Marlena. I don't know the exact rules of possession, but that may mean MarDevil has a very valuable bargaining chip. The way E.J. demanded Gabi return Sami's necklace doesn't exactly indicate he's done with all things Samantha Gene.

Tripp confirmed Charlie's grave was undisturbed. I really need Allie and Tripp to chat with Gabi and Jake about the events of that night.

Extra Scoops


Julie singing to Doug to bring him out of the tranquilizer drugs was heartbreaking.

Honorable mention:

I got a real kick out of Rafe offering Jake a beer as the two just made shrugging emoji faces in the background while Ava and Gabi went after each other.


E.J. went back to full-on creeper mode when he mentioned seducing the wife of yet another one of his brothers. I'm okay if I don't see this E.J. again. Really, I am. Thanks.


Sami (to Marlena): "You've been possessed by the devil again? I thought it was like chicken pox and you couldn't get it again!"


Let's hear it for the amazing pantsuits! Nicole (green) and Gabi (hot pink) were working it on Monday!

The flashbacks confirm it. Eileen Davidson does not age. Gasp! Maybe she really does have otherworldly powers!

I love this jewelry that has multiple chains in one lock. I've tried to recreate it (thanks to my Kate fandom) only to end up in a tangled mess.

Is it a dig or just old habits that Nicole calls her "Sami Brady" instead of "Sami DiMera"?

Can I get the voice filter that makes me sound like the devil? It would greatly enhance my mom voice when telling the kids to go. to. bed.

Mar drinks tea right out of the microwave. I have to say, my own mother-in-law microwaves coffee right out of the pot. She's no devil. She just really likes hot coffee!

Party foul. E.J. said a martini has two ingredients. I'd like to make a strong claim that olive juice and olives are essential ingredients.

Kayla has a sign in her home that says, "I just love carbs." I just love Kayla.

Raven Bowen's nails were wonderful.

Right on, Doug! I find 76 Trombones soothing. It was my high school musical!

Those sheets posing as curtains in Stayla's apartment are an example of cruel and unusual punishment

Love Allie and Tripp planning to visit all the people with the help of a spreadsheet. Been there. Done that.

I'm glad Marlena did, but wouldn't you think it off that she answered an "unknown number" when the cell phone is what helped her into this mess in the first place.

The fact that Ava remembers her mother's recipe is a big deal.

Johnny: "I guess it was kind of weird when I saw her at the crypt. Oh, and she was dressed like the devil." The tone Steve has in response to everything Johnny says is the same tone I'd like to have with everything Johnny says.

That's it for this very busy Thanksgiving week! Tony will be back next week to check in on the Cinabun. I'm sure nothing could go wrong now that the kid's got a helmet. Not a thing!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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